Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 267

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 267: Lin Xin’s counterattack (II)

Lin Xin shut his both eyes, “Come then. If you reached this decision, then you should just kill me.”

“You…” Under the multitude of stares, Li Xin got extremely panicky and didn’t understand what she was feeling right at that moment, only finding this guy really hateful. How would she still be able to behave with integrity after this?

But could she really pull off that blow? She clearly couldn’t. Even without this ambiguity between the two of them, this wasn’t something she could possibly do.

Dang This sound came from her act of throwing down her sword, before turning around and planning to run to the exit.

Long Haochen hastened to stop her, “Sis…”

Li Xin sounded furious, “What? Even you want to bully me together with him?”

Long Haochen earnestly shook his head, “Of course not. You are my big sister, and although we aren’t blood-related, I will always regard you as a dear sister. I didn’t really understand what Lin Xin was speaking about either, but if after bullying you like this, he doesn’t give you an account, I will never let him off as your little brother that I am.”

Long Haochen’s spoken words were powerful and resonant, even carrying a bit of fury, or at least, it looked so on the surface. Hearing him say that, Li Xin’s expression immediately eased up by a lot. Finally, someone else was on her side, standing up for her. And by chance, Long Haochen’s sincere look was not as unconvincing as ‘another person’’s expression.

Suddenly turning back, Li Xin’s eyes looked like it turned red, “Okay, I’m not leaving yet. Lin Xin, just tell me clearly what you mean.”

Lin Xin took a few steps forward, standing there and having a cramped sensation, “Li Xin, I’m sorry. I know that my previous show should have embarrassed you. But on the recent days, you have always been ignoring me. I really didn’t know how I could get you to listen to the words coming from the bottom of my heart, so now that we are in front of everyone else, I had to let out what I had in my heart.”

His current face wasn’t as unconvincing as before, and his current words seemed to be really sincere. As he said this, his face was clearly a bit flushed too, and he had a restless look, visibly stirred up emotionally.

Li Xin suddenly discovered that she didn’t dare look at him in the eyes, overdoing the motion of turning her head to his direction.

Lin Xin’s eyes were swept at all the others, “Let me make it clear first, you mustn’t misunderstand my relationship with Li Xin, everyone. It is not like you are probably imagining. Do you remember what happened on the Desolate Hissing Cavern’s side? This time, Li Xin reprimanded me for being unable to attack. You all know the rest, but what you don’t know is that Li Xin felt bad about what she did, and on the mountain where we had a rest after the battle, she wanted to compensate me. Then, she offered me her first kiss. I can swear by the heavens that this was also my first.

Lin Xin spoke very sincerely, to the extent that even if everyone wanted to laugh, they wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to do it. This time, she couldn’t refute anything, because this was just the truth, that didn’t add up the slightest superfluous detail.

“You should remember deeply your first time everyone, right? I am the same. Afterwards, a change seem to have happened inside of me. I vaguely came to realize that I liked her, but just didn’t know what degree this ‘feeling of liking someone’ reached. I have been struggling with myself everyday because of this, but as the coward I am really, I didn’t have the guts to look for you to discuss it. I was afraid of being rejected, and didn’t dare be certain that these feelings I had were really love.. ”

As he said so, Lin Xin drew another two steps closer, closing the gap separating Li Xin from him to two meters. Lin Xin’s breathing was visibly becoming hurried, and his face looked extremely blushed.

This movement caused Li Xin to be mingled with embarrassment and distress, but similarly, as the instigator of the act, how could the pressure on him be any lower?

“We finally came back safely, so everyone should relax. After handing back the mission, our two Demon Hunt Squads will eventually split way. We have just shared a huge amount of contribution points, but although I felt excited from it, my chest still seemed to be filled with a heavy feeling. This suddenly caused me to realize that I couldn’t keep on feeling pain, longing, every time I looked at you. When I imagined being unable to see your face, I was just be filled with an indescriptible feeling of disappointment and frustration. Suddenly, I realized that I really…”

Stepping forward once again, he arrived in front of Li Xin. After lifting up his both hands, he grabbed her shoulder, looking at her in the eyes, and declared, “I really fell in love with you.”

Hearing him say this, Li Xin’s whole body shook completely. All left on her face was shyness, erasing any more traces of anger.

“I don’t want to keep enduring silently, because being secretly in love is just too painful. Since by expressing my feelings, I could at least have half a chance of success, I chose to do it now. It’s because some time later, our two Demon Hunt Squads will part way and run their own missions. By then, it will be a lot harder for me to look for you. Or perhaps, we won’t even come back from our next mission. I don’t want to possibly die while carrying such regrets.”

“I am really sorry for having inconvenienced you like this, but I am sincere. I really hope that you will give me a chance.” Saying these words, Lin Xin loosened his hold on Li Xin’s shoulders and held instead her hands, kneeling down before her.

Dense light elemental essence gathered in this instant, and a dazzling rose shining like a red gem was formed on his back.

Li Xin was completely flustered. At this time, her brain was completely blank. She was already twenty this year, an age at which an ordinary girl would already have gotten married, but she hadn’t have any experience with boys at all.

A few years ago, she came to like the same boy as her close friend, but this boy didn’t choose her in the end. At this very moment, Lin Xin was quite more powerful in comparison to that person, Li Xin seemed to have been traumatized from that time. Since these days, Lin Xin had been in a tangle, but how could it not be the same for her?

The part that moved her the most in Lin Xin’s speech was when he said that he didn’t want to face a possible death with such regrets left in him.

The others didn’t speak at all, stealthily leaving the villa under Long Haochen’s hints. Leaving completely the space to the two of them, they decided to let them have a private talk.

Lin Xin kneeled down, and although little flames were rising at his back, condensing into the shape of a fiery red rose, his hands were icy and incessantly sweating.

“I’m older than you.” After a long time of restraint, Li Xin suddenly said this.

Lin Xin replied in haste and eager, “No problem. A man will regard a woman less than three years older than him as a young lady, though if she’s more than five years older, he would regard her as a mother figure[ref]variation of the popular Chinese saying: that a wife one year older will give her husband good omen (like a golden pheasant); that a wife three years older will bring him a prosperous life; that a wife five years older will take good care of her husband (like a mother figure. I think it’s supposed to be a compliment, but well, I guess it’s not the case for everyone)[/ref]. You may be a little older than me, but it’s still not as much as five years right?”

Li Xin cursed at him with a smile, “Who’s your mother figure here!? Fuck off!” As she said this, she pulled back Lin Xin’s hands.

Lin Xin was overjoyed, “You… So, you accept?”

Li Xin snorted, “I haven’t accepted!” As she said this, she shot a glance at the blazing red rose around him, “You don’t have the slightest good faith.” After saying this, she violently pushed Lin Xin back, turning around to the exit.

The flaming roses disappeared in the air, filled with a red light. Lin Xin was alarmed at first, but immediately clenched his fists, waving it with energy. Flinging back his hair, his next words were: “Success!”

Li Xin left from the villa’s entrance, obviously assailed by everyone’s look. Unhappy, she shouted in response, “What are you looking at?! Are you going to trouble me like this annoying guy? I’m going back to rest, go to the Transaction Center by yourselves please.” Having said this, she ran away at great speed.

Long Haochen gave Luc Xi an hesitating glance, murmuring, “Was this a success or not?”

Luc Xi chuckled in response, “It clearly went well! Trust me Captain Long, you clearly cannot be as experienced as me on this kind of matters.” Having said this much, as soon as he looked at Cai’er in Long Haochen’s arms, he naturally stopped speaking further.

It was at this time that Lin Xin left the villa. Seeing his happy, vigorous, and spirited face, everyone came to understand that these two had become pretty close to each other.

Sima Xian grabbed Lin Xin with envy, “Has-drug-bro, your treat!”

Han Yu pressed Lin Xin from the other side, “Should be a great meal!”

Lin Xin declared with a smile, “How about having a treat of big bro’s drugs instead?”

“Go to hell!”

Long Haochen gave Lin Xin a deep look, but didn’t say anything. However, his look was already telling Lin Xin a lot.

“Go, let’s go to the Transaction Center. I have to buy gifts for Xin’er.” Lin Xin advanced, shooting up forward like a meteor.

Chen Ying’er grimaced wryly, “Truly shameless! Did she even accept? And you’re already calling her Xin’er, Xin’er like that.”

Lin Xin turned back, proudly replying, “How could she not accept? I have been extremely sincere. In the future, Xin’er will be a part of my life, even more important than my own life.”

Long Haochen passed through Lin Xin’s side, “Let’s go now, to the Business Center.”

The members of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad didn’t say anything on this. To them, having Li Xin getting together with Lin Xin would be a good thing. After all, this would reinforce greatly the relationships between their two Demon Hunt Squads. Everyone clearly saw how Long Haochen’s group surpassed their 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad in strength, and from this mission, the relationship between both sides could be said to have reached a good level. In addition to the great benefits they had already gotten, if they were to cooperate again during future missions, the growth of their 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad would obviously accelerate.

The Demon Hunt Transaction Center wasn’t so bustling with noise. Although it had many things for sale, there weren’t a lot of merchants present. After all, there were only a little more than two hundred Demon Hunt Squads in the whole Temple Alliance, with a lot of them completing missions outside of the city, so only a few remained there. The ones that set up their stall there could only be other Demon Hunters, or people from the Transaction Center

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