Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 252

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 252: Six Paths of Samsara (III)

That Fiend Commander’s spiritual energy didn’t reach an amount so terrifying as 10,000, but it still reached 7,000 units. In case their front crumbled, both Demon Hunt Squads would be wiped out .

The Grand Birdy Demon, originating from the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig’s Imitation ability, was sent flying with a single blow, fiercely ramming against the wall behind him. The enormous wound caused him to be unable to even maintain his mirror image appearance, and a heavily wounded Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig slumped to the ground.

Han Yu, Wang Yuanyuan, and Sima Xian agreed by chance to throw themselves at the enemy, but with only a single sweeping motion, the Fiend Commander sent the three of them flying, and deep wounds were left on Sima Xian and Han Yu’s bodies.

Inside of the cave, Lin Xin was the only one to maintain a relatively intact fighting strength.

Launching Fire Elemental Shields and Resisting Ring of Fire, the Fire Cloud Crystal Staff held in Lin Xin’s hand was shaking as he acted as the final vanguard of the team. But he was in the end no more but a mage who couldn’t attack!

“Ah–” A screech suddenly sounded behind Lin Xin’s back, and immediately, the noise of a body falling down could be heard. Then, a silvery light appeared with shock under the Fiend Commander’s feet, preventing this malevolent figure from any movement.

Lin Xin suddenly turned back, only to see Yi Jun’s body engulfed by a strong silvery white light, eagerly shouting, “Quick! Attack him, I cannot hold it for long.”

Flames of Life生命之火, that was the Flames of Life! What Yi Jun did was to ignite his own life, but when his life energy would run out, this spell would also end.

The Fiend Commander didn’t move in the slightest, fiercely standing close to Lin Xin, but Lin Xin was a mage that couldn’t attack!

The Soul Sharing Shackles couldn’t alleviate the side effects brought by the pills. When the Spiritual Bursting Pill and the Bloodthirsty Pill’s effects vanished, Han Yu, Wang Yuanyuan, and Sima Xian had all lost their fighting capability, remaining totally devoid of spiritual energy.

“I… I cannot use offensive magic!” Lin Xin declared with a foolish expression on his face.

Luc Xi put all his strength in releasing a last Sacred Bullet against that Fiend Commander, shouting in anger, “Bastard, don’t tell me you cannot even launch the simplest Fireball Technique?”

Inside of the cavern, only Lin Xin had enough spiritual energy left to launch an attack. But at this time, his face was deathly pale, and flames were spouting from the staff in his hand, but he still appeared to be unable to launch a single offensive spell.

“I cannot hold it.” Yi Jun loudly shouted as blood oozed from the seven apertures of his head.

“Ah–” Lin Xin frantically yelled, releasing a Resisting Ring of Fire. With a loud bang, that Fiend Demon was sent flying out of the cave, which also terminated Yi Jun’s magical suppression.

“You…” Yi Jun gave Lin Xin an unresigned look, before sinking in a deep coma.

After the Fiend Commander was sent flying out of the cavern and right as he was prepared to once again launch an attack to massacre everyone inside, a bright light appeared from nowhere, extending to him and producing an ear-piercing hissing sound accompanied by a powerful aura. A surge of an incredible offensive power swept over the place.

The air was compressed, and even if that Fiend Commander possessed 6,000 units of spiritual energy, the last thing he saw in his life was a gigantic three-headed figure appearing out of nowhere, whose body was completely golden.


A sword blow struck the enemy directly, whereas the second sword’s blow cut him in two.

The Fiend Commander was cut in half with a single blow, along with the Nightmare Devil Horse underneath. Both halves of his split corpse slowly fell to the ground.

From the backlash of their consumption of spiritual energy, the five Grand Fiends at his back spouted out black blood at the same time.

“Houu—” Haoyue’s released a bellow from his three heads at the same time, immediately sending the five Grand Fiends flying. On his back, Long Haochen’s figure flickered, and on his shoulder, the Light Elemental Fairy Yating incessantly released white rings of light, using Spiritual Gathering Halo to replenish Long Haochen’s spiritual energy at lightning speed.

That’s right! At this situation of life and death, Long Haochen was back. At this moment, as he was holding the two separated parts of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in his hands, his body released a glorious halo covering the surroundings. With the help of the Light Elemental Fairy Yating, even without Haoyue, he had confidence to put up a fight against any powerhouse of the sixth step.

Clearly, this attack that hit the Fiend Commander was Asura Strike. Just think of the power an Asura Strike that was released without preparation already possessed. And then, what about an Asura Strike prepared in a state of Storing Power?

On Haoyue’s back, Long Haochen had been focusing on understanding Asura Strike, and quickly found out that his newly learnt Asura Strike could complement his Storing Power. This way, Asura Strike’s offensive power would become even more terrifying.

If he was by himself, he wouldn’t possibly use Storing Power in the midst of a battle against many enemies; that would be a suicidal move. However, never forget that Long Haochen also could rely on Haoyue’s assistance. Sitting on Haoyue’s back, he had a enough time to complete Storing Power, and managed to use this Fiend Commander as the very first offering to his Asura Strike.

With close to 3,000 units of spiritual energy stored inside, this Asura Strike was so powerful that even Long Haochen couldn’t help but be in shock. Only, at the current time, he couldn’t possibly wallow in this feeling.

During his return, he noticed with astonishment that the Soul Sharing Shackles caused him to suffer intense pain. As a knight, he naturally could heal his own injuries along with Haoyue’s, but how couldn’t he have guessed that his companions had met with danger? Hurrying Haoyue on to return at full speed, he started storing power in preparation for Asura Strike even before coming out of the cave. Long Haochen was convinced that the enemies were bound to have powerhouses among their ranks, so the top priority was to inflict serious damage to the other side’s leader.

Furthermore, the appearance of the Pendant of Eternal Melody could be said to have brought Long Haochen the ability to use the spiritual cavity of a knight at the sixth step. After fully using any offensive ability, his speed of recovery was thrice as fast as before. Further adding Yating’s assistance, he could recover his spiritual energy at a monstrous rate of twenty units per second. Long Haochen was completely sure that this Pendant of Eternal Melody was at least a piece of equipment at the Legendary Tier, and this was only his most conservative estimate.

Putting the Nine Long Steps into use, Long Haochen’s silhouette went back and forth the enemies’ ranks. He was currently extremely anxious because he had an ominous restless feeling ever since he exited the cavern, and that feeling of anxiety caused him to feel extremely nervous.

Lightning Thrust spread like illusory reflections on water. This wasn’t the original Lightning Thrust, but a Lightning Thrust that used the supplement Ripples of Light. Considering Long Haochen’s current cultivation, how could these mere Grand Fiends resist him?

Brilliant World glinted from the back, and Little Light’s backup of spiritual energy entered Long Haochen’s body. Little Flame and Little Wind also kept chanting one lower ranked spell after another to cover his flanks.

None of the Grand Fiends managed to block Long Haochen’s Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. As its radiance spread, Pop Pop sounds unceasingly rung out.

To a Retribution Knight, Lightning Thrust was nothing more than a low ranked skill, one that a powerhouse of a higher step would generally only use against an enemy of lower step, or when combining it along with other abilities. This was because Lightning Thrust scattered strength, enabling one to launch numerous series of attacks without consuming too much spiritual energy. Thus, higher ranked knights would in reality rarely use it.

However, this skill was completely changed in Long Haochen’s hands. After obtaining Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, Lightning Thrust underwent a huge increase in power. Keeping its dazzling power as a pure light technique, while gaining the piercing power of water. Adding on to the power of Ripples of Light, this attack’s strength reached a whole new level.

Long Haochen comprehended the Ripples of Light just recently, and hadn’t really had the time to improve Lightning Thrust until now, but even so, these ordinary Grand Fiends and their mounts couldn’t possibly stop him.

Cooperating with Han Daosi and Li Xin, the rest of the battle rapidly concluded, and the entirety of the Grand Fiend Cavalry was wiped out. If some had wanted to escape, what could they do against the aerial persecution of the Rose Unicorn? Each and any of them was easily disposed of by Li Xin.

“Haochen, you’re finally back!” Li Xin dismounted her Rose Unicorn and returned to the ground, but at the time she arrived before Long Haochen, she discovered with astonishment that Long Haochen’s body was trembling as he stood there.

Following Long Haochen’s gaze, she discovered that close ahead, Cai’er was standing still like a sculpture. Even with the intense battle that was occurring nearby, she didn’t have any reaction. She just motionlessly stood there like a human-sized puppet.

“Cai’er…” Long Haochen’s voice was shaking, and with a glint, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light autonomously disappeared from his hand. Taking a few steps while using the Assault technique, he arrived in front of Cai’er in a split second.

With a dark golden glint of radiance, Cai’er attempted to lift her right hand, but remained unsuccessful, as she directly collapsed into Long Haochen’s embrace.

Tightly holding her, Long Haochen instantly launched a Holy Mantle without hesitation, enveloping Cai’er and himself in it. However, he quickly discovered that Cai’er’s life wasn’t endangered in any way, only her consumption of spiritual energy was massive; it was the case for both her internal and external spiritual energy. After falling in Long Haochen’s warm embrace, she couldn’t even move a finger.

“How could this happen? How could this happen! It’s all because I arrived so late!” Long Haochen felt regretful that he didn’t get back earlier. With his intelligence, even in a state of total confusion, he could still clearly realize why his teammates had fought this battle of life and death.

This was all because of my mistake of judgment! I believed that no demons would come here for the time being, which was why I stayed away for so long. It’s all my fault!

Long Haochen was filled with self-reproach, before finally seeing the massacred corpse of the Fiend Lord.

Such an enormous Fiend accompanied by a Nightmare Devil Horse? Long Haochen gently caressed Cai’er’s head, “Idiot, how could you use the Stove of Samsara again? It’s all my fault…” Tightly pulling Cai’er in his embrace, Long Haochen felt distressed to the point that he couldn’t breath. As he held Cai’er tightly, his eyes became totally red.

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            Nothing is ever what it should be with the 21st General Squad.

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            And they can’t split there if they want to survive the retur to the Alliance. But there will be hard feelings and accusations until the matter is sorted out. On the longterm there is no problem with explaining so that the 4th squad will see his good sides, but he will need a good explanation or there should still remain some resentment for endangering them.

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            Their return will be interesting in either way. Not only their warrior has lost his weapons. Sima Xian and Han Yu have also broken theirs. Haochen might provide Han Yu with the shield and Spirit sword he no longer uses, which would be funny since they were gifted to him by Han Yu’s grandfather, but the others will lack fighting tools in addition to being hurt. This will matter if they plan their next moves. To risk facing another batallion with a highly diminushed fighting prowess would be dangerous. And this doesn’t really change even after they healed some of their injuries.

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          • Robin

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    The second theory I have is that he has a specialized body type. To be fair this hypothesis seems a bit less likely. If it was due to a constitution that inhibited him then he would probably be closer to Yin Er. Understanding he is useless but not really feeling guilty because he knows it can’t be helped.

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