Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 279

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 279: Bloody Battle In the Southern Mountain Pass (I)

Luc Xi wrinkled his brows, reacting, “Sirs, I’m afraid this would be no good. If our four Demon Hunt Squads enter the city together, this would make us a group of more than twenty people. Such a huge target would very possibly attract strong enemies.”

Yang Wenzhao smiled at him, “Brother Luc is right, but us acting together doesn’t mean we would have to stick close to each other. It would be only about everyone watching each other’s back.”

Seeing that the other Demon Hunt Squads already entered the town, Long Haochen hurried to say, “Let’s just enter the town together. When running into danger, we can notify each other through by whistling. This will allow us to mutually defend each other. Take out your equipment!” The last words were directed at his companions.

Under the dumbstruck stares of the other three Demon Hunt Squads, a magnificent change immediately happened with the seven of them, who were originally clad in simple attire. With seven bursts of spiritual energy fluctuations, one after another took out their Glorious Tier Equipment.

The one who gave the others the greatest shock was naturally Long Haochen himself. Being clad in the dark golden Glorious Armor, while carrying the Glorious Holy Shield and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, that originally released an intense brilliance, he was simply too imposing. The three pieces of Glorious Tier Equipment put on him gave people an incomparable shock, especially after the Glorious Armor was combined with the Glorious Holy Shield, emanating a faint dark golden gloss covering Haochen’s whole body. This was the set bonus that was supplementary when using the armor and shield as a whole.

After taking out four pieces of equipment of the Glorious Tier by himself, Long Haochen immediately gave Bright Discipline to Han Yu.

All of the other six members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad, other than Chen Ying’er who hugged McDull and didn’t take out any particular equipment, each had at least one piece of equipment at the Glorious Tier.

As members of the other newly formed Demon Hunt Squads, seeing the equipment on Long Haochen’s group, who out of them wouldn’t be totally jealous? Yang Wenzhao swallowed his saliva in envy, while throbbing in pain deep inside, thinking about the great opportunity to gain contribution points they had missed the other day. What a shame, this was really a great shame!

Long Haochen also realized how much they stood out, but during the chaotic situation within the Southern City’s Mountain Pass, their priority wasn’t the number of killed enemies, but the surviving on such a disorderly battlefield. How could he convince his teammates to hold back in such a situation.

“Let’s go, to the town!”

The four teams rapidly entered the city, though Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi didn’t express their compliance. But at the same time, they still chose to follow Long Haochen’s directive, though they didn’t look as subordinate as Luc Xi.

Yang Wenzhao’s and Duan Yi’s Demon Hunt Squads kept their original formation, but Luc Xi’s 22nd Demon Hunt Squad immediately fused in the 21st Demon Hunt Squad’s formation.

The Shield Warrior Dian Yan stood in the front, directly positioning himself at Long Haochen’s flank, while Li Xin covered his other flank. Luc Xi, Bai Xiaomo and Yi Jun naturally took positions in the middle of the formation, since with Li Xin and Dian Yi’s addition, their formation became large enough for them to enter. The assassin Han Daosi stayed in the rear, clearly matching with Han Yu’s defense of their backs.

Long Haochen was in the front, with Cai’er on his back again. Originally, Long Haochen had planned on having her be covered with his Glorious Holy Armor, but Cai’er expressed her fierce refusal. She finally only agreed to have Long Haochen carry her on his back above his armor. Although she had lost four of her senses, as the Saint Daughter of Samsara, she didn’t completely lose all fighting capability, especially after the growth of her Spiritual Stove of Samsara.

Thus, Cai’er calmly attached herself to Long Haochen’s back, as if she was totally weightless. Her pair of legs curled around Long Haochen’s waist and her hands holding on to his neck, she did her utmost to avoid affecting Long Haochen’s movements.

Although knights and assassins were a great match on the battlefield, this was the first time other Demon Hunt Squads saw something like that. Nonetheless, who would go questioning them? They had all seen Cai’er’s strength before. If not for her display of power, it was difficult to say whether their Demon Hunt Squad would still have gotten the first place during the team competition.

After entering the Southern City’s Mountain Pass, Long Haochen unconsciously raised his head, looking at the sky.

At this time, a marvellous scene appeared. Elegant brilliances twisted violently in the sky, just like countless resplendent fireworks bursting in succession.

Of course, this wasn’t fireworks, but the most intense region of the battle. The true super powerhouses of both sides were fighting up there, and although the situation could not be seen clearly, Long Haochen vaguely felt that Han Qian’s group arrived there in time. The situation in the sky should thus at last be considered to be settled . At least for the time being, the Temple Alliance’s side should still be able to hold their ground against the enemy.

In the end, since they came from the rear of Southern City’s Mountain Pass, the demons hadn’t made that much of an advance yet. But as a whole, the city felt gloomy and desolate. Not a single civilian appeared in the streets, with the reinforcement group filling the streets after having arrived in the city. From a distance, numerous houses could be seen burning in the chaos. The air was filled with a mixture of the burnt smell of wood along with the smell of blood. The stink gave them a nauseous feeling.

After Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi led their teams inside the city, they immediately fanned out to the sides. Staying a little behind, they kept a supporting position to Long Haochen’s group. Currently, they felt somewhat hesitant, because no matter what, Luc Xi’s team had not only already advanced to the general grade, but also completely merged into Long Haochen’s team as a whole. In other words they had matched each other perfectly, forming a brand new complete team. It could even be said that they had become subordinated to Long Haochen’s 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad. This was already not a simple matter of mutual trust anymore.

Long Haochen summoned Haoyue and had him stay in the center of the team. Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin were naturally seated on Haoyue’s back, but Luc Xi’s group didn’t have such a good treatment. They also felt a bit afraid when standing close to Haoyue’s side.

As everyone kept going forward, the reek of blood also grew more and more intense. But when they truly saw the situation on the battlefield, they couldn’t help but shiver in response, not out of fear, but as an unconscious reaction coming from their soul.

The situation was really too bitter.

Every battle in front of them was challenging and cruel, especially since neither side would possibly yield. The battle had to last until there would only remain one side left.

The demon army had a natural advantage, regardless of whether it was in the sky or on the ground. Occupying at least seven tenths of the area, they filled the entire range of the Southern City’s Mountain Pass with their armies, blotting the sky and covering the earth with their troops.

The soldiers from the Alliance were a lot fewer, but used their entire bodies and even their teeth to fiercely withstand the demon army’s invasion.

The battlefield was filled with a concentrated reek of blood. Whether it was on the ground or in the sky, the blood flowing everywhere gave a moist feeling to the air.

Dense fluctuations of spiritual energy were all around, as magic was stirred up endlessly. Destroyed limbs could be seen falling down from the sky regularly. In the midst of shouts and screams, the sad calls of the people that were at death’s doors didn’t miss to shock them completely.

In the midst of such an atmosphere, everyone, including even the calm Long Haochen and Sima Xian who had the most fighting intent, slowly became completely red in the eyes. Their terror was totally dispersed by the frantic killing intent that rushed forth.

The losing of one’s head and stirring up of one’s blood needed a particular atmosphere, but in this very moment, the atmosphere in this place already reached this level.

“Forward!” Long Haochen shouted. Taking the lead, he rushed forward in big strides, but as the captain, he still kept his rationality even at such times, “Be careful to stay in formation everyone.”

Currently, he could only come up with this much instructions.

“Puff” A human soldier’s body was torn to shreds by a Bloodthirsty Berserk Demon. In the midst of his blood and organs spreading everywhere, a little gap had appeared in the humans’ defensive line. Four or five Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons of the Nubo Clan took advantage of this opportunity to charge in.

Long Haochen’s choice to cut into the battlefield coincided exactly with this moment, when their defense was just on the verge of destruction. In case the enemy broke through the formation, this could very possibly lead to an irreversible situation.

Using his speed and putting his strength in his feet, Long Haochen launched a Charge with big strides. Meanwhile, with an illumination of bright light, Yating appeared, floating above his shoulder.

Golden halos rippled around Long Haochen’s feet, and Halo of Faith, Guardian’s Favor and Imposing Halo immediately enveloped all the members of the 21st and the 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons were among the demons who were most frantic during battles. Eyeing Long Haochen who rushed at him, the one that had just lacerated the human soldier immediately howled, launching his sharp limbs at Long Haochen to welcome him.

Bang. The Glorious Holy Shield’s supplementary ability Holy Shield ability was launched along with Long Haochen’s shield’s backlash. This newly-obtained Glorious Tier Equipment illuminated the entire surroundings.

A fixed white glow appeared on the surface of the shield, transforming into a massive hexagon made out of divine light, and Long Haochen’s Charge abruptly turned into Assault. With a loud bang, it clashed against the Bloodthirsty Berserk Demon.

The Bloodthirsty Berserk Demon’s massive body was suddenly sent flying, knocking against a couple of other Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons behind him. At this time, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light carried a radiant gloss in Long Haochen’s hand, enveloping those Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons with the Demon Wiping Flash.

With an ear-piercing sound, Demon Wiping Flash carried a formidable penetrative power inherited from Ripples of Light. Those Bloodthirsty Berserk Demons were completely unable to dodge such a fast attack, and ended up as mere targets of the Demon Wiping Flash. Soon, blood and other fluids terupted from their bodies.

And don’t forget, Long Haochen wasn’t alone during this battle. Intersecting a golden red-colored Instant Blast Cross Cut, the knight riding the Rose Unicorn from hell appeared and Li Xin’s pair of flaming swords filled with holy spiritual energy burst out on the battlefield.

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