Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 282

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 282: Ensnare the opponent of the seventh step

A large quantity of healing light scattered in the air, coming from the priests’ collective healing. They were trying to raise the morale of those officers and soldiers that went through a hard battle in the Southern Mountain’s City. For the moment, the demons’ advance had been stopped.

“Boss, let’s rush in and kill the enemy.” Suddenly lacking strong opponents, Sima Xian expressed a fierce unsatisfaction, his eyes gleaming with a blood-thirsty light.

Long Haochen pondered for a bit, “Advance thirty meters forward. Take a mobile formation!” Giving this order, he once again summoned his Brilliant Holy Shield, and lead his comrades forward.

A distance of thirty meter was such that they could retreat at any time. The battlefield’s situation underwent constant change, and the demons’ offense was still fierce. Since they joined the battle, the burden on their allies eased up a little. After an advance of thirty meters forward, they were bound to be attacked from all sides. They would surely attract some of the demons’ attacks, naturally reducing the pressure on the other fighters.

The group of thirteen was just like a sharp blade stabbing into the demon’s formation on the wide street. Sima Xian was at Long Haochen’s right flank. His Energetic Ball of Light had become their most suitable offensive weapon. Its powerful offensive power and the crushing effects enabled it to open up a path for them, while lower ranked demons were completely unable to stop them.

Long Haochen also took this opportunity to release a Spiritual Gathering Halo, helping his teammates to recover their spiritual energy. The group of thirteen burst out with an explosive battle strength in the midst of the enemy ranks.

At the back, Han Yu was very stable and steady. Relying on the Bright Reflection as well as the Bright Discipline Long Haochen gave him to carry out both attack and defense at the same time, though he still put his energy mostly into the defense. The rear was also very stable because it had Luc Xi as their backup. With him within their formation, they didn’t need to worry about the problem of healing. In practice, Luc Xi currently only needed to use a few buffing spells. So far, there was no need for any healing.

Long Haochen’s group was immediately welcomed by a fierce demon counterattack. The death of the Fiend Lord had intimidated the demon armies greatly, but at the same time, their armies started to view Long Haochen’s group as a dangerous opponent. Several powerhouses of the sixth and the seventh step headed in their direction, ready to face Long Haochen’s group.

After advancing for no more than thirty meters, Long Haochen immediately stopped. As the team’s core, he had to pay attention to the global situation on the battlefield. Lifting up the Brilliant Holy Sword in his hand and making use of the Saint Spiritual Stove, he immediately attracted the most powerful enemies to him. Relying on his solid defense, he didn’t give them any opportunity to threaten his teammates.

Both the 21st and the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad had previously weathered out of the demon sieges during the mission of exploring the Desolate Hissing Cavern, and thus attained a good level of coordination. More importantly, the only leader of their two teams was Long Haochen’s and all of his commands were immediately executed. Acting as a whole and letting the demons come at them, they fulfilled the order of only penetrating the enemy’s’ ranks in a range of thirty meters.


Three dark purple radiances clashed against Long Haochen’s Glorious Holy Armor. They surpassed the Holy Shield’s defense and pushed Long Haochen a few steps back. Nearby, three tall Demonic Eye Soldiers gathered their firepower for an attack against them.

Because of the great amount of demons charging at their group, the Demonic Eye Soldiers didn’t need to worry about Long Haochen’s attacks threatening them. Since all of them had ten eyes, their cultivation was at the early stages of the sixth step.

Right in front of Long Haochen arrived the assault of a demon of the sixth step It was a Golden Bladed Demon, which couldn’t compare to a Fiend Lord in strength, but his speed was even faster than the former, and it also was exceptionally crafty. When Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove was activated, it would immediately draw back, not giving them the opportunity of launching a group attack. In a situation where Long Haochen couldn’t take too many risks, he didn’t have many options to deal with this kind of enemy either.

Aside from the Golden Dual Bladed Demon, Long Haochen confronted an even bigger threat that came from the air. It was an extremely huge Dual Headed Devil Eagle, which occasionally swooped down at them and uninterruptedly launched darkness and fire dual-elemented magic.

The greatest part of Long Haochen’s attention was directed at this Dual Headed Devil Eagle. Every time it launched an attack, he would immediately use the Saint Spiritual Stove in order to make himself its target.

This way, he was the target of one opponent of the seventh step and four demon powerhouses of the sixth step. Even with Long Haochen’s strength, he had some difficulties to resist those attacks. But under such enormous pressure, the strength Long Haochen displayed was especially spectacular. In the eyes of his teammates, he was just like an unwavering fort. None of the enemies’ attacks could make him fall or retreat.

The defensive power of the Brilliant Holy Shield and the Brilliant Set was displayed to its fullest by Long Haochen. Occasionally, when the shield wouldn’t make it in time to defend, he would use his own body to resist the enemies’ attacks. Being defensive spells of the sixth step, the two additional abilities on his equipment were extremely effective This enabled him to actually stand straight, not even falling back in the slightest.

Long Haochen’s speed of reaction had been trained in the owl-ants’ cave. Thus, even when the danger was very close, he still reacted reflexively, being surrounded by a golden glow. With very little movement, he was the one to sustain the opponent’s’ most powerful attacks.

Of course, if he had been just by himself, he would have surely been unable to resist against so many powerful attacks. But at his back, his teammates were providing him with a strong support. Haoyue’s three heads divided the work, with Little Flame and Little Green launching attacks against the especially powerful Dual-Headed Devil Eagle in the air, rendering him unable to launch full strength attacks against Long Haochen. And Little Light used one boosting spell after another and continuously launched elemental shields for Long Haochen.

Other than Haoyue, he also had Yating’s formidable support.

In fact, Long Haochen had the Glorious Set’s bonus ability to economize his spiritual energy, but still he kept using Holy Shield and Holy Spirit Guard almost without pause. His total amount of spiritual energy was only about 4,000 units strong, but he seemed to never be out of energy. Using one formidable ability after another, he didn’t seem to be even close to exhaustion.

Using Yating’s support, Long Haochen’s ordinary attacks occasionally became tyrannical ones, like Holy Sword combined with Shining Sunlight Strike. This enabled him to not only defend against the five great enemies, but also to occasionally dispose of some of the middle and lower ranked demons.

Luc Xi started to use his healing magic, mainly aiming at his comrades from the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad. This wasn’t because he was biased, but because the seven members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad didn’t suffer any injuries. Even if any of them suffered damage, it would be equally shared among the seven of them through the Soul Linking Chains. As long as Long Haochen stayed unwavering like that, the enemies almost didn’t have any possibility of wounding any of his teammates.

In the rear, Han Yu’s performance was remarkable. Using the Bright Reflection along with the Bright Discipline with great mastery. The addition of the two pieces of equipment at the Glorious Tier made him like a tiger that had grown wings. He was now even able to momentarily resist enemies at the sixth step. After all, he was a pure Guardian Knight. Except from the cultivation and the technical aspect, which he couldn’t compare with, he wasn’t much weaker than Long Haochen on other defensive aspects.

The Southern Mountain’s City was very huge, and because of the demons’ invasion, the battlefield encompassed the whole area. Long Haochen’s position was in the central area of the city. Soon their allied forces would probably take attention of their activity.

In this area, the strongest demons were all at the seventh step, but similarly, on the human side, the strongest powerhouses were also at most at the seventh step. Maybe powerhouses of the eighth step and above had discussed this in advance, but they didn’t appear at this side of the battle. Of course perspicacious people would know that for a powerhouse at the eighth step, the all-out battle that happened above ground was a lot more crucial. If one side gained the absolute superiority in the air, that would mean the end of the war.

The overwhelming majority of the demons they encountered during the street battles ranked between the third and the seventh step. After Long Haochen’s team had already disposed of several demons at the sixth step or above, how could the other fighters of the Alliance not pay attention to their group? Moreover, they were holding their ground against several demon powerhouses over the fifth and the sixth step. What a powerful Demon Hunt Squad! Could they already be at the commander rank? These doubts appeared in many people’s minds. However, if they really were a commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, why did none of them use wings condensed out of spiritual energy?

Of course, given the enormous pressure he was currently facing, Long Haochen didn’t know that their allies were moved to this extent. Under this much strain, his potential was squeezed out one bit after another, but his consumption of spiritual energy was also massive.

Their situation had to take a turn for the better soon, or his spiritual energy would be completely depleted sooner or later.

Should we retreat? If they drew back, the pressure on them would be lightened, but if they retreated just like that, wouldn’t it make all their past struggles meaningless? The pressure on their allies would rise again. If only the enemy forces were a bit lower in quantity, this would be for the best.

Although the Dual Headed Devil Eagle in the air was loathsome, it was in the end only a single enemy. If Long Haochen would be able to concentrate his attention completely on him, even if he couldn’t beat him, he could at least guarantee that his teammates wouldn’t suffer his attacks. But the most detestable enemies were the three distant ten-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers. Their offensive strength wasn’t formidable, but when the three of them cooperated together, it was enough to surpass the defense of Long Haochen’s Holy Shield ability. He would then need to make use of Divine Obstruction to block it, only barely diffusing it. They managed to pressure him to the extent that Long Haochen’s response became more and more strenuous.

Although Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian had some ideas of rushing out to handle those enemies, they still refrained from taking action. If they really aimed at them with their current strength, even if they managed to wound the three Demonic Eye Soldiers seriously, they would probably not make it back alive. This was the reason why Long Haochen gave everyone the order to stay in formation. As long as they kept their formation, they would be able to bear the high pressure inflicted by the demon forces.

What should we do? Should we just renounce our past efforts? At this time, the pressure suddenly lessened, as in the air, five silhouettes rushed over like bolts of lightning. Without hesitation they were aiming precisely at the location of those three Demonic Eye Soldiers.

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