Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 336

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 336: Fusing Spiritual Stoves (I)

The reason why the Temple Alliance dared agree to let those demons in was that they didn’t fear letting them obtain more spiritual stoves. When fusing more than three spiritual stoves, the danger would be enormously high and the chances of success infinitely low. And moreover, the Illusory Paradise in itself rejected the darkness element.

However, the Temple Alliance and the higher-ups of the Priest Temple didn’t expect that the Demon God Emperor could meddle in this way, saving those demon powerhouses and ruining their plans totally. And this time, the demon powerhouses killed the great majority of the Demon Hunters that entered. In terms of damage, both parties lost a lot, but the demons lost a lot more. It was after all only successors from various demon gods that died in this trip.

Lumps of feeble light set in movement autonomously, taking the shape of green balls floating behind everyone’s back. Following them were flickers of green light that covered their bodies, disappearing along.

Long Haochen was the last to disappear. Ye Xiaolei waved her hand to him, declaring gently the words, “Thank you.” How could she possibly be unable to differentiate good from evil? It was just that she was an extremely stubborn person who refused to acknowledge it out of her own mouth.

Bizarre changes happened on everyone, who became alone in a green space, only filled with endless green and applying an unsurpassable binding. Unable to leave from this place, everyone completed their own assimilations of spiritual stoves in a cross-legged position.

Since everyone absorbed a different amount of spiritual stoves, the process of assimilation was naturally different for all of them. The trial to start this process was directly cancelled by Ye Xiaolei, thus they were saved from this trial and would directly be brought to fuse their own spiritual stoves.

Among them, the one who had the most effortless time was undoubtedly Long Haochen. He didn’t get any new spiritual stoves in the Illusory Paradise, and thus only remained here for a bit, before leaving for the next space with a flicker of light in the midst of green undulations. Then, his last trial for the fusion of spiritual stoves began.

The others didn’t have such an easy time. For the process of the assimilation, Wang Yuanyuan and Cai’er obtained only one new spiritual stove, while the others all had two spiritual stoves to assimilate completely. Although it went by the sequential order[ref]order of obtention of the spiritual stoves[/ref], assimilating several spiritual stoves normally required one to pass through a quite considerable difficulty.

Cai’er rapidly fused with her spiritual stoves. As the wielder of the constitution as the Saint Daughter of Samsara, and the only other god’s chosen one apart from Long Haochen, fusing a spiritual stove of same attributes as hers was totally lacking in challenge, even if this was already the third spiritual stove that she absorbed.

The spiritual stove Cai’er absorbed this time could naturally not compare with her own Spiritual Stove of Samsara, but it was of the same tier as her Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove.

This spiritual stove bore the name of Real Shadow.

It was only fitting to be used by assassins, because only assassins with the Doppleganger ability could display the full power of this spiritual stove. When used, Real Shadow would enable to make the afterimages created by an assassin real. In its original state, the Spiritual Stove of Real Shadow would produce these effects for a duration of roughly three seconds, but as it would keep evolving, this duration would increase.

Its greatest utility was the ability of making afterimages real, giving them the same fighting power as their user. Although only lasting for three seconds, its effects were undoubtedly game-changing in some crucial times.

Given Cai’er’s strength, with the addition of this True Shadow, the effectiveness of her attacks in the battlefield would undoubtedly increase several folds. Just imagine, if she used the Spiritual Stove of Samsara while also using the Real Shadow, how frightful would that be? Of course, this spiritual stove wasn’t something that one could use as one pleases; three times a day would be the maximum number of times it could be used.

Unfortunately, this spiritual stove would have to fuse with Cai’er’s other two spiritual stoves shortly afterwards, and Cai’er’s greatest issue would be whether she’d manage to fuse the three of them together or not. She was also the only one person to fuse three spiritual stoves on this trip. The absorption of the Real Shadow was rapidly achieved, and next, Cai’er found herself soaked in a green pool, in the same way as it went for Long Haochen.

Wang Yuanyuan was only a bit slower than Cai’er to assimilate her spiritual stove. Since she only needed to fuse with a single spiritual stove, the Spatial Gate that corresponded to her attribute, fusing with it went rapidly. After that, she actually directly crossed over that green pool, and was the first to appear in the front of the shrine of nature. Only possessing a single spiritual stove, she didn’t need to undergo the fusing process, and thus became the first one to profit from this trip in the Illusory Paradise. Of course, she could currently not leave the Illusory Paradise yet, and still needed to wait for her comrades to come out, in particular Long Haochen. Directly leaving wouldn’t be convenient to them, so she had to pass through the Tower of Eternity to leave.

The process of fusing the spiritual stoves could be called fiery for Sima Xian’s case. His facial hair aside, all his body’s hairs stood by the effect of the ferocious thunder.

The Spiritual Stove of Purple Thunder had a terrifyingly obvious offensive power, comparable to the second tier of the spiritual stoves. Its power was as one might imagine, and moreover, Sima Xian’s attribute of mastery wasn’t thunder, after all practically no human with thunder as their natural attribute of mastery existed in this world.

For this reason, it became all the more difficult for him. The pain from the fusion with this mere Spiritual Stove of Purple Thunder gave him such a pain that he would almost feel better dying, but Sima Xian’s tenacity wasn’t weaker than any other human. If he didn’t have this incredible dedication and tenacity, how would he choose to cross the path of violence as a priest?

This guy shouted loudly in invigoration while fusing with this Spiritual Stove of Purple Thunder. Perhaps it was his intrepid side that finally conquered the heart of the Spiritual Stove of Purple Lightning, as he finally started to complete the process of this assimilation.

His other spiritual stove was a lot easier to fuse. This spiritual stove was called Light of Double Exposure, and was selected very carefully for him by Long Haochen after inquiring Ye Xiaolei about it. It was a supportive spiritual stove with a single use: to duplicate any attack after use. Its restriction was that the number of uses was three a day, and the choice of this Light of Double Exposure further added to the Spiritual Stove of Purple Thunder was naturally oriented for the sake of Sima Xian’s pursuit of the path of burst power. His burst power was direct, and needed for the team.

Compared to Sima Xian, Lin Xin was a lot more blessed. His two spiritual stoves complied to ally with him to an astonishing degree, to the point that he didn’t have to take any initiative, and yet the two spiritual stoves started to be assimilated into his body at the same time. Given how Lin Xin’s control over fire element was astonishingly high, this assimilation was as comfortable as a fish swimming in water, only taking less than half an hour more than Wang Yuanyuan. After completing the assimilation of the two spiritual stoves, he became transported to the green pool.

The Heart of Flames aside, the other spiritual stove he obtained was called Spiritual Stove of Flame Eagle, an exceptional offensive and defensive oriented dual spiritual stove. The Spiritual Stove of Flame Eagle can set free an immense eagle of flames to help him in attack and defense, and can be controlled entirely by the user The Spiritual Stove of Flame Eagle and the Spiritual Stove of Heart of Flames attained a high level of compatibility, which was the important reason that enabled him to assimilate the two at the same time.

The assimilation went smoothly for Han Yu too, who gained the two spiritual stoves known as Spiritual Stove of Guardian of Light and Spiritual Stove of Light Assemblage. One was mainly a defensive spiritual stove while the other one was mainly a supportive spiritual stove, and both were relatively peaceful spiritual stoves. In addition, these two spiritual stove he assimilated directly increased the user’s cultivation. Thus, in the process of fusion, Han Yu felt his own strength rise gradually, while his innate internal spiritual energy reached the level of eighty, which he vaguely felt. In the later fusion of the spiritual stoves, he would most likely become the one for whom it would go the most smoothly.

Chen Ying’er’s assimilation was actually quite harder than expected. The Scapegoat Spiritual Stove aside, she gained another spiritual stove fit for summoners called Time-Producing Spiritual Stove. Relying on it, one could extend the duration of a summon’s ability and its persisting time. Simply said, used on McDull, his strength would persist for twenty minutes instead of ten after absorbing a magical crystal. This was a very useful ability, and with its addition atop of the dual summoning ability of the Scapegoat Spiritual Stove, Chen Ying’er’s strength was bound to gain an enormous increase. However, assimilating these two spiritual stoves was far from an easy matter, and they weren’t even of congenial attribute, naturally making their absorption difficult. However, Chen Ying’er’s temper was actually relatively opposite to Wang Yuanyuan. Wang Yuanyuan was a strong person on the surface but actually soft and sensitive inside, whereas Chen Ying’er looked weak on the surface while being tough in temper.

After obtaining the little pig McDull, her utility for the team increased, but until now, she was only capable of providing some assistance or accomplishing some particular crucial tasks. She had been always minding her performance in the team, and felt from beginning to end that she never fulfilled properly her duty as a summoner. The better she was treated by her comrades, the more she blamed herself deep inside. At this very moment, the absorption of these two spiritual stoves gave her an extreme pain, but she bit her teeth tightly and bore it, not cowering in the slightest. Her eyes were full of resolution, and it was on the basis of this willpower that she completed the successive assimilations of these spiritual stoves.

Everyone had different luck, but they invested equal effort.

In their lives, people would always get different degree of luck, but everyone would get some opportunities. However, it was up to themselves whether to catch these opportunities or not.

Without a doubt, this was the best chance to grab this opportunity for everyone in the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad. As long as they smoothly came out from this trip in the Illusory Paradise, they were bound to distinguish themselves from the other Demon Hunt Squads.

Fusing spiritual stoves was something Long Haochen’s group had never experienced before, let alone hearing about the details. Even in the stories about the mysteries of the spiritual stoves that Long Xingyu told him, the act of fusing spiritual stoves was only mentioned in a single sentence.

In theory, there was no limit in the number of spiritual stove one could absorb. As long as his body could bear it, he would be able to go on with absorbing those. But how did it go in practice? Generally speaking, a powerhouse would normally be able to absorb three spiritual stoves, before fundamentally reaching his limits.

But acquiring three spiritual stoves first of all required a lot of good luck.

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      Yes and no:
      His own Innate Spiritual Energy was 63. The pact increased it by half the difference between himself and his master. Long Haochen at that time had an Innate Spiritual Energy of 97, making Han Yu’s new value exactly 80. Later Long Haochen had an increase in his Innate Spiritual Energy to 99, making Han Yu’s new value 81. However neither of them has tested their Innate Spiritual Energy since the time of the contract, so they don’t know what we do.

      Now if Han Yu has an increase in his own Innate Spiritual Energy, the difference between himself and Long Haochen will become smaller and so will the effect of the pact. Every two points he gains will only increase the total by a single point. So it’s possibly his own value going up to 80, making his new total Innate Spiritual Energy 89. But he’ll think it’s 88, because they still don’t know Long Haochen’s went up by 2 points.

      • Baem LN

        One thing that’s been bugging me is why LHC didn’t make Li Xin, his big sis into one of his retainer knights since I am willing to bet my money that she is a knight with innate talent level below 60 or even 50. I mean, who else is more deserving as her?

        • Belkar

          Normally knights only take one retainer, if they take two they’re pushing it. And Long Haochen already has three, his master Ye Hua, and his teammates Han Yu and Sima Xian. If he takes any more retainers it might start having bad effects on himself.

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            “But, Master, you already have two retainers. With one more, I’m afraid that…” Han Yu hurried to his side. It wasn’t that he wanted to reject Sima Xian, but the most important thing was to consider Long Haochen’s condition.

            Long Haochen shook his head, “No problem. I don’t plan on exercising control over you, and furthermore, my innate mental capacity is high, there should be no problem if I took one more retainer.”

            Hearing him say so, Han Yu stayed silent. Long Haochen was after all the Scion of Light, so his circumstances couldn’t be compared with ordinary people’s.

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