Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 299

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 299: Group Progress (II)

Skeleton Knights!

The two skeletons mounted Skull Horses, and they weren’t equipped with the same sword and shield pair, but only a single lance.

The heavy sounds of hooves sounded violently on the ground, and the two Skeleton Knights advanced towards Long Haochen’s group like bolts of lightning.

Although the skeletons knights looked imposing, everyone loosened their breath in relief, because these opponents were still easier to deal with than the specters from before. At least, they were facing the enemy head on.

Long Haochen didn’t dare to attack them head on out of fear that charging would cause him to activate the following test.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, was waved forward, launching a Light Thorn.

The Light Thorn carrying Ripples of Light grew to a whole new level in terms of offensive power. The blade of golden light separated into two parts in the air and slashed at the two Skeleton Knights.

With Long Haochen’s current cultivation, the use of Light Thorn didn’t require any incantation from him, and the same went even for those carrying Ripples of Light.

The eyes of the two skeleton knights were lit in golden flames, their lances simultaneously thrusting forward. Next, the two Skeleton Knights released one meter long golden radiances from their hands, striking right in the middle of the Light Thorns.

In the midst of hissing sounds, Long Haochen’s two Light Thorns were crushed to pieces easily, and those two knights were drawing closer to Long Haochen. However, they didn’t arrive before him with the same timing; in a situation that looked like the knights were about to simultaneously arrive before Long Haochen, the speed of one of the two suddenly decreased, while the other one kept charging forward. He strode his own skull horse, unexpectedly placing himself behind the other knight, entering a cavalry formation of two, charging one before another.

At Long Haochen’s back were his comrades, so there was naturally no need for him to hesitate. The Holy Radiant Shield launched the Holy Shield technique, and in addition, Holy Filter Shield and Divine Obstruction were added up to it. Lin Xin’s two elemental shields also contributed to this defense.

Ssh The result wasn’t a violent clashing sound, but an ear-piercing friction resonating all around.

After getting close enough to Long Haochen, the Skeleton Knight forcefully bent his body over, the lance in his hand striking Long Haochen’s Holy Radiant Shield instantly. And at this very time, the second skeleton knight concealed in the rear launched his lance forward.

Differently to the first knight, the lance of the second Skeleton Knight was lit by a glistening golden color, giving off three golden rays to strengthen this one attack. Feeling the rapid compressions in the air, Long Haochen felt his own body being restricted by an incomparable force. This was a blow that he would have to tough out.

Long Haochen’s perception was far exceeding that of ordinary people, and the same went for his mental capacity. He immediately sensed that his Holy Radiant Shield carrying Divine Obstruction wouldn’t be enough to resist the attack.

The action of that Skeleton Knight shocked him without limits. The Skeleton Horse he was riding, as well as his lance, seemed to be a complete part of his body. And all the power of his body seemed to be concentrated on the tip of his lance, which wasn’t something that could be lightly faced.

Under these circumstances, Long Haochen’s adaptability gave him an advantage. The defenses erected by Lin Xin were still present on him, but he discarded his own Holy Radiant Shield. More accurately, Long Haochen immediately let go of it and dropped it to the ground, while grasping Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, with both of his two hands. He used an Asura Strike to counter.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light emitted a bizarre buzzing sound, letting out a surge of intense golden light. A terrifying fighting strength was being released at that time.

The blade and the lance clashed with each other in a resplendent flash.

The explosion from a sort of spatial rupture rang out, causing them all to cover up their ears with their hands.

Long Haochen felt just as if he had smashed into a mountain.His body was sent flying backwards and he vomited a gush of blood. An intense golden light blossomed from the seven youths, and everyone stepped back with a groan.

Wang Yuanyuan’s reaction had been very fast. She had placed herself behind Long Haochen in the instant right before he was pushed back. Like this, the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was directly pushed against Cai’er at Long Haochen’s back, but the force of impact knocked the three of them back in the range of Lin Xin’s new Fire Elemental Shields.

At that moment, Long Haochen had a very numbing sensation in his hands. He seemed to be unable to feel his hands, and even the radiance from Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light dimmed. His Holy Radiant Armor carrying the Holy Spirit Protection had been pierced through by the previous blow.

Still, although Long Haochen felt grieved, his opponent wasn’t better off. The bone lance in the hand of that Skeleton Knight had directly been sent flying and had been shattered into countless pieces in the air. The head of his Skull Horse had been smashed by Long Haochen’s Asura Strike. The Skull Knight directly fell to the ground before getting up with difficulty.

Nonetheless, he didn’t have the time to launch another attack before a sort of gigantic golden meteor hit him, inflicting serious damage with its terrifying bursting power.

Carrying Crush in combination with Ripples of Light, the Energetic Ball of Light smashed into the Skeleton Knight that had just fallen from his horse.

All the skeletal summons in the tests of the Tower of Eternity had a common weak point, which was their defensive ability. Even if Long Haochen was greatly shaken by the offensive power of the opponent, in the same way, this Skeleton Knight had numerous cracks on his body in addition to having lost his weapon. Under such circumstances, how could he resist the terrifying attack from the Energetic Ball of Light? In the instant he was hit, his body shattered into pieces, and the bright ball of light Long Haochen expected finally appeared. The white light flew to Sima Xian, entering his body.

However, their crisis wasn’t yet resolved. The first knight that charged at Long Haochen’s flank suddenly turned around to, before again clashing with Long Haochen. On the tip of his lance, a condensed gaudy golden light blossomed threatingly.

Right at that instant, everyone felt their breathing stop suddenly. Long Haochen had endured an attack of the first Skeleton Knight, without sparing any effort. At this instant, who else in the team could possibly resist that attack? Long Haochen had to do so even if he was not even able to raise his hand right then.

At this crucial instant, a figure stepped forward without hesitation, standing in front of his comrades, an intense golden radiance bursting forth from him. His firm and vigorous arms held a shield in front of him.

This person that faced the danger head on was none other than Long Haochen’s retainer knight, the second Guardian Knight of the team, Han Yu.

Although his defensive power was far inferior to Long Haochen, he was undoubtedly the second ranked of the team in regard of defense. At this time, he was the only one suited for this task.

The whole team’s collaboration came to fruition at this moment of crisis. Facing this very possibly irresistible attack, no one acted rashly, and all of their eyes glinted with an intense resolution.

Wang Yuanyuan’s figure flashed at Han Yu’s flank. In her hand she was holding the three gems that she took out priorly, inserting them in the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield which abruptly burst forth with the Space Splitting Sauté.

Before the knight’s body arrived, this glowing attacked reached.

Naturally, she wasn’t the only one to act: Lin Xin held his Fire Crystal Staff high, and an immense flame light shot out from it, before striking the Skeleton Knight violently. The flame transformed into the shape of an immense skull of flames, filled with great power, to the extent it even appeared to exceed Wang Yuanyuan’s Space Splitting Sauté in terms of power.

After the release of this ability, Lin Xin’s face immediately became paler, due to the great consumption of his spiritual energy.

It was Curse of Fire, the supplementary ability of his Fire Cloud Staff.

He couldn’t use offensive magic, but this didn’t prevent him from using the supplementary ability of his staff. This Fire Magic Control was truly peculiar, and because the Fire Cloud Crystal in itself was made of a high quality material, it carried another ability of the same type as Long Haochen’s Storing Power.

Curse of Fire was in itself an offensive ability of the fifth step, but when executed with the Storing Ability, it could reach a whole new level. Of course, the premise was to pour enough spiritual energy into the attack.

Seeing the danger before their eyes, Lin Xin didn’t dare show any reservation. His spiritual energy was entirely poured into the Fire Cloud Crystal Staff, which immediately manifested its undoubtable utility. It did increase the degree of power of his attack drastically, but at the same time absorbed more than 3,000 units of internal spiritual energy from his body. This Curse of Fire burst out with the strength of a spell of the sixth step.

Long Haochen didn’t stay idle and although he was temporarily unable to launch attacks or defend, he still had his supportive abilities. In the midst of his frantic chants, golden halos spread from under him, providing his comrades’ with boosts.

Sima Xian appeared on Han Yu’s other flank with a serene expression, and the Energetic Ball of Light in his hand. It was covered with an intense and rapidly condensing golden light which clearly not only stemmed from Ripples of Light.

Their Demon Hunt Squad was a whole; and although Long Haochen’s strength was great, the team’s development couldn’t rely only on him alone. In this crucial time, the other members all fulfilled their respective roles.

Two violent explosions emerged from that Skeleton Knight at the same time.

Wang Yuanyuan’s Space Splitting Sauté was using the spatial attribute, thus when it clashed against the Skeleton Knight, a fantastic scene emerged. An intense silvery light suddenly charged in the shape of a brilliant cover, or more accurately speaking, a conical cover that was rooted in the path of the Skeleton Knight’s violent charge.

What a powerful charging ability! From this scene, one couldn’t help but feel horrified.

However, this time, Lin Xin’s strength was the key factor. The instant his Curse of Fire came in contact with the Skeleton Knight, it also transformed into the shape of a brilliant cover to block its path. But on top of that, Lin Xin immediately waved the Fire Cloud Crystal in his hand energetically, causing a boom to ring out in the process. He had detonated his Fire Curse technique, producing an effect just like the explosion of a bomb.

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