Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 305

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 305: Martial Skills of Ancient Times (II)

Han Qian shook his head, “If we directly go on with a competition between the Demon Hunt Squads, since your internal spiritual energy has yet to reach 10,000, you will be able to participate. There are still five days before the opening of the Illusory Paradise, so the competition will begin tomorrow. Because of the lack of time, it is designed as a knock-out competition. Very simple, but also very cruel.”

Long Haochen nodded in response, “Grandteacher, I’ll register with you first then. All the members of our 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad will be participating in this competition. Even if none of us manages to end up among those ten, it will at least serve as a good training exercise.”

Han Qian patted his shoulder, “You’re really a kid that causes others to worry. Let’s do it like this then. Even if you don’t end up in the top ten, your grandteacher will still look for a way to make up for you from our Temple.”

As they were speaking, extremely dense undulation of spiritual energy surged out from behind Long Haochen’s back, inside of the room. Immediately next, a surge of threatening killing intent instantly burst forth. Be it Long Haochen or Han Qian, both of them only felt their skin turn cold, filled with a chilliness coming out from the depths of their bones.

Master and disciple glanced at each other, filled with an extreme look of surprise, and Han Qian murmured, “This… This is…”

After a short time of surprise, Long Haochen was immediately in ecstasy, “It’s Cai’er! She broke through!” As he said this, he immediately turned back towards the room, rushing in.

Opening the door, Long Haochen found it difficulty to advance with the intense killing intent filling the room, but given the absolute feeling of trust between Cai’er and himself, he naturally felt no fear of being harmed by her, and still advanced without any hesitation.

On the bed, Cai’er was seated cross-legged, both her hands placed on her knees. On her palms and her forehead, a grey luster was faintly discernible, and on her back, a pair of immense black wings stretched out around.

Right, Cai’er’s wings were black. In stark contrast to Long Haochen’s brilliant golden glistening wings, her black wings engulfed all the surrounding light. Long Haochen and Han Qian had just gone in, but immediately felt as if those black wings absorbed their soul.

Han Qian was shocked to the extreme. Cai’er having now broken through the sixth step, she became truly the youngest person to ever break through the sixth step. She managed to reach the sixth step at an even younger age than Long Haochen, as she was still not even fifteen years old yet.

In the midst of Han Qian’s time of shock, Cai’er slowly raised her head, opening both her eyes.

Her originally brilliant grey eyes unexpectedly regained their luster, filled in a black pressing light. When her eyes locked onto Long Haochen’s eyes, a calm smile was drawn on her lips, in the midst of the endless aura of death.

This smile was only directed to Long Haochen; it was as if she didn’t even notice Han Qian’s nearby presence.

Seeing her moving eyes, Long Haochen was totally unable to hold back his emotions, tears gushing out madly, “Cai’er! Cai’er!!!”

Han Qian didn’t stay here any longer, discreetly moving back. With this warm scene happening between these two youngsters in the midst of the aura of death, he immediately went off to notify Ying Suifeng about the good news. Ever since Long Haochen broke through the sixth step, Ying Suifeng seemed to often talk about this subject.

Looking at Cai’er, Long Haochen advanced towards her in the midst of an intense killing intent. Without knowing whether it was because of being stimulated by Cai’er’s wings, Long Haochen’s back flashed in golden color, and immense golden wings came out. The whole room dazzled in gold and black, and intense fluctuations of spiritual energy seemed to soak like spring water.

With a light flap, Cai’er stood up on the floor.

So it has already been six months! This time has passed really quickly! Over this period, Long Haochen could only communicate by writing on the palm of her hand. Looking at the change on the color of Cai’er’s eyes, he realized that Cai’er had regained control over all of her senses.

Abruptly taking a step forward, and without minding the aura of death and the cold surrounding Cai’er’s body, he tightly held her in his arms, still unable to control his tears, as if he was feeling that he had failed to carry out his own duty towards her.

Letting him embrace her, Cai’er tightly held him back, murmuring, “Idiot.”

Long Haochen lifted up his head, glancing at her gentle eyes, “Call me an idiot again, I like hearing you call me an idiot.”

“Idiot!” Cai’er’s eyes looked somewhat blurred, as she called him another time. Immediately next, Long Haochen stuck his burning lips on her cold mouth, letting out all his warmth into her like never before.

The golden and black pairs of wings became their best fitted background. Cai’er was finally back, as the formidable Saint Daughter of Samsara who had finally recovered her complete combat ability. Long Haochen’s very own Cai’er being back, he finally sensed the pain in his heart coming to an end.

Their lips parting with each other, the two of them gasped for breath. This kiss had indeed lasted too long, and Long Haochen seemed to have been released of all the pain in his heart entirely in the process. Looking at Cai’er’s charming eyes, he felt as if he would never grow tired of watching them.

Cai’er tenderly helped him to wipe the tears flowing on his face, looking still red from having been kissed so suddenly, “Idiot, don’t you see that I am all right?”

Holding her both hands, he replied, “It’s my fault. If only I had been back earlier at that time…”

Cai’er shook her head, “Don’t keep going on with this foolish talk, many things are out of our control. At that time, I could only do that, or else, I wouldn’t even have gotten the chance to see you again. Speaking of which, I should really thank you for having brought us to the Tower of Eternity. The strange thing is that my Spiritual Stove of Samsara seems to have evolved from having absorbed the energy of death inside of the Tower of Eternity, which lowered the time I lost of my four senses.”

“Oh? Then, why haven’t you stayed all this time in there to cultivate? If your Spiritual Stove of Samsara evolved, who knows what effect could be produced from this?”

Cai’er replied, “Except from an increase in power, there should be other kind of boosts, but I don’t know about the specific details. However, I can ascertain that the death energy from the Tower of Eternity is effective in replenishing my Spiritual Stove of Samsara. The Spiritual Stove of Samsara seems to absorb the external energy through my body, among which the energy of death is the most important type. Normally, the amount of energy of death that comes in contact with us is very small and it is at least not as pure as within the Tower of Eternity. For this reason, when using the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, I am affected with the spiritual stove’s backlash, which absorbs my six senses’ force to unleash its power. If I can frequently absorb the energy of death contained within the Tower of Eternity, this should very possibly enable to lessen the backlash when putting the Spiritual Stove of Samsara fully to use.”

Greatly overjoyed, Long Haochen responded, “Really? Then it’s very good news. Your Spiritual Stove of Samsara is indeed formidable, but its backlash is enormous too. Over these past few months, I was worried everyday about your condition. Did you know about that? Hearing your voice again really feels great.”

Cai’er slightly smiled, “Idiot, I’m actually not worried about losing my six senses now that I have you to accompany me by my side. Even if my six senses are lost, I know that I am not alone now, and will be strong as I wait for the day of my recovery.”

Long Haochen rubbed her head, “What rubbish are you spouting out? Losing your six senses is just being dead. In the future, unless it is as a last resort, never use your Spiritual Stove of Samsara again. This time in the Illusory Paradise, we will definitely have to find you a better spiritual stove. Always relying on the Spiritual Stove of Samsara is just too dangerous.”

The aura of death in the air quietly vanished, and Cai’er’s black wings vanished accordingly. Softly nestling against Long Haochen, she said next, “No need to worry. As long as we are together, even death is nothing to fear.”

Long Haochen supported her shoulder with some reluctance, placing her in a seated position, “Just then, grandteacher came to look for me, telling me important things. I immediately have to gather everyone. It looks that our entrance to the Illusory Paradise will perhaps not go so smoothly… “ Arriving at that point, his eyes let out a trace of severity. A competition to select the best? Then come at me.

Because it touched upon the secret of the Illusory Paradise, only the Demon Hunt Squads were informed of that situation. The competition for the ten entries in the Illusory Paradise would take place in the biggest stadium in the training grounds of the Temple Alliance.

This place could of course not compare with the Great Stadium of the Alliance, but being a site of a hundred meters in diameter, it could contain a thousand people.

The attractive force of the spiritual stoves was just too great. Among the forty-two Demon Hunt Squads that came out, outside of the four that were at the King grade and the three that were at the Emperor grade, there were a total of two hundred and eleven people, a hundred and fifty applied. Those that didn’t apply were mostly priests or Demon Hunters of the fourth step or anything under the fifth step. Actually, all those who exceeded the fifth rank of the fifth step applied without exception. Trying out their luck, they’d believe in the slim possibility that they could possibly end up in the top ten.

A number of a hundred fifty. Though it appeared that many were present, only four victorious battles were necessary to end up in the top ten when everything was taken into account. With sufficient luck to encounter every time an opponent of the fifth step, perhaps they could come out through this victorious.

Long Haochen led his comrades to this stadium very early, since they were originally living pretty close.

The day before, when Long Haochen told his comrades about the circumstances behind this competition, everyone felt eager to give it a try. Although except Cai’er, they were still all at the peak of the fifth step of cultivation, the experience they had in the Tower of Eternity would finally bear its fruits here.

The day before, Long Haochen specifically led Cai’er to the Tower of Eternity, going through the fourth and the fifth tests with her help. Having recovered her four senses besides having reached the sixth step of cultivation, she once again challenged the red skeleton.

The results filled everyone with great surprise. Relying on her monstrous speed, Cai’er lasted even longer than Long Haochen against the red skeleton.

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