Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 319

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 319: Crown of Heritage and Scapegoat Spiritual Stove (III)

“Yes!” At this time, everyone’s absolute trust was visible; no one questioned Long Haochen’s decision, and the Energetic Ball of Light smashed onto the ground immediately next, digging a deep hole. Without any fear of getting dirty, Long Haochen carried the magical beast over and buried it with the help of his comrades.

In this whole process, Yating didn’t make any sound, only silently watching Long Haochen’s act, until the end of the burial. One could see in her eyes her emotional state: she was moved to tears while filled with praise.

“Let’s go.” After burying the corpse, Long Haochen led the others and kept advancing. It was not only out of goodwill that he buried the magical beast, but also because of his comprehension of the Illusory Paradise.

This world was the residence of the goddess of nature, thus everything was expected to go in accordance with her amiable way of thinking. Slaughtering one’s way to get a spiritual stove was a choice, but who knew about the difficulty of the following trials? Even if some using the latter method managed to pass through, the cost they would have to pay for that would likely not be low.

Since there was a way to reduce this degree of troubles, why not do so?

Right before that gorilla handed him the spiritual stove, Long Haochen came to the decision that he would act as the protector of the Illusory Paradise.

This would not only give him a deep self-satisfaction, and conform with his character, but also very possibly grant him more benefit.

Long Haochen’s train of thinking was rapidly verified. Not far from where they buried the magical beast’s corpse, he suddenly discovered with surprise that his ability of perception and awareness seemed to have become even stronger. His perception of the surroundings was increased by more than a third, and in the Illusory Paradise, this was a considerable boost.

Since things were like this, Long Haochen immediately came to an understanding, whispering some instructions to his comrades. Everyone followed in succession, hinting that they were giving him their entire and absolute support.

To the current Long Haochen, there were two very important matters. The first was to find Cai’er and the second was to keep acting with accordance to this way of thinking until the end of this trip.

Though he was very strong as an individual, how could he compare to the great nature? This was an unchanging truth, at least as long as he wouldn’t be an entity as strong as the Demon God Emperor.

The increase of his perception was a great help, and as Long Haochen kept going forward, he very quickly had another reaction, this time sensing intense influx of spiritual energies colliding against each other, appearing even more limpid and fierce than during the previous time they encountered the young Fiend.

After pondering slightly, Long Haochen stopped in his tracks, telling his comrades, “There seems to be a violent group battle not far ahead. Don’t follow me; just stay concealed while waiting for my orders.”

After saying this, he drew out both of his swords once again, swiftly dashing ahead. Since this was a group battle, both his allies and his enemies were bound to be present. Under such circumstances, he naturally couldn’t rashly expose the fact that he brought everyone along to the Illusory Paradise. This was something he not only had to keep concealed from the enemies, but even from the Demon Hunters of the Alliance, or else there would be some complications.

The further he advanced ahead, the clearer he perceived his aim. The group battle up there was extremely violent; such violent fluctuations of spiritual energy were after all hard to keep hidden. Rapidly, Long Haochen approached the battlefield, and when he came to see the battle, he couldn’t help but feel his breath ease up, because among the two sides of this group battle, he saw Cai’er in a single glance.

The two parties consisted of a total of seven people, and four of them were powerhouses from the Temple Alliance that he recognized. Cai’er aside, Long Haochen also recognized Zhang Fangfang, a mage as well as a warrior. And on the other side, the three enemies were Yue Ye, Leng Xiao and a haughty-looking young man whose entire body gave off a yellow glistening luster.

This was a four against three battle, and the two sides were in a state of fierce battle, about equally matched in strength.

These seven aside, there were three corpses on the ground, all belonging to magical beasts. And nearby, three different colored spiritual stoves floated in the air, emitting faint radiances.

Since these were actually three spiritual stoves, it was no wonder that it caused such a frantic group battle. While Long Haochen was secretly startled, he couldn’t help but feel somewhat excited. He didn’t need to call his mates here, since with his addition, their side was definitely able to suppress the opponents, and moreover, they would receive Yue Ye’s help at the critical moment. As long as these three spiritual stoves ended up in the hands of the Temple Alliance, even if Cai’er and Long Haochen only ended up getting one, it would still be a good thing.

Arriving there, Long Haochen transferred his own spiritual energy, planning to force his way inside. However, right at this time, he suddenly sensed a hard to describe fierce danger appear from behind. With a screech from Yating’s mouth, a golden light was released from her body, enveloping Long Haochen.

The danger came really too fast, to the extent that Long Haochen only felt the hairs on his own body setting upright, but it was often in such situations that he was able to display the best of his fighting capability.

Already unable to dodge in time, Long Haochen abruptly let loose his whole weight right at the time the opponent’s attack reached him, instantly transferring the spiritual energy in his body to his back. In the meantime, his whole body shot upwards, filled with vibrations.

Ripples of Light was used, and this time, not only light was rippling, but the same happened to his whole body. In the midst of his indiscernible vibrations, Long Haochen reached his peak condition.

With a bang, the mantle of light was smashed to pieces, immediately followed by the Glorious Holy Armor getting smashed to pieces, before a punch hit Long Haochen’s back, producing an effect similar to hitting an immovable mountain.

Long Haochen’s entire body was close to totally empty, just like a kite that was sent flying, and immediately, his body released a burst of golden light.

However, right after the opponent punch smashed him, he managed to turn around in midair, and learn the identity of the one who hit his back with such violence.

A handsome face appeared in his line of sight, and an aura of gloom and nothingness, spread upwards just like a net, meeting him head-on.

Even in a place so full of vitality, because of the diffusion of this gloom and nothingness, Long Haochen clearly felt the energy surrounding his own body fade away.

No mistake, the one who attacked him from behind was the leader of the ten demons.

At the same time Long Haochen was exposed, a miserable scream could be heard from the other side of the battlefield.

Long Haochen’s perception still encompassed all the surroundings, so he immediately sensed an extremely powerful presence that appeared on the other side of the battlefield. Along with its appearance, that mage from the Temple Alliance died, after being ambushed.

The fist of the black haired youth had shooed Long Haochen away, but he found out to his astonishment that Long Haochen seemed to have not suffered any injury, as his face showed a totally puzzled look. How could he know that Long Haochen wasn’t just strong in defense, but also that by relying on Ripples of Light, he managed to dispel the great majority of the impact? Resisting the darkness elemental attack, he managed at the same time to make the wounds he received pretty light, although existing, with the great item called Soul Linking Chains.

“So demons are only good at attacking by surprise?” Long Haochen landed on the ground, as the spiritual wings on his black blossomed triumphantly, giving off a glaring radiance. Without need for him to do anything, the energy contained in the golden fog of the forest seemed to be amassing inside his body.

This was the benefit of this field. Relying on his constitution as the Scion of Light as well as the amiable relationship he built before with the Illusory Paradise, Long Haochen gained the maximal backing of the environment. More importantly, he had Yating’s support, and conversely, although this black clad youth called Ah’Bao by Huang Shuo was strong, he clearly didn’t get any support from the Illusory Paradise. He was instead rejected by the surrounding environment.

“In this world, only results count. The methods used are unimportant.” Ah’bao said indifferently, not letting any of Long Haochen’s words sway him

At that time, although Long Haochen was extremely worried about Cai’er’s condition, he couldn’t dare to be distracted in the slightest. The pressure the black haired youth called Ah’Bao caused him to feel was enormous, far incomparable with the young Fiend from before. It seemed to him that if he showed the slightest hint of getting distracted, the formidable demon before his eyes would undoubtedly launch a destructive attack.

“This is the difference between demons and humans. You don’t have any notion of virtue or ethics, nor any sense of honor. You are mere beasts living only based on your instincts. In my eyes, you are no different from magical beasts, the only difference being that you’re merely stronger than ordinary magical beasts.” Long Haochen declared coldly.

Finally some reaction was seen in the eyes of that black-clad youth, but it quickly returned to normal, his face portraying some traces of a faint smile, “Trying to infuriate me? You are still too soft. Although I don’t look quite older than you, I am already thirty. How could my determination be weak enough to let myself be swayed by your words? Pay allegiance to me or die, pick either of these options. You are one of the rare humans that I have taken enough interest in to offer submission. I will give you this chance.”

Long Haochen smiled back, “Are you waiting for your comrades to surround me after killing my people? However, that won’t be so easy.”

The enemies’ ambush was indeed sudden, but Long Haochen was actually not in that much of a disadvantage from the situation happening right now. First of all, the sudden activation of the Soul Linking Chains was bound to have attracted his teammates’ attention, and considering their intelligence, they wouldn’t have any difficulties to tell that he ran into trouble. They would be sure to come here with haste, taking action right after seeing the situation.

On the other hand, Cai’er’s group was sure to be at a disadvantage, but never forget that Yue Ye was still a collaborateur in their group. With Cai’er’s control over Yue Ye’s body, she would naturally act at the crucial time, thus Long Haochen didn’t feel worried for the moment.

Ah’Bao reacted with a laugh, “Young man, aren’t you viewing yourself too highly? According to you, I would need help from others to deal with you?”

Long Haochen replied, “Thinking highly of myself? That may not necessarily be the case. I have obtained a Crown of Heritage magical crystal from killing one of yours right before.”

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