Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 348

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 348: Blazing Phoenix

A pitch-black radiance frequently appeared suddenly in front of Long Haochen, sign of the undead magic of the Gold Zombies. These Gold Zombies didn’t have a great variety of spells, but their attack power was brutal, to the extent that Long Haochen could barely block them by the means of the Glorious Holy Shield in his left hand as well as the use of the technique Holy Shield.

Haoyue, how much time do you still need to complete your evolution?! Long Haochen sighed gloomily, but his determination only kept increasing.

He was purely defending and unable to bring out his full strength, because he couldn’t renounce defending the cave. What was to be done now? Just what the hell could he do in this situation?

At this time, Yating finally got rid of the poison of the Explosive Poison Zombie, once again joining the battle. As soon as she joined, she completed the a powerful chant, making now use the same spell Starfall as before to handle the army of zombies.

Terrible starfalls hit from the skies, bombarding the enemies. Even with their tyrannical constitutions, the zombies were unable to stop the power of Starfall.

The Zombie King that was preparing to mount a sneak attack could only react defensively against Starfall, and temporarily had to give up on raiding Long Haochen.

However, the few Gold and Silver Zombies and even the Bronze and Iron Zombies had similar defending method against this powerful spell, and this was the use of the bodies of their own allies.

From the fall of the terrible Starlight, at least two hundred zombies died, but their true main force was still present, and Long Haochen happened to see three more Explosive Zombies approach their side.

I cannot let this go on. If I let these three Exploding Poison Zombies use their power, Yating and me will probably not be able to resist.

At this point, Long Haochen finally used his final trump.

An intense golden light abruptly shone on his chest, and immediately, three bolts of golden light were released from it.

The zombies that were growing accustomed to Long Haochen’s displays of power kept themselves away from him, for fear that a powerful attack was coming. Then three silhouettes became visible, rapidly blocking the way in front of Long Haochen.

The three that were transported were Wang Yuanyuan, Lin Xin, and Han Yu.

“Boss, what’s the situation?” Lin Xin couldn’t help but ask upon appearing.

Long Haochen replied in low voice, “The discussion will have to wait. For now, meet the enemy with everything you have.” Saying that, he charged into the ranks of the zombies. The others who were just summoned here needed to adapt to the surrounding environment, and with them here, he could finally rush out offensively.

After being suppressed for so long, Long Haochen burst out like a fierce tiger, an erupting volcano.

In his hand, a good amount of spiritual energy was poured into Bright Discipline, directly letting this sword of Glorious Tier reach out with Holy Sword, bringing out the best of its power.

As Long Haochen advanced lightly on the ground, the four wings on his back abruptly stretched out, and like an arrow, he shot out in the following instant.

This next movement was indeed really fast. Borrowing strength from the impulse of his four wings, he reached a supreme level of speed and passed in the little space between the two Silver Zombies. Two bolts of light were seen next appearing on the back of these Silver Zombies.
It was Holy Sword, used in combination with Shining Sunlight Strike.

The Silver Zombies truly deserved to be called the most expert type of zombie in defense, second only to a Zombie King: Long Haochen’s two powerful abilities didn’t even break past their defense, but even so, a large cut was left on their respective back. But more terrifyingly, intense holy flames engulfed their body in a burst.

Even the Zombie King feared Long Haochen’s Holy Sacred Fire. Hit in such close range, the two Silver Zombie cried out miserably, letting out green fog and drawing back with their fighting strength greatly reduced.

But this was just a beginning, and the dual-sword-wielding Long Haochen reached a phenomenal speed, borrowing force from the impact to accelerate all the more. In a flash, he reached out for the back of the three Exploding Poison Zombies, and stopped only ten meters away from them.

Bright Discipline suddenly pointed in three points in the air, and three microscopic-looking white glows appeared on the three Exploding Poison Zombies.

Immediately, some loud bang resounded, and the three Exploding Poison Zombies were ruptured, exploding and letting out huge puffs of black liquid that spread in all directions, but seemingly landing only on the surrounding zombies.

The poisonous fluid wasn’t something that could distinguish the enemy, and immediately, a large amount of zombies were hit by black poison, even including those two Silver Zombies.

The reason why Long Haochen managed to reach his target like a fish in water was intricately linked with Yating’s previous Starfall, a great spell of the seventh step and after that, the majority of the leftover army was formed of the elite of the zombies.

The current him didn’t plan on renouncing so easily, but also at that time, the Zombie King made his move.

The Zombie King had been waiting for an opportunity for so long. Regardless of his cultivation level, the reason why he didn’t intervene immediately was that he didn’t want to take too much risks. Why not using these younger brothers when so many are present? At that moment, seeing that the situation wasn’t going well, he immediately flapped the asymmetrical wings on his back, welcoming Long Haochen’s attack.

A cold smile appeared on Long Haochen’s face. Although he couldn’t entirely control his four wings, some simple dexterous moves were still possible for him.

The four wings he retracted just before spread out once again, and all resistance in the air seemed to totally disappear as he dashed forward.

Long Haochen’s feet treaded on that Iron Zombie forward, launching him at the direction of the Zombie King, but his four wings flapped immediately, but propelling him backwards, in the opposite direction.

As his body moved backward at great speed, Condemning Revolving Swords burst out once again. In a flicker of golden light, Bright Discipline carried the terrible Holy Fire and the power of Holy Sword, sweeping everything before him. Even the powerful Gold and Silver Zombies crumbled before this threat.

But the majority of the other zombies couldn’t escape that, and in this retreating rush, at least twenty zombies of the iron grade or above died by Long Haochen’s sword, and it even included three Exploding Poison Zombies.

Although the situation was unclear to them, seeing Long Haochen going to meet the enemies, Han Yu, Lin Xin and Wang Yuanyuan made good battle preparations.

Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan stayed to guard the cave, while Lin Xin was at Yating’s side in the rear.

In Wang Yuanyuan’s hand, the Divine Soul Shield smashed out, sending several approaching zombies flying with a strident hissing sound. Afterwards the massive shield once again returned to her hand, and Wang Yuanyuan unleashed a Space-Splitting Sauté next, aiming right at the Silver Zombie that was struck by Long Haochen right before.

After suffering this blow, the severely wounded zombie couldn’t persist for longer and was sent flying to the other side of the mountain.

Han Yu didn’t stay idle either. Placing his Shield of Reflection right in front of himself, he spread out the spiritual wings and defended against all the zombies that approached, sending them flying with the recoil, perfectly assuming the role of a Guardian Knight.

Seeing so many zombies afar, Lin Xin couldn’t help but declare, “Wow, so many good things!” Saying that, he was also on the move, and seeing Long Haochen dash in his path of return, he erected a Fire Wall behind him, stopping the pursuing zombies from harming him. Immediately afterwards, the Fire Curse carried by the Fire Cloud Staff followed, aiming at a greatly wounded Silver Zombie.

After the fusion between his two spiritual stoves, an enormous change appeared in Lin Xin’s flames. Originally, they appeared scarlet-red colored, but now his flames were colored in deep blue, causing the skull summoned by Fire Curse have a shade of deep blue color.

That Silver Zombie being ignited by both the sacred holy fire and the flames produced by Lin Xin’s Heart of Fire, was burnt on the inside and the outside at the same time, finally transforming into ashes.

The seven members from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad had ample battle experience together, matching with a perfect coordination with each other. Even if they still needed to adapt because of having reached the sixth step, their co-ordinating was exquisite in this sudden battle.

Long Haochen returned next to Han Yu, who took the initiative to stride forward, temporarily becoming the greatest defensive force of the group to leave Long Haochen some time to take a breather. Meanwhile, seeing his subordinates being killed in such succession, the Zombie King was finally unable to hold back, and fiercely charged towards the opponent.

However, he learnt his lesson this time and didn’t charge barehanded at them. On his left hand was an Iron Zombie, while he grabbed on his right hand an Exploding Poison Zombie.

“Lin Xin, destroy that red-purple zombie in his right hand.” Long Haochen shouted loudly, before extending the four wings on his back. A golden light shone simultaneously on his back, coming from Brilliant World, assistance from Yating. A dense spiritual energy of light element rapidly made its way into Long Haochen’s body, helping him recover.

Meanwhile, a white glow was shot out from Yating’s chest, aiming right on the Zombie King with the power of the Saint Spiritual Stove. However, the Saint Spiritual Stove Yating was putting in use was linking the enemy to Long Haochen. In other word, Long Haochen would be the one aimed by the target of the Saint Spiritual Stove.

Of course, it would be more accurate to say that the Saint Spiritual Stove didn’t exist anymore, but that it was Yating’s ability of Attraction.

“Look at me getting rid of it.” Lin Xin shouted in excitement, before a surge of power scattered behind Long Haochen, Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan’s back.

The three of them suddenly felt waves spreading from behind, as a scorching feeling seemed to cause their blood to boil up.

Immediately, a resonant phoenix shot up, in the shape of an azure-colored brilliance sweeping past their head from above, and directly clashing against that Zombie King.

What’s that? Long Haochen, Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan’s minds became blank.

A blue phoenix of fire carrying three long tail feather on his back left a succession of waves of fire in the sky, before almost instantly reaching the front of the Zombie King.

Next, the Zombie King let out a blood-curdling screech, and was actually forcibly stopped. The Exploding Poison Zombie on his right hand instantly ruptured, but the purple-red poison wasn’t given the time to disperse and turned into gas under the effects of the high-temperature. In the other hand, the Iron Zombie was directly melted against all expectations.

Just what terrifying temperature did it reach to accomplish that!? The Iron Zombies’ toughness was after all something Long Haochen experienced personally.

After being struck by the blue phoenix of flames, the Zombie King immediately became dark-green-colored, continuously letting out a dense dark green vapor from his body, as he resisted the corrosion of the blue flames.

However, right at that time, that blue fire phoenix flapped his wings in full force, letting a ring of blue flames spread forward. When the extremely large quantity of zombies that had reached the mountain just before were enveloped inside, their movement suddenly stopped, and they melted and turned into liquid, before turning into gas and dissolving in the air.

A resonant phoenix cry resounded once again everywhere, and he once again made a turn in the air. With a violent bursting sound, it sent back the Zombie King flying, and then, spiralling in the air, the phoenix flew back to the direction of Long Haochen’s group.

Seeing the Zombie King in such a miserable state, the expressions on Long Haochen’s group of three looked totally different, and Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but shout, “What did you just do, has-drugs-bro?”

But it shocked them to discover that the phoenix of fire seemed to have lost all his temperature, and after it passed above their head, they could see when turning back that it directly entered in Lin Xin’s chest, disappearing inside.

“Spiritual stove?” The three of them cried out in chorus.

The ability to merge into the chest of a human was unique to spiritual stoves, but they absolutely didn’t expect that such a terrible and powerful ability would actually come from Lin Xin’s spiritual stove. Without a doubt, that blue phoenix of fire came from the fusion of his two spiritual stoves.

Even with all his knowledge regarding spiritual stoves, Long Haochen didn’t know that at the time of fusion of two spiritual stoves, different degree of level of pact existed. The greater the level of pact was, the easier the fusion, and the more power in the end of the fusion would produce in result.

But it was also from these levels of pact that the dangerous aspect of the fusion between spiritual stoves came. If two spiritual stoves are of equal power, the level of pact would reach zero, and no matter how powerful the user is, he wouldn’t possibly be able to succeed in fusing these two, leading in self-destruction.

Only two kinds of fusion existed: one was by alliance, and the other by inhibition. The way Lin Xin and Han Yu’s spiritual stoves fused could be categorized as a fusion by agreement, while Long Haochen and Cai’er’s fused by inhibition. Long Haochen’s Light Elemental Fairy was the one to inhibit the Saint Spiritual Stove, whereas Cai’er’s case was obvious without need to say anything.

However, the one who ended the most successful this time was actually Lin Xin; it was for the simple reason that he had a far too great luck, to have obtained the Spiritual Stove of Phoenix of Fire right after getting the Spiritual Stove of Heart of Flames, producing such a fantastic evolution. From these was born his current spiritual stove: Flaming Phoenix, known as Phoenix of Heart of Flames.

The power of this spiritual stove was witnessed personally by Long Haochen’s group, and its burst power was actually enough to match a powerhouse of the eighth step, the Zombie King, leaving him helpless to handle it, and causing him to suffer great losses.

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            I would say the main reason it took us so long to see him using a third party thing is because of their costs. To have a weapon that can store a decent offensive spell required him to get something at the peak of the Glorious Level nearing the Legend Rank. That only happened after returning from the Tower of Eternity and getting his Fire Crystal Stave properly carved by an enchanter to harness its full power. Before then his stave just helped increase his casting speed a lot. Spiritual Stoves are even harder to come by and use. So that leaves us mainly with scrolls as the cheapest offensive magic he can use, but they are also one time use.

            During the Demon Hunt Squad selection he had invested almost half his fortune into his deal with LHC. Then he also had to invest some of it in bribing the other 5th step Mages to get the 1st place in the Mage Selection part. To even make sure he could become a Demon Hunter and get into a squad with someone as powerful as LHC he had invested a massive amount of money. From there if he wanted to actually win any of his fights he would need to use a offensive magic scroll and make sure it finished the opponent. He would need to win a majority of his fights to get into the top two so he would need at least 7 scrolls (if hes extremely lucky) that go off perfectly and end their matches. After that he would then need to make his way to at least third place to get a Spiritual Stove for any real reward from climbing the ranks. The sheer amount of money this would cost would be mindboggling and his chances of actually succeeding would be so small there is basically no point in trying it.

            After he first joined the DHS he was still a bit low on money because of the deals with the Mages and LHC. Add to this that immediately afterwards he shelled out more money providing Ying’er and Sima pills to help them get through to 5th step. He also gave out pills to the whole team that recover Internal Spiritual Energy and increase External Spiritual Energy. So even less money, definitely not enough left over to afford buying some decent scrolls.

            After they got done with the Exorcist Mountain Pass. They now had the little piggy McDull who needs magic beast crystals. Eating more into their income. More pills are made and given to the team. Add to that Hao Yue’s upkeep costs. Also add to that the fact that they spent every single Contribution Point and borrowed a few to become a General Grade DHS immediately. Still no money to get scrolls before going out on that first mission to the Tower of Eternity.

            So finally we make it to the point where they went to the Tower of Eternity and made it back. They now have excess wealth. What is the first thing that Lin Xin bought with his portion? He got his stave upgraded so it could actually attack and he bought himself quite a few scrolls that can be used offensively.

            I will say that in general yes it took him a while and it might of been nice to see him using a offensive scroll before this point, but quite honestly he never had a chance to get Offensive Gear before that point. When he finally got the chance he immediately jumped at the opportunity of increasing his utility. Every other time he has spent all of his effort helping his teammates and reinforcing them.

            I would also say I think the author did the event order in the right way. First we are told Lin Xin doesn’t/can’t use offensive magic and given some time to absorb that and see he can still help. We get to know him and appreciate him with his role of Alchemist and Defense Caster since those are two parts their team desperately lacked.

            After that you hear the story of how his parents died. The author has already shown you Lin Xin is not useless and this came immediately after Lin Xin’s pills saved the whole team from death. Allowing us to sympathize with him and understand him more.

            A little while after that they show him buying Offensive Scrolls and getting his stave engraved with Offensive magic. This helps us better understand the promise he made and further expands on what it entails.

            All these parts help us see just how desperately Lin Xin is working to be helpful to his team, but also how unwavering he is to that promise to never learn and use an Offensive Spell. He is willing to grab onto everything and anything to increase his utility and further help his team, but he has clearly stated that if the time comes and his friends are in danger because of his lack of Offensive Magic. He will use his own body to protect them and prove his resolve by forcing his opponent to walk over his corpse.

            Honestly it shows to me just how dedicated Lin Xin is to the promise of never doing Offensive Magic when you consider just how many different routes he has taken. He has learned Alchemy, he learned to do business, he has learned to bluff, and he has refined his flame control to an amazing degree. However the one thing he never touched was learning an offensive spell. The easiest thing for him to grab he refuses to touch. Even if it costs him his life he is willing to stand by that decision. That to me shows true resolve and depth of character.

          • Psyside

            It costs 1k-2k SP to use the attack i think not sure. He had that a lot soner. But thats not the point. I get that he doesnt have to learn spells but use the Stove and Staff as a gateway. But at least give him some internal discussion. Some internal dilema to rationalize why he does it. Thats what im mad at.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Yeah it was a bit abrupt how they just kind of jump us with that he is completely okay with items just not directly spells. It would of been a bit better if they went into some specific detail of that in the preceding argument. I think that might have been the reason they had him first use it in the Tower of Eternity. A place where they were training and getting used to new abilities and not some place involving a life and death battle.

            I think the author was trying to make it clear with how much of Lin Xin’s speech emphasized the words Offensive Magic, but until he used the stave in the Tower I wasn’t really sure if he would be willing to use it or if it was just going to be an emergency maneuver. All I can really say is that as far as I know Lin Xin hasn’t contradicted himself. As you mentioned the foreshadowing and explanation could of been a bit more distinct, but I do feel like this adds an interesting level to Lin Xin’s and the teams character.

            Every person in LHC’s team has something they personally struggle with. Cai’er balancing her stoves rebound, Lin Xin with using Offensive Magic, Sima lack of healing, Xing’er with her random summoning, Wang Yuanyuan with having no defense despite being a shield warrior, Han Yu with being the impromptu replacement healer, and LHC working hard to bring this massive melting pot of people together and accept the Necromancy that was forced onto him. Part of what I like about their team is how these different flaws interact with each other. For instance I am curious if Lin Xin and LHC will be able to better come to terms with their respective Taboo Magic’s by talking to each other and thinking about the benefits to the team both magics could bring. I have a feeling the moment one of them makes a break through that will have a significant impact on the other one.

          • Psyside

            For lin Xin im not sure. But for Lhc i think first he will talk to his dad about it. Then dad gives him advice and such. Thats how i see the necromancy thing goin. Cos he would only trust his dad with that info

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I was originally thinking of a similar kind of trigger, but for me I was thinking Asura Ye would be the one LHC confides in since he is as close to LHC as his father is. LHC also knows where to find Asura Ye so was expecting a chapter where LHC talked to him when he got back from the Tower of Eternity originally, but they had Asura Ye in closed door training at that time T.T.

          • Psyside

            He never in the novel stated that he will do this. What i wrote was something that the author could have done to explain his behaviour. But he has never written such a thing. Thats the problem i find with the novel.

    • Psyside

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    • SYWZ Fan

      He doesn’t cast magic himself because of the complicated chants in which one mistake could cause a dangerous misfire, while his staff has a set effect and his stove also follows the same principle.

    • Majk

      I think that the main difference here is the risk involved. His parents died when his father was experimenting with chanting some magic which is something that he had to control himself and as he failed the magic went haywire. Meanwhile using stoves/equipment while it is done by you it has a 100% change of succeeding unless the enemy somehow interferes with you or whatever you use it damaged.
      Basically what he fears isn’t the magic itself (since he would not be able to fight others who use such magic if he would) but the possibility of him making a mistake and killing not only himself but others.

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  • justfactsplease

    cheers for the great job 🙂 and ps when you going to put uk Donations link on as when i’ve made a Donation in the past you lost out on a bit due to the exchange rates 🙂

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    • Jonathan Hurd

      Well the usual ones we offer up are Douluo Dalu which is actually by the same author as this novel. Its got over 200 chapters and is pretty interesting one with tons of action and fun. The MC is a hidden weapons master who is reincarnated into a new world. He plans to bring his former knowledge to this new world and build the Sect he was a part of in his old world here. The characters in that story all have Spirits they are born with and can use to fight. It also has a similar level system as this novel (steps), but for them to break through to the next step they need to hunt and absorb the power of Spirit Beasts which changes their spirit and also gives them an ability they can use with their Spirit. The beginning starts off a little slow just like this one, but eventually the MC joins a team of other youngsters and makes a team called the Shrek Seven Devils. At that point it really starts taking off as they combine their strengths to compensate for each others weaknesses. I will also say the description of the battles and the timing of attacks is amazingly enjoyable.

      There is a Manhua for this one that can help you to see if you will enjoy it, but I will warn that the Manhua seriously neuters the action and the MC. The LN gets to be way bloodier and cooler with how the characters act so I would warn to not give up if the Manhua doesn’t seem your speed.

      Another one that is nice is called Battle Through the Heavens. It has over 300 chapters released. The story revolves around a guy who is reincarnated into a new life. They don’t really care much about his past life they just use that to make him more mature than his peers. I like this one because of the variety of events. They have fights, cultivating, social interactions, and even in depth descriptions of Alchemy. So when you get tired of one type the story then goes over a different aspect keeping things fresh.

      If you want a slightly condensed version of the story to see if you would like it I would suggest looking at the Manhua. It doesn’t go into as much detail as the LN, but it stays true to the story. I honestly enjoy the LN more because the Manhua completely skips over the details of alchemy. The Manhua also drops a lot of the things the MC learns and uses so it becomes hard sometimes to keep track of his items and skills till the story randomly draws them out again. The Manhua is a little ahead of the LN at this point, but with the current updating rates of the two it shouldn’t be long before the LN starts overtaking it.

      Battle Through the Heavens can be found on Wuxia World along with a bunch of other Chinese LN’s that are currently being updated and a few series that are finished.

      Another series on Wuxia World that I got into after seeing the Manhua is called Tales of Demons and Gods. It has a bit of a twist on the MC reincarnates in that what happened is he lived his full life, died, and then was able to go back in time, with all his knowledge, to being a 13 year old kid. It basically has the most OP MC I’ve ever seen, but it is pretty fun reading how he basically helps people based on his past life’s impressions and laughs in the face of every authority figure.

      The story is also pretty interesting if you are like me and enjoy philosophy because it kind of explores the idea of multiple worlds and the beyond as well as questioning who made this world and for what purpose. I would say the same thing for this one as I did for Battle Through the Heavens. Try reading the Manhua and see if you like it. It stays pretty true to the LN’s story. A big thing to know though is that for Tales of Demons and Gods the Manhua is amazingly behind the LN.

      As for a final suggestion I would say you might enjoy Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari. It has been fully translated thanks to the efforts of a variety of translators, but all the chapters can be found if you google for Yoraikun. This one is actually a Japanese LN which is pretty interesting. The MC is summoned to another world and made the Hero of the Shield, but he is almost immediately betrayed. He is surrounded by enemies and builds hate towards all the people of this new world.

      The best way I can describe it is basically the greatest Underdog story I have ever read. The other way I think people look at him is as the best Antihero. Its interesting watching him struggle to balance the hatred he feels, but also continuously stand up to do the right thing despite it. It is honestly worth a look and I highly recommend it. The beginning part is pretty entertaining watching him crawl his way to the top and overcome all the obstructions. The ending gets a bit trippy, but is very interesting and explains all the mysteries in the story. I would also say if you are a fan of Harem’s this will leave you amazingly satisfied, lol.

      This one also has a manga version. The only thing I will say though is the starting parts are close to the same, but after about 10 chapters in the Manga the story lines completely diverge from each other. So you can get a taste of what it is like from reading the first part of the Manga, but by the latter part you are basically reading a different book.

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          Yeah I have kept myself from touching DD2 to prevent myself from seeing any spoilers. I found out what it would be like to have it spoiled after I read ahead of the LN by reading the Manhua. I spent two months afterwards praying to myself that the Manhua fudged the story and the events don’t happen as I waited for the LN to catch up, lol.

          I am looking forward to the day that we finally finish DD1 and I can then just jump right into all the chapters that have been saved up for DD2.

          If I am not wrong I think there is actually a DD3 as well and that one also has someone translating it. So there is plenty to look forward to in the future at least, :D.

          I think the order that the author wrote the series was DD, then SYWZ, and after that DD2. I would have to ask Toto to confirm that though.

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          For sites of the LN’s…

          Tales of Demons and Gods + Battle Through the Heavens can be found at

          DD I read at

          Tate no Yuusha no Nagiri:

          For Tate no Yuusha they managed to complete the LN, but the Manga is pretty far behind. The LN however was completed which was pretty nice. Yurikon by the end was giving us a chapter a day everyday for weeks. The pace was rather impressive, :D.

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          Another one i would add to the list is called Konjiki no Word Master. The MC is summoned with four other classmates to a fantasy world and they are all told they are the four heroes summoned to save the world. They find out that the MC actually ends up not being a hero but was just accidentally summoned along with the other four.

          The MC says fuck it and leaves to go on an adventure on his own after finding that out. He discovers that he has a unique magic in which he can write words with magic and change things states by writing on them. So he starts abusing this cheat like power and doing whatever makes him happy.

          He is also probably my favorite MC since he really honestly doesn’t give a shit about anything except what he wants. He is a giant glutton so people start figuring out they can get his help if they bribe him with food in exchange. Also he starts getting a following of Loli’s and doesn’t understand how any of them feel about him. The battles are pretty fun and the character interactions are to die for. It is a Japanese LN so his ability is linked a great deal to writing Kanji, but they explain the rules pretty well so you can understand them even when they are in English.

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