Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 353

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 353: A Million Contribution Points (II)

The return trip couldn’t be considered to be fast-paced, but fifteen days later, they were back in Holy City, where Long Haochen gave his comrades three extra days of rest. On the fourth day, everyone was called to the lounge of the villa.

“What a comfortable life. If only this could last forever.” Lin Xin lay on the large sofa, wearing a satisfied and pleased expression.

After losing all the hair on his head, he seemed even more energetic. However, a shock of dark green hair had started to grow and looked a bit like a green hat.
Sima Xian laughed next to him, “Has-drugs-bro, have you taken your medicine yet today?”

Lin Xin revealed a stiff expression, “You’re the one who needs to take medicine, foolish baldie.”

Chen Ying’er and Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but laugh holding their bellies.

Han Yu spoke next, “Guys, stop making noise. Captain, what are your future plans?” Although he was only Long Haochen’s retainer knight, Han Yu ranked among the strongest in the team, and was furthermore the oldest. His past arrogant self was transformed to a calm and steady personality, grasping the true essence as a retainer knight.

Long Haochen replied with a smile, “During our last adventure in the Southern Mountain’s City, we encountered many dangers, but obtained quite a lot because of everyone’s joint efforts. But now, we have all obtained a new spiritual stove or a fused spiritual stove, and will need time to adapt. We will continue training in the Tower of Eternity, giving priority to raising everyone’s spiritual energy to 5,000 units before trying to pass the next trial of the tower if possible. I hope the next ones will help us to keep raising our internal spiritual energy in the same way. After we pass the next test, I believe that everyone’s ability will be trained enough. Then, we’ll advance to the commander grade, and proceed with completing new missions.”

Everyone nodded after hearing Long Haochen’s instructions. In fact, it could be said that under his lead, the past year was the fastest period of cultivation in their whole lives. In particular, their spiritual energy kept growing by leaps and bounds. If not for the time they spent in the Tower of Eternity, their spiritual energy couldn’t possibly have surpassed 4,000 units in such a short time, let alone breaking through to the sixth step.

In fact, the average age for powerhouses of the sixth step in the Alliance was thirty-seven, but the average age in their 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad didn’t even reach twenty. Going with this speed of cultivation, they were bound to become powerhouses of the eighth step one day, though no one would be able to say whether they could all break through to the ninth step. But given their innate gifts, the bottleneck of the ninth step was nothing impossible for any of them to overcome.

“If no one has any objections, let’s prepare to train in the Tower of Eternity.” Long Haochen slowly stood up, restraining the smile on his face, returning to a state of serenity.

“Captain, wait a bit. Sir Saint Knight Chief told me he wants you to look for him today.” Han Yu told Long Haochen.

“Eh? Grandteacher was looking for me? Do you know what this is about?” Long Haochen asked him.

Han Yu laughed gently, “Should be something good. Didn’t we contribute to the gain of five Devil Dragon Crystals for the Priest Temple and the Alliance? Grandfather might reward us for that action. After all, they wouldn’t take our things for free.”

“A reward as in contribution points?” Saying that, Lin Xin immediately got up from the sofa, his eyes wide, as the pupils of his eyes seemed to have taken the shape of a gold coins.

Han Yu unhappily responded, “How greedy are you. Could it be that you know the worth of Devil Dragon Crystals?”

Lin Xin rubbed his own hands, happily laughing, “Even if I don’t know, I can pretty much guess! These are magical crystals from magical beasts of the ninth step, and belonging to the Devil Dragons’ race! One magical crystal should be exchangeable for a hundred thousand contribution points! It looks like we are already not far from the equipment of the legendary tier.”

“A hundred thousand? It cannot be that high! Really?” This time, even Long Haochen felt his heartbeat quicken.

Lin Xin straightened his chest, “How could it not? These are magical crystals of the ninth step! Boss, if you don’t believe me, take out one for sale. This thing is a rarity even among the rarest rarities. A hundred thousand contribution points is still a low estimate from me.”

Sima Xian laughed foolishly, “Then, won’t our contribution of five crystals be rewarded with five hundred thousand contribution points? What good news!”

Long Haochen was unable to remain calm, “Don’t hope for too much. Although the Alliance doesn’t know that I brought you to the Illusory Paradise, Cai’er and I accomplished a fusion of spiritual stoves inside, and can be said to have gained quite a lot. Thus, they may not be giving us so many contribution points. However, Lin Xin was right to remind us about their worth as magical crystals of the ninth step. Let’s do it this way then. Yuanyuan, Sima and you will head to the Transaction Center, and try to do two things. One will be to help buy Yuanyuan fitting spatial elemental gems for her Divine Soul Shield. If there are some available, we can consider to use magical crystals or contribution points as bargain for purchase. Then, the other task will be to find a great-master in jewelry, and to ask whether he can replace that gem in the middle of Sima’s Energetic Ball of Light with a Devil Dragon Crystal.”

Hearing him say that, Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian felt their eyes lit up despite themselves. It was especially true for Sima Xian. The magical crystal embedded in his Energetic Ball of Light could certainly be changed. Although Wang Yuanyuan was also hopeful, she knew that spatial gems were rare to find. But since many exquisite things could be found in the Transaction Center, perhaps they would really find what they were looking for.

Chen Ying’er claimed in high spirits, “I’m going too! I’m going!”

Han Yu then said next, “Captain, then vice-captain and I will follow you to go see Grandfather.”

“Okay, then let us act separately.”

The seven of them parted. Long Haochen’s group of three went to the Alliance’s Office Hall, while the rest immediately headed for the Demon Hunt Squads’ Transaction Center.

An hour later.

Lin Xin, Chen Ying’er, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan returned dispirited to the villa.

Going in, they saw Long Haochen, Cai’er and Han Yu waiting on the sofas. And furthermore, the three of them didn’t look happy. The atmosphere in the whole lounge appeared quite grim.

Seeing Lin Xin’s group of four come in, Long Haochen raised his head and asked in a heavy tone, “How did it go?”

Lin Xin replied helplessly, “I’ll let them explain it.”

Sima Xian revealed a bitter smile, “My situation is rather dramatic. That jeweler from the Mission Tower said that if I want to replace the core of my Energetic Ball of Light with the Devil Dragon Crystal, it will at least raise to the rank of a legendary weapon. However, simply adding the magical crystal won’t do, and metals with a sufficiently good conductance of spiritual energy as well as many other materials will be required. Without accounting the money that the jeweler charges, we’ll already need more than a hundred thousand contribution points.

This number was just terrifying. And simply buying an excellent piece of legendary equipment costed normally a hundred thousand contribution points or two.

Long Haochen turned to look at Wang Yuanyuan, asking, “And you?”

Wang Yuanyuan shook her head, “There was no spatial crystal of the same kind as mine in the Transaction Center. But apparently, one appeared in the Alliance’s Great Auction House. However, the price is certainly going to be sky-high, costing tons of gold coins. How could we have that kind of money?! ”

Chen Ying’er mumbled to herself, “We really went in great impulse, only to return disappointed. We had originally some confidence, but actually, it looks that we were far from having enough! Captain, we should keep taking missions. As we keep growing stronger, the contribution points required for our equipment also grows by a lot.”

Long Haochen didn’t express his opinion, shifting his glance to Lin Xin, “Come Lin Xin.” Saying that, he showed the contribution tile on his left arm.

Lin Xin arrived next to him, revealing his own contribution tile.

With a faint glint of golden light, the transaction of contribution points between the two of them was completed.

The expression on Lin Xin’s face that looked dejected from the start was rapidly transformed to stiffness. His originally not so small eyes were opened to a great width, as he muttered something.

“This is… One, two, three, four, five…”

Wang Yuanyuan reacted with some misgivings, “What are you doing, has-drugs-bro? Don’t tell me there’s a need to count every contribution point Captain transferred to you one by one?”

“Don’t disturb me, I’m counting the zeros.” Lin Xin shocked everyone with his next words.

For there to be a need to count the zeros, what kind of astronomical number was that?

“A one and six zero, how much is that?” After the transmission of contribution points, Lin Xin raised his head, giving a blank stare to his comrades, as he asked this foolish question.

Sima Xian unconsciously gave the reply, “A hundred thousand?”

“Peh! Where did you learn to count? Was it with the Priest Temple? That’s a million okay?” Chen Ying’er declared, full of disdain.

A million? When this number came out from her mouth, Lin Xin, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan were instantly petrified.

The atmosphere in the whole lounge changed immediately.

Sima Xian lost his voice, “Boss, don’t tell me that you’ve robbed the Demon Hunt Squad Transaction Center? That’s a million contribution points, Heavens!” Without a doubt, this number was simply astronomical for their group.

Long Haochen revealed a bitter smile, “To rob it? I would first need to have the necessary strength for that.”

Lin Xin still had a look of disbelief as he asked, “Boss, are you saying that this million contribution points are really ours? And that would be the reward from the Sir Saint Knight for us?”

Long Haochen nodded in silence, showing a crafty smile. On the side, Han Yu and Cai’er couldn’t help but smile in agreement. It was clear that the atmosphere from right before was faked on purpose, or perhaps, they were digesting the excellent surprise from receiving this million contribution points? No, that’d be too crazy.

”Aaaah!” A sharp cry immediately resounded in the whole villa, from Lin Xin who was the first to cheer. Immediately after him, Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er let out girlish shrieks. Sima Xian smirked as he grabbed Lin Xin’s hand, staring at the contribution tile on his hand.

“A million! That are a million contribution points! Oh my god! How can there be that many? Boss, tell me how? That’s too unimaginable.” Lin Xin kicked Sima Xian without any consideration, before stepping forward, reaching Long Haochen’s side as he asked, filled with excitement and curiosity.

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