Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 300

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 300: Group Progress (III)

The Skeleton Knight’s weak defensive power again became their downfall. Facing the destructive power of the Fire Curse technique, the knight was completely helpless as his Skeletal horse and he himself were completely obliterated.

However, this didn’t mean that his attack would stop just like that. In the instant his body exploded, the bone lance in his hand was thrown, aiming directly at the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Han Yu shouted loudly, his right foot firmly planted on the ground. He shifted his body in the path of the bone lance and the moment the light was suddenly reflected on his shield, Divine Obstruction was launched.

At this very moment, Sima Xian also made a move from his flank. With the Energetical Ball of Light he brazenly attacked and produced a white lightning strike.

This light elemental lightning included in this attack could only be one thing: Adjudication, an attack exclusive to priests.

Even though Sima Xian was only capable of using the most low level type of Adjudication, it was still an ability of the fifth step.

Suffering from the effects of Adjudication, that rapidly-flying bone lance slowed down as it collided against the Energetic Ball of Light, before violently striking Han Yu’s shield.

Bang– —

A glaring golden light simultaneously radiated from the group of seven, and Han Yu’s buffeted body was caught in midair by Long Haochen.

With the destruction of the Skeleton Knight’s main body, the lance’s blow had already weakened a lot. Therefore, with Sima Xian’s support, Han Yu had to only bear roughly a third of the strength of the attack Long Haochen had faced. But even so, he felt as if his arms would snap. That was how terrifying the power of that lance was.

A Halo of Recovery spread out from Han Yu’s body, enveloping all his comrades. Because everyone had suffered the pain from the two attacks, they were far from feeling good. Nonetheless, Lin Xin was brimming with a happy smile.

“Wahaha, I received it! I received it!”

At the same time Han Yu bore this attack, a white and a golden glow rushed forth to Lin Xin’s body. These were his rewards for killing the Skeleton Knight, but how could this let him go wild with joy in such a moment?

As Long Haochen’s arms were gradually recovering from the numbness, he told Sima Xian, “Sima, take a look at the ability contained in that golden radiance. You can actually learn it.”

“Okay.” Sima Xian shut his eyes, giving it a try.

The ability was Asura Thrust, which had an utility similar to Asura Strike, but was impossible to avoid at a certain range while attacking in a straight line. In comparison, Asura Thrust condensed a little more spiritual energy, and increased the power even further, but it also consumed a monstrous amount of spiritual energy. In numbers, over 2,000 units. It could also be used in combination with strengthening abilities like Storing Power.

What surprised Long Haochen was that after he announced this ability’s uses, Sima Xian’s chest glinted golden before the golden light absorbed in his body surprisingly emerged again.

And it wasn’t only him: the same happened for Lin Xin. A similar golden ball of light was floating in front of him.

“How could this happen?” Long Haochen asked in surprise.

Sima Xian and Lin Xin stared blankly and shook their heads. Sima Xian replied, “I don’t know how this could have happened. While I was examining it, I sensed a sudden feeling of rejection, before it came out again.”

Right at that time, that golden ball of light seemingly already started to disappear.

Long Haochen was startled. Hurrying to Sima Xian’s side he grabbed that golden light, immediately absorbing it inside his body.

“Han Yu, fuse with that one in front of Lin Xin, it seems to be an ability that can only be learned by people suited to it.”

The Tower of Eternity seemed all the more mysterious to everyone, and this applied even to Long Haochen himself, who had to learn about it little by little.

Finally, Long Haochen and Han Yu fused with their respective golden balls of lights. After they sensed the power of the abilities, the comprehension of them appeared in their minds.

These types of abilities were very similar to those that could be learnt in the Alliance’s Treasure Storing Pavilion. Asura Thrust was an ability that admittedly required a massive consumption of spiritual energy, but its terrifying offensive power was something everyone learned soon. After Long Haochen tried it, it gave them a tremendous shock.

The offensive power of Asura Thrust was about three times the power produced by a peak attack of the same scale. That was to say, with Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy reaching 4,100 units, Asura Thrust would consume 2,000 units of spiritual energy to produce the power of 6,000 units of spiritual energy. And if he poured his whole internal spiritual energy in the attack, its power would then burst out to a whole new level, reaching a power of more than 12,000 units of spiritual energy.

What kind of concept was that? Used correctly, even a powerhouse of the seventh step would have to be cautious against this attack.

Sima Xian reacted in frustration, “Why couldn’t I learn it?! This is an extremely powerful ability!”

After giving some thought, Long Haochen replied to him, “Perhaps it is because of your vocation, since all the abilities you should be able to learn would normally have to be of the priest-type, although it’s only offensive abilities. You’re after all a priest. It’s sure that knights would be able to learn to use Asura Thrust, after all, it is from a Skeleton Knight that we got to learn it. From my guess, Cai’er and Yuanyuan would also be able to learn it. But our tests have just gotten started, and I’m sure we’ll get more and more nice surprises from the next trials. Everyone will be sure to gain some profits.

I have to emphasize it, but you have to wait for your spiritual energy to recover entirely before absorbing the white type of ball, otherwise it will go to waste. All right, we should get back for now.”

Heading back was a wise choice. Although they had only completed three tests for now, surviving these three could be said to have been a great challenge, between the thrilling invisible enemy they faced for the second battle and the Skeleton Knights whose formidable power was an extreme threat, that narrowly defeated their group.

Heading back to recover from their wounds as well as to recover some physical power, spiritual energy and summarize their experience was what they had to do for now.

Getting back to their own world was very simple: after leaving the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen activated the Eternal Melody to transfer them back.

With a glint of golden light, Long Haochen and his comrades returned to their room in the headquarters of the Priest Temple, in the Southern Mountain’s City.

Everyone immediately felt their breath loosen.

“Being constricted by that death energy really felt painful.” Chen Ying’er blurted out, unable to help letting out the hesitations in her heart, “Captain, you are all about to get those ball of spiritual energy by killing the targets from the test, but how about me? What’s to be done for me? I can only rely on McDull to attack for me.”

Long Haochen laughed in response, “That’s not right. Ying’er, have you forgotten about your own speciality? You still have the Creature Summoning Gate! Every time we enter in the future, you can just directly put your Creature Summoning Gate to use to summon a magical beast. If it turns out to be one without attacking power, you won’t get any reward during the process of the tests, but if a rather powerful beast appears, we will pay attention to let your magical beast get the last attack, so that you can get some rewards of spiritual energy.”

“Eh… After having not used the Creature Summoning Gate for so long, I had already forgotten about it…” Chen Ying’er’s face became red, as she kept herself concealed behind Wang Yuanyuan’s back.

Long Haochen declared, “Let’s recover for now everyone. After recovering our spiritual energy and physical capabilities, we will enter one more time.”

“Yes!” Everyone replied in unison.

Over the test they just had, because of unfamiliarity with the Tower of Eternity, it could be said that apart from Long Haochen, others’ performances were just passable. Of the six undeads, four of the spiritual energy balls were obtained by Long Haochen. But even so, they fully understood the benefits the Tower of Eternity could bring them.

The other benefits aside, the mere progressing speed of their spiritual energy would inevitably grow tremendously. This increase of spiritual energy wasn’t even affected by one’s innate talent. In addition, never forget, but in this place, they had only been battling strong enemies in actual combat situation. Be it in terms of individual strength or coordination as a team, this would be an excellent help for them to improve, enabling them to progress very fast in addition to learning abilities.

The smile Han Yu had on his face ever since learning Asura Thrust had yet to disappear. This ability was truly very satisfying, and although he could use it only once, it was beyond compare with the feeble attacking power that he had always been having, giving it a tremendous boost.

In preparation for the next time they would enter the Tower of Eternity, everyone focused on cultivation to gather the lost spiritual energy. Although Han Yu’s healing ability couldn’t compare to Luc Xi in terms of scale, having finally learned some specialized abilities on this discipline, injuries weren’t a problem anymore with him. In addition, he could have Long Haochen’s help for healing, and could benefit from his Spiritual Gathering Halo; to him, activating it wouldn’t be a big issue since with the assistance of the Eternal Melody, he would be able to recover even in the Tower of Eternity.

An hour later, everyone was back to their peak-condition, but a new problem arose. Long Haochen found himself to be unexpectedly unable to teleport them inside of the Tower of Eternity, the Eternal Melody being seemingly unable to create a link. Even after attempting for a few times, he wasn’t successful.

“How could that happen?” Long Haochen asked with a totally puzzled face. As he was about to attempt a few more times, Wang Yuanyuan was the one to stop him.

“Captain, don’t keep trying for now. I think that I can tell out the reason for that.” Wang Yuanyuan said in a serious tone. As the only spatial attribute user of the team, she had naturally the best understanding regarding spatial energy out of the whole team.

“We are in total seven, and that Tower of Eternity is in an unknown location. Going through this kind of grouped teleportation is thus bound to consume an important amount of energy from the Tower of Eternity. And I think that the checkpoint where we are teleported also needs to use up some more energy to be charged up. Under this kind of circumstances, if the Tower of Eternity didn’t restrict us in the number of teleportations, it would very possibly cause its consumption of energy to rise excessively. Let’s try again in a bit. I think you should try once an hour, it should be enough. This way, we will be able to know the time needed for every new teleportation. ”

Hearing her interpretation, Long Haochen nodded in response, “Since things are this way, let’s cultivate together for today, until we manage to get transported to those tests. Since this is closely related to our future plans, we’ll need to have the accurate information of the time necessary between two trips to the Tower of Eternity.”

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