Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 334

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 334: A God’s Chosen One (II)

On Long Haochen’s forehead, nine patterns emerged. They appeared purple at first, but rapidly turned golden. The surface of his skin shimmered like a gem, making his appearance unclear and hazy.

The sunshine was growing more and more intense, as the golden color on Long Haochen’s body grew stronger. At his feet, a diverging golden halo started to take shape as well.

This halo was extremely peculiar. In the magnificent golden light, the patterns on its edge were like brilliant pieces of the sun. The resplendent center of this manifestation was at Long Haochen’s feet.

An illusory golden luster slowly spread from his head. This figure seemed similar to the Light Elemental Fairy Yating, but looked very translucent and unclear to the eyes. It reached three meters in size, spread a soft light and descended slowly to gradually dissolve into Long Haochen’s body.

A low chant was issued from Yating’s mouth. Ever since Long Haochen had entered the state of awakening, she had been floating in the air, and now that Long Haochen had formally entered the state of awakening, her face was filled with absolute joy.

As the golden brilliance was merging into Long Haochen’s body, Yating’s body also started to change. Drops of golden streamed out from Long Haochen’s body, and enveloped Yating. Under their influence, her whole body was remodeled. Her size changed, and the past illusory impression disappeared completely. Not only that, but Yating now carried a compact golden staff in her right hand. It was perfectly straight and similar to Yating in size. On its caltrop-shaped top, a dazzling golden gem was embedded.

In addition to this, a gem also appeared on Yating’s forehead. At her feet was now another small halo, with the same appearance as the one under Long Haochen. But this wasn’t the biggest change on her. The biggest change was the aura that she radiated. Originally, she only had had a holy aura, but now, her body emitted an aura of life. She was now not merely an intelligent light elemental fairy, but a real fairy, a fairy of light.

From this moment onward, she wasn’t just Long Haochen’s supportive spiritual stove, but also possessed the ability to attack enemies and boost allies. She had completely regained her life as a fairy.

Of course, she was still Long Haochen’s spiritual stove by contract, and this was an unchangeable reality. By leaving Long Haochen, she would lose the benediction from the Scion of Light’s heavenly physique, and would perhaps return to her former state.

Long Haochen started a long chant, and Yating looked up at him. She softly murmured something before an odd scene happened, starting first of all with the little fairy.

Under her original pair of wings appeared another pair. These new delicate wings gradually unfolded, and her whole body’s presence underwent a total change. It gained in length until she was close to a meter. From the gem on her forehead emerged a horn and on her staff appeared some magnificent designs.

Exactly, receiving the gains from Long Haochen’s awakening, Yating evolved once again, and this was her third evolution ever since following Long Haochen.

But she wasn’t the only one to undergo a change. At the same time, an even more astonishing change took place on Long Haochen’s back. His originally enormous wings slowly stretched, and another pair surprisingly appeared right under his main wings. This change was similarly to what happened to Yating, and it was still not over. The golden feathers that covered his wings were now a lot thicker than before, indistinctly emitting some exceptionally beautiful golden spheres of light.

So the wings of a human powerhouse could actually come in double pairs?

Along with this, a golden pillar of light suddenly rose behind Long Haochen.

It was Zhang Fangfang, whose body slowly floated upwards, enveloped by the golden pillar of light. On his back, the golden feathers suddenly appeared more substantial, and his whole body instantly became brilliant, before returning to its normal state. His right fist still maintained that transparent look, just like a golden crystal sculpture.

Brilliant Body! It was exactly the influence from Long Haochen’s awakening as a god’s chosen one, which, added up with his own efforts and the stimulation from the past battle, enabled Zhang Fangfang to finally break through the bottleneck, reaching the threshold of the seventh step which had blocked him for so long. He was now a Temple Knight at the seventh step, which could be called unexpected happy news.

Although Han Yu and Sima Xian, who also possessed the same light element didn’t make a cool progress like a breakthrough, the light element surrounding their bodies had clearly gained in substance.

This perfectly straight golden pillar of light slowly dissipated, and the sunshine illuminated the whole earth anew, bringing its radiance to the Illusory Paradise.

Long Haochen slowly opened his eyes.

The instant his eyes opened, the air was torn by two bolts of lightning, but the atmosphere quickly returned to normal. Turning his head to look at the deeply concerned Cai’er at his side, Long Haochen said apologetically, “I made you worry.”

Cai’er didn’t say anything, only silently leaned on his shoulder, and grabbed his hand tightly.

Long Haochen didn’t anticipate this surprising change. Witnessing Ah’Bao’s desperate attack on the hilltop under the influence of the dense breath of life in the air, and the fog of light that Yating had absorbed before, he had only felt himself going in a fantastic state.

When seeing Ah’Bao transform into a Devil Dragon, he had thought of retreating, conscientious of his comrades. For this reason, he had already been prepared to launch the Eternal Melody to bring his comrades and Ye Xiaolei back to the Tower of Eternity.

However, at the time he entered that fantastic state, he suddenly gained the realization that if he were to retreat here, he would definitely lose something important. Led by that fantastic surge of comprehension, he didn’t cower and led his comrades to welcome this trial, launching his own Storing Power. That blow was completely exploiting Long Haochen’s comprehension in that fantastic state. At that time, he had only felt his own energy dissolving at once as his formidable mental strength and his spiritual energy, as well as all the light essence he could draw support from, all fused into that blow. It went to the extent that at the time he had used that heaven-shattering attack, Long Haochen had felt himself becoming one with the world, being miraculously embraced by the sunshine.

Borrowing strength from the world for this attack, he had fallen completely into a flash of realization, and had started the process of his awakening as the Scion of Light. Countless fantastic scenes had appeared without pause in his head, surges of comprehension hovering around in his mind.

At the time he woke up, the mysteries concerning his identity as the Scion of Light were sealed deeply into his brain.

The Scion of Light was the person who had the blessing of the Goddess of Light, he was the spokesperson of the sun. He was the one who would be loved by the entire brilliance of the sun, and thus be able to borrow strength from the sun and the goddess of light to make up for all his deficiencies. This was the true legend of the Scion of Light. If not for this, it would just be his cultivation that was a bit faster than that of ordinary people, and his comprehension over light element that would be a bit stronger. Wouldn’t that make the Scion of Light just too weak?

At the time he awakened as the real Scion of Light, his internal spiritual energy also rose to a great extent, totalling a hundred. Now, it was truly perfect.

Long Haochen finally understood how the Scion of Samsara had managed to wound the Demon God Emperor heavily while only reaching a third of his level of cultivation, causing the death of that generation’s Demon God Emperor. This was surely because the Scion of Samsara of those times had been awakened. If Long Haochen could be said to draw support from light, then the Scion of Samsara’s power could be said to be the power of slaughter. He as the person blessed by the god of war.

Long Haochen’s awakening had happened in the Illusory Paradise, a place filled with light, which was intimately connected to nature. But if Cai’er wanted to awaken as the Saint Daughter of Samsara, she would have to do it in a battlefield filled with slaughter and the reeking of blood. Only through unceasing battles in a place filled with the odor of slaughter would she truly comprehend the mysteries as the Saint Daughter of Samsara.

All the golden light finally vanished, and the two pairs of spiritual wings on Long Haochen’s back flapped once. This caused his body to rise a sixth of meter above the ground, before returning to the ground. He still seemed unaccustomed to his new four wings.

A dense essence of light circulated around him, and Long Haochen appeared even calmer in temper and more mature. He also seemed to have gained a bit in size, and now, only by looking at his appearance, no one would be able to tell that he was only fifteen. He looked closer to a man in his twenties.

After awakening, the Scion of Light wasn’t only astonishingly handsome, but also gained a fantastic attractiveness. Just from seeing him, anyone would unawarely feel somehow attracted by the kind of warmth radiated by him.

“Hey, let’s have a chat.” Ye Xiaolei’s voice was heard from the side.

Long Haochen turned around, the four wings on his back vanishing. Yating threw herself at Long Haochen’s chest with a voice full of excitement, before vanishing into his chest. After his awakening, Long Haochen was now to her the same as the mother of light that helped her grow.

Seeing those eight spiritual stoves revolving around Ye Xiaolei, Long Haochen nodded in response.

“Follow me.” Ye Xiaolei waved to him, heading to a lower part of the hill.

Long Haochen made a gesture to tell his comrades to wait, before immediately following her.

Ye Xiaolei didn’t go too far away, but she seemed to have something important to say. It was truly strange to see that expression on a six or seven year-old looking girl.

Somewhere halfway down the hill, Ye Xiaolei turned around. A green luster full of the essence of life spread out, enveloping Long Haochen and herself inside.

“Younger sister, what do you want to tell me?” Long Haochen asked with a smile.

Even with the appearance of an only six or seven years old girl, the instant Ye Xiaolei discerned that sunshine-like smile, she couldn’t help but blank out. The words that came out next from her mouth were, “You’re so nice-looking, even a fairy wouldn’t be as pretty as you.”

The corner of Long Haochen’s mouth twitched in response to that, “Please use the word handsome, pretty is a word used to describe girls.”

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