Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 328

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 328: Prophecy (III)

However, with so many powerful magical beasts, their side managed to block the main force of the enemies.

One hour; all they needed was one hour.

In a dim flicker of light, Long Haochen revealed an ice-cold look, looking right into Ah’Bao’s eyes. Their looks clashed with each other in midair, as if producing countless sparkles.

In terms of strength, Long Haochen was still far from an equal to him, but he was not the slightest bit inferior to him in temperament, and in particular, in terms of mental strength, Long Haochen was on par with the other party.

Ah’Bao’s cold glace was concentrated on Long Haochen, but he was actually a lot more shocked than the latter. His eyes were focused on Long Haochen’s group over the mountain, that wasn’t blocked the slightest by the magical beasts.

To him, this had to be the conspiracy from the humans. The fact Long Haochen managed to bring so many people through the Illusory Paradise was already above his expectations, but he saw atop of that that Long Haochen’s group was clearly in perfect symbiosis with the magical beasts from the Illusory Paradise. Not only were they not attacked by the magical beasts, but instead had their support.

This was the most important reason that caused him to compel the other powerhouse from the Star Demon Clan into using the Great Prophecy. The arrival of Long Haochen’s group caused him to feel an intense surge of crisis. In case Ye Xiaolei fell into their hands, all their past efforts would have been for nothing. For this reason, he had no choice but to sacrifice an extremely important comrade, and to make use of an oath for that.

At that moment, their distance towards the peak of the mountain was shrinking, and Ah’Bao had a very clear view of the terrain. It appeared that Long Haochen’s group absolutely didn’t know the importance of Ye Xiaolei, and that they just stood on her side. Their sole goal looked to be to stop them and no more.

With this discovery, Ah’Bao finally relaxed. Although the magical beasts surrounding them were a lot, he still had confidence in being able to break through their ranks. Still having a deep impression from the wounds Long Haochen left on him the day before, although he felt the desire to make him yield, he still made the right decision at the crucial moment. However, this didn’t mean that he didn’t hold any grudge. On the contrary, considering he never had to suffer any wound for so many years, how could he accept the fact that Long Haochen was the one to commit this offense towards him.

Giving a look to the top of the mountain, Ah’Bao’s attacks became all the more powerful. Although they slowed down, their group still steadily approached the hill.

Yue Ye occasionally looked to this hilltop. If one were to ask who was the most unsteady person in the battlefield, that would definitely be her.

When she saw Long Haochen take part in that battle, she felt contrasted feelings. Actually, what she wished the most for was to see Long Haochen’s group emerge victorious. If Long Haochen’s group won, there wouldn’t be any loss for her, but conversely, what if Long Haochen’s group was forced into desperate straits? Then, wouldn’t she be the one to end up punished from that? That frightful girl, full of murderous spirit, was also here, and could take her life at any time.

If they really managed to make it through, and if Ah’Bao completed his goal, she would be bound to an undoubtable death.

This won’t do, I have to do something. That guy from the Star Clan said that his Great Prophecy would only persist for a hour. I have to help Long Haochen’s group to stall for time.

At this point of thinking, Yue Ye’s offense and her command started to lose gradually in power. Not only that, but she did an extremely critical mistake, narrowly enabling a robust magical beast to break through their ranks. Immediately, the entire formation of the eight demons started to be in disorder to some extent.

Yue Ye obviously knew that she had no real way to block the advance of the demon powerhouses, but given her intelligence, this was naturally done on purpose, as an attempt to tell Long Haochen that she was doing her best to help them.

“Yue Ye, what are you doing?” Ah’Bao shouted coldly, turning back and giving her a ferocious glance. Quickly, a purplish black radiance fell onto Yue Ye, causing her aura to gain in strength. Her magical force was instantly restored to its peak.

“Thank you, Brother Bao. I am all right, be at ease…” Yue Ye told him in appreciation.

As far as it went, the relationship between Yue Ye and Ah’Bao was very subtle. Strictly speaking, she didn’t originally have any link with this brother Bao, but due to some total coincidences, although she should normally never have been able to meet Ah’Bao due to her secret identity as a half-human, she came across him once.

Ah’Bao didn’t know how this could have happened either, but among the countless beautiful demon women that were given for him to choose, the only one to his liking was Yue Ye.

It was only that the matter of marriage between the two of them was totally impossible. The Devil Dragon Clan was extremely exigent in the matter of the purity of their bloodline, and generally, only members of the same clan could be chosen as partner. Even if an outsider was taken as wife, she wouldn’t become an official wife.

If Yue Ye was just an ordinary girl, things would be better off and she would just become Ah’Bao’s woman. No matter from which clan she would be from, this would be regarded only as a great honor, a glorious matter.

However, Yue Ye’s father was the Moon Demon God, second among all demon gods! Given her position as the most beloved daughter of the Moon Demon God, how could she be made a mere concubine for Ah’Bao?

Thus, the two of them had a very subtle relationship, and Ah’Bao argued strongly on this matter with the Demon God Emperor many times personally. Perhaps it was a thirst for something he couldn’t obtain, but he had the absolute resolution to gain Yue Ye’s heart, and even expressed his absolute will to make her his official wife.

For this reason, the Demon God Emperor almost crippled him from the right of inheritance in an excess of rage. But unfortunately, the Demon God Emperor only had this one son, and if he were to do that, the throne could only possibly be given to Leng Xiao.

It had been nearly two years that the two of them, father and son, fought over this matter.

The first time Long Haochen encountered Yue Ye, Leng Xiao had actually been sent to bring a letter to Yue Ye from her brother.

First of all, Ah’Bao’s strength was a result of his identity as the crown prince of the Devil Dragons, not only was he very powerful but also wise and farsighted, and dearly liked by the Demon God Emperor. Seeing the relationship between the two of them, as a son and his father, being destroyed over a matter of marriage was something the Demon God Emperor was completely unwilling to see.

Although Leng Xiao’s talent was also significant, it was still far from that of Ah’Bao, especially since Ah’Bao revealed such talent lately over the years, displaying a podigious burst of talent stemming from his lineage as a Devil Dragon.

Demons were different from humans, when a human sovereign would see his own son gain too much power, he would definitely try to reduce the strength of this crown prince to deepen his own ruling, but the demons were exactly the total opposite. Any demon ruler would be hoping to see his own son become all the more powerful the earlier possible, and the very best to him would be to see him have the ability to kill him for kingship.

Thus, the Demon God Emperor had finally been persuaded by his son, and ‘that day’, it was for this matter of marriage that he came to look for the Moon Demon God.

The Demon God Emperor’s deal was simple. He could let his son choose Yue Ye as a formal wife, but in this case, his son would have to pick two women of his own clan as concubines, and would have to pledge to all his clansmen that his future successor would be picked in priority among the sons of these concubines.

Given how great the Demon God Emperor’s position was among all the demon race, being a little flexible like this wasn’t much of a matter to him. Even if some disapproved, they would be suppressed by father and son, so this matter could already be said to be considered as fixed.

Although the Demon God Emperor could be said to have reached these terms with his son, this move actually came with two gains. Not only would it satisfy his own son’s desire, but it would at the same time further deepen the relationship between the Moon Demon God and himself, securing even further his own position as the ruler.

Because of these changes, Ah’Bao managed to bring Yue Ye to participate along in this operation. Otherwise, given Yue Ye’s strength, the demons would naturally rather pick a more suitable individual than her.

As for Yue Ye, did she actually like Ah’Bao? No matter whether it was to the Demon God Emperor or Ah’Bao, this matter was something the two of them had basically not even put in consideration. Even the Moon Demon God didn’t give a thought over that. From their opinion, this was simply not of any consequence; after all, among all demons, was there even someone who could compare with Ah’Bao?

It was actually because of the deep feelings that Ah’Bao held towards her that Yue Ye felt fearless and dared make such a critical mistake. If this was someone else, perhaps Ah’Bao would have just slapped him without any reservation, but because it was her, he instead didn’t spare any cost to heal her.

Brother Bao, you are really treating me well, but I wonder why, I just cannot fall for you. Perhaps I can become your wife, but I actually don’t love you. In my heart, you are more of an elder brother, not a husband.

Yue Ye secretly thought that she couldn’t keep doing mistakes forever either, as this would appear too conspicuous. After she returned to her normal state, the demons advance kept going in accordance.

However, it could also be seen at that time that after battling for so long, the group of eight demons was starting to grow tired.

Yue Ye turned her head to look over the direction of the mountain, giving a glance to Long Haochen who was standing there. The current Long Haochen was just single-mindedly staring at Ah’Bao, not even giving Yue Ye a glance.

Seeing him, Yue Ye’s eyes started to look a bit blurry. She didn’t know either about her own thoughts about Long Haochen, but she could at least be sure that in her own heart, this young human knight appeared in a frequency that surpassed that of Ah’Bao.

What’s to be done? Just what’s to be done for me in the end? Yue Ye secretly sighed. Even given her intelligence, she was currently confused.

Long Haochen didn’t know that Yue Ye was subject to such internal struggles, but seeing her previous performance, he naturally understood her intention.

Long Haochen already made the resolve not to let this girl be sacrificed. Even if they had to be defeated in the end, he wouldn’t sacrifice Yue Ye.

This girl was very intelligent; having such an asset within demons was of great value.

Cai’er also saw Yue Ye’s display, but her look toward her became colder. This was because she happened to discern some hidden bitterness on her as she looked at Long Haochen.

At that instant, she even had the instant urge to trigger the restriction placed on Yue Ye, and kill her. She was just a too powerful a threat. In terms of appearance, Yue Ye wasn’t the slightest inferior to Cai’er, and even exceeded her in maturity.

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