Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 259

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 259: Modu Core City (III)

In the sky of this enormous city, black clouds could be seen, forming a completely different environment from the one outside of the city. Not a single ray of sunlight illuminated this city’s insides.

From afar, Long Haochen vaguely discerned a hazy black fog, seemingly spreading in the air unchallenged.

Only by looking, he had the feeling of being stifled by this city. Apparently, the light elemental spiritual energy contained inside was being strongly suppressed, while the darkness elemental concentration was at least threefolds more than the external world.

Slowing down his pace, Long Haochen arranged his clothing, taking out the emblem given by Yue Ye in his hands. Rubbing his cheeks to loosen his facial expression, he advanced in the direction of Modu Core City.

After a whole night of travelling at his maximum pace on his way here, he needed some rest to alleviate the fatigue. Don’t forget that, because this place was in the core of the demon territory, he could not summon the Light Elemental Fairy Yating to help him, neither use the sunlight’s assistance, which terribly slowed down his recovery speed.

Long Haochen took half an hour to recover from his exertion after the city appeared to his view to reach it.

The Modu Core City was really wide. All the perimeter was ten times larger than normal city walls, making their length unmatched in the history of Shengmo Dalu.

Long Haochen’s chose to enter from the southern city gate, which was the one guarded by the Moon Demon Clan.

The four city gates were protected by the second, third, fourth and fifth demon gods, and the south of the city was the Moon Clan’s territory.

With his current appearance, Long Haochen looked like a nobleman from the Moon Clan, looking tired from his trip. After showing his viscount insignia, the guards immediately paid their respects, letting him enter in the city.

Nonetheless, Long Haochen’s back was drenched in sweat. This was because, these demons from the Moon Clans were only soldiers of lower rank, but seemed to have a strength at the fourth step, making them no inferior to Grand Fiends from the Fiend Clan. This caused him to think secretly that if not for the fact that Princess Yue Ye had some human blood, perhaps her strength would not be merely at the fifth step.

Unhurriedly entering the Modu Core City, Long Haochen found a rather remote corner of the city, assessing the central demon city.

Modu Core City’s roads were extremely broad, enough for a carriage of the size as the one Yue Ye used back then to be used without feeling crowded. On the two sides of the city, stores stood in great numbers. Most of the buildings were tall, and they had mostly simple designs on them, making it way different from the characteristics of the Glorious Era’s buildings.

6,000 thousand years ago, as demons brought a catastrophe upon humans, they made a huge part of the human knowledge theirs. If one was to take a quick look, this city seemed to be pretty much the same as a human city, if not even more flourishing than any other human city.

But upon taking a closer look, one can notice that this place was different as it is pitch-black and filled with coldness. Some humans occasionally showed up on the street, but the vast majority of the people present were demons of various kinds. Of course, lower ranked demons like Dual Bladed Demons of the Zelin Clan were unseen, and most of them were a lot more powerful. Evidently, being able to enter the Modu Core City was an honor to any demon.

So this is the center of command of the demon race? Long Haochen pondered deeply, because he had already run across four powerhouses of the sixth step and even one at the seventh step since he entered. And, in the streets of Modu Core City, they simply appeared like average commoners that didn’t stand out at all.

After observing for a short time, Long Haochen didn’t stay in that place, but immediately headed for his current destination. With the map he possessed, it wasn’t possible for him to get lost after entering from the southern gate of this square-shaped city.

Modu Core City was really huge, and Long Haochen was still in the outer region, thus reaching the Moon Castle took him a whole hour.

Although he knew about the Core City in advance, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel astonished upon standing in front of the Moon Castle.

This was simply like another mini-city.

The deep purple-colored walls were over thirty meters long and the wide palace had the shape of an inestimably large square. The walls of the palace were purple-colored, and from there, Long Haochen distinctly recognized an increase of the elemental fluctuations in the air. The elemental fluctuations in this place were several folds more intense.

The Alliance’s Great Stadium was not even close to that Moon Castle in size. And aside from the Demon Emperor’s Palace, there were three other places of this scale in the Modu Core City. Long Haochen suddenly felt powerless: seeing the scale of Modu Core City, what kind of strength could possibly break through it!? Had humanity really any hope of defeating demonkind one day?

This thought only flashed through his mind, but staunching his resolve, he rapidly came back to his senses.

Once he arrived in front of the Moon Castle, Long Haochen took out his viscount emblem of the Moon Clan, walking resolutely and going in.

Viscount of the Moon Clan was not a title that only applied to the Moon Clan, but to all demons clans. Being a nobleman from the Moon Clan was an honorable status. Only the Moon Clan’s Leader, Agares, was qualified to give someone this status as a direct order.

Seeing this young viscount, the guardsmen hurriedly bowed and made their salutations, not questioning Long Haochen’s status in the slightest.

Aside from this emblem, Long Haochen’s admirable face was his best proof of identity. In the Moon Clan, the greater was one’s status, the stronger was the branch he belonged to, and the more handsome he would be. And Long Haochen’s appearance was something even the Moon Demon God Agares wouldn’t necessarily match. As soon as the guards saw his purple eyes and his appearance, they immediately drew back without the slightest hesitation, not even daring to look at his emblem.

The Moon Castle was huge, and Long Haochen had to use the map given by Yue Ye to find his path. At the same time, he had to make his own aura vanish completely.

He clearly understood the danger of this place: with the Moon Demon God being the second most powerful demon god out of the seventy-two, no less than a dozen powerhouses of the ninth step would be be present in this Moon Castle. If he was exposed in this sort of place, his only choice would be to immediately leave through his blood connection with Haoyue. He couldn’t stay for a single second.

His handsome appearance having become his greatest asset, it surprisingly became easy for Long Haochen to advance: all the Moon clansmen, regardless of whether they were male or female, elderly or young, strong or weak, appeared extremely respectful, even taking the initiative to make their salutations to him and invite him to walk ahead of them.

Although Yue Ye described him the importance of one’s appearance for the Moon Clan, Long Haochen didn’t think it would have such utility. But no matter what one said, this was a good thing, avoiding him quite a few troubles.

The Moon Castle was separated into an inner part and an outer part. The outer part of the castle was for the powerhouses of the Moon Clan to reside in, whereas the inner part was only for the direct relatives of the Moon Demon God to enter. Compared to the already broad and luxurious outer part, the inner part was simply like a palace.

At the time Long Haochen tried to enter in the inner part, he was once again inspected. Still, his viscount emblem showed good utility, as the insignia carved in it permitted him to enter with no difficulty.

Stepping into the inner palace, Long Haochen suddenly felt that it became hard to breath.

The elemental fluctuations in this place were extremely dense, to the extent that it reached a viscous degree. Every breath he took, he felt that his body was being filled with elemental particles, fiercely confronting the light elemental energy in his body.

This feeling was truly hard to bear. Long Haochen came to understand that if he stayed here for a too long, his cultivation would probably take a huge blow and weaken from that.

Apparently, the Moon Demon God’s Demon God Pillar should be located inside of this Moon Castle. I wonder where it is…

This majestic purple palace extended endlessly. Noble, simple yet elegant, and carrying a prestigious feeling. This inner palace vastly exceeded the office house of the Temple Alliance in all regards.

After entering, Long Haochen didn’t dare to keep staring, rapidly made a detour to the side while avoiding the middle of the pathway and heading to a rather secluded part, into a palace of modest size.

Dense vegetation was surrounding it, and the palace clearly looked more simple than the others.

“Stand! Don’t you know that these are the princess’ quarters? And you still dare make your way inside?” Two tall female Moon clansmen blocked Long Haochen’s way.

With but a mere glance, Long Haochen couldn’t help but let out a gasp, because these two Moon clanswomen that looked below twenty were both at the sixth step of cultivation.

What kind of talent is that? Long Haochen couldn’t help but secretly smile bitterly. Although he knew that this was dependant on one’s innate capability, and that some of these demon clans couldn’t be compared to humans in this aspect, he still couldn’t refrain himself from feeling a bit jealous.

“Please show the princess this insignia.” Long Haochen passed his own viscount insignia to them, before taking a few steps back, unyieldingly standing straight.

Seeing the emblem, the look on the two ladies’ faces immediately softened, “Please wait a moment, mister viscount.”

After the conversation, one of the two figures flashed, and Long Haochen just saw a purple trail of moonlight in his line of sight, before that lady’s figure disappeared.

A short time later, the moonlight glowed once again, and that lady appeared in the former place once again, “Mister viscount, the princess invited you in.”

“Mh.” Long Haochen nodded calmly, entering in large strides.

The two Moon clanswomen looked at each other face to face, and one said in a low voice, “Wah, how handsome! It’s the first time that I see such a handsome viscount. Could he be milady’s husband-to-be?”

The other girl replied with envy, “That is highly possible. Only such a powerful and handsome clansman can be a match for our princess. You too saw his appearance, which was close to perfect. I estimate that he should at least be a powerhouse of the eighth step, that should shortly break through to the ninth step. And he is surely under fifty.”

The moon clansmen’s average age was fifty, but to them, fifty years-old was an extremely young age. The only backdraw was that the men from the Moon Clan were the same as the Devil Dragons on one aspect: their fertility was low.

Tightening the internal spiritual energy in his body, Long Haochen made certain that his connection with Haoyue was still strong, before heading into the princess’ chamber.

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