Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 297

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 297: The Changes on the Tower of Eternity (III)

Seeing the surrounding specters escape with haste, the fear in the members of the team started to gradually disappear. It was replaced by feelings of excitement and curiosity towards new things.

The gate of the Tower of Eternity had opened wide, and of course, it was for Long Haochen to enter.

There was no need to worry that anyone would enter the tower unallowed. The specters outside formed a top notch guard, and even if they would be attacked inside, they could have Haoyue’s help when it came to the worst.

When they approached the entrance of the Tower of Eternity, the surrounding aura of death perceptibly increased in density, but as soon as they entered, Long Haochen deactivated the use of the Holy Mantle.

After entering the Tower of Eternity, the threat upon them disappeared immediately. Since they came here to get some experience, the others had to adapt to the Tower of Eternity first, otherwise how would they become embattled?

Inevitably, everyone trembled unconditionally, and even Cai’er was no exception to that. However, Long Haochen who was holding Cai’er’s hand, sensed that her body actually trembled out of excitement.

It went so far that Cai’er rapidly took hold of Long Haochen’s hand, writing on his palm the words, “I’m going to train for a bit, I have started to grasp the understanding of something.”

After writing this, she sat down in a cross-legged position, putting both hands on her knees. With her palms turned up, she started to cultivate right where she sat.

“Cai’er is all right, she just needs to cultivate for a bit. Everyone shouldn’t move from here, and try to adapt to this deathly aura. But please just keep this firmly in mind. No matter what, you cannot take a single step forward. If you advance, our training program will immediately start, and it will be extremely hard to resist.”

The energy of death contained inside the Tower of Eternity was actually not that much stronger than outside, but it was extremely pure. It was an energy of death that was devoid of any impurities. More importantly, in there, aside from Long Haochen, everyone else couldn’t feel the existence of any spiritual energy related to their own element. This caused them to be unable to recover their spiritual energy. Of course, this didn’t include Cai’er, who was already cultivating on the ground. From her gentle eyes and relaxed expression, it could be seen that she was very suited to the current environment.

Long Haochen told his comrades, “This place is extremely special. In a bit, I will show you a demonstration of the training that we will be undergoing. However, you will be unable to recover your spiritual energy in here. Therefore, we will train here for a bit, before returning to our own world, so that you can recover your spiritual energy before returning again. Now, pay attention!”

Saying this, he lifted his right hand, and with a glint of bright light, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light appeared in his hand.

With the Holy Radiant Shield in his left hand, Long Haichen took three firm steps forwardbe the exact. He now stood at the exact same location as during his first test.

Immediately, two white glows drilled out from the ground, as if reacting to a specific mechanism. Just like before, two enormous skeletons appeared, carrying a shield in the left and a blade in the right hand. They launched the three halo-type ability of courage, faith and power before directly rushing towards Long Haochen.

This time, Long Haochen didn’t have Haoyue’s assistance, but he also wasn’t the same Long Haochen he had been when he came here for the first time.

Sensing the imposing aura radiating from these two skeletons, Han Yu’s and Sima Xian’s expressions immediately changed. Those enemies were clearly at the sixth step! Since the tests of the tower involved opponents of the sixth step, it was no wonder that Long Haochen warned them not to take any reckless actions. But it was the holy light element released from the bodies of the skeletons that astonished them the most.

Long Haochen was already prepared. A dense holy light in liquid form emanated from him, forming a pair of dazzling wings. They grew on his back, shining brightly. This was the condensation of wings, symbol of the sixth step.

However, in this place, those wings could only serve as symbols, because Long Haochen discovered that he was unable to fly.

But the wings were not simple flying tools; they also had the function of condensing light element. Relying on the Eternal Melody and his spiritual cavities, the current recovery speed of his spiritual energy could only be termed as monstrous.

However, the Light Elemental Fairy Yating was also unable to appear inside the Tower of Eternity. It seemed as if the tower suppressed her.

Without Haoyue’s intervention, the two skeletons charged at Long Haochen together, cooperating flawlessly with each other. One of them released golden flames from his eyes while its boned arm showed signs of transformation, whereas the other skeleton directly aimed its attack at Long Haochen, slashing at him with its bone blade.

They are actually cooperating with each other? The skeleton whose bone blade was covered in golden color was clearly using Asura Strike.

Under such circumstances, how could Long Haochen let him do as he wanted? With a glint of the golden and blue colors in his right hand, two dragon cries resounded at the same time. The first was high-pitched while the second was low-pitched, and both produced a bizarre shock. Two little golden and blue dragons shot forth, striking the skeleton that was aiming its Asura Strike at Long Haochen.

With a loud crash, the shield of this skeleton, who tried to resist the attack, broke to pieces along with the blade in its other hand, that successfully blocked in front of it. But to its misfortune, the evolved Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus wasn’t something it could possibly resist. Restricted by the entangling dragons of light and water, its body was immediately crushed to small pieces. Right afterwards, a white glow of light made its way into Long Haochen’s chest. After launching this Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus, Long Haochen noticed that after its evolution, this ability’s greatest forte wasn’t its boost of power anymore. In fact, its power only increased a little, making it impossible for it to beat this kind of skeleton at its peaked state with sheer strength. Its most important feature was now its restrictive ability, which was Long Haochen’s greatest speciality. Thus, it was undoubtedly a great asset to him. However, even Long Haochen himself didn’t expect that, their restrictive ability aside, the dragons of light and water would also have such destructive power. After all, it was only the first time he used Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus after its evolution.

At the time the Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus was launched, the other skeleton’s attack also reached its target.

The Holy Radiant Shield carrying the Holy Shield ability was boosted with Divine Obstruction.

With a loud dang sound, Long Haochen stood absolutely still, and conversely, the skeleton’s bone sword was repelled strongly. Having reached the sixth step, and moreover using a piece of equipment at the Glorious Tier such as the Holy Radiant Shield, the current Long Haochen was already not as easy to handle anymore.

The sword launched with Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus returned promptly, and Long Haochen next showed his formidable performance.

Demon Wiping Flash burst forth, and countless specks of light appeared out of nowhere. The skeleton was also equipped with a shield, but its greatest defect was the mediocrity of its equipment, in addition to its lacking defensive power. Assaulted by the Demon Wiping Flash, it was impossible for it to launch a powerful counterattack on the scale of Asura Strike.

After the Demon Wiping Flash ended, Long Haochen linked it up with the Holy Sword ability, which he had stored using the technique Growing Flowers Into Trees. He additionally added a dragon cry when Holy Sword was followed by an Ascending Dragon Strike.

The second skeleton’s body was instantly shattered into pieces.

This time, the training method for Asura Strike didn’t appear again in the shape of a golden ball, but it was another white glow that was instantly assimilated into Long Haochen’s body. Without a doubt, it contained twenty units of spiritual energy. The only difference was that Long Haochen naturally didn’t absorb it immediately to avoid letting its effect go to waste.

It only took a few breaths’ of time for him to get rid of two skeletons. After advancing to the sixth step of cultivation, Long Haochen’s strength clearly had gained a massive boost. Furthermore, his had been an individual battle for him, during which he smoothly got rid of two skeletons without even needing Haoyue’s assistance.

But for this same reason, he didn’t hold anything back at all. Because he didn’t have any extra worries impeding him, he put everything in his attacks, and even used both of his trump cards Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus and Growing Flowers Into Trees. This way he didn’t give the two skeleton the chance to unleash their true fighting strength.
But even so, the other members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad still saw the skeleton’s imposing strength.

Long Haochen’s current problems lay in his lack of abilities at the sixth step. Although he possessed the Inheritance Ring from his father, because he had just broken through to the sixth step a little while ago, he didn’t have the time to comprehend many abilities of the sixth step yet, let alone those belonging to Guardian Knights. To learn those, he would have to first return to the Knight Temple, but he could obviously not wait that long. Instead, he had sought Han Qian, his grandteacher, to learn them from him. Secret techniques couldn’t be lightly passed down from one to another, but ordinary ones could.

“Did everyone see this clearly?” Long Haochen turned towards his comrades, explaining the utility of the white balls of light.

One ball could increase the spiritual energy by ten! To Long Haochen’s, this was already equivalent to a long time of cultivating, and this was to say nothing of the others who didn’t have the privilege of having a physique such as the Scion of Light.

Adapting to the death energy wasn’t that hard, after all it didn’t have any offensive properties. The only hard thing to get used to was that their spiritual energy couldn’t be recovered inside the tower.

Seeing his companions give positive replies one after another, Long Haochen nodded, “If we continue going forward, the test will have us confront many opponents whose power I can’t even assess, but I will do my best to protect everyone. When we are unable to resist, we will have to escape as fast as possible. After leaving a certain range, the skeletons won’t keep attacking, and every time we leave and come back, the tests will restart with these two skeletons you just saw.”

Sima Xian made a motion with his Energetic Ball of Light, declaring, “Boss, let’s start! We are unable to wait any longer.”

Long Haochen nodded in response, “Go!” Having said this, he went to the front while the other five took their respective positions according to the battle formation they were the most used to.

Long Haochen’s advanced very slowly, taking his time, to take one step after another. He wanted to avoid a situation where many enemies appeared at once.

Proceeding forward, Long Haochen advanced vigilantly, taking roughly five steps forward before unconsciously raising his shield. With a mere light sound, a sharp-shaped spiritual energy narrowly pierced his Holy Radiant Shield. By chance, Long Haochen had just unleashed the Holy Shield ability carried by the shield, enabling him to stop this attack.

An illusory-looking figure flashed, alarming Long Haochen greatly. With a shout, he released the Wiping Demon Flash ability with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in his hand.

Right at the same time, a muffled sound came from behind Long Haochen. Wang Yuanyuan’s body tumbled back, a deep trace visible on her armor.

An assassin, that was an assassin! And he was not alone.

The large area attack Demon Wiping Flash failed to reach the opponent because he simply moved too fast.

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