Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 310

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 310: Perfect Kill

Cai’er’s attack could indeed not pierce through the middle-aged knight’s armor, but it only failed by a very small margin. The middle-aged knight got to clearly sense a cold sensation of great danger and deathly stillness.

If he hadn’t immediately poured his spiritual energy into his energy channels, this would have directly affected his fighting ability.

Cai’er’s presence just gave him too great a pressure: this was the first time he had ever gotten to sense such a material killing intent from an assassin. Thus, he immediately used the technique he was the most proficient at using.

Facing the Lightning Thrust in the shape of miniaturized suns, Cai’er didn’t draw back. Her figure appeared close to a strand of green smoke. It seemed as if her body was weightlessly fluttering through the attacks from the Lightning Thrust. But in spite of how swift Lightning Thrust was, it was unable to reach her body. Seeing her passing through the gaps, anyone remembering the little pig McDull’s performance in the first round could notice that the way Cai’er dodged, was very similar to how the pig’s evasion of the rain of ice. The only difference was that Cai’er’s movements were even more graceful and fast-paced.

The middle-aged knight even felt as though he was in front of a dancing butterfly. When Cai’er’s body appeared in front of him again, he learned that his Shining Sunlight Lightning Thrust had totally missed the target.

Raising his Holy Filter Shield and parrying with the recoil of his shield’s power, he unleashed loads of spiritual energy. Pouring it into his Glorious Tier shield, he launched its additional ability which multiplied the efficiency of his Holy Filter Shield by three, forming a perfect protection in front of him.

However, right at that time, Cai’er’s figure seamlessly disappeared completely.

It was Invisibility.

Invisibility was one of the most important abilities for an assassin at the sixth step, and Cai’er, having just broken through to the sixth step, naturally hadn’t yet had the time to train in it in any way. Although she possessed the Inheritance Ring from her grandpa, she still needed time of training before using a new technique. This time, the invisibility originated from the additional effect of her necklace.

With a feeling of cold fright, an intense stab of pain flashed through his back.

The middle-aged knight instantly turned around, trying to respond to the attack, but it was already too late.

While issuing every single blow, Cai’er’s figure appeared, only to vanish until her next attack. Her movement was just like an artistic dance, and under the impetus of her spiritual wings, a tempest of attacks surged unceasingly, producing ear-piercing metallic sounds.

The supplementary ability Penetration of the golden dagger was really effectful, and although the middle-aged knight was already defending with all his might, he was completely incapable of resisting Cai’er’s demonic performance. From beginning to end, he didn’t even have the chance to summon his mount.

“Enough, stop this fight.” Ling Xiao’s call was timely heard.

With a mere flash, Cai’er was already ten meters apart from the knight, and the dagger in her hand disappeared accordingly. Her eyes returned to their normal state, and the killing intent abated accordingly.

The middle-aged knight looked like a drunk man. He swayed and staggered, barely standing upright. With a golden flash of light, Ling Xiao appeared between the two of them, looking at the middle-aged knight, “She had the chance of killing you straight on at least seven occasions. This battle is your loss.” The knight replied after taking a deep breath, “She… How could she be that fast?” His own spiritual energy had reached more than 7,500 units, but in front of Cai’er’s attacks, he felt totally helpless. At the very beginning of the battle, he could still follow Cai’er’s movements, but as time went by, he was only able to see shadows revolving around him.

Ling Xiao calmly explained, “Young man, you didn’t lose unjustly. Don’t you see that your opponent hasn’t used a single powerful offensive ability ever since the beginning? As an assassin of the sixth step, do you really think she’s lacking these sort of abilities.” The knight gasped in reaction to this. Still, he stood straight and gave Cai’er a knight salute, before leaving sadly. With this, Cai’er became the first person to be qualified to enter the Illusory Shrine.

Ling Xiao looked at Cai’er, his eyes beaming with an extraordinary splendor. He clearly understood that Cai’er didn’t win based on her abilities or her cultivation, but due to her technique. In her offensive mode, Cai’er was like running water, flowing uninterruptedly and launching torrents of mercurial surges effectively causing the opponent to be unable to defend. Given how sharp her attacks were, even a defensive ability protecting one’s whole body wouldn’t have lasted for long. This was truly as expected from the Saint Daughter of Samsara.

The match ended, and after two more bouts Long Haochen entered the stage.

Beholding the nearby Cai’er, Long Haochen slowly got up. Cai’er’s understanding in battle truly caused him to sigh in admiration. Her mercurial torrential attacks were acquired from her battles against the red skeleton, and she had even changed the original technique to suit her needs.

While teaching an ability from teacher to disciple, the taught ability would always undergo a certain variation. This variation resulted from one’s understanding and predispositions.

As for those battle skills from ancient times, Long Haochen and Cai’er were exactly the ones who understood them the best.

Long Haochen’s opponent was a female summoner, seemingly above thirty years in age. Seeing Long Haochen go on stage, Ling Xiao’s eyes immediately lit up, and on the other side, Han Qian also sat up straight. Cai’er’s performance could already be called nothing but breathtaking, but what about Long Haochen? The female summoner had rather average looks, but seeing that her opponent was the handsome young knight from the battle, her eyes immediately lit up. With a smile, she said, “Little boy, please be lenient with me.”

Long Haochen placed his right first on his left chest, giving a standard knight salute, “Please let me learn from you.”

A match involving a summoner and a knight would start with a distance of fifty meters.

“Battle start.” Although the female summoner had a smile on her face, she didn’t show the slightest signs of restraint. Raising the light blue long staff in her hand, she chanted verses of incantations. The crystall ball on her staff radiated light, and a silver-colored hexagon swiftly arose in front of her.

Houu, With a roar, a snow white leopard appeared in front of her in a lurking position. The female summoner mounted it, still looking fixedly in Long Haochen’s direction. She was waiting to see what mount he would summon. However, to her surprise, Long Haochen didn’t summon his mount, but only charged at her in large strides. Not summoning your mount? The female summoner’s eyes flashed with surprise, before the white leopard charged swiftly.

The white leopard moved at an extremely fast speed. He abruptly dashed, just like a white bolt of lightning, accompanied with a rhythmic chant from the female summoner.

Seeing the speed of that white leopard, Long Haochen didn’t keep charging. He understood clearly that his own charging speed couldn’t keep up with the opponent, and thus simply stopped. As he gazed silently at that girl, the Light Elemental Fairy Yating appeared above his shoulder, causing silent astonishment for all the observing Demon Hunters.

After two evolutions, Yating was far from her original form as Elemental Fairy. Floating above Long Haochen’s shoulder, she flapped her four wings while giving off a very mighty feeling. The female summoner’s second summoning spell was completed, and with a low growl, an immense flaming bear came out of the summoning array. Without hesitation, it charged straight at Long Haochen.

A Raging Inferno Bear was a magical beast of the sixth rank, specialized in strength. Although generally magical beasts of the sixth rank were only equivalent to human vocations of the fifth step, this beast’s strength exceeded the full power of a warrior at the sixth step. After summoning the Raging Inferno Bear, the female summoner clearly loosened her breath and dismounted her white leopard. With the addition of the Raging Inferno Bear, she at least wouldn’t have to fear being defeated one-sidedly in a surprise attack by Long Haochen.

Long Haochen didn’t move by a single jot from his original place. With Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in his right and Bright Discipline in his left hand, he calmly looked at the charging Raging Inferno Bear.

The Raging Inferno Bear was over three meters tall. Charging forward with his set of immense paws at full speed, he was about to reach Long Haochen.

He was truly worthy of being called the most powerful magical beast at the sixth rank, producing a sonic boom as his paws passed through the air.

Right at that instant, Long Haochen crouched down slightly, stamping the ground with his left foot. Swiftly aiming to the right side, he leaped as dexterously as a leopard.

His next movement didn’t appear very fast, but still enabled him to escape the attack from the Raging Inferno Bear’s paws by a hair’s breadth.

Because of his fast speed, the Raging Inferno Bear’s attacks were all the more berserk.

With a bang, the bear paws ruthlessly crashed into the ground, right at the moment, Long Haochen arrived at his side.

No one saw clearly when it happened, but Long Haochen’s Bright Discipline was now aimed backwards, and before even giving the Raging Inferno Bear the opportunity to stand up, Bright Discipline ruthlessly pierced him from the lower back. Meanwhile, Long Haochen used his wrist holding the sword as a springboard and jumped as Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, glowed in glorious gold light.

That radiance was completely concentrated in the upper part of the sword, lightly sweeping down on the Raging Inferno Bear’s neck with a great dexterity.

Because the Raging Inferno Bear was pierced by Bright Discipline in his lower back, the violent pain caused him to raise his head, moving his neck in a reflex. Next, a scream of rage followed and tore off abruptly as his throat was cut.

Bouncing with his toes on the back of the Raging Inferno Bear, Long Haochen landed five meters away, and only at this moment, the Raging Inferno Bear’s massive body fell loudly to the ground, its immense head rolling away.

At that instant, the whole stadium was in total silence, and everyone looked with dumbstruck expressions at Long Haochen.

If Cai’er’s previous attacks could be said to be totally indiscernible because of their speed, right now, Long Haochen’s attacks gave them them great shock.

Without wasting the slightest movement, he combined each movement from beginning to end with perfect fluidity, until the last one that killed off a magical beast with a mere single blow. That killing speed was even faster than the time needed by the female summoner to activate the summoning spell for this bear.

To describe the execution of the attack, the only word that could be used was perfect.

If Cai’er’s attack could be said to be as swift as a mercurious torrent, then Long Haochen’s attack was just unstoppable like a moving cloud.

His technique showed how astonishing the level of Long Haochen’s understanding of the ancient battle techniques was. His understanding of the red skeleton’s patterns was way above Cai’er’s. The reason wasn’t that Cai’er’s understanding was worse than his, but because the red skeleton’s battle pattern was closer to a knight’s than an assassin’s. As for this last blow, it just used a compressed version of Shining Sunlight Strike poured into Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, which was done in a way he also learnt from that red skeleton. Otherwise, the Raging Inferno Bear’s tough flesh wouldn’t have been so easily cut, even with the help of Ripples of Light.

“Just admit defeat.” Long Haochen said in the direction of that female summoner who didn’t manage to complete her next summoning spell because of the shocking scene.

“How could it end like this?” The female summoner gazed at Long Haochen with dazed eyes, her look filled with disbelief.

The Raging Inferno Bear was her most frequent summon, so she understood his strength the best. However, it only lasted for two seconds against this young knight. In other words, it took Long Haochen only two seconds to kill it.

This far surpassed the female summoner’s comprehension. Since when were knights so overwhelming in terms of battle skills? And furthermore, she didn’t even see Long Haochen use any ability.

“No, I will absolutely not admit defeat. Even if I cannot win against you, you cannot catch me either so it will at most end as a draw.”, the female summoner declared stubbornly.

Long Haochen sighed to himself, could he really not catch her? If this had been before he reached the sixth step, this female summoner would probably have been right, but now…

A gaudy glowing light radiated from Long Haochen’s back and illuminated the surroundings as it spread. Following next, with one flap of his spiritual wings, Long Haochen was propelled like a bolt of lightning in the direction of the female summoner.

Since Cai’er could accelerate with the help of her spiritual wings, how could Long Haochen not be able to do the same?

However, that female summoner was indeed obstinate. Having seemingly anticipated that Long Haochen would use the help of his spiritual wings to accelerate, she immediately unfolded her own pair of pure white spiritual wings at the same time his wings appeared. She flapped them to help her white panther accelerate even further, as he lept to the side.

However, she never expected that Long Haochen wouldn’t necessarily rush towards her from the front.

As an intense glow of white rushed forth in a flash, the female summoner felt a massive pulling force suddenly aimed at her. The pull prevented her from staying seated on the white leopard. With a cry of surprise, her body flew to the opposite direction, only to be welcomed by Long Haochen’s two swords.

The range of the Saint Spiritual Stove’s pulling ability had enlarged to fifty meters with the Saint Spiritual Stove’s second evolution. If it was used in the wilderness, perhaps the female summoner could have lasted for a bit longer, but this was a circular stadium, making it extremely easy for Long Haochen to approach her up to fifty meters.

The two swords pounded her shoulders, dragging her robe. With a simple movement Long Haochen brought the female summoner to a sudden stop.

“Apologies, it’s my win.”

The female summoner glared at Long Haochen in extreme anger, but in the depths of her eyes appeared some traces of fear. Is this young knight really just at the sixth step? Isn’t he just way too strong?

In fact, the spiritual energy of that female summoner had already reached 8,000 units, but she didn’t have the time to bring out her most powerful summon before being defeated.

Long Haochen naturally couldn’t guess what she was thinking. In his thoughts, the most dominant thought revolved around the Illusory Paradise.

Grasping the swords in his hands, Long Haochen looked in the direction of his comrades, silently rejoicing, “Illusory Paradise, I am coming.”

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