Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 301

NOTE: Magical beasts: step -> rank, because their rank-1 is equivalent to the human step, so better call it with another name to differentiate both notions.

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 301: Spirit of a Powerhouse (I)

Since everyone was cultivating cross-legged, they didn’t take up a lot of space. The girls were seated on the bed, while all the boys were on the ground. They all cultivated together in the same room.

Sima Xian and Han Yu sat on either side of Long Haochen. The intense holy light energy concentrated around Long Haochen was beneficial for their cultivation.

Cai’er and Wang Yuanyuan who had both gained some understanding during the trip to the Tower of Eternity, had hurried to sit down cross-legged, entering their cultivating pose. Chen Ying’er knew very well that she was currently the weakest in the team, and thus seized the moment to raise her spiritual energy level.

After the repeated failures earlier, Long Haochen tried to enter the Tower of Eternity every half hour. But only six hours after they left the Tower of Eternity did the Eternal Melody show signs of connecting again.

After the teleportation succeeded in an instant, Long Haochen and his comrades found themselves right outside of the Tower of Eternity.

Seeing the Tower of Eternity appearing exactly the same as the last time they entered, Long Haochen gave it some thoughts, declaring, “We seem to be able to enter again after six hours, which means we could enter twice a day. This time should be subject to variations. But it should always require a time close to six hours before we are able to enter the tower again. After the completion of this test, everyone will stay here. I will try to teleport back by myself to see whether it is possible.”

Taking the tests was a lot easier than the last time, and this time, Han Yu played a major role, since during the past few hours of cultivation, his Demonic Eye managed to evolve. This signified that they wouldn’t have the trouble of not having access to the Eyes of Truth anymore.

After evolving, the Demonic Eye got six more tentacles, looking close to twice the size than in the past. From his body fluctuations of spiritual energy emerged, clearly showing that the level of his magical beast was now at the seventh rank. It was also an expert in mind attacks of the sixth step.

With the addition of the Demonic Eye, and the past experience, completing the first three tests became a lot easier.

The first test was naturally completed without any difficulty. Under Long Haochen’s command, the ones that obtained the balls of spiritual energy were Cai’er and Wang Yuanyuan. Chen Ying’er also tried to summon something with her Creature Summoning Gate, but her luck was only average. She summoned a wind elemental turtle, a magical beast of the fifth rank. It couldn’t be considered very powerful, but it didn’t have any problem with executing the last blow as long as it had the support of the team.

The Specter Assassins of the second test were also a lot easier to handle this time. After evolving, the Demonic Eye displayed a terrifying force, revealing the figures of the two Specter Assassins with the Eyes of Truth, before immediately launching an area-targeted mind attack. The two Specter Assassins were only temporarily put in a dazed state, but these mere two seconds were sufficient for the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad to hunt them down.

This time, everyone gave priority to Chen Ying’er, who executed the last blows, and happily picked up the two balls of spiritual energy.

The following third test was also a lot easier with the addition of the Demonic Eye. It launched a spell called Mental Interference, and this mind type spells’ effect was simple: upon hitting the target, it would decrease its speed of launching abilities by half. The two Skeleton Knights were admittedly strong, but as long as they weren’t given the opportunity to use terrifying attacks like Asura Thrust, they were a lot easier to handle.

This time’s rewards were given to Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian. Lin Xin had only his Fire Curse technique as offensive power, and Long Haochen decided to keep that in store for the upcoming battles. This time, they passed through these three trials without much effort, and wanted to see what the fourth test would be.

“Make your preparations, everyone. Han Yu, tell your Demonic Eye to keep using the Eyes of Truth.” Long Haochen adjusted his shield in his left and his sword in his right, leading his comrades forward.

Six glows of white light enveloped the six of them almost simultaneously, and immediately, six robust skeletons appeared in the midst of the white light. It wasn’t only them, but at the same time, four Specter Assassins appeared to everyone’s surprise. It was their luck that they had the Eyes of Truth activated, or else, the Specter Assassins concealed behind the six Skeleton Warriors would have been a great bother.

The enemies abruptly came in a number of ten, which gave Long Haochen a sudden fright. These were after all opponents at the sixth step and would at least have the corresponding strength.

Four glows of white light were instantly launched from Long Haochen’s chest, and stepping forward, he stamped on the ground with his right foot, producing a loud bang.

This little step shouldn’t be underestimated by any means; with this mere step, Long Haochen’s aura rose to its peak, and in addition, with the loud bang coming along, all his comrades’ attention was focused.

The four white glows deriving from his chest targeted those four Specter Assassins almost immediately. That was to say that it took a pocket of time and power for Long Haochen to distract the four Specter Assassins’ attention, relieving his comrades from a great source of worry.

“Han Yu, Mental Interference and Mental Attacks! ”

With this loud shout, Long Haochen charged in the direction of the six skeletons. With this motion, he could be said to have placed himself in the midst of danger.

At this moment, a strong red light passed above Long Haochen’s head, and immense flames appeared above those Six Skeleton Warriors, sweeping past them and attacking from behind. One had no choice to admit that although Lin Xin wasn’t able to use any type of offensive magic, his control over magic was exquisite.

Using his exquisite control, the Fire Curse Technique bombarded the ground under those six Skeleton Warriors. At this time, those four Specter Assassins started to charge at Long Haochen, affected by his Saint Spiritual Stove, and as a result, approached from right behind the Skeleton Warriors. In other words, Lin Xin’s Fire Curse technique was aimed right between the Skeleton Warriors and the Specter Assassins, right in the middle of the enemies’ ranks.

Coinciding with that spell, the Demonic Eye’s first spell reached: Mental Interference.

Affected by Mental Interference, the Skeleton Warriors’ bodies glinted with a golden light. The technique showed a certain effect, but the Specter Assassins seemed to be affected even stronger. Under the influence of the Mental Interference, they lost a great deal of their speed.

The Fire Curse technique instantly burst forth, causing the following scene to astonish everyone. The four Specter Assassins that were attracted by the effects of Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove were unexpectedly instantly reduced to ashes, taking the shape of four white glows absorbed by Lin Xin.

It was an instant kill!

Not only that, but those six Skeleton Warriors that were charging at them stumbled from the violent explosion, and right then, the mind attack reached, causing the six Skeleton Warriors’ to be unable to be maintain their attacks. Within seconds, they sank in total disorder.

It was also at that time that Long Haochen reached them.

The three attacks Demon Wiping Flash, Shining Solar Strike and Ascending Dragon Strike hit violently, directly killing two of the skeletons. He wasn’t the only one to act. Han Yu also immediately launched an Asura Thrust at one of the skeletons. He achieved results that one can well imagine, causing the Skeleton Warrior’s body to crumble instantly under this fierce attack.

The Energetic Ball of Light and the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield also struck at their respective targets. At their optimal state, Skeleton Warriors would hardly let themselves get hit that easily, but with Lin Xin and the Demonic Eye’s magic attack, everything was different.

Totally unable to either attack or defend effectively, the two Skeleton Warriors were instantly reduced to nothingness.

The last skeleton was destroyed by Cai’er’s golden dagger, that hit its head on the rear, directly diffusing the flame igniting its soul.

The battle ended at a speed that outstripped everyone’s expectations. That had after all been ten opponents! While everyone looked at each other, Chen Ying’er couldn’t help but cry out, “This… Did we really manage to accomplish this?”

Lin Xin, who obtained four of the golden balls in a mere instant, replied with incomparable pride, “Of course we managed this. Didn’t you see the accuracy of bro’s Fire Curse technique?”

This time, there wasn’t anyone refuting him, because everything he said was the truth. If not for that fireball that weakened the Skeleton Warriors as well as instantly killing the four specters, they wouldn’t have achieved this victory so easily. Lin Xin was the one who gained the most from these skeletal summons, but he had also been the one to have the most impact.

Long Haochen composed himself after a little moment of shock. “Yeah, just like this! This is the coordination we need to have. Lin Xin did very well.”

Lin Xin sighed, “It’s only now that I start to really understand why Father was so stubborn with his research of offensive magic. A powerful mage surely has the ability to turn the situation on a battlefield around completely. However, I already gave the pledge at that time, that I would never learn offensive magic in my life. Sorry, comrades, I…”

Sima Xian, who was right at his side, carried the Energetic Ball of Light with one hand while patting Lin Xin’s shoulder with his other one, “Alright, alright, what reason do you have to feel affected like that, has-drug-bro? Since you’re unable to learn offensive magic, you’ll just have to use more equipment carrying supplementary offensive spells and nothing more. Don’t you know about being flexible?”

Lin Xin’s eyes lit up, “Ai, the muscle-clad guy you are turns out to be not so stupid.”

“Go f*** your sister.” Sima Xian heaved his Energetic Ball of Light, showing a threatening expression, “Do you want to have a spar with this metallic ball?”

Lin Xin showed a wretched smile in response, “Don’t say this, I really have a sister. Prepare your ass well, bro will introduce her to you later.”

This time, it was Sima Xian’s turn to have his eyes lighting up. Although he had always found Lin Xin narcissistic and somewhat vulgar, he was still in his opinion pretty good in terms of looks. So… his sister shouldn’t be half bad then. Thinking of this, the anger on his face immediately softened to a warm expression.

Seeing this clown-acting, Long Haochen laughed gently, “We have to keep advancing.”

Everyone shook their heads almost simultaneously. Although this battle was something they managed to win smoothly, a great part of luck was still involved in the process. This fourth test had forced them to confront ten powerhouses. If the next one would include ten Skeleton Knights able to use Asura Thrust, what would happen then? Added to that, they were exhausted to some extent; at least, Lin Xin was unable to launch Fire Curse again.

Most of all, having passed through four tests, everyone gained profits. After going twice into the Tower of Eternity, they gained more from the balls of spiritual energy alone than what they would have usually gained from cultivating normally. To say nothing that they had also been cultivating between their visits at the tower.

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