Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 320

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 320: Three Spiritual Stoves (I)

Hearing the words Crown of Heritage, some change finally appeared on the face of the black-clad youth, showing a gloomy reaction, “Who was the one you killed?”

Seeing his changed expression, Long Haochen revealed a stoic smile, “It’s the tallest among yours. If I am not mistaken, he should be one of the successors of the Fiend Monarch Saminaga, right? How about you? To have become the leader of this expedition, you are surely above that guy in status right? Saminaga is already the fourth demon god, so then, your identity is pretty obvious. You’re a successor of the Demon God Emperor, shouldn’t I give you this appellation? However, your name is quite young and tender sounding, Ah’Bao.”

“You are very intelligent. However, intelligent people tend to die young.” As he took a step forward, the ripples surrounding Ah’Bao’s body created a layer of nothingness. Although his movements looked incomparably slow, Long Haochen only saw a twist in the air before Ah’Bao appeared in front of him. He still hadn’t drawn any weapon but merely attacked directly with his fist, only striking him with the simplest of punches.

This time, Long Haochen had made ample preparations. Facing Ah’Bao’s attack, his expression abruptly became sharper, and while slightly drawing back, his body did a crouching motion. In the meantime, his left hand picked Bright Discipline from which a Shining Sunlight Strike broke out almost instantly, the skill being completely condensed on the sword.

At the same time, from his right hand, a Demon Wiping Flash burst out from Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light with a dazzling light.

Facing Long Haochen’s counterattack, Ah’Bao seemed to show no reaction, not even showing any intent of blocking it. His fist only slightly changed direction but still aimed at Long Haochen.

“Dang.” This first sound was emitted from the encounter of Bright Discipline with the black-clad youth’s arm, but to Long Haochen’s shock, Bright Discipline was easily repelled. Immediately afterwards, the Demon Wiping Flash from Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light shot out towards Ah’Bao’s body with a series of cracks. However, that was also nowhere enough to stop the opponent before him.

Being directly hit by the Demon Wiping Flash, Ah’Bao only furrowed his brows but didn’t suffer any damage.

Seeing his fist ram forward, Long Haochen’s right foot softly tapped onto the ground, and his whole upper body borrowed force from that movement to forcefully get out of the way of his opponent’s attack. Meanwhile, his Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light flourished with white light from the activation of Holy Sword.

From the beginning of the battle, Yating kept chanting from behind Long Haochen, and right now, Long Haochen stabbed out using the might of this Holy Sword.

However, Ah’Bao still didn’t even avoid the attack, letting Long Haochen’s Holy Sword hit his own leg with a piercing blow. But this time, the backlash was even more terrible. At that time, Long Haochen clearly saw his Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light bend because of the formidable pressure, before violently bouncing back with his own right arm.

Stamping on Ah’Bao’s waist with his left foot, Long Haochen seized the opportunity to bounce back, landing ten meters away, his face still filled with shock.

Looking at that Ah’Bao, it seemed that he didn’t carry a single piece of defensive equipment. All he was wearing was a simple black gown. However, his own attacks boosted with Ripples of Light didn’t have any effect when launched against him. It was the first time Long Haochen encountered such an opponent.

Regardless of your strength or your dexterity, if your attacks cannot deal any damage to the opponent, then everything becomes futile.

Ah’Bao indifferently declared, “So you are saying you were able to kill Shen Pian 申篇 with only this bit of strength? Even if his spiritual energy was suppressed, you are still far from being his opponent. Your strength is just a little above all the trashy knights that go all out at the price of their lives against our kind all the time, and no more. However, that’s still not enough.”

Long Haochen took a deep breath. He knew that this Ah’Bao before his eyes turned out to be a lot more powerful than he expected. Only, even if this demon possessed over ten thousand units of spiritual energy, he shouldn’t be able to take on the attack of Holy Sword combined with Ripples of Light with his bare body! How could he block his attacks so easily with his physical body?

External spiritual energy!

These three words seemed to resound instantly in Long Haochen’s mind, and he immediately understood how Ah’Bao’s defensive power could be so terrifying.

That was right, the upper limit of spiritual energy was set at ten thousand units, but that was only valid regarding internal spiritual energy. Although external spiritual energy was also a kind of spiritual energy, it would only display the strength of one’s body. As long as Ah’Bao didn’t use any of his external spiritual energy to launch attacks, and only defended with it, even considering his powerful external spiritual energy, he wouldn’t be removed by the rules of the Eternal Paradise.

However, which level did his external spiritual energy reach? It had to be over ten thousand units strong. Otherwise, how could he block a piece of equipment of the Glorious Tier launching an ability of the fifth step?

Looking at Long Haochen’s bewildered gaze, Ah’Bao revealed a cold smile, “No need to try to guess, my external spiritual energy is over twenty thousand units strong, so even without using my internal spiritual energy, I’m still equivalent to a powerhouse of the eighth step. How could little shrimps like you stand a chance against me? This is mere pipe dream. If not for this loathing place restricting my attacks, my first attack would have been just enough to send you to heaven.”

Twenty thousand units of external spiritual energy? To Long Haochen, that was simply incomparable. How terrible could a level of external spiritual energy reaching 20,000 units be? He couldn’t even imagine that, since the combination of both his internal and his external spiritual energy did not even reach 7,000 units yet.

However, at this moment, he couldn’t possibly shrink back. In case he retreated, Cai’er and his comrades would be the ones forced to face this powerful existence before his eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen calmly declared, “Since you are so strong, why aren’t you coming to kill me directly? If this was the external world, perhaps you would have the ability to do that, but at the time you entered the Illusory Paradise, your internal spiritual energy was bound by the limit of 10,000 units. As for your external spiritual energy, do you dare use it to attack me? Even if I cannot defeat you, it won’t be easy for you to defeat me either.”

Saying that, contrary to everyone’s’ expectations, Long Haochen retrieved Bright Discipline. He undoubtedly felt very hesitant, since this thirty years-old Ah’Bao had at least reached the eighth step of cultivation, and was even possibly at the ninth step. But so what? This was the Illusory Paradise.

Long Haochen made his move in the next instant, rushing forward to attack. In a split second, his speed reached its peak and the spiritual wings on his back vanished as his eyes locked on the opponent with an ardent look.

Snorting with disdain, Ah’Bao didn’t seemed moved in the slightest by Long Haochen’s words, but this time, his response wasn’t a simple punch. His figure flickered forward, attacking Long Haochen sideways. A large net, consisting of intense darkness energy instantly formed in the air, shrouding Long Haochen in its range.

Long Haochen’s eyes shined with a glint, and an instant later, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was lifted up high over his own head. A majestic glance shoot forth from his eyes. The strong golden light instantly transformed into a sharp slashing attack as Asura Strike erupted.

Accompanied by ear-piercing hissing sounds, Long Haochen didn’t only use a mere Asura Strike. After having gone through constant training, he relied on Holy Sword combined with Ripples of Light to reinforce Asura Strike. However, the circumstances didn’t give him the time to use Storing Power. Even so, the power of this Asura Strike could already be described as frightening.

Asura Strike’s greatest feature didn’t lie in its destructive power, but in its sharpness. With its offensive power concentrating on the sharp edge of a blade, it bound all the surrounding energy at the same time. A loud sound disrupted the air, and although Long Haochen was put against a great resistance, the offensive power of Asura Strike still produced sufficient results. The darkness spiritual energy entangled into the shape of a large net, was instantaneously split in half, and in the meantime, Long Haochen’s golden wings instantly flapped on his back, propelling him forward at maximum speed. Following, his Asura Strike was then instantly linked with an Asura Thrust.

This combo sounds simple, but it was the refined result of having practiced for an uncountable number of times. Especially since he had reached the sixth step of cultivation, he had managed to strengthen this blow to its natural limits by relying on the acceleration provided by his spiritual wings.

Even if one possessed an external spiritual energy of 20,000, would he be able to resist the bursting Asura Thrust containing all of Long Haochen’s concentrated offensive power?

“Hmh?” Seeing the intensive eruption of power from Asura Strike, Ah’Bao was slightly startled. His originally apathetic assessment of a merely somewhat clever opponent was suddenly roused.

However, this was far from being enough to worry him. Facing Long Haochen’s Asura Thrust, his eyes shone with a drizzling purple brilliance, and his two black eyes suddenly turned purple. He used a way to greet the Asura Thrust that Long Haochen didn’t expect at all.

As he merely raised his right hand and pointed upwards with his forefinger, his forefinger already completely took on a sparkling and translucent purple color. It could be clearly seen that around his forefinger, purple lines of light were drawing circles in the air. The power originating from his finger actually filled the air with purple ripples, showing a series of fine cracks.


Asura Strike struck against Ah’Bao’s forefinger, and the collision of light against darkness, two entirely opposite entities, produced an abrupt explosion.

Long Haochen only felt his own Asura Thrust being completely stopped by a protective layer, and the immense reverse power against all expectations swallowed all the offensive power of his attack. Even after that, that terrifying energy of darkness kept wrecking havoc, engulfing his body.

However, on the other end, Ah’Bao didn’t stay unfaced. Obviously, he had a certain understanding of Long Haochen’s attack. Asura Thrust could be called Long Haochen’s current most powerful mono-target technique, even exceeding the Dual Dragons of Light and Rain in strength. How could such an attack be resisted so easily?

More importantly, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was in itself a weapon filled with many mysteries, that could unceasingly evolve until reaching the Legendary Tier. Its sharp power in combination with Asura Thrust caused the eruption of a top grade offensive power.

An ear-piercing exploding sound filled the air, and with a snap, his right hand bent in response. The sharp spiritual energy contained in Asura Thrust caused even a change to his expression. His whole body erupted with a deep purple light, that forced the sharp spiritual energy out of his body.

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