Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 315

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 315: Illusory Paradise (II)

Walking through the fog of one’s own element, one would immediately gain a sensation of awareness, accompanied by an increase of the fluctuations of the spiritual energy in his body. It also produced faint boosting effects, and caused everyone to feel an urge to sit down and cultivate.

But unfortunately, this bright fog was floating, thus absorbing it in a seated position would be quite hard.

Long Haochen was the only exception to that, because he didn’t need to absorb it by himself. Yating could directly absorb the light essence contained in the faintly golden fog. In a short amount of time, she had absorbed three shrouds of golden fog, which provided the skin of her already real-looking body with an attractive golden shimmer. The pure light element then passed through her connection with Long Haochen, and was transmitted into Long Haochen’s body. In this situation, his spiritual energy was incessantly increasing. Although it couldn’t be called a phenomenal speed, it was still a lot faster than normal cultivation speed.

Unfortunately, the Illusory Paradise opened only once every hundred years, and would only stay open for three days every time. Otherwise, if they could cultivate in such an environment, they wouldn’t even need one year to hit the bottleneck of the seventh step.

Continuing forward, everyone gradually calmed down. This place was really beautiful, to the extent that even the tomboyish Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but sigh in high praise: if I could stay in such an environment everyday, I wouldn’t even need to rest.

Colored in all kinds of beautifully lights, the rare plants growing everywhere attracted everyone’s attention. The cozy and relaxed feeling gave everyone a desire to stay there forever.

But Long Haochen clearly didn’t have this intention. Not because he didn’t appreciate this environment, but because of his current worries about Cai’er. Now that Cai’er wasn’t by his side, he felt somewhat empty and restless.

Suddenly, Long Haochen stopped in his tracks, making a gesture in the direction of his teammates. Closing his eyes, he concentrated his attention on sensing something.

“There are intense fluctuations of spiritual energy to the left. It seems that some people are fighting there, let’s take a look. Take care to conceal your presence everyone, and listen to my orders.” Arriving at this point, Long Haochen couldn’t help but flash with killing intent in his eyes.

The demons had no idea at all that his comrades came through the Tower of Eternity, and this was something he couldn’t let them know, no matter what. Otherwise, it would perhaps lead to another conflict between the Alliance and the demons.

Thus, before leaving, he had a talk with his comrades: in case they would be discovered by some demon, they would have to kill him immediately, and this came even before collecting any spiritual stove.

Wang Yuanyuan silently sent a surge of spatial spiritual energy forward, softening the turbulences caused from their breath in the air, and Han Yu also silently summoned his Demonic Eye.

Long Haochen could perceive weak surges of spiritual energy within a thousand meters, but as for those violent fluctuations coming from a battle, he could perceive them over a range of at least two thousand meters.

As they advanced forward, the shrubs and the forest became denser, and little by little, the sounds of battle reached the group’s ears.

At this time, Long Hoachen however chose to stop in his tracks, giving his comrades the order to hide and wait for his orders, before taking out Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, as well as Bright Discipline, wielding the two swords in his hands and secretly diving in the direction of the sounds. Although he wasn’t an assassin, he had precise control over his spiritual energy, and could conceal his own presence.

As he closed the distance, the scene became clearer to Long Haochen. It now unfolded right in front of him.

With a flash, Long Haochen rapidly climbed over a large tree, but in the midst of his climbing, he discovered that even if he only climbed over the trees, when going above five meters height, a pressure would manifest in the air, causing a condensation of spiritual energy constricting him, and consuming his spiritual energy.

However, this wasn’t an amount he felt a need to take in consideration. From the small chinks between the trees, he finally discerned who the two parties were.

On one side was a young fierce-looking demon who could be called the ugliest of the ten demons that entered this time, but also the tallest one.

His height exceeded three meters, his face looked totally ferocious, and he had a pair of gigantic black wings on his back. In his hand was a heavy sword glinting in a blue fire. Needless to ask, this had to be a major figure among the Fiends, which implied they were also involved in this time’s ordeal.

And his opponent was clearly not a human powerhouse of the Alliance, but a bizarre magical beast.

This magical beast was similarly huge and sturdy. It was surprisingly a gorilla, with a sleek black skin. Surprisingly, his build was even more imposing that that Fiend’s, and intense yellow energy spread from his entire body, launching severe attacks. The fluctuations of spiritual energy Long Haochen felt before mostly belonged to the earth element, and were clearly directed in killing that young Fiend.

It looked as if the two parties were rather slow, but the battle was exceptionally fierce, the two opponents going completely all out against each other. That gorilla used its two arms as a weapon, and fight recklessly against that young Fiend. Every time they collided, metallic chirping sounds were produced.

However, that was after all its body and not a real weapon. Relying on his Sword of Blue Flames, the young fiend had the upper-hand to a certain degree. Each attack of his left a mark on the hand of the gorilla.

Looking once again at their surroundings, Long Haochen immediately understood the reason for their battle. At their side, nearby, was a mild white radiance floating in the air. That radiance was approximately the size of a human head, just as if it had been hung here. Around it, four little legs could be seen, and a dense white light was emitted from inside.

That was a spiritual spiritual stove, and it was a very rare non-elemental spiritual stove.

What is an non-elemental spiritual stove? There is a simple example for that: Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove. This type of non-elemental spiritual stoves are among all spiritual stoves the most versatile ones. In other words, it can be absorbed by powerhouses of any element. Obviously, that demon was attracted by the sight of this spiritual stove. And the gorilla protecting it was a Spiritual Stove Guardian like those Ling Xiao mentioned. Every spiritual stove would have a guardian, and killing the guardian or obtaining his approval were the only ways to get it. Obviously, this young Fiend was pretty lucky, for encountering a spiritual stove that he could absorb so quickly. But of course, it could also be said that his luck was very bad, because he encountered Long Haochen here.

Not intervening immediately, Long Haochen instead quietly went back, returning to the location where he had left his comrades before. After a few words of explanation, he returned once again to the top of this large tree.

Without need to say anything, he transmitted his intention to Yating, who lightly chanted continuously, spreading soft golden ripples over Long Haochen’s body.

This was a skill that Long Haochen wasn’t capable of using: the Great Recovery technique, a pure healing spell. And being able to use it wasn’t required since as long as Yating had this capability, he would also gain it.

Giving her a thumbs up, Long Haochen’s body flashed as he finally jumped from the tree.

With the sudden appearance of another party, that sturdy gorilla and the young Fiend both stopped their attacks.

And right at that time, a glint of gold arrived on the body of the gorilla. That was precisely the Great Recovery which was cast with Yating’s help.

Often, actions would be a lot more important than words. Long Haochen didn’t know whether that gorilla understood his language, but he could use actions to easily let it know his status as ally or enemy.

A Great Recovery was launched on the Gorilla, immediately healing the cuts on its arms at fast speed. The warm and pure light element immediately eased up the aggressive look the gorilla had towards Long Haochen by a great extent, which immediately appeared a lot gentler.

Meanwhile, Long Haochen launched a rapid charge toward that young Fiend, leaving his back open to the gorilla.

Through body language, his confidence towards that gorilla was expressed. He believed that a magical beast acting as a Spiritual Stove Guardian of the Eternal Paradise will be blessed with some intelligence. At least, it would understand that he was giving it his assistance.

With a low roar, the young fiend unleashed the Sword of Blue Flames in his hand, aiming to sweep at Long Haochen.

Corrugation was produced in the glowing airstream, but Long Haochen didn’t retreat in the slightest, crossing his swords and using Divine Obstruction.

Dang— With a crunchy sound and a glint of gold, Long Haochen against the expectations was pushed back, but from this, he got to sense the opponent’s strength: peak of the sixth step. This attack was already close to the power of 10,000 units of spiritual energy.

However, this didn’t mean much to Long Haochen. The gap of spiritual energy could be made up with his dexterity as well as his other strengths.

Bright Vengeance was unleashed with a bright glow, and Long Haochen rapidly tread on the ground with his left foot. Suddenly sending out force from his leg, he was propelled towards the direction of that young Fiend like an arrow. In his right hand Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light took the shape of a myriad of bright lights aiming at the opponent. It was Demon Wiping Flash.

However, the young Fiend didn’t retreat in the slightest, sweeping the Sword of Blue Flames vertically. A wide expanse of blue rays immediately clashed against Demon Wiping Flash, unexpectedly nimbly blocking all the attacks arriving at him.

That’s… Glorious equipment!? That Sword of Blue Flames was at least a piece of equipment at the Glorious Tier.

The young Fiend’s battle experience was clearly plentiful: at the same time he blocked Long Haochen’s attack, the wings on his back spread out and a thick spiritual energy instantly burst out from his back. Immediately, an identical copy of his own body came out as a brilliance, directly rushing at Long Haochen.

This brilliance flashed with strong blue flames, and in the instant of its launch, the temperature in the surroundings increased abruptly, and the nearby plants all burnt.

With a cold snort, Long Haochen kept going forward, but recovered Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, his two arms drawing a vertical arc while grasping Bright Discipline.

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    • Robin

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