Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 273

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 273: Collective training behind closed doors (I)

The words ‘necromancer’ gave too great a shock to everyone from this 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad; their faces seemed to be completely filled with surprise.

Long Haochen released a Holy Mantle, isolating the room from the external world. Inside this safe area, he told them about the true details about his experiences inside the Tower of Eternity. Since he already made this decision, he didn’t conceal anything from them.

This whole process didn’t take long: in less than half an hour’s time Long Haochen told them everything that really happened inside the Desolate hissing Cavern, including the most minute details.

In this quiet villa isolated from the external sounds, Long Haochen’s story not only brought them a lot of surprises, but also widened their horizons. The little detail about this Holy Necromancer Elux actually turning out to possess the holy light element caused them to be in a state of utter shock.

How could necromancers be affiliated with the holy light element?

Long Haochen stayed silent after telling his story. He knew that his comrades would need some time to digest it.

After nearly a quarter of an hour, Lin Xin finally asked in an insipid voice, “Boss, are you planning on carrying on this necromancer’s inheritance?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “Of course not. Regardless of whichever attribute they use, they are in the end necromancers, that formerly brought this great calamity to humanity. If not for them, we wouldn’t be having such difficulties to confront the demon race. How could I accept to learn the abilities used by those necromancers?”

“Boss, I think those words may be wrong.” Sima Xian continued, “Bad deeds are committed by people and aren’t related to their abilities. Even our current abilities could be used to kill people, couldn’t they? Necromancers were an evil group, but if their abilities could be used for the right thing too. For example to handle demons, I believe that there would be nothing wrong with that. Since this Holy Necromancer chose you as his successor, I believe you shouldn’t let such a good occasion slip by. As long as it can help us exterminate the demons, what’s the problem?”

“We can’t.” Han Yu eagerly intercepted, “Sima, don’t come up with such a rotten idea. Although what you said makes sense, necromancers are in the end completely rejected by our Alliance. If Captain were to learn necromancy… the Alliance would definitely not accept it. Captain is the Scion of Light! The future hope of our Knight Temple lies with him. He will inevitably become a Divine Knight in the future. Don’t tell me you believe that Divine Knights could be weaker than necromancers?”

Chen Ying’er’s mouth twitched, “How about just not letting the Alliance know about it? I don’t see any problem with having one more asset to our strength.”

Like it could be rarely seen, Wang Yuanyuan opposed to this idea, “I agree with Han Yu. After all, we are living in the Alliance, and with captain’s dispositions, not learning necromancy won’t affect his future growth so we should rather not take risks.”

Two against two. All looks unawarely wandered in Lin Xin’s direction.

“Don’t look at me, I’m neutral on the subject. I’ll just support Captain in his choice whatever it is.” Lin Xin spread out his hands with an indifferent face.

Long Haochen kept calm, listening to his comrades’ words. Inwardly, he thought that even if there was some approval and some opposition, this was after all about whether to learn necromancy or not, and so far there wasn’t any extreme opposition to necromancy itself.

“Don’t worry everyone. Just like Han Yu said, I believe that the path of becoming a Divine Knight wouldn’t necessarily be inferior to that of a necromancer. I just don’t plan to learn it for now. The reason why I told you about this Tower of Eternity was to tell you that regardless of whether necromancy is learned or not, the Tower of Eternity is an exceptionally good training place. The technique I used to kill the Fiend Commander of the sixth step and to defeat the fifth brother is called Asura Strike. It is a skill that I got during my first test in there, after defeating a skeleton. And those tests will be of great benefit to our spiritual energy’s progress.Using the Tower of Eternity will help us increase our pace of progress to the sixth step enormously.”

Hearing these words, the five of them looked at each other. They were excited from the depths of their hearts when they heard this and their reservations slowly melted.

How could they feel fear about the fact that the Tower of Eternity was closely related to the necromancers and not take advantage? Its tests offered many ways to improve one’s strength. If it had been someone other than Haochen, or even themselves, would they have possibly shared this secret with others? Everyone was unable to give a definite answer to this question, but Long Haochen had shared all of it. How couldn’t they feel moved by such a selfless act from him?

Sima Xian was usually straightforward, and very direct with his words, “Boss, we are really lucky to have such a captain as you. Rest at ease, the secret of the Tower of Eternity will be sure to remain among us. We won’t tell anyone, even our own masters.”

The others nodded with resolution . The Tower of Eternity had become their collective secret. They were determined to make sure that this secret would forever be kept.

Long Haochen smiled in response, “Okay, since things are like this, let us set the training in the Tower of Eternity as our primary goal. However, before this, everyone’s strength will need to be raised as much as possible. The first floor of the Tower of Eternity is already directed at powerhouses of the sixth step, and although we are forming a team, it’s still hard to tell which challenges we will be meeting. For your own safety, we should at least let your strength progress first.”

“Yuanyuan, you will go to the Transaction Center buy seven Holy Spirit Pills that can increase our spiritual energy by 1,000 in ten days. You will all take one, and during the subsequent period, everyone is to approach the progress of their respective spiritual energy in consideration of their faculty of understanding, to make it really become a part of your strength. We have enough contribution points, so everyone should at least buy two pieces of equipment at the Glorious Tier. After your equipment is improved, we will finally be ready to enter the Tower of Eternity to start our training. As for the rest, it will depend on the results we obtain inside the Tower.”

Lin Xin looked anxious, “Boss, aren’t pieces of Glorious Tier Equipment a bit too expensive? Even the most average ones are worth 5,000 contribution points!”

Long Haochen chuckled in response, “What a money grubber you are! Although Glorious Equipment is quite costly, its effects are a lot stronger than Spiritual Tier equipment. If we can raise to the sixth step, Spiritual Tier Equipment will be of limited use to us. But, we’ll be able to use Glorious Tier Equipement at least until the seventh step. Although our finances don’t allow us to be equipped entirely, it should be okay to get two pieces of equipment for each of us. Your Fire Cloud Crystal Staff is already good enough, but if it needs an upgrade you can exchange it. There are also specialized refineries at the side of the center, so we will take care of everything on the same occasion.”

Lin Xin said with a sigh, “It looks like our supply of contribution points isn’t going to last for long.”

Wang Yuanyuan reacted unhappily, “What a scrooge you are! We are a Demon Hunt Squad, so earning contribution points is supposed to be for raising our strength. Earning contribution points is only meaningful if it enables us to improve. Come on, transfer your contribution points.”

The Holy Spirit Pills couldn’t be purchased at once, as there were only three of those powerful pills available at the Transaction Center, but they could be ordered. The first to enjoy the benefits of this pill were Chen Ying’er and Sima Xian who had the lowest cultivation level among them, and Cai’er who was the most fitted to focus on cultivating her spiritual energy after losing four of her senses.

After making use of the Holy Spirit Pills, the three of them immediately entered their closed-door training, raising their own strength as they absorbed the medicine.

Ordinarily, seven days were needed to absorb this Holy Spirit Pill, but Long Haochen’s instruction was to stay training in seclusion for at least half a month. This way they could have a better comprehension of their spiritual energy after the increase. Over the following month, the four others also received their Holy Spirit Pills. Outside of the villa appeared a board with the words ‘Do not disturb!’, because aside from Long Haochen, all the seven members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad were in a state of secluded meditation.

Long Haochen also trained in seclusion, but didn’t take the Holy Spirit Pill yet. This was for the simple reason that his spiritual energy had already reached the peak of the fifth step in this short period, and that he started to aim for passing the bottleneck of the sixth step. This Holy Spirit Pill would have to wait for him to break past it to be of use.

As he became more and more familiar with the Pendant of Eternal Melody, Haochen discovered more of its secrets. Although so far, he could only use its supportive effects, he came to realize that because his cultivation level was currently insufficient, he was unable to completely exploit the Eternal Melody’s abilities.

But even so, the Eternal Melody’s effects were quite good. With such a formidable piece of equipment, the light essence surrounding Long Haochen’s body was multiplied by three times compared to normal. And more mysteriously, this Eternal Melody made this light essence become purer, giving an incredible boost to Long Haochen’s cultivation. Further adding the help of the Light Elemental Fairy Yating, he was certain that his current cultivation speed was at least five times faster than that of an ordinary knight. Otherwise, he couldn’t possibly have taken just a little more than a month to raise his spiritual energy from 3,700 to 4,000. And now, he was battling against the bottleneck of the sixth step.

They temporarily didn’t go to buy equipment, because it wouldn’t be of use to them at the moment. The most important thing was to raise their cultivation. Having gone through many challenging battles, all of the youths from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad had some progress in their cultivation. First of all, Cai’er’s internal spiritual energy already reached 3,700 after taking the Holy Spirit Pill, and she was at most merely a few months away from reaching the bottleneck just like Long Haochen. Even the weakest of them, Chen Ying’er, reached an approximate spiritual energy level of 3,200. For the first time they enjoyed the benefits of their amassed contribution points. In fact, newly formed Demon Hunt Squads that could, like them, afford to take seven Holy Spirit Pills at once were extremely rare. Of course, it was now the case for another one, which was the incomparably profiteering 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. They were also training behind closed doors, after Long Haochen placed an order of six Holy Spirit Pills for them, which took about a month to arrive. Meanwhile, they weren’t the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad anymore, but the new 22nd general grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Originally, a few of them were still stuck at the 4th step of cultivation, but after completing the mission of Exploring the Desolate Hissing Cavern, their strength rose greatly, and finally all the members made the breakthrough to the fifth step after training behind closed doors. And after taking the Holy Spirit Pills, they went into closed-door training again. Now, the 22nd Demon Hunt Squad’s strength was also raising tremendously, and their speed of progress wasn’t even inferior to that of Long Haochen’s group for the moment.

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    [[After entering the fifth step, Long Hao Chen clearly discovered that his cultivation speed had lowered by a wide margin. To gain a spiritual energy level, he needed to spend at least ten times more effort than in the past. After a day of bitter training, the limit of what he could gain was at most one or two spiritual energy levels.

    Even as a knight, what he had no way of knowing was that if he told others about his cultivation speed, it would absolutely shock anyone. After breaking through the fifth step, who would imagine that someone who could raise his spiritual energy level every day could exist? If everyone had this ability, then only by continuing to cultivate, everyone would sooner or later break through to the sixth step.

    Together with the enhancement of his physical strength, Long Hao Chen could even more visibly benefit from his advantageous physique of a Scion of Light.

    To any vocation, the fifth step was the threshold to the appellation of powerhouse. However, to be considered as a real powerhouse, one needed to step across the threshold of the sixth step. This was because, it was only when the sixth step was reached, that the might of the liquid spiritual energy would really come out; it was the key to the spiritual might, enabling the speed of cultivation of the liquid spiritual energy to really accelerate.]]

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            # Haochen (spiritual stove boosted, Eternal Melody boosted)
            # Cai’er
            # Haoyue (that guy cultivates too, after all, and seems incredibly good at it, though he seems somewhat limited by his current magical beast physiology)
            # Han Yun (significantly below Cai’er. Internal spiritual energy value of 80 and seemingly more intelligent, diligent than Sima Xian as well as more understanding in terms of energy comprehension)
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          With that taken into consideration, those numbers of Haochen’s cultivation speed might match so far if we also assume that … his cultivation speed permanently increased by at least three times due do various factors (saint spiritual stove that replicated some capabilities of powerhouses of the 6th step, his light elemental fairy as well as Elux’s Eternal Melody pendant) as well as due to him recently facing several powerful enemies of the 5th and 6th step.

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            [[These informations included the control of the Manor of Eternal Rest,
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            matter how unwilling Long Haochen was to become a Holy Necromancer,
            these informations still became complete part of his memory, which he
            would never be able to forget in his life.]]

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            I don’t think LHC is stupid enough to forbid her from using the Spiritual Stove of Samsara. Its just that if someone has to make the sacrifice to face the enemy he would much rather it be him than her. Considering that LHC going all out using every drop of his energy and fusing with Hao Yue only takes him a few days to recover after killing a 7th step demon versus Cai’er requiring 7 months to recover after a similar feat I can’t really blame him. Even Great Grandfather told him to only let her use it if her life is in danger.

            I would also say that LHC considers Hao Yue family. I feel he would rather die than let someone kill him. That admittedly also applies to Cai’er so as long as she doesn’t die and if it saves Hao Yue I am sure he would be okay with letting her use the Spiritual Stove of Samsara.

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            Ying-er’s summoning gate takes at most 1800 units of spiritual energy so
            – with various kinds of recovery pills taken into account – she
            might’ve a few tries.

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          • Schattenbach

            That fiend lord Cai’er defeated cannot be compared with the weakened Bloodthirsty Flying Beta demon Haochen and Cai’er defeated together. It completely outclasses it in several aspects, starting with significantly higher spiritual energy.

            My point from before wasn’t that Haochen should choose between either his little brother’s life or Cai’er’s wellbeing but … that his unwillingless to use the one thing in his possession (tElux’s Saint Undead Arts) that might actually even the odds is (if Haochen’s team is going to be there then) then what, ultimately, leads to the risk of Cai’er being forced to use that stove in the first place to protect Haochen.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            To be fair I would compare Hao Chen’s battle against the Scarlet Berserk demon with Cai’er’s Fiend Lord battle. Though the Fiend Lord was definitely stronger.

            I understand your concern that LHC is not taking up all the power he can and I have to admit I really really want to see him use necromancy. I also don’t want to see the situation in which LHC fails to protect a loved one because he doesn’t have enough power.

            I don’t think LHC is completely ignoring using the Holy Necromancer arts especially since he remembers Hao Yue’s world, but to be fair trying to learn new abilities is less of a priority than breaking into the 6th step right now. After he breaks through he can learn 6th step Retribution Knight skills, all the public Guardian Knight skills, any Guardian Knight abilities Asura Ye can give him, and the Necromancer abilities as well.

            I think if push comes to shove LHC is completely willing to use Necromancy if it can help him protect his friends or family. Right now in public eye it is just smarter for him to stick to publicly using just Knight abilities and they can take him pretty far for now. I think Asura Ye will definitely encourage him to learn Necromancy especially if it will help him survive in the future.

          • Luke Confidential

            I believe you mean any Guardian Knight abilities grand Master Han can give him. Teacher is getting all his 6th step techniques from him anyway.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Basically same process. I keep wondering if Han Yu can share the abilities he gets from his inheritance ring with LHC. I really wish they explained just how these abilities are passed down.

          • Luke Confidential

            Presumably LHC can open the doorway to Eternal Rest from any dimension.

            If he is able to assign his allies as allies and dump them in there prior to the teleportation to Austin Griffon’s world, he should be able to open it up there and allow them to join him.

            This is all predicated on the ability to designate allies without remaining present of course.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Never thought about it like that. It would be pretty cool if they use it like that and makes some sense as well. I do have to admit I have been wondering how LHC is going to handle a more serious all out assault by the Undead without some help. If he can bring them over that would be pretty interesting and having two more light Element users can only help.

    • setyroth

      I have to wonder if Lin Xin’s own issues with fire magic will pay a role in convincing LHC or vice versa. I mean if Lin Xin could actually do the work of a proper fire mage that alone would probably double their team’s power.

      Who will break first I wonder, LHC or Lin Xin. I’d guess LHC.

      • Kaarme

        He hasn’t seen it used for evil either since the last necromancers vanished thousands of years ago. All he has got is propaganda by the temples and now what little he heard from Elux’s ghost. In fact he’s very much on the winning side with necromancy so far, with the new techniques, the amulet, and the training ground the tower promises. He hasn’t lost anything or caused trouble for anybody with it.

        • Luke Confidential

          The tower will slowly seduce him.

          • Robin

            I am sure it will. But this could be compared to the diary Lord Voldemort possessed in the Chamber of secrets. It lures the reader to do something he doesn’t want to. I think it wise to be reeeeeeaallly careful about the tower and how much he compromises. He will have to learn it and will surely do so in the end. But his scepticism is not uncalled for.

            The general image of necromancy is not that high, because most see the life energy and and the corpses of their dead as something you don’t mess with. Seing corpses raised again after death brings some basic horror, especially if it may be corpses from people you knew.
            This was the first time for me to learn about Holy Necromancers, and it was the same for Haochen. This is exactly the reason why he is willing to get to know more about Elux and necromancy in general. He is not basically condemming it. But it is natural that he needs time to get used to the idea od good necromancy, which completely goes against everything he learned and his surroundings believe. So telling he is arrogant or shortsighted is in my opinion a little bit too drastic and early.

          • Kaarme

            I’d only forgive him because he’s so young, basically still a kid. Otherwise one should not judge something without learning first what it’s all about. The war with the demons has been going on for thousands of years with end in sight. It’s pretty hasty to judge with little intel that he doesn’t need any extra power. That does make it look like he believes he can defeat demon gods without going all out. If that’s not youthful arrogance, I don’t know what is.

        • setyroth

          Don’t know if that’s necessary true.

          He’s been schooled constantly about how necromancers killed off more then 90% of humanity’s strength (exterminated many powerful bloodlines). It’s true he doesn’t know the circumstances but he’s not a neutral party. I’m sure he considers himself, for better or worse, on the side of the Church [Whatever-it-Was], now called Temple Alliance.

          From his perspective all necromancers are practically on the side of the demons. It’s actually kind of the same as bioweapons for our world. “Can be used for good” just doesn’t factor in that high when it’s a forbidden technology/technique. I’m sure from his perspective its not his place to judge too much why its been banned. Overall it’s a difficult pill to swallow given how closely he sticks to his knight’s oaths. If not for the fact it’s only historically considered forbidden he would probably be vehemently against even the possibility of it.

          All that said, I suspect the alliance would actually not be against it.

          • Kaarme

            Uh… No, bioweapons can’t be used for good. Period. They can only be used for totally indiscriminate slaughter of both combatants and civilians, children and the elder included.

            We don’t know what necromancy can be used in this story, but one very traditional use of necromancy is to summon the spirit of a deceased to converse with it. Like to allow it to pass its last message to the family members left behind. Or to reveal who murdered the person. Possibly they could use it as a weapon totally similarly to any elemental spells as well, negative energy or whatever it would be called. Or to heal oneself or allies, using the energy from enemies. If the enemies are going to die anyway, what’s the difference?

            Only when it’s some kind of undead plague would things be different, but would Haochen ever use such power? In fact he wouldn’t probably raise the dead as zombie warriors if it clearly violated the souls of the departed. He most certainly wouldn’t suck the life out of fellow humans to create necromantic tools. It’s all up to the person using it. It doesn’t matter who uses a bioweapon, it will kill anybody and everybody. Totally different.

          • setyroth

            You could make a bioweapon that only affects demons just as you could with necromancy only raise demons as undead. On the other hand should you make a mistake with a bioweapon you could kill your own people just as with necromancy you might end up forced to use your own people as “material.”

            The previous chapters also make a point on how LHC’s necromancy powers are already sucking the soul force of the dead… how much of a sacrilege that is is left to be seen but it doesn’t seem to be under LHC’s control anyway so one has to wonder if it gets “better” at it the more he cultivates necromancy.

            We also have no knowledge how necromancy works yet. For all we know you just cast a spell and the dead around you will rise so long as your spell is active. In that sense its practically the same as a bioweapon with regard to control.

            Our little debate over this just proves my point how this is very easy to argue both ways and with little information on the risks and limitations LHC’s caution and reluctance is very understandable.

          • Luke Confidential

            This novel has always had technique reveal their effects to the learner when they are learned, without the requirement of experimentation.

            LHC would KNOW which spells do what and could choose according to his morals and the situation at hand.

          • setyroth

            How do you explain this soul energy being presented as “mysterious” then?

          • Luke Confidential

            What LHC’s forgetting is that the necromancers WERE a large part of that 90% of humanity’s strength.

            If the church had left well enough alone, humanity could have banded together and dealt with the demon threat without issue.

          • Schattenbach

            As the necromancers managed to deal with the Radiant church that controlled 90% of the powerhouses just fine, they should’ve made up at least nearly half of the overall strength of humanity from back then.

    • Robin

      I am not so sure if he doesn’t take on more than he expected with the tower. Elux HAS a mind of his own and can influence Haochen. I do not think that it is real arrogance. He wants to rely on his own strength and cultivation to gain strength. Basically there is nothing wrong with that. But I doubt Elux will stay silent if Haochen doesn’t learn necromancy in the end.

      • Kaarme

        It would be his own strength. If you went by such an insanely limited view, he could barely use anything else but ripples of light and one or two others because most of his techniques are existing ones invented ages ago or by the older people he knows. He would also need to walk in rags because he’s relying on other people by using equipment made by others. Not to mention he’s relying on Haoyue a lot and his whole team. He’s also relying on Cai’er to keep himself spirited and motivated. What makes Elux’s holy necromance so different?

        • Robin

          That he choose to take the other things and techniques willingly and after some consideration. He can’t even estimate what the necromancy would include.

          You are mixing things up. It is a difference if you buy equipment or skills or receive something as a price or if you simply accept something that was in a way forced upon you. Even aside from the question if necromany is evil or not, I would consider if I use everything at hand or not.

          Although, I agree that in regard of such a drastic threat as the demons, it would be wise not to be clouded by prejudices.

          • Kaarme

            It’s still his choice. I don’t think Elux can do much if Haochen decides he’s never going to visit the tower again nor use the techniques. He’s carrying the amulet, yes, so there’s a chance Elux could do something, but for now I’d bet on the negative. It’s all up to Haochen.

            For comparison he’s also carrying the ring from his father that will automatically gift him some techniques when he levels up.

  • ShelfCloud

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    What does that mean? It means that, in the whole time that passed after the time in the exorcist mountain pass, she did not only not progress at all but – and that despite those many battles and her loosing four senses – her internal energy even reduced a bit or what? Before all that she had already reached an internal energy pf 2770 points (as described in chapter 204).

    Seriously, thr author needs to pay more attention to his numbers…

    • Schattenbach

      While somewhat unlikely as there wasn’t anything said at all about that, maybe all that strain of using that dagger of samsara as well as the spiritual stove of samsara so much actually harmed her cultivation. With her stated cultivation speed, including that pill, she should’ve already reached the peak of the 5th step.

      • Luke Confidential

        Indeed, one nice thing about these Xianxia is that there usually is a plausible explanation to cover up the author’s errors.

        • Jonathan Hurd

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          In the end for me its not really too terrible a mistake and she is going to keep training anyways so it shouldn’t have any bad lasting effects on the story.

          • Schattenbach

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          • Jonathan Hurd

            Yeah, I agree that my hypothesis is a bit of a stretch and considering her Innate Spiritual energy it does seem highly unlikely that she would get less effects. The most likely argument(besides author not paying attention to numbers) could just be that she slightly injured her internal spiritual energy by using the Stove of Samsara like she did. Since we don’t have a full understanding of it and the backlash as of yet that doesn’t seem too farfetched.

      • ShelfCloud

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      • ShelfCloud

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      • Luke Confidential

        Not only that, but there is already some experience behind these two squads working as a team. There’s a bit of a bond there.

        My gut tells me LHC hopes to drag the 22nd General Grade squad along with his squad on their first Commander Grade mission.

        • Schattenbach

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          • Luke Confidential

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    • Jonathan Hurd

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    • Robin

      Placing the order doesn’t mean that he pays for them. Maybe they can only be ordered at a floor of the exchange tower where general grade DHS have access. Luc Xi’s squad only upgraded after the order was issued so it would make sense that Haochen did this to help them.

  • Indream

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  • Schattenbach

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