Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 347

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 347: Wage War Against Undeads (III)

However, Long Haochen couldn’t show weakness at such time. Seeing the Zombie King falling in the midst of the group of zombies, he immediately understood that the opponent feared his elemental properties. Clenching his teeth, he didn’t let the slightest weakness show up on his face. The strong sunlight fire rose even further, reaching an even more intense level than before.

Yating’s chant was also completed at this time. A fantastic golden red halo appeared above Long Haochen’s head in a flash, before gently falling down. Immediately, the Glorious Holy Armor became golden red-colored, and the sunlight fire around his body stopped pulsing further, instead turning into a golden red liquid that formed a layer around his body.

This layer of liquid was like the sort of moat that was here to protect a city, revolving at a slow speed. The light essence surrounding Long Haochen’s body then turned into a dim golden area extending in a radius of ten square meters around him.

The Zombie King let out a gasp, sensing that this human was far inferior compared to him in strength, while his light properties however reached a level he had never seen before. It was really too strong, to the point that he didn’t know what would happen if he was infected by that golden red liquid. It could perhaps even damage his own soul heavily.

With so many of his younger brothers present, although the Zombie King wanted to kill Haoyue, he still cherished his own life even more. Not charging forward anymore, he instead commanded the group of his younger brothers to assault Long Haochen.

Just like Yating said, zombies were truly a lot more powerful than skeletons. When these zombies charged to the waist of the mountain, their speed instantly decreased upon approaching the area of light surrounding Long Haochen, but they still slowly approached Long Haochen by leaps, attempting to launch attacks against him.

Yating knew the most about Long Haochen’s current state, and in particular, she knew that he needed to put efforts in recovering. In a flash forward, she immediately arrived in front of him, pointing her staff forward and launching basic light arrows from the peak of her staff. Each blow was aimed against the zombies’ heads, because this was the location of their gathered soul. Immediately, with a bolt of golden after another, zombies were successively killed by Yating’s arrows of light. In front of this sort of light elemental spells, they were completely helpless. Yating’s was vigilant of the Zombie King leading the group of zombies, and it was to take precautions against his sneak attacks that she didn’t use more powerful spells.

Having gained this time for recovery, Long Haochen hurriedly adjusted revisions on his internal spiritual energy. After his awakening, his strength once again increased by a lot, but the course of events didn’t go smoothly enough for him to display it decently. Encountering such a powerful existence like the Zombie King, he came to suffer important losses.

By chance, this awakening also led to considerable progress of his external spiritual energy, or else, that previous blow would perhaps just have made him lose all fighting capability.

When doing simple movements of his body, Long Haochen felt finally better. The light essence inside of his body had just healed his injuries at great speed, and his battle strength was now back to more than eighty percent.

In a flash, Long Haochen stepped forward, sweeping away with Bright Discipline in his hand, and launching Light Thorn just like before. However, this time was Light Thorn added with Ripples of Light, which split a group of a dozen zombies in a blow. But terrifyingly, although these zombies had their bodies cut, their cut parts still crawled on the ground, aiming towards Long Haochen. With hurry, Yating shouted to him, “Their weak point is in their head! You cannot kill them by any other means.”

“Okay.” Long Haochen gave a simple reply, once again wielding Bright Discipline in his hand. This time, Demon Wiping Flash was used, aiming accurately at the heads of the zombies one after another, destroying their flame of soul.

The defensive strength of the zombies was beyond compare with the skeletons; the area of their head was tough, so Yating’s light arrows were even more effective than Long Haochen’s Demon Wiping Flash because she chose to aim for the eyes of the zombies. But after Long Haochen started to act, he immediately sensed the huge threat coming from the Zombie King, and thus didn’t dare put all his attention in handling these ordinary zombies. This prevented him from devoting himself wholeheartedly to handle them. Occasionally, his Demon Wiping Flash turned out unable to pierce through their head, and he needed a supplementary attack. However, these zombies were also unable to wound Long Haochen in any way. The spell Yating used on Long Haochen was called Sun Halo, and was a powerful light spell of the sixth step combining both attack and defense in one, and gained from the addition of the originally powerful light attributes of Long Haochen and Yating. All zombies that approached it within a certain range from Long Haochen immediately received burns from the Sun Halo, quickly reducing their body to ashes. But at every burns inflicted on each zombies, the Sun Halo also lost in light elemental intensity.

The zombies were growing even further in quantity, and now emerged the powerful zombies that Yating mentioned before.

Spectral Zombies were a fast kind of zombies launching mental attacks. The hateful aspect of these zombies was that, with the superiority of their intelligence compared to the other zombies, they actually didn’t take the initiative to attack Long Haochen and Yating, but attempted instead to get into the cavern.

This restricted Long Haochen’s moves greatly, causing him to be unable to move away in the slightest from the entrance of the cavern.

Furthermore, these Spectral Zombies came like the wind, and because Long Haochen couldn’t move from the cave, his Demon Wiping Flash missed sometimes, not hitting the Spectral Zombies.

The Spectral Zombies aside, metallic zombies became the main force faced by Long Haochen’s group. These kind of zombies had distinct looks; among their ranks were metallic-grey Iron Zombies, bronze-colored Bronze Zombies, silver-colored Silver Zombies, and finally, the most dreaded Gold Zombies.

The reason why Gold Zombies are so terrible is their ability to use some undead spells. These undead spells weren’t weak, and were above all used at long range, while Long Haochen didn’t have the possibility to rush out to get rid of them.

Iron Zombies were at least at the fourth step in strength, Bronze Zombies reached the fifth step, Silver Zombie were close-quarters fighters at the sixth step and Gold Zombies long-range fighters at the sixth step.

However, although these zombies were powerful, Long Haochen could still resist them for the time being. The most annoying kind was a type of entirely red-purple zombie, with a big belly.

Only two of these zombies appeared, but these two almost managed to break through the joint defense of Yating and him.

This kind of zombies were slow in speed, and couldn’t directly participate in attacks, but were actually directly thrown at Long Haochen’s group by the Gold Zombies.

When Long Haochen’s attack reached the first of these red-purple zombies, it instantly exploded, smashing a large area of red-purple liquid everywhere.

The Sun Halo on Long Haochen was actually totally dissolved by the purple-red liquid, and losing its protection, Long Haochen was immediately surrounded by zombies, left without any other choice but to use Condemning Revolving Swords to compel back the zombies.

And the time the second of these red-purple zombies was thrown over, Yating didn’t make it at time to avoid it, and drops of this red-purple liquid were splashed on her. Immediately screaming in pain, her body lit up in light, and her presence started to grow dimmer.

She actually took quite great damage from that.

Long Haochen finally became aware of what Explosive Poison Zombies were. After calling out this name, Yating rapidly dispersed the poison from her body while gritting her teeth

That purple-red poison was extremely tyrannical, and even caused the rocky ground to be corroded. Accompanied with an extremely unpleasant smell, the most terrifying thing was that it caused a corrosion of the spiritual energy, completely bypassing the defense of Long Haochen’s Holy Mantle. After these two Explosive Poison Zombies appeared, the situation became dangerous for Long Haochen and Yating.

However, Long Haochen’s battle strength also emerged right at this time. As he blocked the stronger enemies by the means of the Glorious Holy Shield, Bright Discipline would inevitably kill a zombie at every strike. A rich light essence burst out from his body unceasingly, as if his spiritual energy was basically inexhaustible.

Then, the four Silver Zombies reached the cave. Thier brilliant silver body were extremely tough, to the extent that even with an elemental dominance, they were only inflicted marks on their body upon being attacked by Bright Discipline. And furthermore, these high-level zombies were very shrewd. When Long Haochen would use a powerful ability of the type of Holy Sword, these Silver Zombies would immediately pull other zombies from their back to serve as scapegoat and take the attack in place of them as they would draw back at fast speed.

However, Gold and Silver Zombies were fortunately were low in count: at least until now, only four of each type appeared. Even so, Long Haochen also started to grow more and more exhausted.

If he didn’t have to protect Haoyue, and if the Zombie King wasn’t here to lead the zombies from afar, Long Haochen had confidence that he would have been able to kill these eight powerful zombies. But what’s the point to think this way?

Assault, Charge and Storing Ability were abilities among the kind that Long Haochan was totally unable to put to use, and the ones he used the most were Divine Obstruction, Chained Obstruction, before chaining with extremely practical abilities with low consumption like Shield Assault or Light Thorn.

But even so, his spiritual energy was being continuously depleted. Long Haochen even saw faintly that the Zombie King was approaching them, as if looking for an opportunity to deal the fatal blow.

Letting out a snort, Long Haochen once again launched Demon Wiping Flash but upon being inflicted this sort of attack, but those Silver Zombies were once again resourceful and pulled two of the ordinary zombies to block Long Haochen’s attack, while the Gold Zombies used the fluids from other zombies to help them extinguish the fire, matching with a great level of coordination.

Like this, although Long Haochen already killed quite a few zombies, the pressure was just growing greater and greater.

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