Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 350

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 350: Haoyue’s fourth head, Blue Butterfly (II)

The dark golden flames were actually an ability obtained from Yating’s evolution. Possessing a physical body didn’t alter her characteristics as an entity made of energy. Thus, she was still able to change herself into a being of pure and rich light essence. In this state, she could fuse with any of Long Haochen’s weapons, temporarily becoming the soul of this weapon, and igniting that weapon to produce a great gain in power. Simply said, the weapon would get destroyed after a single use, unless its materials could endure the pressure of weapon soul such as Yating.

Long Haochen knew well that his own cultivation wasn’t enough to have any chance of defeating the Zombie King, but what this enemy feared the most was his attribute, not his fighting strength. Thus, he depended on the Spiritual Ignition and Yating’s help to cause his light attribute to reach its supreme peak. Now, even if the Goddess of Light herself was present, the light she could summon wouldn’t exceed Long Haochen’s attack in purity.

The Zombie King was certainly powerful, but he was facing an absolute elemental suppression, and couldn’t sustain this blow he had just taken. It wasn’t his body that ended up seriously wounded, but his soul.

In the air, a pitch-black figure appeared above the head of the Zombie King, immediately fusing her killing intent with a grey flash of light. Afterwards, that black figure actually split in two. One part of it came to a standstill in the air before dissipating, while the other rushed to Long Haochen like lightning, holding his hands with both of her hands to help him recover.

“Why are you using the Spiritual Stove of Samsara?” Long Haochen called out in panic.

The Zombie King came to a standstill, and stopped yelling and struggling, before slowly falling to the ground. He had lost any ability to resist the dark golden flames that spread to his entire body.

The Zombie King truly deserved the appellation of undead king. Even in a situation where his own soul-fire stopped burning, his body still didn’t turn into ashes, but only kept burning.

The distant zombies who now had lost their king, and sensed that the light that appeared in front of them was incomparably terrifying, didn’t keep trying to attack and just ran away in disarray.

Cai’er supported Long Haochen, helping him to stand up, and said with a little smile, “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

Long Haochen looked carefully at her, asking in a serious tone, “Which of your senses did you just lose?”

Cai’er replied with a happy smile, “I haven’t lost any of my senses this time. Who is she?” Asking that, she changed directions to look at the girl clad in very revealing clothes. floating near Long Haochen.

Against even Long Haochen’s expectations, the very cute Yating went up and declared, “Mistress, I am Yating, Master’s Light Elemental Fairy! After the fusion between Master’s spiritual stoves, my body made of energy gained in substance and became this way.”

Cai’er asked in astonishment, “You’re Yating?”

Looking at her before shooting the nearby Long Haochen a glance, Cai’er was obviously displeased.

Although Long Haochen had predicted this reaction long ago, he didn’t expect this situation to come so fast. Urgently changing the topic, he asked, “Is that Zombie King dead?”

Cai’er nodded, “My Spiritual Stove of Samsara is the most effective stove for overpowering this kind of souls, and is extremely efficient against undeads.”

After being summoned by Long Haochen, Cai’er immediately followed Long Haochen and made herself invisible. Seeing the white flames igniting Long Haochen, she immediately understood that he had a way to handle the Zombie King, and thus didn’t intervene directly.

When the Zombie King ended up being seriously wounded by the sacred holy flames, Cai’er had used the Dagger of Samsara from her Spiritual Stove of Samsara to launch a fatal blow against the Zombie King, thoroughly causing his soulfire to stop burning. Having lost his soul, the Zombie King became no more but the corpse of a king.

Having eradicated the threat of the zombies, the two of them returned into the cave in the mountainside, where Han Yu healed Long Haochen’s wounds. However, the weak state from Soul Ignition couldn’t be treated through normal means, and a period of seven days would be certainly necessary.

This time, Long Haochen finally had the time to tell all the details to the others.

“I really didn’t expect that Haoyue would be coming from such a world!” Wang Yuanyuan gasped. No good opinion could possibly be formed from her seeing this poisonous world filled with undeads.

Cai’er wrinkled her brows, “Haochen, if some other undeads lead an attack, what’s to be done in case we cannot resist?”

Everyone knew that some time was required to reactivate his Eternal Melody, and had thoughts of the same kind. It was just that it wasn’t an easy question to ask for them, but Cai’er didn’t have those qualms, as this was related to their following course of actions as well as everyone’s safety. In case a problem occurred, their life would be threatened, especially since their current state wasn’t so good.

Lin Xin was suffering the side-effects of his spiritual stove, and Long Haochen was also suffering the backlash of Soul Ignition. The great majority of his fighting power was already lost due to that. The only ones left were Cai’er and the two others, but in case another powerhouse such as the Skeleton King appeared, they would undoubtedly face total annihilation, unless Cai’er used the Spiritual Stove of Samsara to its fullest.

Long Haochen murmured irresolutely, “Even if another powerful undead creature appears, we can still only wait for Haoyue’s evolution to finish. But be at ease everyone, I currently have the ability to forcefully trigger the Eternal Melody to teleport us back to the Tower of Eternity.”

Hearing him say this, everyone relaxed a bit. It was good since, they had an escape route. In the meantime, they couldn’t help but feel even more admiration towards Long Haochen’s careful planning.

Long Haochen declared, “It looks as if everyone gained powerful abilities from obtaining these new spiritual stoves. Let’s quickly tell each other about their effects to avoid affecting our strength as a whole.”

“Everyone already saw Yating’s evolution. She’s now capable of human speech, and can fight on her own, too. Being a light mage, she’s actually also capable of attaching herself to my weapon in crucial times, to help my offense. However, this comes with the cost of sacrificing that weapon, and will still consume some of the power of light belonging to Yating. Afterwards, she requires some time to recuperate.”

With the exception of Cai’er, everyone had gotten to see the powerful influence Yating had on the battlefield. Her evolution to this state was extremely fortuitous, and a great part of it was due to the boost from the Illusory Paradise as well as Long Haochen’s awakening as a god’s chosen. Her current state was undoubtedly fit to be called a totally unrivalled spiritual stove of first tier.

Perhaps Yating’s immediate fighting power couldn’t match other spiritual stoves of the first tier, but never forget that the more powerful the spiritual stove is, the bigger it’s following after-effects would be. But what were Yating’s aftereffects? According to Long Haochen’s words, she didn’t have any! And she had great potential for growth, following Long Haochen’s growth and evolution.

Cai’er seemed to have been convinced, and watching the pale-faced Yating who was trying to absorb the little light essence of this world, she nodded lightly, “Yating’s evolution will be of great help to our team. Now we have gained a light mage and priest for the future.”

Long Haochen asked, “How about you? After fusing your spiritual stoves, what ability did it gain from evolving? At that time, you had to bear such stong pain from fusing three spiritual stoves, so the boost shouldn’t be low right?”

Hearing him mention the fusion of her own spiritual stoves, Cai’er’s face immediately turned red, as she couldn’t help but recall that embarrassing scene. Shooting him a ferocious glance, she replied, “The ability I gained from my fused spiritual stoves is something you have already seen just before.”

“We have already seen it?” Long Haochen looked at her with some misgivings.

Cai’er nodded, “My situation is rather extraordinary, because one could say that the Spiritual Stove of Samsara engulfed the two others in its own evolution, rather than fusing with them. I can now feel that I can use the might from the Spiritual Stove of Samsara once per day without any aftereffects. And this is because I got the Spiritual Stove of True Shadow in the Illusory Paradise, enabling me to also give my shadow real offensive power. After the fusion, as long as I use the Doppelganger ability at the same time as using the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, during its first use per day, the illusion of me will suffer the aftereffects of the spiritual stove in my stead. After evolving, the Spiritual Stove of Samsara also enables me to use the power of the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove through the Dagger of Samsara once per day.”

Hearing Cai’er’s explanation, everyone including even Long Haochen couldn’t help but take a series of gasp.

It looked like the fusion of the three spiritual stoves gave Cai’er a considerable boost in strength, actually even preserving her past abilities. In truth, her strength gained an absolutely monstrous boost.

Just think, getting to use a spiritual stove without any drawback once per day, just how terrifying was that? And that was to say nothing about how the Dagger of Samsara could actually bring out the power of the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove.

On the other hand, Cai’er could even use the Dagger of Samsara once everyday with no cost.

The Dagger of Samsara was a true divine tool, known as the first divine tool ever acquired by the Assassin Temple. Except for the former Scion of Samsara, no one had ever been able to bring out its complete strength before.
Even after his awakening as a god’s chosen, Long Haochen wouldn’t dare to say that he would be able to resist an attack from Cai’er’s Dagger of Samsara.

In terms of total strength, the current Cai’er was unable to compare with Long Haochen, but after the fusion of her three spiritual stoves this time, her burst power was still the greatest of the whole team.

To everyone’s astonishment, after saying all that, Cai’er actually didn’t go near the seated Long Haochen, just telling them everything from the side.

Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu immediately had eccentric looks. From their point of view, Cai’er was certainly feeling jealous.

However, Long Haochen knew that that wasn’t the case. Cai’er just felt shy because of what happened inside the Illusory Paradise. But there wasn’t anything he could do about that. Just thinking of what he had groped with his very own hands…

“And you, Han Yu?” Long Haochen flung back his head with all his strength, getting rid of the beautiful thoughts that were surging in his head, before shifting to another subject once again.

Han Yu replied, “The fusion of my two spiritual stoves can also be considered to have gone smoothly. I gained an ability called Blessing of Light, enabling me to erect a protective barrier over a range of five meters. The defensive power from this barrier reaches three times my own spiritual energy, which means it has the same defensive power as Divine Obstruction. At the same time, while using Blessing of Light, everyone with attributes other than darkness will gain a tenfold recovery rate of spiritual energy, until reaching their peak condition.”

Fused spiritual stoves were just that great!

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    she’s actually also capable of attaching herself to my weapon in crucial times, to help my offense. However, this comes with the cost of sacrificing that weapon

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