Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 346

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 346: Wage War Against Undeads (II)

“The great majority of the zombies only have their battle instincts, but their body is as solid as metal, and their fighting strength like their destructive power is exceptional. It isn’t anything skeletons can compare with. And furthermore, they carry in their body a strong poison. As long as their attacks reach, the poison will immediately affect its target. How else can there be so many zombies?!”

In just a little bit of time, more than a thousand zombies already appeared in their line of sight.

“Master, things are not turning well! These zombies are at least at the strength of the third step of human warriors, and their body is their best weapon.”

“Only at the third step?” Long Haochen asked this, feeling more at ease. Given his current cultivation, he could still resist when facing a group of more than a thousand zombies of the third step.

Yating’s faze froze slightly, “Master, creatures like zombies strength doesn’t lie in their individual strength, but in their latent capabilities. It is extremely difficult for skeletons to evolve, unless a powerful lich or over-lich helps them in their evolution. But through continuous slaughter and devouring, zombies can evolve by themselves. The thousand plus zombies of this group can’t possibly be all at the third step. It is very possibly a group of mixed levels.”

“There are also ranks of zombies? And they can evolve?” Hearing that, Long Haochen couldn’t help but gasp, immediately losing his optimism.

Yating nodded to him, “If I am not mistaken, these transformed corpses are ranked in strength from lower to higher starting from ordinary zombies, spectral zombies, metallic zombies. Then, there are different kinds of metallic zombies, whose ability to evolve is the strongest. Their destructive power is also extremely terrifying, and the most powerful kind, the Zombie King even has the ability of flight.”

Just as she reached this point, she suddenly found out that Long Haochen’s gaze was fixed, hurriedly following his look, she happened to see an immense zombie heading towards them in flight at an astounding speed, while the zombies under his path let out mysteriously a layer of green color, accelerating their advance suddenly.

Zombie King? So there is actually a Zombie King among them?

Yating’s face immediately became pale, letting out a shriek, “A Zombie King! There’s actually a Zombie King among them!”

Contrary to expectations, Long Haochen stayed calm at this time, “Yating, how powerful are Zombie Kings?”

Yating seemed at a loss, as she replied, “I don’t know, but I heard that the Zombie Kings are in the undead worlds the weakest kind of undead kings. However, even if they were even weaker, they are still powerful entities! I’m afraid that this one is at least at the eighth step, or perhaps has he already reached the ninth step.”

Hearing her, Long Haochen couldn’t help but let out a gasp, his eyes shrinking violently. However, his grasp over Bright Discipline became especially steady. He said before that no matter how powerful the enemy would be, he would do everything to protect Haoyue and let him smoothly evolve.

Yating didn’t speak further, but started to chant an incantation. Her voice was extremely clear, as if affected by Long Haochen’s determination, as the fears filling her disappeared.

In the air, the Zombie King came as fast as he could. In the blink of an eye, he was already halfway up the mountain. Seeing Long Haochen with four wings spreading on his back, his flight forward abruptly stopped, and his eyes were directed on Long Haochen with a puzzled look.

“A human? Light user human? How can there still be humans existing here?” That Zombie King’s voice sounded clear, and the imposing aura of death from him was earth-shattering. Just like liches brought a boost in the strength of skeletons, the existence of this Zombie King increased the strength of those other zombies underneath.

“Hello, zombie sovereign. Do you have something to do here?” Long Haochen calmly asked. Since the zombie didn’t take the initiative to attack him, he wouldn’t incite battle, and tried his best to stall for time for the time being.

The Zombie King actually didn’t immediately take action against Long Haochen. His looks were very fierce, and he reached a height of three and a half meters. Floating in midair, he had a pair of nauseating wings on his back, covered with ashened black feathers.

The Zombie King had unexpectedly a very handsome face, merely appearing grey-colored. His eyeballs were actually dark blue, and his body was surrounded by a layer of green fog billowing outside. The dense stench coming out from him could be smelled even by Long Haochen who was still over hundred meters away.

Long Haochen didn’t dare overlook that, and released another Holy Mantle to protect Yating and himself from suffering from the poisonous stench of that zombie.

The Zombie King calmly looked at Long Haochen, “Get out of the way, human. What is in this cave? I got news from my subordinates, and it seems that they discovered something very dangerous here. I need to have a look inside.”

Long Haochen was actually a bit startled. It seemed that the Zombie King didn’t know that Haoyue was there. Silently, he shook his head, “My comrade is resting here. Please don’t disturb him. I need you to leave from here.”

The Zombie King gave a terrible glare, suddenly thinking about something, “Could it… Could it be him?” Saying that, the sharp feeling he let out went up, and immediately next, a darkness purple-colored crystal came out from his mouth. Following, that dark purple crystal violently shivered, letting a purple glitter spread from within.

The Zombie King murmured a few words, and immediately next, that dark purple crystal suddenly spinned, instantly pointing towards the location of the cavern behind Long Haochen’s back.

“Oh my god! It’s really him!” The face of the Zombie King couldn’t show any change, and this was a characteristic of zombies. But at this moment, the green fog surrounding his body became unstable, and with a flash of his body, he absolutely didn’t tell Long Haochen anything more, simply throwing himself at his direction.

At the time the Zombie King spat out that purple crystal, Long Haochen already had a bad premonition. Having made good battle preparations long before, facing the charging Zombie King, he just drew a slight step back, letting out a flash of golden light in his eyes, as an intense golden red flame instantly burst out from his body. It was precisely Sunlight Fire, which was instantly unleashed.

The red-hot sunlight fire rose to the sky, as a dragon cry could be heard. Long Haochen held Bright Discipline in his hand, directly using Ascending Dragon Strike against the approaching Zombie King.

Light restrained darkness and the sacred restrained death, so Long Haochen held complete advantage in the elementary aspect. When that golden red sunfire light came into contact with the Zombie King, the dark fog surrounding the Zombie King was immediately reduced to vapor.

The Zombie King didn’t have a weapon in his hand, but his hands were incredibly long, the green nails of his fingers all reaching a length of one third of a meter, aimed at scratching Long Haochen.

A resonant bang sounded in the air, and Long Haochen clashed with the rushing Zombie King.

A violent explosion, created a violent golden expanse of light, and Long Haochen immediately felt an unsurpassed terrifying power smash against him.

At the crucial time emerged the shocking skills he obtained from training in the Tower of Eternity. His body was fell back fifteen centimeters, and during that time, his other hand launched the Holy Shield ability from the Glorious Holy Shield.

In spite of that, Long Haochen’s body was still forcibly smashed to the ground, violently striking against it. A massive impact force digged a deep hole to the place under Long Haochen’s feet. But in fact, this was right on a rock!

However, that Zombie King also seemed not to be much better off. Long Haochen’s attack wasn’t only concentrated with sunlight fire, but also holy fire, two powerful kind of holy and sacred flames that almost immediately spread to his entire body.

After the Zombie King’s diving figure was blocked, he let out a miserable cry, and immediately, great surges of green liquid flowed out, as he attempted to extinguish the holy sacred flames and the sunlight fire.

However, being a god’s chosen one, how could holy flames released by Long Haochen be so easy to handle? It wasn’t only the body of the Zombie King that was subject to burn, but even his soul. For a while, even he didn’t dare keep attacking Long Haochen, and leaped backwards, leading the group of zombies climbing up to him. Pulling two zombies, he tore their bodies to flash, causing the rest of their rich soul to flow out onto his body along with green liquid, causing the two flames to weaken greatly.

As if it was natural, the Zombie King put over twenty of his subordinates to death this way before extinguishing the two types of flames completely.

This were his properties as a god’s chosen one.

If Long Haochen was facing an opponent specializing in light attribute or an attribute unrestrained by light, although his elemental dominance would still be existing, it wouldn’t as dominant as it is now. However, he was now facing an undead creature that feared light the most.

Indeed, just like Yating said, this Zombie King reached at the very least a strength at the eighth step, and although it shouldn’t reach the ninth step, it was still a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step. But such a powerhouse became clearly terrified upon being attacked by Long Haochen’s two types of flames, and didn’t dare pursue and attack him any further.

However, Long Haochen’s current situation wasn’t any good either. Feeling a sour and cracked feeling in his hand, his sensation over his whole body was totally different, and the bones in his body, his internal channels, as well as his internal organs all felt painful.

The strength of this Zombie King was indeed incredible. Although he managed to come with the best response, he was still narrowly killed in a single blow of such a dominant opponent.

Long Haochen clearly knew that this Zombie King was actually a lot stronger than even Ah’Bao. And furthermore, it seemed to be a pure attack-type undead. This only increased the pressure on Long Haochen, since after all, he was not a knight specialized on power. Although his own external spiritual energy wasn’t weak, it wasn’t even comparable to the level of a Zombie King.

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