Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 260

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 260: Title hidden just for this chapter to keep a last bit of suspense going (I)

Yue Ye’s palace was a two floored building. Compared to the lofty and luxurious palaces located in the Moon Demon Palace, her palace wasn’t very eye-catching. But the fact that she possessed a palace of her own in the inner part of the Moon Castle was ample proof of her position within the Moon Clan.

Yue Ye calmly stood in the living room, wearing a purple long skirt. Her long hair was set free, and she didn’t have any cosmetics put on her naturally beautiful face. Without any jewellery on her, she gave a gentle look to Long Haochen who slowly walked towards her.

“Your Highness.” Long Haochen looked at her, secretly shocked that outside of their previous predicament, her appearance was really refined.

Yue Ye waved her hand and ordered, “You can go.”

“Yes.” The four maids serving nearby rapidly retired from their post by the wide hall, leaving only Long Haochen and Yue Ye .

“I didn’t expect you to come so quickly.” Yue Ye said with a smile while hinting at him to come closer. Walking to her seat, she sat down before hinting Long Haochen to do the same.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, Your Highness.” Long Haochen calmly smiled. At this time, he appeared rather calm, and didn’t give off a single trace of anxiety.

Yue Ye looked straight at his face, asking in a soft voice, “Then, has Captain Long’s mission been completed?”

Long Haochen’s eyes suddenly flashed with cold light, immediately revealing a serious look. To him, this place was the den of the tiger and not to be trusted.

Yue Ye naturally understood his thought, and said with a smile, “Captain Long doesn’t need to worry, only confidents of mine are by my side. None of them would go on gossiping.”

Long Haochen deliberately calmed his expression. Calm again, he gave her a reply, “Yes, I don’t doubt your word. Considering President Yue Ye’s ability, I believe that she wouldn’t let the people at her side show disobedience for a second time.”

A sullen look of danger appeared on Yue Ye’s face, “Are you mocking me?”

“I don’t dare, I am just speaking honestly. We could not accomplish this mission, but it won’t be necessary for us to proceed with it. I am planning on returning to the Alliance, could you help me?” Long Haochen didn’t plan to nag at her, and got right to the point.

Yue Ye wrinkled her brows, and replied, “This isn’t a problem. The last time I made a report to my father, he was infuriated, to the misfortune of the guys at the side of the Nareiks Province. After his Majesty’s order to conduct a thorough investigation, their three Demon Gods were immediately put on trial by our Demon God Emperor, deprived of command over their subordinates. But the thing is, I can temporarily not leave the Moon Demon Castle as I still have some matters to handle here. If you want to head back, I can arrange a merchant group acting in the name of our Yue Ye Merchant Group for you. After the retribution suffered by those who attacked us the last time, I estimate that no one would dare act against our merchant group again. Moreover, you will be able to leave unharmed for the Temple Alliance. ”

Long Haochen nodded in response, “Thanks a lot. When can we set off?”

Yue Ye gave an unhappy reply, “I am not a god. I need some time to prepare all of this. It will take at least three days, and at most ten days. I have to make a good amount of preparation for this.”

“Alright.” Long Haochen then asked, “How will Your Highness inform me?”

Yue Ye said, “The best would be to have you stay here for now, as you wait for me to finish all preparations before you leave. I have a lot of free rooms where you can stay, and this isn’t a place where anyone would dare to rashly enter.”

“You want me to stay here?” Long Haochen was immediately cautious.

Yue Ye was unable to stifle her laughter, “How can such a wise and farsighted person as Captain Long ask such a silly question? Don’t tell me you are afraid that I may have some bad intentions towards you? If this was my intention, I could simply have refused to meet you. But still, your friend’s methods are really too savage. Since committing a bad act of any kind against you would prevent the restriction in my body from being relieved, this would just be the same as asking for death. Is this the attitude you should have as a collaborator?”

Long Haochen’s expression came back to normal, giving an indifferent reply, “Collaborator? You are a demon princess, and our relationship is at most one where we make use of each other, nothing more. Speaking of collaboration is out of question. If I haven’t guessed wrong, the resources you brought back last time were transported to Modu Core City. Can you really say that you are staying neutral?”

Yue Ye nodded without any hesitation, “Of course I can. This is the most important motto we, freelance merchants, have. You just saw the things I transported back, but didn’t get to see what I usually bring to the humans’ side. This time when you follow my caravan back to the Temple Alliance, I will let you see it.”

Long Haochen replied, “That would be great.”

Yue Ye gave him an ardent look, suddenly standing up and heading in his direction, “Then, if I may ask, when will you have your friend remove the restriction she placed on my body? I am sincerely collaborating with you here. But having this thing in my body, makes me feel uneasy and nervous, and is really a great pain.”

As she said so, she softened her body, about to sit on his lap.

Long Haochen had been on high alert since he entered the city, so his reaction was naturally fast. His body flashed, leaving its seat, and Yue Ye’s flexible body only barely came into contact with his thigh, before falling on the seat where Long Haochen previously sat.

“Am I so scary?” Yue Ye asked with hidden bitterness.

Long Haochen’s face appeared colder, “Your Highness, please conduct yourself with dignity. I believe that considering your position, finding a place in Modu Core City for me to stay will not be hard for you. After having prepared the caravan, you may just send someone to notify me.”

Yue Ye wrinkled her brows and declared, “You are really a rigid person, aren’t you?. Which side of mine cannot compare with that girl?”

Long Haochen indifferently replied, “Delicious delicacies won’t arouse the appetite of an already full stomach.”

A change suddenly appeared in Yue Ye’s eyes, “Is that really so? But from what I know, all of you men, be it humans or demons, are in general greedy and never satisfied in this regard. My father has hundreds of concubines, with no lack of humans among them, in addition to plenty of beautiful women from demon clans. And I heard that His Majesty the Demon God Emperor has over a thousand of them. Don’t tell me you think they have still not eaten until they were full?”

After a little pause, Yue Ye gave him a provocative look, “Or is it that you are no good in this regard?”

Unfortunately, she picked the wrong target for this provocation, and Long Haochen immediately looked distracted, “No good in this regard? Which regard are you speaking of?”

Seeing his pure look, Yue Ye immediately felt embarrassed, and couldn’t help but ask, “How old are you this year?”

Although Long Haochen had an increasingly tall build and an progressively steady temperament, he was after all still young, and his face was still carrying traces of childishness .

“I’m not telling you.” A very hard rejection was given to her.

Yue Ye replied with a ‘humpf’, “Let it be then. Look at this thing, do you know what it is?” As she said so, a radiance flashed from her hand, and a one-third of a meter long metal stick appeared, which she passed to Long Haochen.

Unconsciously Long Haochen stretched his hand and took it. The moment he touched the stick, the spiritual energy in his body appeared to be stirred up, and that little stick lightened up slightly before giving off a purple glint, condensing two digits in the air.

Seeing those two digits, Long Haochen and Yue Ye were both startled.


“You fooled me!” Long Haochen shouted furiously. Clearly, this little metallic stick was used to measure people’s age. He had been duped.

Yue Ye sluggishly looked at him, “You… You are only fifteen… Heavens! This can’t be for real.”

Long Haochen snorted coldly, “It will be in one month though”, he grumbled. “You fooled me… I’m confiscating this thing!” As he said so, his chest released a golden glint, and the metallic stick was sucked in the Pendant of Eternity n a grandiose way.

“Hey! This thing was very expensive, and is quite rare at that!” Yue Ye extended her hand, demanding it back.

Long Haochen ignored her and turned back to the exit, “I believe that considering your status, finding the place where I will stay won’t be hard. I will look for an inn by myself. Send me news as soon as you can, or don’t blame me for becoming blunt. Since I dared come, I’m not afraid of any tricks you may have up your sleeves.” He didn’t want to keep being in tangle with that girl.

“Okay, okay. I will prepare a place for you to stay. What if you get trapped when looking for a place?” Yue Ye said with hidden bitterness. After such a realization, she was currently incredibly shocked.

Pertaining to Long Haochen, she had always felt very curious. She naturally could tell that Long Haochen was less than twenty, but she didn’t expect him to be so young as fifteen. Humans and demons were different: demon powerhouses all had natural powerful abilities, though it would be very difficult for them to cultivate. Only a few powerful clans were relatively good at cultivating, but aside from them, even a demon god would find it hard to improve his cultivation.

But humans were different: humans didn’t possess the same kind of innate ability, but their postnatal growth capability was boundless. Although it was influenced by their innate talent, their creativity and growth, it was still something demons couldn’t compare to. Otherwise, how could humanity have lasted for so long against the continuous attacks of the demon armies without falling?

Reaching the fifth step at fifteen years old – Yue Ye had never heard of such a feat till this day. Furthermore, Long Haochen was already the captain of his own Demon Hunt Squad. Given Yue Ye’s intelligence, she could tell that given Long Haochen’s age and ability, his innate talent ought to reach the most supreme peak attainable by humans. If enough time was given to allow him to grow, he was bound to become a great threat to the demon’s side.

However, there was one bit where she didn’t deceive Long Haochen, regarding her personal inclination. Regardless of whichever side – demon or human, she didn’t have any preference. To her, profit and strength were the most important things. Thus, although she discovered Long Haochen’s terrifying potential, it didn’t cause her a troubled mind. She only secretly determined that this was all the more of a reason for her to make good friends with this little guy.

At this very moment, a maid suddenly came in haste, “Your Highness, the Demon God Emperor has come. He wants everyone in the inner quarters to go out to meet him.”

“What?” Yue Ye was shocked, and her expression changed greatly.

Long Haochen was even more stressed, and unconsciously clenched both his fists.

“Please go down first. I have to change clothes.” After being briefly shaken, Yue Ye waved her hand, ordering the maid to retire.

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