Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 339

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 339: It’s different? Your thigh…(I)

There was no mistake about the fact that they recognized the light element, but the last user of the light element left was Long Haochen. Could he just… have had a gender change?

Seeing that long and slender thigh, everyone felt sluggish. Their eyes wide open and their mouths agape, they looked about to cry out in total alarm.

Still, that slender thigh fortunately didn’t appear naked. After twenty centimeters of thigh had appeared in the midst of this green light, a mild golden battle-skirt promptly appeared and covered the remaining part above. This could at least prevent everyone from having wild and fancy thoughts.

In the midst of these lifeless stares, a sweet-looking beauty came out of the fog.

Fully grown, she reached a height of over a meter and seventy centimeters, approximately the size of Wang Yuanyuan, and carried a beauty that gave off the feeling of a divine existence.

A golden battle-skirt protected her most important places, but her chest aside, her arms and thighs, gave off the milky white precious feeling of a gem, and on her forehead was a golden caltrop-shaped gem.

This elegant face carried a dim smile, and in her right hand was a two meter long golden staff, embedded with a golden gem emitting a soft splendor.

Her beauty gave a sacred feeling without the slightest flaw, and her fair legs didn’t directly touch the ground, but floated around a fifth of a meter high in the air.

Sensing everyone’s sluggish gazes, the girl had a smile on her face, “Don’t you recognize me?”

“You… You are…” Lin Xin cried out in shock.

The staff in the right hand of the girl lit up with light, as the upper part of her body bent forward. Immediately afterwards, three pairs of wings abruptly spread on her back, like petals of a flower. Each of the bright wings had the transparent look of butterfly wings, but was a lot larger. The instant they spread out, a sunlight-like halo immediately appeared under the girl, as a soft golden fog of light revolved around her body.

“Yating!” Everyone cried out simultaneously, looking foolishly at the fairy.

Was that really the Light Elemental Fairy they had robbed from the hands of the demons under Long Haochen’s lead? This… Was this for real?

It was no wonder that they were in such a state of shock as the current Yating looked nearly the same as a human. If she were to land on the ground and retract her wings, she would simply look the same as a normal human girl.

As she was now, she seemed nowhere close to an entity made of pure energy.

Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but move closer and touch Yating’s hand, feeling her softness, warmth and the satiny skin. It felt very good to the touch.

“You… obtained your adult form?”

“More accurately speaking, she should have become a real fairy, actually a different kind of fairy than she was before.” Long Haochen’s voice resounded, and immediately afterwards, he stepped out from the same green fog in the air.

In comparison to the others, he appeared almost unaffected. Not looking exhausted in any way, he just gave a strange look to Yating.

The current Yating was the result from the fusion of the two spiritual stoves, and this could be called a fortuitous change.

The Illusory Paradise was undoubtedly the most fitting place for a fairy to live, and because of this coincidence of fate, Yating had absorbed a huge amount of vital and light essence. All her wounds had been completely healed , and she had obtained a corporeal body in the process.

Of course, she didn’t really become human. She still remained an entity made of energy. However, it was just that the energy reached such a high level of condensation that it produced an almost physical entity. Just like Long Haochen said, she was now a real fairy and not just an elemental fairy anymore.

The Saint Spiritual Stove was in comparison visibly weaker than Yating. Its attractive ability had been similarly absorbed by Yating, and even Long Haochen’s broken Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was now incorporated into Yating’s body. Even if it got restored in the future, Long Haochen would need Yating to hand it to him to use it.

The case Long Haochen had worried over still happened, and the attractive ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove changed in the process of fusion, becoming a part of Yating’s abilities.

As a whole, the fusion could be said to be a benefit entirely for Yating.

Of course, Yating was still Long Haochen’s spiritual stove, and their agreement didn’t change, but only solidified the direct connection between their thoughts. The difference from before was that the current Yating was an individual of her own, blessed with the ability to think for herself and intelligence. Now, she could act as a real independent light mage. She was capable of accomplishing everything a light mage of the same rank could accomplish, maybe even better than the latter. As for the growth of her strength, it all depended on Long Haochen.

To Yating, this change was truly very satisfying, and her view of Long Haochen had changed entirely. This was however the thing that gave Long Haochen the greatest headache. He was the most unwilling to see Cai’er become unhappy over Yating’s change. He would be happy to act as Yating’s friend, but there could never be anything more than that.

“How beautiful! If I didn’t already have Xin’er, I would have really fallen for you.” Lin Xin declared without any shame, carrying a pitiful expression that caused all the others to be unable to help but reveal a smile despite the situation.

Long Haochen told Yating, “Please change back to your original size.”

Yating pouted in response, “But master, this will reduce my strength.”

Long Haochen revealed a forced smile, “It should do if you go back to the size you had before. At the time we will need you to go all out, you can just come back to this form.”

Yating’s evolution gave her even the ability of human speech.

“Okay.” Yating nodded, somewhat dissatisfied, and under the regretful male gazes, the halo of light vanished as she returned rapidly to a small size. This reduction in size was very thorough, to the point that she was now only about a third of a meter in length, flying to Long Haochen’s shoulder where she sat.

Although she already returned to a small size, Long Haochen still felt a bit awkward about her sitting on his shoulder. But he had already ordered Yating to do something she didn’t want to do out of selfishness, so asking for more wouldn’t be good.

Turning around and looking at that dark green fog, Long Haochen’s gaze grew frantic, as he murmured the words, “Now we are only missing Cai’er.”

Indeed, currently everyone had already returned with the exception of Cai’er. Since Sima Xian and Chen Ying’er appeared to be seriously injured, he could temporarily not ask them about their trials. The possibility of the spiritual stoves being lost couldn’t be excluded.

Yating didn’t stay idle and released healing spells one after another, aiming them at Sima Xian and Chen Ying’er. Regarding healing, she was a lot more reliable than Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang. Having someone who could really heal also meant that the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad was no longer lacking a priest.  

Time passed minute after minute, and Long Haochen’s look only became more and more frantic. Unconsciously clenching his fists, he prayed unceasingly: Cai’er, you can’t let something happen to you! You definitely have to be successful!

He was already filled with regrets, regretting that he added one more spiritual stove for Cai’er to take in. If this had been only about fusing the Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stoves, the trial would have been easier for her.

While Long Haochen was filled with regrets, a sweet voice resounded in his mind, “Great fool, you’re worried aren’t you? Serves you right. I’ll bring you to her place, she’s already totally powerless, and needs you to bring her back.”

This was Ye Xiaolei’s voice! Long Haochen rejoiced at this statement and hurriedly nodded in response.

In a flash of green light, he twisted his own body anew, and immediately afterwards, Long Haochen disappeared into the green light. However, Yating was repelled by that green light and was not able to enter alongside Long Haochen.

When his sight cleared again, he found himself in the same green pool where the fusion of spiritual stoves took place. The water here was actually not so deep, and purely made of vital energy. Regardless of the situation, he just felt as cozy as when soaking in this deep water.

According to Ye Xiaolei’s words, this was not the same place where he had been, but the place where Cai’er’s fusion of spiritual stoves took place. But just where was Cai’er?

Although Long Haochen felt agitated deep inside, he still calmed himself down, and didn’t search blindly. Slowly closing his eyes, he relied on his mental strength to strengthen his own perception, looking for traces of Cai’er’s presence.

This deep green space looked endless, but Long Haochen very rapidly found traces of her with his great mental strength. Immediately, a weak living energy was sensed by him.

Without the slightest hesitation, he opened his eyes and headed to the place where his senses led him, toward that living presence.

It was Cai’er!

Coming closer, Long Haochen discovered Cai’er with a mere glance. At her current state, her body was completely soaked into the green liquid, with only her face floating above the water, looking pale to a threatening degree. If not for the weak living pulse that still remained, she would perhaps look like a corpse floating above the water.

“Cai’er!” Long Haochen called out grudgingly, and hurriedly threw himself at her, giving her a hug.

This hug wasn’t anything serious, but he immediately looked sluggish.

Entering in contact with her delicate skin, even with the presence of the deep green liquid, he clearly felt this tender tactile sensation. Her exquisite curves and all parts of her were bare. Under this touch, Long Haochen felt something similar to an electric shock. 

Although Cai’er and he had been together for quite long now, the two of them were after all of young age and ignorant regarding things between males and females. With the fear of harming her, Long Haochen had been staying reserved and only gave her at most kisses and hugs. But he had never directly touched her skin like that.

At this very moment, although he didn’t even carry Cai’er out of the water, he could feel every single part of her body. This was his first time having such a kind of “feeling of closeness”.

However, Long Haochen’s sluggishness only lasted for a short moment, and in spite of the intense changes in his heart and his embarrassment, Cai’er’s safety mattered the most to him.

He bit the tip of his own tongue that caused a sharp pain, to awaken his own mind and slowly poured his own soft holy spiritual energy into Cai’er’s body.

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