Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 360

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 360: Aria of the Goddess of Light (III)

Suddenly, with an intense explosion of light, the roof of the auction hall was violently blown away to everyone’s surprise, and a brilliant golden pillar of light appeared on stage. This pillar of light looked very soft, making the gaudy light released by Long Haochen look coarse. Some illusory-looking little angels appeared, spinning around the pillar of light.

However, seeing this soft light, everyone had a different feeling from the assault of its power.

Goddess of light? Did he just say goddess of light? Is that divine power?


With a melodious fracturing sound, a few cracks appeared on the sword hilt in front of Long Haochen. They rapidly spread until reaching the circular gem on top of the sword’s tip.

All the black color on it disappeared in a flash, before the pearl on top of its sharp end gained immediately a blossoming glow. It avidly absorbed all the light essence in the air.

It finally awakened. After being covered in dust for hundreds of years, it finally awakened from its sleep. The pillar of light that just appeared gradually disappeared, but the light emitted from the sword became more and more intense.

The originally dark sword already turned transparent golden, and the previous dark patterns had the look of clouds, giving this sword a look of an immense dragon making its way through the clouds.

The sharp pearl on the tip trembled vividly, and then the sword was held high above Long Haochen’s head. Like before, it wasn’t pointed and neither did it have a sharp end, but around this divine sword, a radiant light started to scatter. In the midst of it, this blunt sword seemed unstoppable.

The bright light slowly vanished, speaking at least of the one released by Long Haochen.

As if feeling too reluctant to part with it, Long Haochen gazed full of fondness at the godly sword that reappeared in its original splendor. He clearly sensed that no matter how intense the light elemental spiritual energy he emitted was, this heavy sword would effortlessly support it. In particular, that spiritual bead on its tip engulfed all brilliance, and had unexpectedly also managed to absorb a lot of the divine power from the goddess of light, which had been released right before.

This was a legendary sword! Even having lost its sword soul, this godly sword was still a godly sword at the peak of the Legendary Tier. From this, one may well imagine how powerful it was in all its past glamour.

“Miss Weiyang, can you now tell me its name?”

Ye Weiyang foolishly looked at the brilliance released by the godly sword. Hearing Long Haochen’s voice, she was totally distracted, to the extent that it was only with Feng Ling’er’s call that she awakened.

“Of course I can. Its name is: Aria of the Goddess of Light. My ancestor was the Chief from the Warrior Temple two hundred years ago, the holy divine sword wielder Ye Wushang.”

When she spoke the words ‘Aria of the Goddess of Light’, Ye Weiyang knew that her greatest secret couldn’t stay concealed any longer, because this sword was just too prestigious.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light was praised as a divine weapon amongst divine weapons. Two hundred years ago, two Divine Knights were approved by the Divine Thrones of the Knight Temple, but amongst the Six Great Temples, of that generation, the strongest powerhouse was neither of them. That was because an even stronger person existed in the Warrior Temple. This person was known as the holy divine sword wielder Ye Wushang.

Ye Wushang possessed a passion for swords since he was young. Starting when he was three years old, he needed a sword to fall asleep. At his six years old, he started to study swordsmanship, and by the time he turned nine, he had undergone his awakening of spiritual energy and actually directly gained the strength of a Warmaster of the third step from it. At his eleven years old, he was already a Great Warmaster, and at sixteen, he broke through to the sixth step, becoming a War Ancestor. This broke all the records of the Warrior Temple existing until that day.

Ye Wushang had actually broken through the peak before even being thirty, when aged of twenty-nine years old, reaching the ninth step and becoming the youngest Divine Warrior in the history of the Warrior Temple.

One day when Ye Wushang was forty seven, the Demon God Emperor personally led his army to attack the Southeast Stronghold of the Warrior Temple. Keeping watch there, the Holy Divine Sword Wielder Ye Wushang personally intervened, fighting the demon army for a day and a night, and killing seven of the great Demon Gods back there in succession.

Even the proud Demon God Emperor was moved, calling Ye Wushang the greatest genius of the past thousand years in the Temple Alliance.

Finally, the Demon God Emperor took the initiative to retreat, giving Ye Wushang three days of rest. Three days later, in the Southeast Stronghold, the wielder of the Holy Divine Sword, Ye Wushang fought against the Demon God Emperor. This battle lasted for a day and a night, finally resulting in the death of Ye Wushang at the hands of the Demon God Emperor.

However, his last attack also wounded the Demon God Emperor.

This was a world shaking attack. Ultimately, although the victorious Demon God Emperor killed his opponent, he bowed his head before Ye Wushang at the end of the battle, paying his respects and leading the demon army to withdraw. Ever since that day, the Demon God Emperor didn’t appear on any battlefield in the Temple Alliance and this lasted for a hundred years.

His divine sword became an epic legend.

In the last battle, Ye Wushang originally didn’t need to challenge the Demon God Emperor, because the reinforcements from the Temple Alliance were there, consisting of the Six Great Temples’ greatest powerhouses. Even the full force attacks of the demons on the town wouldn’t have necessarily been able to vanquish the Southern Stronghold.

However Ye Wushang was determined to fight, going alone to challenge the Demon God Emperor. His declaration was: “If the humans want to defeat the demons, they will have to defeat their own selves first. It is to regain the human dignity that I am willing to fight against the Demon God Emperor.”

The glory Ye Wushang brought at that time to the Warrior Temple was comparable with the glory which the first Scion of Samsara bestowed on the Assassin Temple. Even now, in the great center hall of the Warrior Temple stood a ten meter high sculpture of the holy divine sword-wielder. At the front of the sculpture the words ‘A hero of a thousand years’ were engraved.

And the Aria of the Goddess of Light was something Ye Wushang created through his sweat and blood.

Ye Wushang engraved this legend by himself.

When he was three years old, he was holding onto his swords even in his sleep, and kept using those same ones until reaching the sixth step at sixteen years of age. At that time did he possess a total of five swords, which he managed to fuse into one through unceasing hammering and merging of their essences with each other. Through nourishing them with the demons’ blood, giving them the benediction of the essence of the earth, and melting dozens of different metals into one sword, they were sharpened. After thirty years, it finally became this sword.

It was said that on the day of its completion, the goddess of light descended. Finally, its name would have been decided to be Aria of the Goddess of Light.

It was also by the means of this sword that the divine holy sword wielder Ye Wushang killed seven demon gods, and greatly injured the Demon God Emperor of that time.

However, the pity was that only one year after the sword’s completion, Ye Wushang perished in battle. On that day, the entire Southeast Fort was said to have been in tears, and the chief of the Temple Alliance of those years wept with grief, personally giving him the title of ‘Hero of a Thousand Years’.

Of course, when hearing about the Aria of the Goddess of Light, Long Haochen’s surprise was as one may well imagine. He never expected that a divine sword surrounded by so many legends would be in his hands. Even if only its body remained, it still held a significant meaning.

Leaning forward, Long Haochen gently stroked the sword that was the result of incomparable hard work and effort. Feeling a sentiment of rage, he envisioned himself on that battlefield, accompanying the divine holy sword wielder Ye Wushang.

Under his touch, the Aria of the Goddess of Light actually produced some slight buzzing sound, as if it was excited about its rebirth.

Holding the sword in both of his hands, Long Haochen offered the sword to Ye Weiyang, “Miss Weiyang, please accept this divine sword.”

Ye Weiyang didn’t take it, but gave Long Haochen an ardent look, “If you don’t have enough money, you can pay in installments. I keep my word, you were the one to let the divine sword reappear in it’s splendor, so you are its new master.”

Long Haochen shook his head in silence, “No. Using money to gain this divine sword is blasphemy. My only wish was for it to reawaken to the light. This divine sword is of extreme importance, and cannot even be described as precious. It should be yours, or be given to the Warrior Temple.”

Ye Weiyang let out a sigh, “Who else do you believe is able to take this sword? In the instant you undid the seal, you already became its new master. This divine sword has a soul, and even if the sword’s soul is not present, this is not a sword I can use. Have a look.”

Saying this, she lifted her slim white hand, lightly touching the sword in front of her. Right the instant her finger touched it, an intense buzzing sound suddenly emerged, and Ye Weiyang’s hand was not only rejected, but actually pushed away by the light energy.

Long Haochen looked dull, “So this divine sword still has a soul! It actually really has a soul!” Gripping the handle, Long Haochen couldn’t help but tighten his grip. How could he not have taken a liking to this divine sword? Moreover, what shocked him the most was the essence of divine light present in this sword.

Ye Weiyang gave a reluctant look to the Aria of the Goddess of light, asking softly, “Can you tell me your name?”

Long Haochen gave a silent nod, “My name is Long Haochen, and I am the captain of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad.” His voice was being constrained by spiritual energy, and only Ye Weiyang could hear it.

Ye Weiyang pointed to the back of the stage, “Hurry up and leave. When I get the chance in the future, I will definitely look for you.”

Exactly, now Long Haochen had no other choice but to leave. With the rebirth of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, all the participants of the auction were going to become frantic. After a short time of lifeless staring, the whole auction fell into chaos.

The door to the VIP lounge was already opened and some people left, but everyone else gave fervent looks to the divine sword in Long Haochen’s hands, and some even directly gave astronomic propositions.

When Long Haochen was planning on recovering the Aria of the Goddess of Light, right before leaving this place, a thought came to him, and with a golden glint, the divine sword disappeared from his right hand. Afterwards, with a flash, Long Haochen left through the backdoor.

The others didn’t ignore him, especially those coming from the VIP lounge. Among them, a powerhouse stepped forward, passing the auction counter in an imposing manner, while producing angry protest in the whole auction hall.

However, without letting him say anything, a terrible power suddenly erupted from all directions. The powerhouse on the stage was already at the eighth step of cultivation, but in front of this pressure, his expression changed greatly. Immediately, he jumped back from the counter.

A downcast voice was spread to everyone present, “Who dares to challenge the prestige of the Alliance? This is a place for fair auctions, not a place where you could take items forcibly. The auctions for today are already over, so you can leave. If someone else dares to rush into action, he will be killed without any hesitation.”

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