Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 318

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 318: Crown of Heritage and Scapegoat Spiritual Stove (II)

This white radiance was not intense but extremely dense and viscous, just like a huge glowing halo that enveloped Chen Ying’er.

Sima Xian asked, puzzled, “Boss, what does the spiritual stove do! Tell me.”

Everyone had general knowledge about spiritual stoves, but this didn’t mean that everyone knew everything concerning spiritual stoves. Generally, one would only know about the types of spiritual stoves his own vocation was able to assimilate.

However, Long Haochen was not anyone. Having followed his father to train since a young age, Long Haochen had learned a lot about spiritual stoves from him. It could be said that Long Haochen had knowledge about every known spiritual stove, and Long Xingyu had even drawn for him a detailed diagram for him to recognize all those known to him.

The reason why he had taught Long Haochen so much about spiritual stoves was part of Long Xingyu’s long-term planning.

From his point of view, even to his son, it would definitely not be easy to obtain several spiritual stoves, but he would sooner or later have to fuse with some. Really powerful spiritual stoves weren’t only individual ones, but could be those created through fusing several spiritual stoves together. However, completing such fusions would prove to be very challenging, but in case of success, it would become an exclusive new spiritual stove, whose potential would be boundless and unpredictable.

As a simple example, among the known spiritual stoves, the most powerful was naturally Cai’er’s Spiritual Stove of Samsara. However, this was just a single spiritual stove. If someone would succeed in fusing two or more spiritual stoves, the result could possibly even exceed the Spiritual Stove of Samsara in power.

Of course, this was a mere hypothesis. Even among fused spiritual stoves, up to this day, none had ever managed to surpass the attack power of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara. Otherwise, the legend of the former Scion of Samsara wouldn’t still be that prominent.

However from this, it could be seen how superior fused spiritual stoves were compared to ordinary spiritual stoves.

When fusing with a spiritual stove, the matter wasn’t only about choosing the spiritual stoves associated to one’s vocation: over the incessant tests over some dozens of thousands years of human history, some testimonies of experiences of fusion of spiritual stoves were available. Their key point was about their compatibility and their formidable strength, but a part of luck was also involved in the process.

No one would dare be certain to succeed in fusing spiritual stoves, but no matter to whom, as long as he possessed at least two spiritual stoves, he would have odds of achieving a fusion.

It was to let Long Haochen be prepared better for the future, when he would be more powerful and have the opportunity to fuse spiritual stoves, that Long Xingyu taught his own son about spiritual stoves in such depth.

Long Haochen declared, “This spiritual stove is called Scapegoat Spiritual Stove, and is ranked a bit higher than my Saint Spiritual Stove, but not by much. Any vocation can assimilate it, and after releasing its power, the user can upon being attacked resist the attack completely. The upper limit to achieve that is that the spiritual energy of the attack has to be below three times the user’s, and the Scapegoat Spiritual Stove can evolve at most twice. After evolving, it becomes a limit of four, then five times. Since Chen Ying’er is a summoner, her defensive power is the weakest among all of us, and she doesn’t even have any defensive magic spell. In addition, she can temporarily not use any powerful summoning spell for the moment, and this is why I believe this spiritual stove will fit her the best, enabling to increase her survivability in the battlefield.”

“In addition, the Scapegoat Spiritual Stove is of rather gentle nature, so when we will leave from here, its trial will not be too hard. More importantly, the Scapegoat Spiritual Stove has another use, it can duplicate an ability the user has just used, but after doing that, the Scapegoat Spiritual Stove will lose efficiency for a whole day. Chen Ying’er’s Creature Summoning Gate is random, but after obtaining the Scapegoat Spiritual Stove, she will be able to make it a double summoning spell. This will greatly increase the odds of a powerful magical beast appearing, and in the future when she will be able to control the Creature Summoning Gate, we will then be able to use two Creature Summoning Gates at once in times of battle.”

Han Yu reacted, “But if this spiritual stove is given to you, its efficiency would be just as great! No matter whether it is about its Scapegoat or its Duplication ability, both would strengthen your fighting ability greatly. And these abilities can both play a decisive role in times of battle.”

With a laugh, Long Haochen replied, “That’s right, it can also be of use to me. However, I’m not done speaking. This Scapegoat Spiritual Stove is of good utility, but why do you think it’s rather ranked low? The reason is simple; the time required to activate this spiritual stove is rather long. Launching the Scapegoat ability requires at least ten seconds, and using the Duplication ability takes up 15% more time than the original ability. If I am the one to use it, my opponent would never give me this time. But Ying’er is placed in the middle of our team, so we don’t need to worry about the time needed for activating the spiritual stove, which is why I made the choice of letting her assimilate it. ”

Hearing Long Haochen’s explanation, everyone felt satisfied. That was right, this spiritual stove was indeed most suitable for Chen Ying’er.

Sima Xian said with a laugh, “Boss, when we encounter a spiritual stove focused on raw power, you definitely have to leave it to me. I like raw power the most.”

Long Haochen said with a laugh, “This will depend on our luck. I believe that the majority of the spiritual stoves have already been found by those who came here, but the fact we found one already made the trip worthwhile. Getting some more could be regarded as a bonus.”

Long Haochen had a very good attitude; he already possessed two spiritual stoves, so this time, it was mostly to raise the strength of his companions that he led them in the Illusory Paradise in this trip. Even if the activation time of the Scapegoat Spiritual Stove wasn’t so long, he would still prioritize giving it to his comrades. But this was just something he didn’t say out loud.

The white light enveloping Chen Ying’er’s body gradually vanished, and when she appeared again in everyone’s lines of sight, her face carried a startled look.

“Did the fusion succeed?” Wang Yuanyuan asked out of deep concern.

Chen Ying’er shook her head, before nodding, “I seem to have succeeded in assimilating it, but how is it that I cannot sense the power of that spiritual stove!?”

Long Haochen smiled to her, “Don’t worry, this is just the initial stage of the assimilation. How could that be so fast?! You still have to pass through the second and the third trial before you can consider this spiritual stove as having truly become a part of your own. At least for the time we are in the Illusory Paradise, you will be unable to use it.”

Chen Ying’er stuck out her tongue, “It’s rather annoying.”

Lin Xin unhappily replied to her, “Then how about exchanging your situation with mine? I won’t find that annoying!”

Chen Ying’er replied with a smile, “Okay! Then let’s make this a deal. If you can, just make my spiritual stoves walk up to you and absorb it.

I heard everything you just said before, this Scapegoat Spiritual Stove is really great! Thank’ya Captain.”

With a laugh, Long Haochen said, “Don’t thank me. This is something we obtained together. Let’s go, we have to keep searching. Lin Xin, how much of your spiritual energy has been replenished?”

The full power of Fire Curse had nearly exhausted Lin Xin’s spiritual energy.

Lin Xin declared, “I’ll just need to recover a bit. I am just not specialized in offense. Let’s just wait a bit before moving out Captain.”

Saying that, he took out a leather bag from some unknown place, animatedly running up to the mincemeat left of that young Fiend, picking up selected parts. And it went so far that he didn’t appear the slightest bit disgusted from such an ugly show.

Chen Ying’er immediately pouted out, “Has-drug-bro, how is it that you are so disgusting?”

Lin Xin replied without even turning back his head, “How is that disgusting? The medicine we use is mainly coming from the bodies of magical beasts and demons, and have you never taken any? From my estimate, this one is at the very least at the seventh step in strength, or has perhaps even reached the eighth step. Even after he suppressed his own strength, it still took so much effort from us to kill him. Although the corpse is broken into pieces, it’s still full of good things. And furthermore, there’s his weapon too. We have to take it back. It is made of pure fire element. Boss, let me take out my own money to buy it, I’ll offer it to Xin’er afterwards. Hehe, blue flames and Glorious Tier. What a good thing!”

Chen Ying’er twitched her mouth, “It looks that I’ll have to call you the rotten-collector has-drug bro in the future. ”

With Lin Xin picking up materials, the group wasted some more time before setting out. According to Long Haochen’s memory, some more spiritual stoves were pretty close from there.

Having experienced the previous battle, Long Haochen became visibly even more cautious. The young Fiend they had just killed greatly surpassed their expectations in terms of strength, and more importantly, among the demon powerhouses that entered in the Illusory Palace this time, this one was the last in row.

The demon hierarchy was very clear, one’s status would define his position. The black haired youth that gave him a gloomy feeling of nothingness was the most in the front, so that meant he was probably the highest ranked among all them. Even Yue Ye and Leng Xiao were only placed at the third and fourth position and not even the second.

Yue Ye was however the most doted daughter of the Moon Demon God, and as for Leng Xiao, Long Haochen didn’t guess wrong: she would have some relationship of kin with the Demon God Emperor, or at least belong to the Devil Dragon Clan. The only aspect unclear to Long Haochen was Leng Xiao’s strength. Being a member of the Devil Dragon Clan how could she not even have reached the sixth step of cultivation back then? However, it would be more accurate to say that she had clearly already broken through the sixth step now.

Although it could be said that the ten of the Temple Alliance that came here were members of Demon Hunt Squad, all not lacking in strength, the demons were even more meticulously chosen, and all those who came were the finest of their heroes. If they really met them in individual battle, those Demon Hunters from the Alliance would most likely meet with a terrible end. This caused Long Haochen to feel even more worried about Cai’er.

This scene very easily relaxed everyone, but Long Haochen maintained a state of great vigilance from beginning to end. Yating was seated right on his shoulder and his own perception was linked to hers. This way, Long Haochen’s originally extraordinary mental capacity was in addition spread onto the surroundings with an efficiency that only became all the better.

In fact, inside the Illusory Paradise, except from Eyes of Truth, any scouting ability was ineffective. Everything had to be investigated personally.

After roughly half an hour, they discovered a badly mutilated corpse of magical beast, its crystal having been already digged out, without any trace of nearby spiritual stove. With the basis of their previous encounter, this visibly meant that a spiritual stove had been snatched away, and by the means of sheer violence.

Long Haochen stopped his steps, and after pondering for a bit, instructed in a low voice, “Sima, dig a hole on the ground. We will bury this magical beast here, letting it return to the embrace of nature.”

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