Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 356

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 356: VIP auction! (II)

“Feng Ling’er, this name is really beautiful.” Sima Xian said very seriously, before grabbing Lin Xin’s shoulder, “Lin Xin, we are good brothers right?”

“What do you want?” Lin Xin gave him an alerted look, but even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to struggle free of Sima Xian’s grip.

Sima Xian said in a low voice, “Introduce her to me, and you will be my big brother for life.”

Hearing this ridiculous conversation, Long Haochen couldn’t help but laugh, returning his look to the stage.

Right at that time, the audience was far from being as calm as before. Seeing the two women a stage, everyone guessed that the first item had to be terrifyingly valuable.

Ye Weiyang gave a nod to Feng Ling’er, who smiled before standing to the side.

Ye Weiyang replied, “Everyone must be full of expectations regarding the identity of this item. Let me hold this in reserve, and give everyone the starting price of this item, before showing you its true splendor.”

A clamorous discussion once again followed. Undoubtedly, giving the starting price before showing the item was against the ordinary customs. However, this way everyone’s curiosity rose to the peak.

Ye Weiyang smiled, “The future successor of this auction house, and the most beautiful girl in the whole Alliance’s Great Auction House, Feng Ling’er, is going to announce the starting bid for this item.”

The successor of the Alliance’s Great Auction House? Hearing that, Long Haochen’s group immediately understood the meaning of Lin Xin’s words. In fact, the Alliance’s Great Auction House was backed by the whole Temple Alliance!

Feng Ling’er opened her deep red lips, and smiled, “8 million gold coins!”


When this number came out, the whole hall went into commotion. Even in the VIP auctions of the Alliance’s Great Auction House of Holy City, this price was extremely rare, even as the final result after heated bidding. And the last time it had been reached was actually for a piece of Epic-tier equipment.

The goods on that golden cart could not be any ordinary pieces of equipment. After all, what item could reach such a high price? Those who had the buying strength for such things felt their breath become heavy. To them, money in gold often only represented a number and no more, what they loved the most were actually treasures.

The looks on stage became different, and the two light beams shining on Ye Weiyang and Feng Ling’er merged above the cart.

Ye Weiyang’s voice, that seemed to be filled with magic, reverberated in the whole hall.

“If someone asks me what the most precious thing in the world is, then I will answer with certainty that it is life. That’s right; in this world, what could be more important than one’s own life? Money is in the end just a bunch of zeroes, and our life takes the absolute priority. Once again, one more or less zero holds no importance in comparison. Everyone knows about the value of life. If someone let me appear ten years younger, I would be willing to exchange all I have for that. But the treasure our auction house has today indeed possesses one such characteristic: its ability to prolong life.”

As Ye Weiyang said that, Feng Ling’er slowly lifted the red cloth off the cart, exposing a protective treasure box made of white jade.

The white jade emitted some cold air, appearing all the more beautiful under the lighting from above. All the acknowledged people could tell that this box wasn’t made of ordinary jade, but something made of superior quality jade. The kind that could only appear in the deep layer of ice from thousands of years ago.

Just a box of jade of such size alone would reach millions of gold coins in value, to say nothing that it had to be the work of a great master in sculpturing. Engraved on it was a representation of nine white jade dragons. Even the most subtle scales on it looked extremely distinct.

More astonishingly, a dense luster of gems indistinctly surrounded this jade box. Because of the properties of the jade box, the gem luster couldn’t dazzle brightly, giving off a sort of illusory feeling.

“I am rising to eight million; no need to open the box yet!” A vigorous voice resounded suddenly, coming out from the top row.

Ye Weiyang gave a surprised look, and respectfully replied, “Respectful honored number three guest, I haven’t announced the identity of this treasure yet.”

That vigorous voice gave a deep reply, “I believe in the Alliance’s Great Auction House, and according to the auctioning rules, I can bid in advance. If no one wants to bid over my price, I have priority in the auctioning battle.”

The priority in the auctioning battle was simply the precedence over others that would bid the same price, and he actually went as far as to grab this advantage so quickly.

“Nine million!” A limpid female voice echoed, coming from a nearby VIP lounge.

Ye Weiyang gave a regretful look to the third honored guest, “My deep apologies to you, that honored guest from the fifth lounge bid over as you heard. But now, I must go on with the announcement.”

“Humpf.” That robust voice seemed very displeased about that guest in the fifth lounge. With an angered snort, he stopped all activity.

Long Haochen and Lin Xin exchanged a glance, and the two of them couldn’t help but draw a deep breath. This Alliance’s Great Auction House indeed deserved its reputation. Before the auction even started, the price had already risen to nine million.

Ye Weiyang continued speaking, “If this precious treasure is taken along with the corresponding medicine, it can lengthen a human life by ten years. Distinguished guests, given the priceless aspect of life, I think that you can understand this starting price of eight million gold coins. Moreover, if this precious treasure was simply consumed, that would only be a waste of its great potential.

In Shengmo Dalu, which are the most powerful creatures existing? I think that everyone knows the answer to this: they are the dragons. Even if the cultivating aspect is not considered, no one can compare to dragons’ innate abilities. A dragon’s power lies in their physical power and their elemental abilities, placing them on the top of the food chain. Since I just said that, I believe that everyone guessed what this treasure is. That’s right, it is for a true and immense dragon crystal of the tenth rank that we are opening the bids today.”

She wasn’t wrong in any way: magical beasts of the tenth rank were equivalent to human powerhouses of the ninth step.

“However…” With a turn on her tone, Ye Weiyang exposed a mysterious smile, followed by a light beam shining timely on her.

“A magical crystal from a gigantic dragon of the tenth rank priced at eight millions gold coins can not be considered overpriced for what it is, but it isn’t a cheap price either. But would some of you be disappointed? Then, let me add a little detail to the previous introduction. Actually, this isn’t the magical crystal of an ordinary gigantic dragon.”

“Twelve million!” The voice from before sounded out once again.

This time, without any time of wait, successive calls were made.

“Twelve and a half million!”

“Thirteen million!”

“Fourteen million!”

This auction could only be described as freakish. Before the item even appeared, the prices already reached such a dizzying level.

Just as if she didn’t hear these frantic bids, Ye Weiyang continued her introduction, “Gigantic dragons are actually extremely few in the continent, and a lot of the known gigantic dragons only exist in legends. However, when facing our human powerhouses of the ninth step, most of them can only at most bow their heads. This is for the simple reason that they are not powerful enough.The ordinary gigantic dragons only reach the strength of the ninth rank.

But as for this magical crystal we are putting on auction today, things are different. When intaking the water soaked in it to flow through one’s body, one’s external spiritual energy will be amplified to a great extent. The use of such a magical crystal to increase the external spiritual energy can value up to a hundred thousand units of spiritual energy! Of course, it’s not like everyone can sustain such a great power, and depending on one’s physique and vocation, the one using it would only be able to gain 2,000 to 20,000 units of external spiritual energy.

Of course, external spiritual energy is not the same as internal spiritual energy! As humans, external spiritual energy is extremely difficult to increase through pure cultivation. Even a powerhouse of the ninth step would hardly attain 10,000 units of external spiritual energy. But this magical crystal can give you immediately a defensive strength comparable to that of a gigantic dragon. Now, does everyone still believe our original price of eight million to be excessive?

Moreover, its rarity is unprecedented, because the possessor won’t suffer any retaliation from acquiring this one. Let me tell everyone now that this dragon crystal was given as a present, and won’t create any issue. As for the relationship between dragon crystal and equipment, I think there’s no need to say much, as it can totally act as the core for any equipment of the Epic tier.

After saying all that, everyone must be feeling that I am prolonging this introduction on purpose. However, it is actually not the case at all, because this item is just too precious, and I must let everyone of our honored guests know about its greatest characteristics. Of course, everything I said was just the tip of the iceberg. When its real name will come out, I believe that everyone will have their own judgement on it. Now, miss Feng Ling’er, I shall let you do this announcement.”

The light ray shifted to Feng Ling’er’s body. Stepping forward slightly, she placed her right hand on the jade box, slowly opening it. Intense undulations of spiritual energy immediately dispersed from it in a puff.

“Our first article is the magical crystal of a Devil Dragon from the clan of the Demon God Emperor.”

This time, what followed wasn’t an uproar but a total silence. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on that formidable fist-sized magical crystal, letting out a dense dark golden light. It appeared to be full of a tyrannical power and destructive aura.

“As auctioneers, we must maintain secrecy about our seller’s identity. However, as a girl, I am giving him my praise. No matter who achieved this deed, for having brought the crystal of a Devil Dragon to our Alliance, he is a hero for the human race.”

Ye Weiyang added new worth to that first item.

In truth, even in the Alliance’s Great Auction House, it wasn’t as if excellent goods would be appearing every time. This Devil Dragon Crystal was undoubtedly extremely precious, and according to the appraisal of the auction house, was unconditionally valued above ten million gold coins. To the one who would really need it, this was a priceless treasure. Originally, they had planned on letting it come on screen later, but due to Lin Xin’s request, they had no other choice but to let it be sold as the first item.

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