Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 266

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 266: Lin Xin’s Counterattack! (I)

When Luc Xi led everyone from the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad to the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad’s villa, the six people’s eyes almost turned red.

It was for a simple reason: Long Haochen had Han Yu invite them here, only saying that the mission was over and it was time to divide the contribution points.

The mission was completed!

Hearing these words, Li Xin, Luc Xi, Dian Yan, Yi Jun, Bai Xiaomo and Han Daosi all had dumbstruck looks.

Luc Xi swallowed a gulp of saliva, as if he was afraid of seeing his own saliva dripping on Han Yu, “Is it 20,000 or 200,000?”

Han Yu’s reply was all the more shocking, “200…”

Therefore by the time Luc Xi’s group of six arrived at 21st Demon Hunt Squad’s villa, their eyes were just as red as at the time they went off to hunt demons.

At the time they entered in the villa, the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad were all present except Cai’er and Long Haochen. They looked even more avaricious than Luc Xi’s group. It was especially the case for Lin Xin, who was lying on the sofa, fiddling with a something resembling a plan, and toying with his own hair, occasionally letting a drip of sparkling liquid drip out from his mouth.

“Hello everyone, where is Captain Long?” Luc Xi once again swallowed his own saliva. He really wanted to give himself a slap. The profits were too enticing for him.

30% amount of 200,000 contribution points represented 60,000 contribution points! What did it mean? It mean that everyone would be able to get the medicine that can be taken only once to gain a thousand spiritual energy. This also meant that they would be able to undertake harder missions. This was an amount they would perhaps even be unable to earn over a period of one or two whole years. This also implied that they could take a firm step in the competition between their generation’s ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads, making them only second to the 21st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, and freeing them from the worries of having others catch up to them.

No one could stay calm.

“Boss went to recover the contribution points. He should be back soon. Please sit for now. My hands are still trembling, so I’ll be unable to serve you water though.” said Sima Xian with a dry look.

Honestly speaking, the members from the 21st Demon Hunt Squad felt somewhat unwilling to share the 60,000 contribution points. But Long Haochen told them resolutely that unfaithful people couldn’t succeed. Although they shouldered majority of the burden of this mission, if not for the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad’s assistance, they couldn’t possibly have made it back safe and sound.

Long Haochen relied on the whole team’s ability, leading it perfectly, so no one would retort to what he had decided.

“Captain Luc, you came.” Hearing this voice sounding from behind, Luc Xi quickly turned behind, seeing Long Haochen carry Cai’er on her waist, his limpid golden eyes were shining in a flame of excitement.

“Captain Long.” Calling out these two words, Luc Xi suddenly felt as if his own throat was unable to speak any further.

Long Haochen chuckled, “It’s alright, don’t say more. I’m giving you your share of contribution points first; this will save me from regrets. Come on!” As he said so, he pulled the left sleeves on his clothing.

Under the attentive watch of the other ten members of their two Demon Hunt Squads, Luc Xi walked with trembling legs towards Long Haochen. Unable to control his tears from flowing, he declared, “Haochen, I won’t say much, but if you have any need for us in the future, our 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squads’ six lives are all yours.”

Pulling his left arm, Long Haochen completed the exchange of contribution points between the two of them, “We are comrades, fellow soldiers. However, after such an unreasonable mission, I really don’t dare keep going for the moment.”

The contribution points were successfully transmitted, and the amount of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squads’ contribution points were immediately increased by 60,000.

Luc Xi wiped away his tears with the sleeves of his garment, “Haochen, how about both the teams having a look at the transaction center together. On the first and the second floor, we can be called rich people without a doubt right?”

Long Haochen smiled to him, ”Okay. We also have some things we need to buy. And we could also sell our useless stuff at the same time.“

Right at this time, a strange voice could be heard, “Please wait a bit, I have something to say.”

This sudden talk was initiated by Lin Xin, who had always been keeping his head lowered.

Slowly getting up, he used the sleeves of his garment to wipe off the saliva around his mouth before hanging down his dark green hair with his two hands, letting it come down on his back.

His steps sounded heavy, and his face appeared to be serious like never before, though carrying a bit of grief.

Everyone looked at him simultaneously; as he did this without any omen, no one knew what he was up to, only, looking at his face, it was definitely something important.

Lin Xin walked until he was in front of Li Xin, before finally stopping, but Long Haochen was the one he looked at.

“Lin Xin, what happened to you?” Long Haochen asked in a puzzled tone.

Lin Xin gave him a serious reply, “Before we head to the Transaction Center, I have something to say. It is very important, so I want you two captains to be my eyewitnesses.”

Long Haochen seemed to be moved, thinking of something without being certain of it. Only slightly nodding, he said, “I am listening.”

Lin Xin pursed up his lips, abruptly turning at Li Xin’s direction. His movement was fast, and his sharp eyes as well as his graceful dark green long hair looked fixedly at her, suddenly giving Li Xin a scare, even causing her to take a step back, unhappily reacting, “What kind of bad thing are you up to?”

Seeing Li Xin step back seemed to give Lin Xin courage. Violently stepping forward, he grabbed Li Xin’s hand, declaring with conviction and courage, “I have thought about it for long, and on the last few days of the mission, my emotions were constrained deeply. After coming back, I finally came to a decision. You have to take responsability for me, you have to!”

Li Xin had been truly shocked by his sudden serious and determined face. With so many people looking nearby, she wanted to free her hand from his grip, but Lin Xin’s grip was really tight.

“What are you doing? Release me! What the hell do you want me to take responsibility for?” Li Xin reacted filled with both shyness and distress

Lin Xin immediately opened his eyes wide, grieved and indignant, “What? You’re not admitting what you did afterwards?! But that was my first time! How can you act in such a way? Captains and comrades, I let you call the shots!!”

Having said this, he took a step forward, forcefully embracing Li Xin’s slender waist.

Li Xin was quite tall and imposing, and Lin Xin was only about the same height as her. If it was someone else, when prepared in advance, she would naturally not possibly have let him draw closer.

But on these days, a change seemed to have appeared in Li Xin’s heart, plus the fact that Lin Xin’s act was just too sudden. The word ‘shameless’ could already not be used to describe this guy anymore, seeing how he took profit of Li Xin’s confusion to suddenly hold her in his arms like this.

Everyone in the two Demon Hunt Squads was immediately shocked. Just what happened, what first time? Everyone felt extremely confused.

Only Long Haochen seemed to understand the situation, feeling torn between laughter and tears. Lin Xin seemed to have thought it up clearly, but this was just too excessive…

Li Xin’s sluggish state was in the end temporary, and her reaction was very fast. As a Retribution Knight, how could Lin Xin compare with her in terms of strength. Struggling to get her arms free, she pushed Lin Xin away, shouting with a face red of anger, “You… Nonsense! What about your first time, you are such an unfaithful skirt-chaser, how could that be a first? We should rather clearly call it MY first time.”

Li Xin’s attempt to defend herself immediately caused Long Haochen to cover his eyes with his own hands, Sis, putting it this way is…

Naturally, everyone was even more shocked and agreed by chance to draw back, leaving only these two in the center of the room.

Lin Xin was prepared long ago for Li Xin’s sudden counterattack, and immediately followed up like a snake, filled with energy, “Who said I am unfaithful? Do you have proof? I am a serious guy, who had a very strict education, way off from having ended up as a pimp. Then, since this is also your first, let me be the one take responsability. This should be okay right?”

“Okay? Who’d be okay with your sly ideas?” Embarrassed and furious, Li Xin kicked Lin Xin.

She didn’t use any technique or spiritual energy, only lifted her leg with an ordinary motion. If Lin Xin wanted to avoid it, that would have been possible, but Lin Xin suddenly turned back, using his own butt to parry this kick, before letting out a world-shaking miserable scream, directly falling on the sofa on the side.

“Ow, it really hurts.”

Li Xin just thought of giving this guy a good beating, but sensing the atmosphere in the villa, raised her head to look at everyone. Seeing their bewildered and shocked looks, she immediately blushed with the same red as her Rose Unicorn, “It’s not like you are imagining. I, we didn’t…”

At this time, Lin Xin crawled up from the sofa, devoid of the previous impulse that filled him, which was replaced by sincerity, “Hitting me is intimacy, and cursing is affection, which explains this sudden kick. Don’t worry, I can bear it.”

“Since you can bear it, let me just kill you!” Filled with embarrassment, Li Xin turned over her grip, and took out the heavy sword on her back, directly pointing it at Lin Xin.

Everyone from the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad seemed to have the same reaction, but were stopped with a gesture of Long Haochen.

Long Haochen understood his own big sister too well. She wouldn’t possibly really aim at injuring somebody in such circumstances. She wanted to see what Lin Xin was about to do. Instead of moving up Li Xin, his previous declaration clearly caused her to feel awkward! Long Haochen also understood Lin Xin pretty well; although this guy was usually arrogant and narcissistic, he was still pure deep inside, completely the opposite to what he looked like. Acting this way definitely took great courage from him.

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