Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 296

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 296: The Changes on the Tower of Eternity (II)

This life-saving act had appeased the apprehension he had towards the Tower of Eternity. It could be said that, if not for the Tower of Eternity, even if he hadn’t died, he wouldn’t have escaped the battlefield in one piece.

Nonetheless, as the key to the Tower of Eternity, the Eternal Melody was also a miraculous item. There could only be a single reason for its very high temperature, lying in the fact that t this battle caused far too many deaths. The Eternal Melody was thus constantly absorbing souls.

Long Haochen was even more astonished that even though it always kept absorbing souls, and burned at a high temperature at Long Haochen’s chest, even a powerhouse of the ninth step like Ling Xiao didn’t find out about it during the time he healed Long Haochen. This fact was certainly very strange.

The radiance spreading from Eternal Rest increased in brightness, and under Long Haochen’s control, a golden halo appeared under him.

This golden halo rapidly splitted, spreading under Cai’er, Han Yu, Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian, Lin Xin, and Chen Ying’er.

With the seven golden halos glittering in a dazzling color, eerie golden inscriptions rapidly appeared on each of them.

A gaudy white light started to spread from Long Haochen’s chest right in that instant, causing all of them to shut their eyes because of the dazzle. Nevertheless, none of them missed to see the snowflake-shaped magical array floating above their heads. Right afterwards, all light suddenly vanished from the middle of the formation, causing the seven of them to disappear without leaving a single trace behind.

No one in the Priest Temple noticed that the entire 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad disappeared from the Southern Mountains City just like that.

Including Long Haochen, every one of them felt a strange sensation, as if something was strongly compressing their bodies, causing them to be unable to move.

All of the surrounding was covered in a twisted white color, causing them to be unable to open the eyes.

Among the seven of them, the one having the most profound experience wasn’t Long Haochen, but Wang Yuanyuan.

Wang Yuanyuan was originally a rarely seen space attribute user, to whom this experience of traveling through space helped her gain a deeper comprehension about her attribute.

In fact, this kind of transportation wasn’t something that could be experienced by anyone. Generally, space attribute mages would need to reach at least the eighth step and also use extremely complicated incantations to achieve this. And even then, this method of transportation had only a limited range.

Since Wang Yuanyuan was not the instigator of this magic but relied on the connection between the Eternal Melody and the Tower of Eternity, she could wholeheartedly admire this spatial shuttling as a mere spectator. If someone had paid attention, they would have noticed a faint silver radiance being released from her, slightly twisting the space.

The whole process of transportation didn’t last long, and the radiance around them vanished in a mere dozen minutes. Everyone suddenly felt somewhat heavy, feeling the ground under their feet right after the gaudy white light disappeared.
Unconsciously opening their eyes, everyone aside from Long Haochen instantly felt an indescribable terror fill them.

The terrifying aura of death was present all around, producing an inexhaustible fear coming from the bottom of everyone’s hearts. This deathly aura inspiring despair caused their whole bodies to be drenched in sweat. As a reaction, they drew their weapons as their bodies tightened up.

Right at this time, a mild bright light spread from Long Haochen’s body.This was a simple technique: Holy Mantle.

Carrying Ripples of Light, the Holy Mantle enveloped the seven of them without difficulty, isolating them from the outside deathly aura.

When the deathly aura attacked the Holy Mantle, the Eternal Melody on Long Haochen’s chest was immediately stirred. It emanated an imposing aura that immediately caused the deathly aura to weaken. At least, it didn’t dare launch another attack against Long Haochen’s Holy Mantle.

In the memories the Slumbering Calamity Elux left for Long Haochen, the particular method for him to bring comrades here was described. He simply had to use an area ability to envelop his comrades in it, and any ability of this type was okay. This was because as such long as an ability opposed the deathly energy’s attack, it would naturally activate the Eternal Melody.

They had arrived inside of a cave, similar to the depths of the Desolate Hissing Cavern. But everyone understood well that this could not be that same Desolate Hissing Cavern, and that this place was probably not even on the same continent.

In the air, countless specters slowly hovered. After sensing their presence, these specters had immediately thrown themselves at them, full of thirst, but because of the imposing reaction of the Eternal Melody, the specters immediately spread in all directions, filled with abject fear. Scattering afar, they temporarily didn’t even dare get close to the Tower of Eternity.

The others, who were all seeing the Tower of Eternity for the very first time, had a common reaction: they were all gasping in astonishment. This was especially the case after they had seen the specters. This encounter had immediately deepened the fear in their heart.

However, they were all geniuses from the youngest elite generation of the Temple Alliance, and had in particular Long Haochen’s protection. Thus, they quickly steadied themselves from these feelings.

In truth, they weren’t the only ones to be astonished. Long Haochen was also extremely shocked, because there was an unexpected change on the Tower of Eternity that appeared before him. It now looked completely different from before.

The last time he had seen it, it had radiated a grey brilliance, and the specters had also been grey in color. But this time, Long Haochen, to his astonishment, stood in front of a Tower of Eternity which had become totally white. That’s right, no matter whether it was the tower itself or its hovering specters, it had all turned completely white. But this white color wasn’t affiliated to the light element. It was rather based on pure energy of death. Even the specters had become white, and the number of the surrounding specters had also increased by at least twofold.

Could it be that the Tower of Eternity has evolved? Long Haochen silently raised this question in his head. Concerning this situation, he could only search for the answer to this question deep inside his memories.

Because of the apprehension he felt deep inside, he chose to ignore the past memories about what happened in the Tower of Eternity since his encounter with Elux. He would also avoid to recall those memories sealed deep into his brain.

Given his intelligence, it was easy for him to find an answer. Just as he had expected, the changes on the Tower of Eternity were actually provoked by the battle that happened in the Southern Mountain’s City.

The existence and the operating process of the Tower of Eternity needed a massive quantity of souls. In the past, with some mysterious method, the Slumbering Calamity Elux had managed to solidify a massive quantity of soul energy. This method was very possibly related to his very own soul. And the Tower of Eternity’s storage of energy was also massive in itself. However, after several thousand years had passed, although the Tower of Eternity could absorb the external soul energy to a limited extent, it was greatly reduced. In particular, after being unsealed by Long Haochen, it certainly lost a certain amount of its soul energy storages.

However, after Long Haochen arrived at the Southern Mountain’s City, the souls of countless dead humans and demons were absorbed by the Eternal Melody. While thoroughly awaking the tower, it had been able to replenish itself sufficiently with energy.

In his memories, there were many profound things that Long Haochen was unable to comprehend, and even some memories that were still sealed deep inside, as if telling him that his strength was yet insufficient to examine them. However, he was still in total shock from experiencing this. Although he had very strong reservations against necromancers, he could still not help but admit that the holy necromancer, the Slumbering Calamity Elux, had been an absolute genius.

His memories told him that there were some things Elux had been especially proud of during his life. One was his control over soul energy. He gave his controlling method the name of soul circulation, and it enabled him to produce new soul energy naturally, just like the process of a male and a female giving birth to new life.

It was based on his experience from thousands of years, as well as one of the reasons why the Tower of Eternity would be able to produce such massive power. At this time, after absorbing a massive amount of soul energy, the Tower of Eternity could finally be said to have thoroughly awakened, bringing forth its true might.

“What are your first impressions guys?” Sima Xian asked the others in a low voice.

Wang Yuanyuan was still thoroughly focused on the comprehension of the previous phenomenon of spatial transportation, seriously concentrating, but Han Yu blurted out almost instantly, “Insignificant. In front of this Tower of Eternity, I really feel insignificant.”

His words gained the others’ approval, and Lin Xin remarked without reserve, “I also feel the same. I just feel as insignificant as one of the specters here, or I should say I don’t even feel as powerful as one of them. It’s really too terrifying. From this, we can imagine how powerful that Holy Necromancer had been in his era.”

Long Haochen turned around and looked at the others, “Follow me closely everyone, and never leave the range of the Holy Mantle. We are about to enter the tower.”

Everyone nodded in succession. In fact, after entering this unfamiliar world, Long Haochen was the only trustable element. Long Haochen carried Cai’er in his arms and noticed with astonishment that her body was slowly warming up. Noticing this change, he hurried to write a few words of inquiry on her hand.

To Long Haochen’s surprise, the reply Cai’er gave him was, “I really like this place. My Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Dagger of Samsara also seem to like being here. My cultivation speed should increase tremendously here.”

This reply surprised Long Haochen, but given his intelligence, he rapidly thought of a possible explanation for it. What kind of attribute did Cai’er possess? This had always been a mystery to every member of the team, and something Long Haochen never asked her about either. It was a secret she never had told him about.

If she felt good in this place, then this meant without a doubt that Cai’er’s personal attribute was related to the deathly energy surrounding the tower. Therefore, it was very likely that her attribute was also related to death and slaughter. This would also explain why she had never told him about it before.

After a short time of surprise, Long Haochen led everyone to slowly enter the Tower of Eternity.

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