Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 331

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 331: Devil Dragon, True Body (II)

None of the radiance spread out, but one could clearly see that the golden light on Long Haochen’s body and the igniting purplish black flames on the crown prince Ah’Bao extinguished each other at the same time. Even the light in their eyes lost its radiance at the same time, dimming significantly.

Let alone the demons, even Long Haochen’s mates were dazed by this sight. No one expected that Long Haochen’s attack could persist against Ah’Bao’s.


A strange buzzing sound resounded from Ah’Bao’s forehead as well as Long Haochen’s sword at the same time.

Countless specks of blue and golden light sprinkled in front of Long Haochen, condensing into countless brilliant rays in the air. On the other side, a wrenching buzzing sound could be heard from Ah’Bao’s head, and a crack spread from its apex

“Hou!” As if suffering a fatal wound, Ah’Bao abruptly shouted in pain, throwing his immense head up in the air in an excruciating frenzy.

Right at that time, the attacks from Long Haochen’s mates reached him as well.

Hitting him first was Wang Yuanyuan’s Gigantic Divine Soul shield, the great axe-like shield carrying the threatening power from Asura Strike. Violently it slammed against Ah’Bao’s body.

Having lost the protection of those purplish black flames, a cut was forcibly inflicted on Ah’Bao’s body. Following that was the Asura Thrust from Han Yu combined with Storing Power, and although Ah’Bao did his best to defend himself, the wing on his left side was still penetrated by this Asura Thrust.

Next, the Energetic Ball of Light struck with a thundering sound, clashing violently against Ah’Bao’s body with a loud bang. The impact was strong enough to send his ten meters high body down to the ground. Crush and Ripples of Light were used by Sima Xian to their limit, and were additionally combined with other offensive abilities of a priest. On the places Ah’Bao’s body was hit, scales were smashed to pieces, and the flesh beyond badly mangled.

These were four fullpower stored attacks, right after the head-on collision with Long Haochen. Ah’Bao seemed to have been forced into an extremely weak state, to the extent that all his abilities to defend disappeared. This combination alone managed to inflict heavy wounds.

However, one had to admit that his willpower was truly unyielding. His inner determination was indomitable, and even in the instant his body was sent flying, a purplish black crystal emerged from his mouth, not to attack Long Haochen, but aiming directly at Ye Xiaolei behind them.

In the instant of the final explosion, Ah’Bao felt perhaps himself succumb to the pressure, but he was still absolutely unwilling to admit defeat. Since he couldn’t get the prize, no one would be allowed to get it. He had to destroy her, to destroy…

A pitch-black figure appeared noiselessly in front of Ah’Bao at this time, and countless ice-cold white glows mixed into her dark golden dagger. At once, ruthlessly penetrating into Ah’Bao’s nape, directly aiming at the center of his brain.

Cai’er finally appeared, exactly at Ah’Bao’s weakest spot.

This was the task Long Haochen had given her. Long Haochen had told her that, at exactly the time Ah’Bao would get repelled, she would have to launch her attack.

This strike was the result of the extremely hard work spent on revision and improvement. After breaking through to the sixth step of cultivation, Cai’er’s Thousand Strikes Spiritual Strikes had also evolved, achieving its second level. The evolution enabled the words Thousand Strikes to finally take shape: this was the combination of thousand strikes as one. Relying on this attack and Cai’er’s Despotic Stab, her offensive power reached its pinnacle.

Among the Six Great Temples, the one with the greatest understanding of the demons’ weakest points was the Assassin Temple. The toughest part of a Devil Dragon was his head, but to kill one with certainty, the place one had to aim was their brain.

Only with a penetrating blow on their nape would one have the possibility to destroy the brain.

Forced into a state of weakness, Ah’Bao was abruptly hit by this piercing blow. He screamed as his massive body abruptly burst out with an indescribable surge of power. A crispy sound of shattering echoed, and a black tile turned into fragments in the air. Immediately afterwards, an ancient force abruptly burst forth, forcibly sending Cai’er’s body flying in the air, before her dagger had the opportunity of really penetrating his brain.

On the top of the mountain.

The instant Chen Ying’er’s spell was completed, her luck turned out pretty good and summoned a magical beast of the sixth rank.

This magical beast immediately rushed forward to block that black pearl, but only managed to stop it for an instant, before being incinerated to ashes.

A blazing light appeared brazenly, directly landing on the ground. This fiery light looked quite fantastic, taking on a human shape with a body made of energy. At the instant of its appearance, an indescribable force was set free. In his hand was a massive shield, even exceeding Wang Yuanyuan’s shield in size.

Taking a firm bow, it blocked the attack.

There wasn’t any exploding sound, only a fantastic seismic wave formed out of spiritual energy, before that red figure dissolved in the air.

This was something Lin Xin didn’t spare anything to use, a defensive spell of the seventh step he managed to cast after taking one of his pills, Vulcan’s Shield! This was a spell blessed with a certain intelligence, but it still ended up being destroyed by that purplish black pearl.

Nonetheless, Vulcan’s Shield wasn’t praised as the greatest defensive spell below the eighth step for nothing. After destroying it, the purplish black pearl clearly looked dimmer in color, and was already less destructive.

Wang Yuanyuan was the closest to Ye Xiaolei, and reacted without hesitation. She grabbed her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield tightly, blocking the path towards Ye Xiaolei. In truth, after having unleashed her entire strength with Storing Power, she didn’t even have enough spiritual energy left to support her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield.

Right at that time, everyone from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad was already unable to help her in any way. Ever since unleashing that blow, Long Haochen seemed to have become frozen, petrified by the rebound, whereas Sima Xian, Han Yu, Lin Xin, Chen Ying’er were all completely exhausted by the use of their abilities. None of them would have been able to help out in the least. Cai’er was also in the midst of chasing after the most powerful enemy Ah’Bao, and this just happened too fast. Who would have expected Ah’Bao to actually use such a terrifying attack?

Wang Yuanyuan clearly knew what she was confronting, but still blocked the path towards Ye Xiaolei. She couldn’t let her comrades’ effort turn to waste. She also relied on the Life Sharing effect of the Soul Linking Chains. She didn’t even know whether her body would be able to bear the attack, but what if she died in battle? This girl with her boyish temper didn’t ever have any fear.

Right at that time, a tall figure suddenly appeared, emitting numerous rays of light. It stood in front of Wang Yuanyuan, and all she saw were wide shoulders.

That was him!

Wang Yuanyuan looked dazed, and next, the robust man in front of her was already knocked violently against her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, causing her to spout a surge of her own blood.

It was precisely Zhang Fangfang who had appeared to block the attack aimed at Wang Yuanyuan. The shield in his hand was instantly shattered to pieces, while both of his hands holding it were also broken. One could clearly see his thick bones peaking out of the broken skin, revealing the shape of ten ruined fingers. Only mere fractured bones remained of his knuckles, and his arms uselessly dangled down, completely paralysed. Even the armor before his chest was penetrated by the shattered pieces of his shield, and blood surged out madly from the severe wounds on his hands as well as his chest.

With the elapse of an intense golden light, Zhang Fangfang was pushing down Wang Yuanyuan’s body, his eyes growing wide at that time.

This time, Wang Yuanyuan looked truly lifeless. She wasn’t afraid of death at all, but it was the first time she experienced her life being saved like that.

The instant Zhang Fangfang blocked the attack for her, she clearly saw the transparent light released from the shield in his left hand. This was Brilliant Body, showing that he was already close to the seventh step in strength. But even so, he had blocked the attack in such a desperate way. What if this purplish black pearl had hit her own Divine Soul Shield instead?

Right at that instant, an incomparably imposing energy appeared in the Illusory Paradise, and the sky darkened at once. However, it only darkened for a short time, and an intense green radiance abruptly burst out from the ground, striking against this black light.

In the air, a crack appeared out of nowhere, from which a powerful pulling force instantly appeared, attracting the severely wounded Ah’Bao as well as the few leftover demons. They were all attracted by this force, before disappearing.

“Goddess of Nature, I will come back to take your godhead.” A soft voice filled the heavens with its majestic presence.

This was a voice all the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad were familiar with. It was because this was the voice of the Demon God Emperor! He actually managed to forcefully tear open the barrier of the Illusory Paradise, and save Ah’Bao’s group.

Seemingly provoked by that voice, the green light from within the Illusory Paradise became all the more rich, and the black crack disappeared in that process, sweeping the atmosphere with a black color. Only seven or eight white glows of light were left in the sky.

These were the spiritual stoves left by the few dead demons, falling down accompanied by a terrible roar.

All the nasty energy of darkness disappeared completely, and the magical beasts that were making series of indignant roars calmed down gradually, sadly looking at their dead comrades. The ascending green light vanished gradually, returning this land to its original appearance.

“Han Yu, Lin Xin, come and save him.” Wang Yuanyuan anxiously shouted, breaking this short silence.

Han Yu and Lin Xin rapidly turned around, and couldn’t help but gasp upon seeing Zhang Fangfang’s desperate state.

Zhang Fangfang didn’t lose consciousness, only looking very pale. He was now lying down on Wang Yuanyuan’s lap, forcing out a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t die from this.” Although he said that in a relaxed manner, his paleness and the incessantly twitching corners of his mouth betrayed him.

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            Don’t you find the might of the DGE freaky as well? Being able to violently rip open the space of a godess of nature to save his little boy and company was rather unexpected.

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            Good question, seems like he tracked the condition of his offspring just in case. He proabably waited for his son to find the ultimate stove and gave him a chance to get it himself. But just imagine what his son will be albe to tell him about Haochen when he returns. Isn’t that amazing? Just imagine his son describing Haochen in detail, maybe this will remind the DGE of something. And Haochen keeps gathering stuff the DGE wants: Haoyue, the stove, being the Scion of Light. It gets more and more tempting to capture him.
            I agree that Ah’Bao will proably turn into his archenemy. He is just the right strenght to ba a challenge, but not yet as strong and invincible as the DGE. And I sooo look forward to the development of the love triangle, although I don’t like the harem idea and doubt it will turn out that way. But onesided love is a probable development.
            You really think his dad is waiting for him out there?

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          • Jonathan Hurd

            I don’t know. Yue Ye doesn’t seem the type to settle or give up. The other thing to remember is that Cai’er eventually won LHC’s heart by helping him and sacrificing for him. He is faithful but there is always a chance someone can worm their way into his affections. I’m not saying the same place Cai’er is but she can get closer.

          • Biggy35

            I dont understand how Han Yu would be considered to be settling for the B team though. He still has the capacity to get to the 8th or 9th step, and with the folks he is surrounded by, that would be an easier task for him in comparison to others.

            Edit: god this got big.

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            For why the DGE didn’t go himself I would say that is to keep this mission low key. It is much safer to let his son grab the stove and make it out because the TA wouldn’t know the true goal and they wouldn’t be able to stop the Demons return. As long as the Demons killed every human in there, there would also be no one to report the going down.

            If the DGE tries to break in himself the humans are definitely going to react and try to fight. Including the Demon God Slayers. The energy it takes to fight his way in and snatch Ye Xiaolei I think there would be a way higher chance for the DGE to be seriously injured here than he had back at the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

          • Robin

            I am curious if the outside will notice that something is amiss with the Illusory Paradise and that the DGE broke into it. Would be funny to see all the old guys panic…

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I don’t think there is anyway he can release the amount of power needed to break in and still manage to not be seen/sensed. Quite honestly now that they have all the demons who were sent in I don’t see any reason for them to stick around unless they want to brawl. Considering how many severely injured future powerhouses they have in tow though that seems unlikely. So I think they’re legging it now.

            I do admit I kind of want to see the Priest Temple guys face right now.

          • leopold1983

            Also we don’t know if DGE knew of the location. I think that he gave his son some relic or item or put a spell to protect his son weakness and when it activated it would also make a link with the DGE so that he could come and assist/save/avenge his son. As for it could be put again on his son or was a one in a lifetime use we can only guess.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Well considering the fact that LHC can connect to the Tower of Eternity it seems pretty clear that outside connections are possible. So it probably is some kind of item linking them. The DGE might have been skulking around just in case considering how important the item they want is and how high priority the people sent in are.

          • Robin

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          • Luke Confidential

            This is only the second day. They have another day to rest before the Paradise will let them leave.

            Besides the human stove should have a means to save Zhang. She better 😛

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I would just like to say that calling the TA idiots might be a bit overly harsh on the Temple Alliances decision. They had no clue of some pretty key factors. The first was just how desperate the Demons were to get in and get something from this place. The second was that the demons actually had a way to suppress their energy. If they had known these factors and who the demons were sending in they would of never risked letting the demons go in the first place.

            In the alliances eyes they knew the demons and humans would fight. That is pretty obvious to both sides. Also if DHS captains fought against regular 6th step demons that would of been easily evenly match maybe preferring the humans. This tragedy just came about from a severe lack of information and foresight.

            Still it is fairly impressive that the human side managed to leave the kind of dent they did. Leading to the death of 2 successors and two other high ranking demons. As well as crippling two more and beating down the DGE’s successor is a result I don’t think they could of expected from a King or Emperor DHS.

          • Robin

            I don’t remember calling them idiots. But you can’t deny that the lack of foresight didn’t lead to all those deaths on the human side. I expected a clever maneuver from the demon side as soon as I heard about the plan to allow some demons entrance into the Paradise, and after thousands of years of interaction, the Alliance should be able to do the same.

            But yeah, it is indeed a great deed. The spoils of war will help the Alliance greatly!

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Oh I agree I think what really caused this downfall was overconfidence. The Priest Temple leader assumed wrongly that they had a better grasp on the Illusory Paradises workings than the demons did. On the other hand it is pretty hard to imagine the demons having a way to suppress their own power since I’m pretty sure that has never really come up before.

            The sad part is even if they knew all the details they would probably be forced to send the same force they did this time since they lack both the ability to suppress energy and the sheer amazing physical physiques of demons. The humans might of been more ready to work together and also cautious if they had known, but i’m not sure the result could of been different. It is quite honestly a miracle that they ended up with anyone alive and gaining something on the humans side considering what they were facing. In the end what will be most important is to learn from this and take it as a warning.

        • Kaarme

          Let’s not forget how many times it was mentioned in the previous chapters that returning empty-handed, in defeat, was not an option for these demons who were craftily far more powerful than they should have been. To add to the insult, they not only got defeated by much, much lesser foes but they also allowed the miracle stove to fall into the hands of the humans, and lastly they actually needed to get rescued! Unless they were all merely empty words, all of the surviving demons here will be utterly disgraced.

          Unless the Demon Emperor manages to keep everything secret, it will be a tough deal for him to sell this loser son of his as the potential next Emperor.

          Our Moon princess might be a bit better off since she’s an irregular in any case, spending her spare time trading with humans. So, she might not actually have any appropriate battle reputation to uphold in the first place.

    • leopold1983

      Don’t forget that they also got some crown heritage. One from the fiend descendant. Plus I don’t think the demonds had time to pick the one of the star clan desendant. So it’s gonna be 2 crown heritage demons shard and possibly 3 if the other lion was also a good lineage.

    • Jonathan Hurd

      Technically there are 21 possible stoves if we count Ye Xiaolei. The demons managed to run off with 8 I believe and left behind the remaining 12 of the starting number.

      As for worth it on kills? I think so. True the Alliance has lost quite a few DHS captains of Commander grade, but the demons lost two successors and two high ranking demons. While it is difficult to become commander grade that didn’t really assure they could go higher so their cap might of been 6th or 7th step. Compared to the future 4th and I think 3rd Demon Gods as well as two other demons that were at least 7th or 8th steppers. That seems like a pretty good trade, imo. Admittedly a trade you never want to have to make, but one in humanities favor. It does take a while to nurture new Demon Hunters, but for demons the time and energy to produce and raise a new Successor is going to take even longer and be all the more arduous.

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    There’s something I’m wondering. Well if I understood well. You have to pass a trial to bring back the stoves but you don’t necessarely need to fuse with it. And the trial will only trigger when you exit. LHC wanted to wait for the end of the IP 3 days so that everyone would be exited and sneakily make his squad go in the tower so that people wouldn’t know.
    But they would still have to report what happened in the IP.
    Well since the demonds side have cheated they may not be punished as the agreement was breached from both parties.

    Then I also don’t think that LHC team will fuse with all of the stoves I think maybe LHC and Cai’er may take 3 each to exit but some of the stove could be kept unfused so they could give one to Li xin for example due to their close relationship.

    Another thing is LHC can also combine stove to make new stove or stove evolve and if he fuse with xiaolei maybe with the comprehension of xiaolei he can exit with more stove on the trial.

    So in the end I’m still wondering how the stoves are gonna be split. It may not be evenly split nor even unfused.

    • Luke Confidential

      Or they might find a stove incompatible with any of them [ideal for… say… a water mage] and sell it on the open market for a ridiculous amount of Contribution Points.

      These things are typically considered ‘priceless’ after all.

      • Jonathan Hurd

        I don’t think the author is probably going to give them a Spiritual Stove if he doesn’t intend for them to fuse with it personally. These things are just too rare for that so I’m guessing they will all be usable. If they are stuck with a stove no one can use I think its more likely they might trade it for a stove they can use rather than sell it since LHC’s team is not really in need of Contribution Points and these are just too valuable.

        • Luke Confidential

          Ehh, I *might* argue that point.

          Having a huge surplus of CP has saved this squad’s ass in the past and can continue to do so.

          They’re already bound to have a bare minimum of 1 stove per member, perhaps closer to an average of 2 stoves per member.

          There comes a tipping point where further upgrading gear [or funding yet greater alchemic research] may be of more use for the time being than going after another stove.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            True…. They might end up giving one to Zhang to give to his team. I do definitely think that more stoves is always a good thing. The thing to keep in mind though is the more you fuse with the higher chance you have for them interact badly inside of you. LHC is pretty good since Light Elemental Fairies are pretty easy to get along with and the Saint Spiritual Stove seems to help more than hinder his joining with stoves. I’m not sure that the other members(excluding Cai’er) can probably handle over three.

    • Jonathan Hurd

      While they do have a close relationship with Li Xin and her team they have sacrificed and risked waaaaay too much to give out a stove to her or her team. Also since shes a Knight any stove she can use could probably be used by Zhang or LHC.

      Also they are currently 8 humans (LHC’s 7 man team + Zhang Fangfang). with about 12 normal stoves to split and one Ye Xialoei potentially. So the people who haven’t gotten one yet are Zhang, Han Yu, LHC, and Cai’er currently. There are 8 stoves up in the air(not going to count Ye Xiaolei in this count since shes special). So I’m pretty sure each one of these guys is getting at least one so that brings the count down to four stoves. I think Zhang is definitely getting a second one for his efforts. LHC and Cai’er probably getting a second one as well since they have higher capacity. For the last stove I think LHC will get Ye Xiaolei so hes not getting getting a fourth. So I think it will be between Cai’er and Zhang…. I think they might give it to Zhang since their team is gaining 9 stoves from all this and he might be able to give one to his teammate. My guess is that the stove might be wind based and LHC will tell Zhang to give it to 5th brother to help him break through to the 6th step.

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    I’m sure Toto’s tired from the double chapter yesterday, but I’m reeeeeallly eager to see how LHC gets healed and what rewards are obtained [in addition to the four Spiritual Stoves whose effects have already been explained of course.]

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