Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 316

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 316:Illusory Paradise (III)

A gaudy bright light was accumulating around Bright Discipline, covering it completely with a flash of gold. It met that blue-green luster and it took only an instant to divide it in two, streaming past the two sides of his body. Immediately, Long Haochen erupted with golden radiance, and the golden wings on either side of his body abruptly flapped, propelling him forward. Due to the explosive speed, he seemed to appear illusory in the air.

The instant Long Haochen broke through his doppelganger-attack, the young Fiend finally looked somewhat frenetic. However, he wouldn’t be so easy to deal with. With a furious roar, the Sword of Blue Flames was also raised, aiming to welcome Long Haochen’s Bright Discipline.

However, this thrusting motion didn’t aim to block the attack of Bright Discipline, but rather aimed directly at killing the opponent.

The Sword of Blue Flames was close to two meters long, whereas Long Haochen’s Bright Discipline didn’t even reach a meter and a third. Executing the same thrusting motion, it was obvious that Long Haochen would lose. This young Fiend understood this perfectly, and choose wisely even in a situation where he was under a lot of pressure.

Actually, he had no choice but to do so, because he clearly felt the great danger in the sharp Asura Strike Long Haochen released just now. And on top of that, Long Haochen’s combination of speed, Asura Strike and Asura Thrust was so fast that he couldn’t act otherwise.

If Long Haochen evaded, his attack would weaken, but if he didn’t do so, the Sword of Blue Flames would be bound to pierce his body. Considering this young Fiend’s cultivation and his weapon from the Glorious Tier, this wasn’t anything his Glorious Holy Armor could block.

However, the resolution to kill the enemy in Long Haochen’s eyes didn’t weaken at all. As he was rushing forward, the toes of his left foot suddenly treaded on the ground, and his whole body suddenly changed direction, just as if it lost control over its center of gravity. It turned his original front charge into an attack from the side.

This simple change enabled him to pass the thrust of the Sword of Blue Flames. What looked like a simple motion was done at the most crucial timing. Thanks to it, the Sword of Blue Flames only brushed against the Glorious Holy Armor, causing frictions on it while producing a series of ear-piercing sounds.

Puff. Because of the deviation of his trajectory, the target of the attack, which was originally aimed at the enemy’s chest, changed. The left shoulder of the young Fiend was pierced, and the intense light essence turned into an extremely sharp energy, instantly drilling into the opponent’s body.

Hou. The young Fiend let out a violent cry, and immediately afterwards, a series of loud explosions erupted in his left shoulder, creating a bloody hole the size of a human head. The fiend took his chance to stumble back, flapping the wings on his back to escape while sticking close to the ground.

The explosions in his shoulder weren’t triggered by Long Haochen himself, but a reaction of the fire and darkness elemental spiritual energy in his body.

The reason for this was simple. When Long Haochen’s Asura Thrust pierced his body, it produced an intense burst of spiritual energy that his energy channels were unable to resist. Although it was just aiming at the middle of his shoulder, if kept unchecked to devastate him, he wouldn’t even be able to escape.

Thus, this young Fiend took swift action, causing the explosion of his own spiritual energy at the crucial time, triggered by the sharp spiritual energy released from Asura Thrust. This produced an enormous wound which bled profusely, but for the time being, he still had the ability to respond, or at least escape. Even if spiritual stoves were precious, they were useless to a dead person.

Long Haochen didn’t pursue him, not because he didn’t want to, but because he wasn’t able to.

His Asura strike and thrust, looked at first glance like a combination of the simplest kind, but it produced the most powerful attack he was currently capable of. Asura Strike and Asura Thrust were enough to consume half of his spiritual energy! Regardless of how good his talent was, he would need some time to recover after the use. At least to stabilize the remaining spiritual energy in his body. By relying on Brilliant World Yating transmitted some of her pure light elemental spiritual energy into his body. It could be seen that this pretty little fairy was floating behind him, spreading her arms forward, and producing a lustrous radiance shining upon Long Haochen’s back.

The reason why Long Haochen decided to meet him head on was that after looking meticulously at the prior exchange, he came to determine that this young Fiend possessed a considerable strength, reaching the top of the sixth step. If this had been a normal battle, Long Haochen wouldn’t be able to win so easily, because the opponent wasn’t simply at the peak of the sixth step. To be the representative of the Fiend Clan in the Illusory Paradise, his position within the Fiend Clan was clearly high. He could definitely not be regarded as an ordinary Fiend. In case he confronted the opponent face to face, Long Haochen didn’t have the assurance to win.

However, it was completely different with the consecutive use of Asura Strike and Asura Thrust. With the abrupt appearance of Long Haochen, in combination with the contiguous use of his most powerful attacks without any time of pause, the opponent was sure to be taken by surprise. And sure enough, the fight was resolved in a single blow that immediately wounded the opponent seriously.

At this moment, that young Fiend felt quite depressed. He didn’t even understand how Long Haochen had achieved that. His Shadow Strike could be considered a powerful ability, combining offense and defense at once, but it was immediately broken by Asura Strike. And right afterwards, Asura Thrust had almost prevented even his escape. With the addition of Long Haochen’s fast reaction speed, it took just a bit to wound him to such an extent.

He was already at his limits mentally, but still stayed cool-headed. After such a serious wound, the priority was to escape. As long as he stayed alive, he would have a chance to pay him back.

The young Fiend was about to conceal himself in the forest, when he suddenly felt intense killing focusing on him, just before an immense ball of brilliant light crashed into him.

This attack came very suddenly, and was extremely powerful.

Since this was a matter of life and death, the young Fiend erupted with all his potential, and the pair of wings on his back stretched to their limits. Relying on the aerial propelling force to rush forward, his right feet tapped onto that ball of light, borrowing its force to leap to the side.

With a loud bang, the ball of light fell to the ground, but that young Fiend’s body that was flying obliquely shivered violently, and instantly lost all sensation in his right leg. Was the Crush of the Energetic Ball of Light combined with Ripples of Light so easy to resist? And more importantly, by a demon already being seriously wounded?

An intense silver light came crashing into him with a loud bang, and this time, he didn’t have any chance to escape. Clenching his teeth tightly, he brazenly waved the Sword of Blue Flames, while spouting a mouthful of black blood onto the sword. Tblue flames surrounding the sword immediately burnt lustrously, and forcibly broke through that silvery radiance, but his body was already compelled to fall to the ground.

I cannot stop now, or else I’m sure to die. The young Fiend at this time only had this one thought completely filling his mind. He struggled to straighten up again, hitting the ground at full force with his left foot and pushing his own body in another direction. His figure nearly drew a curve, while the wings on his back flapped at full power. The spiritual energy in his body gathered frantically at the tip of his wings. Because of the excessive force he used, blood gushed madly from the massive wound on his shoulder.

However, at this time, he wasn’t able to deal with this much pressure.


Flying up in the air, the young Fiend spouted another mouthful of black blood, and a change happened on his body. His muscles swelled instantly, and the wound on his shoulder unexpectedly healed at an astonishing speed. His active and aggressive self came back rejuvenated even further, and his speed suddenly shot up.

This was the Great Demon God Reconstitution Spell, a blood-bound demon spell.

An immense flame skull brazenly shot up at this time. This strike had been stored for a long time accumulating nearly four thousand units of spiritual energy. And its target was the young Fiend.

An ear-piercing boom shook the whole Illusory Paradise, and even all the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad were shocked to a great extent by the following scene. That young Fiend unexpectedly forcibly broke through Lin Xin’s Fire Curse using Storing Power, without losing any speed, and flew in a specific direction.

The Great Demon God Reconstitution Spell could instantly mobilize all the hidden capability of the user, but one had to pay a with life vitality and soul force as a price to temporarily possess a formidable power.

In this seriously wounded state and while facing so many strong enemies, the young Fiend couldn’t show any more reservation. To survive, he would prefer to suffer the terrible aftereffects of the Great Demon God Reconstitution Spell. In fact, every time this ability was used, at least three years would be needed for the user to recover his vitality. And this Great Demon God Reconstitution Spell could only be used by the seventy-two demon gods and their direct lineage. This was a clear revelation of this young Fiend’s status.

A glint was produced by a golden figure standing in his only escaping path, full of honor, launching Holy Filter Shield and Divine Obstruction.

In the meanwhile, two resonant dragon cries resounded at the back of the young Fiend. His Sword of Blue Flames was raised upwards, but an extraordinary force seemed to force him to turn around. His massive body crashed against Han Yu’s Shield, Bright Reflection.


Although he used Divine Obstruction, Han Yu was still sent flying by the collision. Meanwhile, two mini dragons of blue and gold formed of energy violently hit the young Fiend.

Accompanied by a wretched sipping sound, the young Fiend’s eyes were filled with despair, and right at this time, his spiritual energy burst out at an astonishing speed. Unexpectedly it broke through the threshold of 10,000 units right at this crucial time. Visibly, his original cultivation wasn’t so simple as having merely reached the peak of the sixth step. In truth, he had meticulously suppressed his own spiritual energy to come here.

However, right at the time when he wanted to break free of the dual dragons’ binding, and his spiritual energy rose past the 10,000, an extremely imposing force was suddenly set free in the Illusory Paradise. Immediately afterwards, a massive figure abruptly appeared from the sky, smashing violently against his body.


The body of the young Fiend was smashed to the ground, and a frantic series of attacks hit his body. The smashing sounds of his bones were accompanied by the gush of his blood splashing everywhere.

That figure that appeared abruptly was exactly the gorilla that had fought with the young Fiend before, only that an astonishing change had appeared with him. It could be clearly seen that among those luminous clouds floating in the air, a great quantity of yellow colored clouds were being sucked into his body. His originally extremely robust self grew at an astonishing rate, in the blink of an eye reaching a height of ten meters. Soon, all sounds that could be heard from the young Fiend underneath disappeared gradually.

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