Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 335

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 335: A God’s Chosen One(III)

Ye Xiaolei stuck out her tongue, “… What does it have to do with that? Based on the human way to count age, I am at least ten thousand years old. In front of me, you’re no more but a damn little kid.”

“…” Long Haochen remained silent as he looked at her. He believed the girl’s words, but saying that she would be a senior from ancient times felt unrealistic, because this girl’s appearance was pretty much the same as a little girl.

Seeing his stoic appearance, Ye Xiaolei seemed satisfied, as the worries filling her eased up by a lot. However, she quickly became aggravated, declaring in anger, “You’re really annoying.”

Long Haochen replied with a bitter smile, “If I’m not mistaken, we have just been helping you. How is that annoying?”

Ye Xiaolei replied as a matter of course, “Of course you’re annoying. You are the Scion of Light, so why are you letting yourself be infected with a power of necromancer, the magic of quite a powerful necromancer. Are you mad? Aren’t you afraid of your own heart of light becoming corrupted?”

Long Haochen gave her a serious look, “If you have a method to help me remove my connection with him, I will be extremely grateful towards you.”

Ye Xiaolie was startled for a bit, “Tell me how you crossed paths with that necromancer. I am listening.”

Long Haochen then told his story in the Desolate Hissing Cavern as well as the matters that happened in the Tower of Eternity.

Hearing his words, Ye Xiaolei became speechless for a while, looking at him in a daze.

“How… How is that possible? A necromancer of light element? Oh my god! Could this guy have been the same as you, a god’s chosen one of the Goddess of Light? This is too unbelievable. Since a chosen of the Goddess of Light has become a necromancer, something deep definitely has happened to him.”

Long Haochen asked in astonishment, “Is it that only a light element user with the physique of a Scion of Light can train in light elemental necromancy?”

Ye Xiaolie gave him a serious nod, “Yes. Necromancer is a filthy vocation, coming into contacts with corpses and death. It’s the highest possible blasphemy to light, and only the purest body of the Scion of Light can avoid being corrupted by this filthiness, keeping his pure heart while cultivating as a holy necromancer. But this is even more difficult to accomplish than it would be for you to succeed the Goddess of Nature. This guy is simply the greatest genius among humans.”

Regarding the definition of a god’s chosen one, Long Haochen had gotten its entire understanding and didn’t need her to explain it any further. However, this still shocked him to the greatest extent. Could that holy necromancer, the Slumbering Calamity Elux also be a god’s chosen one? And one that appeared thousands of years ago.

Long Haochen and Ye Xiaolei looked at each other. Looking lifeless, they were filled with total shock. They had a common subject of curiosity, and this was the reason why the Slumbering Calamity, Scion of Light of that time, chose to become a necromancer.

“I cannot help you.” Ye Xiaolei said with some bitterness, “Given that this Slumbering Calamity Elux was powerful enough to leave a spatially connected tower, he ought to have reached the level of half-god. This is far from what I can handle. Even if my sister was still there, she wouldn’t be able to remove your connection with him either. I just wonder what happened to him. I believe that when you will be able to reach the top of that tower and receive his true inheritance, you should get some of his memories.”

Reaching this point, she let out a light sigh, “But even a light elemental necromancer is still a necromancer! Necromancy being the counterpart of life, and since I am of life element, I cannot leave this place with you. It’s such a shame after I’ve been waiting for so many years, and finally found a god’s chosen one such as you, that I still cannot leave. Just tell me whether you are annoying. I’ve been already waiting for more than ten thousand years you know!”

Long Haochen was left speechless, and just didn’t know how he should reply to her, only giving her a helpless look.

After giving him a long disatisfied look, Ye Xiaolei finally proposed, “Okay, how about making a deal with me; how does that sound?”

“What kind of deal?” Long Haochen gave her an alarmed look. This girl shouldn’t be judged by her appearance of six or seven years-old girl, and was probably the guardian of this Illusory Paradise.

Ye Xiaolei unhappily continued, “Why are you being so tense? This will not be harmful to you, you will only profit. Do you see these?” She pointed the eight spiritual stoves at her side.

Long Haochen gave a serious nod.

Ye Xiaolei said next, “These spiritual stoves are all for you, and I can exempt you from having to pass the next test before leaving the Illusory Paradise. You’ll just have to directly go through the last test. This way, as long as these guys aren’t too greedy and do not have too many spiritual stoves assimilated, there will fundamentally not be any problem, and the benefits will be enormous.”

Seeing her somehow exaggerated expression, with her hands extended widely, Long Haochen remained unmoved, and asked very seriously, “Then, what will I have to do?”

“Hey, are you okay with that or not? You don’t have the drive of a man at all. Will it kill you to give me a direct answer?” Ye Xiaolei responded in great dissatisfaction.

Long Haochen’s shoulders appeared stiff, “It is not only for myself that I have to take responsibility, but for my comrades too.”

Ye Xiaolei said, “But this is unrelated to them. I only want to keep contact with you, by mental connection, for the future, when I will need your help. Only a monkey would refuse.”

“For example?” Long Haochen didn’t relax, and kept asking.

Ye Xiaolei opened her eyes wide, “What kind of example do you want?”

Long Haochen replied, “I want to know about the worse kind of situation that would happen to need my help.”

Ye Xiaolei suddenly looked angered, “If it really comes to the worst, it will only be convenient for you. This won’t come out with any loss for you. Don’t tell me that you not only look like a girl, but your nature is just as dawdling too? If you don’t want to make a deal then let’s leave it at that.”

“Ehm.” Long Haochen didn’t get angry, but just turned around and headed to the direction of the hilltop.

“You…” Ye Xiaolei had been really angered by him, stamping her own feet on the ground, but followed him in the end, “If it really comes to the worst possible situation and you don’t help me, you humans are done for.”

Long Haochen turned back again, looking at her with a smile before doing a gesture to hint her that he would like to know about the details.

About half an hour later, when Long Haochen and Ye Xiaolei returned to the hilltop, their expressions returned to normal.

It looked as if nothing had happened.

Long Haochen smiled while looking at the others, including Zhang Fangfang who was sitting in a cultivating state, “Everyone, let’s share the spiritual stoves.”

The eight spiritual stoves that were originally gathered close to Ye Xiaolei now revolved above Long Haochen’s head.

Everyone from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad looked at each other, before suddenly crying out in cheers.

Long Haochen turned around to look at Ye Xiaolei, expressing, “I’ll be troubling you.”

Ye Xiaolei unhappily replied, “I know, I know.” Saying that, she did movements of her finger causing a bunch of green lights to head for everyone. Feeling as if their bodies were stuck into a sticky liquid, the others felt unable to move, and immediately, they saw spiritual stoves fly towards their direction.

However, this didn’t mean that everyone got spiritual stoves. Long Haochen didn’t get any, Cai’er obtained one, and out of the others, Wang Yuanyuan didn’t get any more spiritual stoves. On the contrary, Han Yu who didn’t obtain any before instead got two and two of those were left appeared in front of Zhang Fangfang.

Ye Xiaolei waved her hand, declaring, “I am doing the best distribution based on your own compatibilities. Everyone, absorb your respective spiritual stoves. Then you can leave from this place.”

Cai’er gave Long Haochen a pondering look, as if asking why he didn’t get any spiritual stove at all.

Long Haochen shook his head with a smile, “I obtained enough from this trip.”

Ye Xiaolei said with a snort, “There were just none fitting him and that’s all. Just hurry up and do it.”

All the others rapidly went to absorb their own spiritual stoves. Wang Yuanyuan who stayed idle unconsciously looked at Zhang Fangfang who was cultivating far from them.

At that time, Zhang Fangfang opened his eyes little by little. His eyes emitted a faint golden light, happening to look right at her. Wang Yuanyuan’s face looked totally stiff in reaction to that look, before she nodded to him.

Long Haochen declared, “Brother Zhang, hurry up to assimilate them. These two spiritual stoves are for you.”

Of course, it wasn’t that among these spiritual stoves, none were suited for Long Haochen. A total of five belonged to the light element. Sima Xian got one of these, while Han Yu, and Zhang Fangfang also got two each. These could all be absorbed by Long Haochen, but according to Ye Xiaolei’s words, absorbing too many of these spiritual stoves of low grade would instead be limiting his future possibilities. And in addition, along with his awakening as a god’s chosen one, the Scion of Light, Long Haochen sensed a new gap that formed between his comrades and himself. He also thought about helping his comrades grow as fast as possible, everyone was after all part of the same team, and too wide gap within the team would be very harmful to the future growth of the whole group. For this reason, he expressed to Ye Xiaolei his will to renounce on these before returning, and borrowed her mouth to tell the others that none of the spiritual stoves were suitable for him.

Because this was just a preliminary absorption, the process was very simple, then everyone had happy expressions after accomplishing this initial assimilation.

When the last person finished to assimilate his spiritual stove, Ye Xiaolei declared, “Okay, you can return to the shrine now. Remember that the last test of the Illusory Paradise cannot be avoided, and it will consist of fusing spiritual stoves. Those in your group who gained two or more spiritual stoves will need a great willpower to manage that. In case you fail, the better result will be the dispersion of the spiritual stoves, but it is highly possible that you will lose your life. ”

That’s right, this was the greatest mystery of the Illusory Paradise. No matter how many spiritual stoves one obtained here, in the end all of them are fused as one, but this great danger is also an opportunity. The finally fused spiritual stoves will be bound to gain an enormous boost in power, but in case of failure, it will also come with an enormous cost.

Perhaps those who were taken away by the Demon God Emperor could rely on their particular methods to assimilate some spiritual stoves, but they would also lose the chance of fusion. This was actually the greatest secret known to the Priest Temple.

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