Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 321

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 321:Three Spiritual Stoves (II)

Just from the way he responded to Long Haochen’s fatal blow, it could be seen that Ah’Bao’s strength indeed exceeded the strength of that young Fiend Shen Can by far. The key point to that difference was in fact his external spiritual energy exceeding 20,000 units.

It was the first time Long Haochen became aware of how terrifying external spiritual energy could become after reaching a certain level.

However, his attack didn’t stop at that. As Long Haochen let out a mouthful of blood, a resonant dragon cry shot up from him. Although Asura Thrust had been deflected, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light instantly turned into two mini dragons of light and rain, which went straight at the opponent.

Long Haochen’s way of thinking was simple; facing such a powerful opponent, he couldn’t possibly win only by going all out. It would just be a matter of time before the opponent would kill him. His only choice was to rely on burst attacks with instant destructive power great enough to overpower him. Therefore, he used the entirety of his techniques, and aimed at least at wounding the opponent seriously.

Inside of the Illusory Paradise, the recovery speed of Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was severalfold faster than anyone else’s. Even compared to this Ah’Bao, Long Haochen was confident that his recovery of spiritual energy was greater. Under such circumstances, he was the least afraid of fighting without reservations. If he could wound Ah’Bao, by proceeding with a series of attacks, he would have a chance.

Ah’Bao naturally didn’t expect Long Haochen to actually still have tricks up his sleeve. And especially not that they would be so powerful.

Long Haochen spouted another mouthful of blood, not because of the wounds from Ah’Bao’s attacks, but because of having chained all his most powerful attacks consecutively. His energy channels were under heavy stress, causing him to splurt out his own blood unconsciously. But even under these circumstances, the Dual Dragons of Light and Rain were still released successfully.

With violent bang sounds, Ah’Bao coughed once again. His body was sent flying by the attack, two blue and golden little dragons unwaveringly winding around his body.

Long Haochen stood straight in his original place. Not giving himself any time to recover, a golden fog of light ascended from his body in a flash. It was Storing Power.

His total amount of internal spiritual energy was around six thousand, but after this combo of three consecutive attacks, he had already consumed over five thousand units. That was to say, his remaining spiritual energy was far from enough for a second Asura Thrust.

However, here in the Illusory Paradise, with the help of the Light Elemental Fairy Yating, Long Haochen managed to stubbornly release a second Asura Thrust.

Bright Discipline already took over the position of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, and Long Haochen couldn’t help but splurt out another mouthful of blood, because he already used his Storing Power’s ability to its peak. In the air, the golden fog was flocking outright, not restoring his spiritual energy, but entering directly into him to become a part of the Asura Thrust together with the stored energy.

This guy is a madman! That was Ah’Bao’s current thought.

Since the launch of Long Haochen’s first Asura Strike, his combination of attacks was chained up without the slightest pause, reaching the limit of his own body’s capacity. Not giving himself the slightest second to merely gasp for breath, it could be said that this Dual Dragon of Light and Rain was unleashed by going over the limits of his own body. This even caused him to injure his own body, and the overdraft of his body from this tyrannical fighting style was a burden the Soul Linking Chains were not even able to share among his teammates.

Not only that, but a red radiance appeared at that time on Ah’Bao’s body, it was the Lock ability. Then a similarly red glow appeared around Long Haochen’s body as he launched the ability Sacrifice.

He was going over his limits, as if his life depended on it! But this was also the best timing he could choose to do that.

Even considering Ah’Bao’s strength, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat afraid of Long Haochen’s act of not holding back at any cost. Such a madman that didn’t even consider any aftereffects of the attack would very possibly hurt him seriously.

At this time, Ah’Bao didn’t show any more reversation. An oppressive force full of an antique aura was released from his body, and his originally black spiritual energy turned a dark purple color. Even his eyes became completely purple.

A pair of black dragon wings unfolded on his back, and his white skin was covered with fine deep purple dragon scales. Struggling to get free, his both arms broke past the binding of the Dual Dragon of Light and Rain ruthlessly.

Affected by his impulse, Long Haochen’s stored Asura Thrust seemed to take only a split second to be launched.

An ear-piercing hissing sound spread to the surroundings, causing violent twists in the air, and under the effects of the ability of Sacrifice, Long Haochen’s attack directly cut through the air. Strangely enough, the surroundings of his body seemed devoid of fluctuations of spiritual energy. But all of this was only the beginning, before a very weird scene emerged.

All this concentration of spiritual energy was gathered in one point.

Ah’Bao’s grave expression became all the more unsightly. With a wave of his right hand, a thin sword appeared. Thrusting its sharp end forward, he directly aimed it against Long Haochen’s Asura Thrust.


After a deafening exploding sound filled the air, Ah’Bao coughed hard, finally spouting a mouthful of purple blood himself. His entire body, completely glowing purple, was immediately pushed back a distance of more than ten meters by Long Haochen’s attack. The thin sword in his hand shattered into small pieces, unexpectedly reduced to nothing.

However, after completing this attack, Long Haochen also fell to the ground, gasping desperately for breath. In his mouth was already a Great Spiritual Recovery Pill, as his whole imposing aura collapsed at an astonishing speed.

Ah’Bao’s eyes were igniting with raging flames. Wounded. He had actually been wounded twice in succession by this human far from being his equal in strength! Since that was a madman, then he should just be left to meet a mad death.

Ah’Bao’s body abruptly became more robust, both of his arms turning into dragon claws and a series of purple blackish bolts of lightning started hovering around his body.

However, an incomparably cold killing intent instantly filled the air right at that moment, and all the surroundings became dark black. It seemed that right at this time, the Illusory Paradise turned entirely grey.

A black silhouette appeared noiselessly next to Long Haochen, silently gazing at the nearby Ah’Bao. Her left hand raising unhurriedly, an immense grey luster gradually took shape at her back. As it formed the shape of a sword, the frantic killing intent reached its peak.

“Perhaps I am unable to defeat you, but I can drag you to the other world with me.” Cai’er’s cold voice reverberated in the air. She hadn’t given Long Haochen a mere look, but her killing intent still reached its supreme limit.

The killing intent bursting out from the Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Dagger of Samsara gave a terrifying feeling of total destruction. Even Long Haochen distinctly felt that a change seemed to have occurred on the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, whose killing intent was even more substantial than in the past.

The killing intent from her Spiritual Stove was usually dispersing in all four directions, but now it was locked entirely on Ah’Bao’s body.

“Brother Bao, be careful, that’s the Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Dagger of Samsara.” Yue Ye’s alarmed cry resounded. Immediately afterwards, both Leng Xiao, Yue Ye, as well as the other two demon powerhouses swiftly appeared at Ah’Bao’s back.

Among those four was the previously proud orange clad demon, who looked severely beaten, and had apparently suffered serious injuries. The other one who directly appeared at Ah’Bao’s back was the second ranked among the ten demons that came to the Illusory Paradise. A young man clad in a purple robe. He was the one that intervened to kill the mage Demon Hunter, narrowly gaining control over the battlefield.

At the same time Cai’er appeared, the members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad appeared in succession at Long Haochen’s back, and stood together with Zhang Fangfang..

That was to say that the other warrior Demon Hunter had also died from the injuries he had received during the previous battle.

The battle between Long Haochen and Ah’Bao had been so intense in the use of formidable spiritual energy that everyone from the demon side had naturally sensed it. And it was the same for Cai’er and the others.

The members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad had arrived in time, heavily injuring the orange mage while turning back the tide of the battle. By the means of their top level coordination, Zhang Fangfang had temporarily taken Long Haochen’s usual duties, and together they had forced the enemy back. Now, they stood shoulder to shoulder, opposing Ah’Bao here.

In terms of the overall situation, the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad were still better off. Only Long Haochen was completely exhausted, after facing his opponent who turned out to be quite a big-shot.

But the same didn’t hold true for the demons. They all understood how powerful Ah’Bao was, and yet, he had been wounded by Long Haochen.

Yue Ye’s shock was naturally the greatest. She knew Ah’Bao since young, and if she had to pick someone as a target of admiration among the younger generation, that would definitely be Ah’Bao.

Furthermore, she also clearly understood Long Haochen’s level of cultivation, and to her, these two were impossible to compare at any point.

However, this very situation was entirely different from what she had imagined.

Although Long Haochen was totally worn up, Ah’Bao had also sustained injuries, and they were caused by Long Haochen’s attacks? And in a one versus one fight?

In terms of numbers, Long Haochen’s group had eight members, whereas the demon group numbered only five, including a seriously injured person. Ah’Bao had also suffered severe injuries, but as a whole, the gap between the two sides wasn’t so large anymore, though the demon side likely had the upper hand.

Ah’Bao’s blank look gazed fixedly at the black wings spreading from Cai’er’s back. Seeing the black wings expanding ominously, and sensing the killing intent that could burst out at anytime, his eyes gradually narrowed and his dragon claws retracted with cracking sounds.

“Let’s leave.” Ah’Bao ordered indifferently.

“Brother Bao!” Leng Xiao called out in resignation.

Ah’Bao coldly swept her a glance, lightly unfolding the wings on his back and sweeping them close to the ground.

The others didn’t dare say anything further, and Yue Ye gave Long Haochen and Cai’er a profound glance before rapidly following Ah’Bao, leaving quickly.

The killing intent dispersed slowly, and Long Haochen hesitantly got up. His face did not relax in the slightest because of the departure of the enemy. Instead, it looked even more serious.

“If this wasn’t the Illusory Paradise, I’m afraid that we would have been doomed.” Long Haochen murmured quietly.

Sima Xian asked in a low voice, “Boss, how powerful was that guy?”

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