Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 277

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 277: Exchange, Glorious Grade (II)

Han Yu said, “I bought a shield at the Glorious Tier, called Absolute Reflection, able to launch a three-layered light elemental shield. Its defensive power even surpasses Divine Obstruction, and enables the user to deflect the magic shot at it. I haven’t bought anything else aside from this. I spent a total of 11,000 contribution points”

Now came Sima Xian’s turn, “Boss, I may have bought a bit too much, please don’t blame me! You were right, I cannot keep on wearing the magical robe of a priest, so I bought an armor to cover the upper half of my body. It is called Holy Power, and can increase my external spiritual energy by a thousand while possessing a Prolonging ability, which can extend the duration of all physical abilities. This is very helpful for my Madness mode. And I changed my weapon, take a look. This new weapon almost took up the whole space of my storage ring, hehe. ”

As he said this, he smiled very satisfied. With a golden flash on his hand, an intense light broke out in the surrounding, and a massive object appeared in his hands.

This item was truly extreme. Looking at him, even Long Haochen’s eyes were wide open, as he murmured, “This is too violent!”

Sima Xian replied with a laugh, “Boss, I am walking on the path of violence! With my external spiritual energy being naturally greater than that of ordinary people, and further adding this Holy Power that increases my external energy by a thousand, not using this kind of weapon would be a shame.”

The weapon in his hand was indeed particular. Simply said, it was an enormous metallic ball.

This item didn’t have any gaudy aspect, having a diameter of one meter. This elemental ball was extremely glossy, distributing concentrated fluctuations of light. Even with a physique such as Sima Xian’s, carrying it was visibly strenuous. Although he didn’t know which material this was made off, it should at least weigh five hundred kilograms.

Sima Xian proudly introduced his new partner, “This weapon is called Energetic Light Ball, and to be frank, my luck was pretty good. Because no one needed this item, I got it for a low cost, only spending 16,000 contribution points for it. In fact, it is plated with a layer of refined gold, and reaches the absolute peak of equipment at the Glorious Tier. Other pieces of equipment of this level would cost at least 30,000 contribution points. My Energetic Light Ball carries a supplementary ability called Crush. It’s just that I haven’t tried out this ability yet, but the Energetic Light Ball’s core is said to be the magical crystal of a magical beast of the seventh step. I bought it from the officials at the Transaction Center, and have been told there that if this magical crystal was exchanged for one at the eighth step, this Energetic Light Ball would immediately reach the realm of Legendary Equipment. If enough refined gold is added to it, it would be even possible to have it reach the peak of the Legendary Tier.”

Carefully glancing at this enormous golden ball, they discovered that on the outside it had a grip and a golden over ten meters long chain, which looked as thick as Sima Xian’s arm.

Long Haochen couldn’t help but ask, “Is this the enlarged version of a Meteor Hammer?”

Sima Xian said with a smile, “Pretty much. I thought this chain was shorter, but my current strength is at least sufficient. After my cultivation improves, I will definitely be able to exploit this thing’s power even better. Right when I saw this, I immediately fell in deep love and decided that this will become my lifelong equipment, that I will try to upgrade along with my strength in the future.”

On the side, Han Yu patted on his own forehead, “Sima, whenever we meet other people never tell anyone that you are from the Priest Temple, otherwise, they will surely mock you. And better never bring this thing with you when you go to the Priest Temple to study new magic.”

Sima Xian snorted, “I never made the Priest Temple lose face, what should I be afraid of? Maybe in the future, the Priest Temple will consider me as its pride.” Saying this, he tossed down the golden ball in his hand. Although it was only at a distance of a third of a meter from the ground, when coming in contact with it, it left cracks on the floor below.

Long Haochen asked, “And that’s it? Is that all for the equipment you bought for yourselves?”

“Right, that’s all for our own equipment.” The other five replied in unison.

Long Haochen gave a puzzled reply, “This can’t be! Although this increased the strength of each of you, it doesn’t even make a total of 100,000 contribution points. Didn’t we have 160,000 contribution points left to spend? And with the considerable amount of pills Lin Xin sold, shouldn’t there be a large excess of contribution points? Keeping too many contribution points is useless, we’d better exchange them to increase our military strength.”

The five of them mysteriously looked at each other, brimming with large smiles.

Lin Xin proudly replied, “Boss, we knew you’d say this. Of course, we know that there would be no use in keeping too many contribution points. What we introduced was the equipment we bought for ourselves, but we have yet to speak about what we bought for you.”

“Me?” Long Haochen started, revealing a pouting smile to the others, “You…”

Han Yu was the first to reply, “Captain, we all saw you hang around in the Transaction Center; you have only been spending contribution points to buy two pieces of equipment for our vice-captain, but what about yourself? We understand that you hope to save contribution points to be used by us, but have you thought of your position as the team’s core, its cornerstone at all? Having your strength increase is the best way to ensure our team’s safety in times of battle. This is not selfishness but a necessity. Thus, we took the initiative to buy three pieces of equipment for you.”

Saying this, Han Yu’s hand glinted golden, and an odd heavy sword appeared in Long Haochen’s hand.

This heavy sword was similar to the Holy Spirit Sword in length, about a meter and a third, but was a bit wider than the former. On the main part were two groups of four engravings, extending to the handle, and in those, a dragon-shaped pattern was embedded. It didn’t have any gem inlaid inside, but when this heavy sword was drawn, the air in the whole villa seemed to be completely shaken. A dense killing intent radiated from it. Surely, a body pierced with such a huge bloodthirst would be bound to die from its effect?

Han Yu said in a serious tone, “This sword is called Bright Discipline and costed 16,000 contribution points. Like Sima’s Energetic Ball of Light, it was underpriced, because the requirements for its use are very particular, so ordinary people don’t have the capability to use it. It requires the user to be of the light attribute, and his innate internal spiritual energy to exceed seventy.

It is said that this Bright Discipline was handed down from a powerful Retribution Knight, but collected dust for a long time in the Transaction Center. After all, knights whose innate internal spiritual energy is over seventy are just too rare. It is able to launch Instant Holy Sword: though the consumption of spiritual energy will be the same as with normal swords, it will break out instantly. It also carries the Soul Absorption ability. It will return ten units of spiritual energy after it was turned into holy spiritual energy back to the user whenever an enemy is hit.”

“A good sword.” Long Haochen blurted out almost unconsciously. Perhaps this Bright Discipline couldn’t compare with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, but it was of high quality, and the two abilities it carried were really practical. Instant Holy Sword, although with the same consumption, enabled him to use a fighting ability of the fifth step to be used instantly. This would be as useful as one may imagine on the battlefield. As for that Soul Absorption ability, it seemed to be fitting crowd battles, especially while fighting lower ranked demons. Killing one enabled the user to absorb ten units of spiritual energy, and when confronting Dual Bladed Demons, it was possible for Long Haochen to reach a dozen of those enemies with a single Demon Wiping Flash or regular Lightning Thrust! This would undoubtedly raise their ability to last on the battlefield. 16,000 contribution was a really cheap price for such a treasure.

Han Yu revealed a smile, “When Captain finds an even better weapon, this sword can be passed to me to use it, so it is killing two birds with one stone.”

Long Haochen was about to thank them, when Wang Yuanyuan’s hand also flashed with light, and a 0.6 meter long shield appeared in her hands.

“This is the Holy Radiant Shield, possessing the Holy Shield ability. Although it has only a single ability, Holy Radiant Shield’s ability is of the sixth step and perfect for Guardian Knights like you. Just like Bright Discipline, Holy Shield will need to consume spiritual energy to activate instantly. Its consumption is rather high, needing 300 units of spiritual energy for one use, but it lasts for ten minutes.”

Lin Xin extended his right hand, and a brilliance appeared once again extending on the floor in front of him. Along with a helmet, an entire armor appeared in front of Long Haochen.

This armor was entirely dark golden in color, decorated with simple designs. Although it was eye-catching, this armor already possessed a majestic look when left on the ground by itself.

“The Brilliant Holy Armor forms a set of two items along with the former shield, enabling one to use the Guardian Knight ability Holy Spirit Guard, which is of the sixth step. Like for the other two pieces of equipment, it will be instantly launched, consuming 300 units every time. Those two come as a set, and give you a set bonus called Brilliant Command when used together, reducing the consumption of spiritual energy of those two pieces of equipment by a third, while raising its efficiency by a third.”

A high quality item! These three items of the Glorious Tier could be described as equipment of the highest quality. This Glorious Set carried defensive abilities of the sixth step, making it a first rate item even when used by a Radiant Knight of the sixth step. And there was this practical set bonus. After receiving those three pieces of equipment, Long Haochen was now armed to the teeth. When acting as a defensive knight, his defensive power would reach completely new bounds, making it so that even without having broken through yet, he could already be regarded as a Guardian Knight of the Radiant Knight level.

“You…” Long Haochen’s gaze was warm; regardless of how talented he and how good his self-control was, he was still just a fifteen year-old youth. Facing his teammates that were so thoughtful of him, how could he not be moved?

Wang Yuanyuan was the first to react, “Captain, there’s no need for words of politeness between us. We are comrades from the same team, whose core is you. Without you, we couldn’t even have made it back alive from the demon territory. Your strength is our team’s strength. Raising your strength will give us the best chances of survival when confronting powerful enemies.”

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    EDIT: The reason I brought that offensive potential up is the contrast against the average team which has one ‘tank’ of limited offensive potential [Guardian Knight without Ripples of Light or a Shield Warrior] and a Priest. That places their offensive potential at around 4 members IF the Summoner has had time to bring out their best. [I get the impression McDull is somewhat unique in his willingness to stay with his contracted partner, and his ability to transform allows him to be a solid battle asset according to the needs of the situation, limited by the crystals available.]

    That’s 3/4 to 5[not burning a crystal to transform the pig]/6

    • Jonathan Hurd

      It feels like they are saving his breaking through to the sixth step. My personal bet is a battle finally unlocks his potential.

      Gotta admit though I really want to see the enemies face when they see Sima Xian Swinging that giant ball and chain at them. Heck LHC’s team is probably the most scary one there is. Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan’s weaponry, the piggy that can transform into a black dragon, Cai’er and her killing intent, Hao Yu and his aura, and the sheer amount of light element LHC can give off. If they don’t make some demons run after peeing their pants I don’t know what will.

      • Luke Confidential

        I want to see the other SQUADS pee their pants.

        • Jonathan Hurd

          You and me both…. You and me both…

          • Luke Confidential

            Especially Yang Wenzhao when he sees that even Han Yu has left him in the dust [and even the Rose Unicorn Retribution Knight from the competition has- at least for this moment- caught up to him. I don’t see Yang Wenzhao being much more than 1k Internal Spiritual Energy over the entrypoint of the 5th step]

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Is it just me or does it feel like LHC is starting to form his own subordinate demon hunt squads under him with each new mission. The first time he roped in the 4th Soldier and showed them the greatness of LHC. This time he has a chance to impress the 8th General Grade…. I wonder how long it takes for Yang Whenzhao and Duan Yi to just give up and say “we can’t beat you so let us join you please!”

          • Robin

            You could be right. Now the others learnt that the 4th soldier grade DHS is also a general grade one (via the carriages number) and the only possible explanation for that is Haochen. Just imagine how envious they will be. And what would be the natural result? They will probably flock around him to get some boni. Adding the 8th general grad DHS in, which probably will also stay close to them, we already have 4 following DHS with at least one completely subordinating to Haochen.
            And imagine the masses of life energy Haochen will be able to absorb during a battle of those dimensions when 42 DHSs start to slaughter enemies. Eternal Melody will be able to consume a lot and Elux and the tower will gain strength. Also Haoyue will probably be able to eat a lot of demon crystals again. This could improve their evolution greatly.

      • Luke Confidential

        You raise a VERY interesting point about the Light Element though… this squad has three [and a half, Little Light says hi] Light Element users all of whom have over 80 Innate Spiritual Energy and [except for Little Light] Ripples of Light.

        That’s got to be fucking terrifying for demons.

  • Luke Confidential

    So we know ripples of light dramatically amplifies cutting power.

    What does it do with a blunt force? Shattering vibrations?

    • Jonathan Hurd

      Well it also was said it can increase durability of things too. LHC was able to make a Light Mantle a 3rd step spell have the durability of an Elemental Shield a 5th step spell. So if applied to a blunt surface even if it can’t increase the piercing it can probably make the spiritual energy more durable. For example if Sima Xian covers his new Meteor Hammer in it then it would probably be harder to absorb or disperse the energy on the hammer. Also being put so close to those fluctuations of Spiritual Energy could probably cause damage in itself since the human body is made mostly of water and vibrations travel very well through water. I don’t know about demons, but I would assume that their general composition would not be too much different considering they are converted humans and beasts.

  • Luke Confidential

    So it just occurred to me…

    …how desperate must the demons have been for supplies to have intended to trade a LIGHT ELEMENT spiritual stove to the Temple Alliance?

    Light is their biggest weakness right? Not only that, but it’s the element that powers a full 1/3rds [and a bit of the rest] of the vocations in the Alliance, meaning it has the single greatest pool to pull from to find the most worthy wielder.

    • Jonathan Hurd

      Well remembering the sheer amount of starvation that happened after LHC and the rest burned those supply wagons and stole the fairy, they were pretty extremely desperate.

      I don’t think the demons were happy with the idea of trading it, but what choice do they have? Its not like they can return human hostages they need those for farming and they have nothing else that humans can want. Might as well give the Humans something that is completely useless to the demons even if it can be turned back at them.

      • Evilage

        Wait i thought they were gonna use that stove to flush out haoyue since a while after they took the stove the DGE tried personally came in order to see if haoyue was really there

        • Jonathan Hurd

          I think they were still trying to report back to the Demon God Emperor while the Caravan was already on its way. From how the Demon God Emperor acts as well its pretty clear that he doesn’t need to lower himself to negotiating especially if the Demon God Slayers weren’t there.

  • Sean Kai

    Just caught up. I was wondering how often is SYWZ updated excluding sponsored chapters?

    • Robin

      Every 2 to 3 days a new standard chapter will be out. Sponsored ones come within 24h. Afterwards, the normal rythm continues as usual. If a chapter is sponsored on the release day of a standard chap, the standard one will come first and the sponsored one the day after.
      The schedule should stay the same but since Totobro is in China right now, there is a different release rythm cause of the 7h time difference. 😉

  • Sarlisark

    A completely urelated question, but why is there no archery/ranger temple or sth like that? If you consider that even a kind of rare job like summoner is included, why not the typical job of any RPG? From my experience normal jobs are:warrior, ranger,mage and priest. sometimes aided by a holy warrior(knight or Paladin).
    Also with stuff like eqipement and skills they should be able to concote some kind of archery skills?
    So you have an idea why archers are not included? Besides a dislike or wimp of the author?

    • Oddmoonlight

      Ammo problems, warrior side skill, elf exclusive?

    • Jonathan Hurd

      I would personally say they’re not included because mages do that job. I mean even if we assume you could eventually launch three arrows or more at a time that hardly compares to the aoe spells a mage could throw out. Add in the sheer overwhelming numbers that the demons have and the humans need every physically able person to help block their advance and guard the squishes. Those are the reasons I can come up with.

    • Robin

      Yep, the mages are the equivalent of archers. Remember the big battle at exorcist mountain pass? Cai’er’s mother led the magicians to bombard the demons with wide-reaching AOE attacks from the city walls. This was a typical attack usually reserved to archers. Since Li Xin is simply unable to attack in general, we only didn’t see much of this in a DHS battle yet.

      • Sarlisark

        hm adding to that the fact, that stuff like single target skills (precision archery) would be kind of useless in a war of this kind, if they are not able to accurately kill comanders from a distance without it beeing blocked.
        I believe the fact that the war needs people with sprittual energy(and the number of such people) could also be a problem,
        thanks a lot, i was just wondering

  • j brown

    i reeeeeeally hope shit happens and LHC has to use necromancy cause i think everyone wants to see that shit go down

    • Jonathan Hurd

      If the author taught LHC necromancy just so he could never use it… That is the biggest tease in any story I have ever read…. My hat would be off to him, but I would still be crying in the corner…

      • Leela

        Nicely said. So would I.

  • Stark

    Why did they get him another weapon when has Blue Rain? Seriously wtf.

    • Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus requires him to throw it, so it’s not necessarily a bad choice..

      • Stark

        Oh, I thought it was just a thrusting attack, It wasn’t made particularly clear that he throws it.

    • A friend…

      Would you use an hammer to crush an ant ? And also blue rain is just op so it also has almost no margin of error … in a crowd battle most powerful wepon isn’t necessarily the most practical one .

    • That now acts as his dual blades, guess he needed a good gaurdian set up

  • A friend…

    Thanks for the story and translation.