Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 330

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 330: Devil Dragon, Real Form (I)

A prolonged dragon cry shook the whole field, accompanied with a series of deep purple glows that abruptly spread out from Ah’Bao’s body, forcing the attacks from the surrounding magical beast to an immediate stop, while filling them in a temporary state of fear, causing them to draw back.

Taking advantage of this occasion, the remaining five demons that still had some fighting strength gathered together, and with another dragon cry ringing out at the same time as Ah’Bao, coming from Leng Xiao.

A heavy deep black spread out from them, and at this time it could be seen the clear difference in their cultivation. The purplish black released from Ah’Bao’s body was visibly a lot richer than that of Leng Xiao.

That purplish black sword floated form Ah’Bao’s hands during the time his whole body metamorphosed, scales enlarging, and thickening. His originally tyrannical just gained all the more substance.

Although his internal spiritual energy didn’t look to have increased, he still gave a strong sense of danger to everyone.

Immense wings were spread out from his back, his four claws setting on the ground, as his majestic and fierce terrible appearance landed in the midst of the mountain.

Looking at the sky while echoing a dragon cry, Ah’Bao’s body expanded once again, and from head to tail, reached now a size over ten meters in length.

Yue Ye slightly looked down, so that no one saw a flicker of hatred flash through her eyes. To her, no matter how powerful Ah’Bao was, and how high his position within demons was, he was still in the end a Devil Dragon in truth. And that was to say that his current self was his true self. In contrast, Yue Ye regarded herself primarily a human; the Moon Clan was also very close to humans in terms of physique. This was all the more in her case who carried some human blood, and held some hatred deep inside towards the overwhelming majority of the demons.

Moments before, Ah’Bao gave that successor from the Star Clan the order to use Great Prophecy, her original impression was that if one day Ah’Bao encountered a threatening situation, even herself as his wife would get discarded in the same way. To the demons who only thought about benefits, this was highly possible. But would he actually do the same with his own wife? Girls always have a different way of thinking, and in such an intense battle, Yue Ye was however having a wild inner fight. And these thoughts kept surging in her like the spring bamboo after the rain, and then raised up her head again, looking all the more fervently towards a certain someone on the hilltop.

Changes happened rapidly halfway up the hills, and although being ten meters tall, the Devil Dragon didn’t not necessarily hold the advantage against the surrounding magical beasts, but his real strength wasn’t something ordinary magical beasts of the seventh or eighth rank could possibly compare with. In particular, the boost they received from Ye Xiaolei was finally starting to disappear with time.

With a dragon cry from Ah’Bao, the purplish black dark golden sword abruptly disappeared, directly falling onto his forehead and taking the shape of a long purplish black horn. Opening his mouth wide, he let out a purplish black breath to the front.

With a loud bang, a violent explosion was produced, forcibly sending at least three massive magical beasts flying into the sky, before actually being disintegrated to nothing, as if melting instantly.

After he let out this breath, it could be distinctly seen that the horn on Ah’Bao’s head was igniting like a black flame, the wings on his back flapping abruptly in a rush towards the top of the hill.

In the instant he flapped his wings, he gave Yue Ye a glance downwards, nodding to her.

Yue Ye obviously understood his meaning, shouting loudly, “Be careful!”

These two words were truly enjoyable in Ah’Bao’s ears. Even trapped in a siege, seeing the concern of his beloved one set his fighting spirit further aflame.

This call was however not seen in the same way from Long Haochen’s ears, because Ah’Bao whose back was facing Yue Ye didn’t see that as she shouted this, her look was actually totally directed to Long Haochen.

Ah’Bao erupted with the further increase in strength after revealing his true body, as if returning to his original peak. Not only that, but the external spiritual energy now reached its ultimate peak. Although his internal spiritual energy was still peaked by 10,000 units, his physical power was now totally incomparable with his human form. When the magical beasts blocking his way clashed against him, they were directly reduced to pieces, and the horn on his forehead was especially unyielding.

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen calmly stamped on the ground, raising a light fog surrounding all his body. It was precisely Storing Power.

It was not only him, but a similar fog of light also appeared under Han Yu and Wang Yuanyuan’s bodies.

To a close quarter vocation, be it a warrior or a knight, the ability Storing Power appeared perhaps of very little use, but in Long Haochen’s hands, it could produce countless battle strategies.

Sima Xian slightly stepped back, not storing any power, but the Energetic Ball of Light revolved around him at great speed. Lin Xin’s chant kept going on since back then, not stopping at all, and actually kept going on. From this, the level of difficulty of this spell could be clearly seen. His forehead was already soaked in sweat. Having just broken through the sixth step, this spell was truly challenging for him to use.

While there were still no traces of Cai’er, Chen Ying’er’s incantation started, her two hand holding the crystall ball as the Creature Summoning Gate started to open.

The eight of them all had their specialities, but they were now all focusing on their strongest part, doing their utmost to resist the enemy’s attack.

Zhang Fangfang was also staring attentively. Although he was capable of using Storing Power too, he actually didn’t use that, but stood there calmly, staring at the magical beasts being frantically slaughtered in front of Ah’Bao. In a very special state, his body was rapidly covered in fluid, and in his left hand, his shield clearly gained a transparent appearance.

This was Brilliant Body, symbol of a knight of the seventh step. Although Zhang Fangfang didn’t reach yet the seventh step in strength, being at the peak of the sixth step, he could rely on his control over his spiritual energy to barely use this powerful knight ability.

Closer; Ah’Bao was drawing closer and closer. After returning to his original form, all the magical beasts present were now unable to stop his advance. Everyone knew about the massive pressure coming out from him, but no one hesitated, knowing that their group would end up defeated the instant he would manage to capture Ye Xiaolei.

Ah’Bao’s purplish black dragon eyes were full of an endless cold and rage. The pressure he bore was far surpassing Long Haochen’s. Behind him, both Yue Ye and Leng Xiao would definitely not give up. Having lost so many of their allies, if they didn’t bring Ye Xiaolei back, their reputation was bound to take an enormous blow, and their father would surely punish them severely.

Under these circumstances, Ah’Bao already didn’t have any other possible choice, and could only go all out, believing in his own strength. How could mere humans from Long Haochen’s group possibly stop him? This was completely impossible. By now, no thoughts of revenge appeared in his head, his only target being Ye Xiaolei.

Finally, when his distance to the hilltop was close to five meters, the sound of his breathing could already be heard by Long Haochen. The instant he raised his head, it happened to come in contact with Long Haochen’s. This golden fog was something Ah’Bao knew clearly about, and he knew what these humans were doing. But even so, what was so terrible about that. After he already passed through so much hardships, how could he be lacking anything to pass this last resistance?


The purplish black flames from the horn on Ah’Bao’s forehead spread widely to his whole body, enveloping it entirely in flames.

This was the signature skill of the Devil Dragon Clan, Defiance!

Relying on this ability, he could increase for a short time his fighting strength. Although the rules of the Illusory Paradise still suppressed him very greatly, at the time these purplish black flames spread, his body produced violent twists all around, actually temporarily shielding him from the regulations of the Illusory Paradise for a short time.

This time would of course not last for too long, but to him, this was enough. The terrible purplish black radiance that abruptly surrounded him around shook off all the magical beasts heading to him at once, and with another flap of his wings, he faced Long Haochen’s without any fear.

Long Haochen had been waiting very long for this. On his back, Yating’s voice actually sounded somewhat rough because of the pressure she put on her incantation. The golden light on Long Haochen’s body finally condensed to form his pair of spiritual wings, letting him appear literally as the Scion of Light.

Gripping the handle of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in his two hand and firmly concentrating his energy on his right foot, Long Haochen did a hacking motion towards Ah’Bao who was flying in his direction.

This blow was extremely profound, launched as light flickered all around Long Haochen’s body, his whole being entering a state close to that of a spiritual being.

At this instant, it looked totally devoid of threat and empty of power, but in the instant the attack was unleashed, all the surrounding light seemed to deepen, as if all the surrounding light essence was absorbed in his attack. At the time of this attack, it seemed that the only golden entity left was his body.

In the air, a faint golden radiance spread out from the sky, illuminating Long Haochen’s body, and on his forehead, nine purple pattern appeared visible, but became totally golden a split second later.

This attack of Long Haochen wasn’t only containing all his strength, but also the entirety of his comprehension.

Faced against such a massive pressure, Long Haochen entered an extraordinary state. This simple attack seemed to transcend the entirety of the limitations placed in the Illusory paradise.


Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light clashed against the horn of the imperial price of the Devil Dragons, Ah’Bao, seemingly bringing the air to a standstill, and all the surrounding attacks from the magical beasts and people seemed to stop right at that moment.

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