Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 241

Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 241: Eternal Rest (I)

Feeling the abundant spiritual energy in constant improvement, Long Haochen jumped once again, descending at high speed.

The cavern was pitch-black, and sinister enough to make anyone feel cowardly, but with the illumination of his own body, Long Haochen looked extremely calm. This time the rest of the descent didn’t last for so long, and a mere minute later, a dusky gloss caught his attention: he was finally seeing the bottom of the pit.

There, the wide pit suddenly shrank, and as long Haochen landed firmly on the ground, he could faintly see a gray luster ahead.

Despite this grey radiance being mild, it was very eye-catching in this pitch-black cavern.

Shield in left hand and sword in right hand, putting the entire Holy Spirit Set in use, Long Haochen very carefully launched a Holy Sword technique once again making use of the Ripples of Light, aiming in the direction of the grey gloss.

“Wu… Wu…” An uninterrupted low-pitched sound could be heard, sounding just like the rehearsal of the Desolate Hissing Cavern’s hissing sounds.

About three hundred meters forward, the grey became more distinct, changing into a curve and suddenly looking richer and more powerful. It was to the extent that the sudden ash grey color that could finally be seen seemed to look gaudy for Long Haochen’s eyes. However, at the next moment, he couldn’t help but be shocked, taking a step back almost unconsciously, and raising his shield, taking a standard defensive Guardian Knight posture.

This scene was truly shocking; no matter how many guesses Long Haochen could possibly have had about this Desolate Hissing Cavern, they were all far off from reality.

Standing a hundred meters in front of him was an extremely wide space, forming an enormous conical cave. The cave’s stone wall were just as mirrors, reflecting the grey radiance which gave a sentiment of death stillness, an illusory feeling. The ceiling was at a height of over 150 meters, and standing there, Long Haochen appeared like nothing more but a tiny insect.

And this wasn’t the most shocking thing. What even Long Haochen found unconceivable was that, three thousand meters under ground, stood a tower.

That’s right, it was a tower, a seven floored tower, which had a height of over a hundred meters. Simple and unadorned, it gave off a grey luster, filling the ash grey tower’s surroundings with terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy.

This tower was located at the middle of that conical cave, occupying the overwhelming majority of its space. Grey fog was continuously released from that tower, and those formidable fluctuations of spiritual energy were even enough to cause Long Haochen, the Scion of Light, to shiver from the depths of his heart.

A formidable and terrible existence, this was the first impression this tower gave him.

Around that tower were countless ash-grey-colored lusters, revolving around, just like fireflies that pointed to the tower’s direction, densely packed and attaching themselves at the numerous ash-grey lights outside of the tower.

At this very moment, the violent hissing sounds suddenly rang, and this ash-grey particles seemed to agitate, scattering in all directions.

The terrifying sound waves were at least three times more powerful than the last time Long Haochen heard them, and instantly caused the Holy Mantle surrounding him to collapse, giving him no choice but to immediately erect another one, putting all his strength in increasing the frequency of the Ripples of Light.

Even so, the Holy Mantle Long Haochen released still crumbled at an astonishing speed.

By chance, Holy Mantle was a spell of the third step, so Long Haochen released one Holy Mantle after another, barely managing to maintain his shield against these terrible hissing sounds.

An alarmed look instantly appeared on his face, because he discovered to his astonishment that the lumps of ash-gray radiances were unexpectedly filled with intense soul waves, and these terrible hissing sounds were actually howling coming from their ‘soul’.

What kind of existence can they possibly be? What is this tower?

Long Haochen was filled with questions, but at the same time, he didn’t dare ponder over it, only focusing his mental capacity on resisting these unprecedentedly powerful sound waves. Long Haochen could say with certainty that if not for his previous understanding of the Ripples of Light, he wouldn’t have lasted for more than a minute here, before being ripped apart by the terrible sound waves. In normal circumstances, resisting these terrible hissing sounds would be something only a powerhouse of the seventh step could possibly accomplish.

This time’s series of hissing sound felt particularly long to Long Haochen, and as it finally stopped, and Long Haochen discovered to his astonishment that over half of his spiritual energy had been already depleted.

As a Demon Hunt Squad Captain, Long Haochen’s first conclusion was that this mission wasn’t something their two Demon Hunt Squads could possibly complete.

Exploring the Desolate Hissing Cavern naturally included this mysterious tower. But with his cultivation level, could he possibly manage this exploration?

Setting up a tower in the depths of this underground, what kind of existence could possibly accomplish that feat? Even if it wasn’t an entity such as the Demon God Emperor, at least it would be a powerhouse of the ninth step.

It was simply unthinkable to let his teammates come there. Among the twelve others, no one other than Cai’er could possibly resist the terrible sound waves coming along with the hissing sounds.

Should I retreat at this point? Long Haochen was truly unwilling: after putting so much efforts before arriving there, would he simply withdraw like that? No, anyhow, I might as well take a look at that tower

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen transferred his energy into the Saint Spiritual Stove to recover spiritual energy as he focused on sensing the blood link between Haoyue and himself.

The link between them was just as close as before, without a doubt. That’s right, even in that other world Haoyue came from, I could still join him through our blood link. But now, it’s a mere physical distance that is separating us.

At the time Long Haochen raised his head once again, he discovered that the soul energy was completely disseminated in the entire empty space, slowly heading to the direction of the tower.

From the look of it, they were planning to join up at this tower’s level, just like before. Then, the hissing sounds would appear one again, and this cycle would continue endlessly.

Taking his chance, Long Haochen took a few steps forward, completely unable to be certain of whether these ash grey souls would try to act against him, which is why he had to be careful.

But as he feared it, that was the case.

At the time Long Haochen took a first step to this conical cave’s direction, a dozen of neighbouring lights of soul energy discovered his presence, and frantically threw themselves at him with no hesitation.

At a close distance, Long Haochen could clearly see that those ash-grey colored light of soul energy all had malevolent appearances. Although it was nothing more but condensed soul energy, it still appeared very fierce-looking.

The first of them fiercely charged at the Holy Mantle that Long Haochen had already prepared as an answer to the attack. The lights of soul energy were an entity formed of energy, specters filled with deathly aura, and thus light attribute had to some extent a restricting effect against them, which is why he confronted them without worries.

However, in the instant the specters hit the Holy Mantle, Long Haochen was greatly shocked.


The Holy Mantle was instantly broken, and Long Haochen felt as if his brain had been struck by a hammer, as a terrifying energy permeated with death and coldness unexpectedly directly hit his soul, just as if trying to forcibly take possession of his body. This evil and ice-cold soul energy was exceptionally formidable, to the extent that the moment it pounded against Long Haochen, his mind became blank for a short time. Even the Light Elemental Fairy Yating in Long Haochen’s body was firmly suppressed. When confronting these formidable Specters, she could only tremble in response.

His mind completely blank, Long Haochen didn’t have the ability to communicate with Haoyue: these specters’ power was truly too terrifying. He had only been confronted to a very little portion of the hundreds of specters, but even such an unremarkable number of very small ones had caused Long Haochen to even lose all opportunity to escape.

In this very critical situation, a purple glow shone in Long Haochen’s eye as nine purple colored lights appeared on his forehead.

In a flash, purple ripples came out from Long Haochen’s body, and all the specters, regardless of whether it was the ones already sticked on Long Haochen or the ones on their ways to join them, let out a mournful cry under the pressure of the purple light, immediately fleeing at high speed.

The purple glow shot in front of Long Haochen, and Haoyue’s enormous figure appeared floating in the air, guarding Long Haochen’s back. A dense purple color spread in front of him and all around without stopping, and Little Light, Little Flame as well as Little Green’s six eyes turned into a purple color.

Previously, the incomparably strong Specters which even caused Long Haochen to be unable to block, were unexpectedly in a state of total fear when confronting Haoyue. Under this melody of hissing sounds, they escaped in succession, and even the more distant group of specters didn’t dare approach.

This wasn’t the first time Long Haochen got to see this purple glow surrounding Haoyue, but now was clearly the first time it was so dazzling.

It was soul strength, or more precisely the strength coming out from Haoyue’s soul. Seeing that these specters didn’t dare advance, Long Haochen couldn’t help but loosen his breath. Just then, he really felt as if the control his own body was being forcibly taken away.

Haoyue and Long Haochen’s minds were connected, and having gotten his instructions, Long Haochen’s body disappeared in a flash, jumping on Haoyue’s back. With him by his side, Long Haochen immediately felt at great ease.

“Haoyue, let’s head back.” Long Haochen gave that enormous ash-grey tower an unwilling look as he said so.

Haoyue turned his three heads at Long Haochen’s direction, and the latter discovered surprisingly that the purple color in their eyes was actually glinting with excitement.

Shaking his three heads simultaneously, Haoyue transmitted his thoughts, telling Long Haochen that this place would temporarily be safe, and although danger would still exist inside of the tower, it won’t directly fall upon them and would be something they would be able to temporarily deal with. Then, he suggested Long Haochen to enter in the tower to take a look at its first floor.

  • Majk

    I would guess that at the top is a wounded creature or the hissing is a sort of security mechanism for a treasure that has a stone powerful enough to make Hao Yue evolve like the one Hao Chen got at the auction house.

    • Luke Confidential

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      Another evolution stone would be good too of course.

      Oh, and materials for Drugs.

      • Majk

        That would be good but considering Hao Yues reaction it is something that he wants

        • Jonathan Hurd

          I’m with Majk on this I am really hoping we get the next item for Hao Yue’s evolution. Any guesses on what the next two heads will be? I’m thinking we might get a spatial magic head and Ice potentially.

          Also Bro has so much materials for drugs he had to throw some away lol.

          • Luke Confidential

            Bros got standard demon corpse materials [albeit from some moderately high level demons]. I’m talking high grade heavenly treasure materials.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            Yeah I keep wondering to myself too if Ice/water are considered separate or as one category. That would be pretty cool to get the balance of heads. I would like some new offensive heads since Little Green seems to have had more Utility involved than power. I still sometimes wonder if Hao Yue had actually digested that Earth Mages Elemental Fairy if that would of helped him get Earth.

          • Luke Confidential

            As if Order of Dissonance or whatever that multi-element spell is called isn’t already massively offensive enough.

            That and Little Fire with a side of Little Light.

            I strongly suspect that as Austin Griffon rises in Step, his Wind Magic will become progressively more dangerous as well.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I look forward to more wind spells, hehe. That retreat from the three demon gods using three wind heads was pretty bad ass. They have said that one of the heads needs to move the body while the others are doing spells so I don’t think there is a problem with him using his abilities more supportish. I kind of want to see if he can cast Order of Dissonance with a few heads and then have others doing other things too. That will be freaking awesome to watch.

          • Luke Confidential

            What’s going to be freaking awesome to watch is the 4th soldier grade squad’s reaction when Austin Griffon sprouts two more heads with two MORE types of magic.

            EDIT: it wouldn’t surprise me if Austin Griffon can use Order of Dissonance with more heads for an even greater power multiplier at higher levels. [If you recall it explicitly stated at any point that OoD can only be used with three elements let me know.]

          • Jonathan Hurd

            I’m afraid considering the amount of time it took him to evolve last time that when he finally does finish his evolution they’ll have split from the 4th soldier grade squad. On the otherhand they are bound to meet up again some point. Much funnier will be LHC’s team’s reactions since only Li Xin remembers seeing Hao Yue go from two heads to three. Personally my money is on Hao Yue getting wings when he gets to 7th rank magical beast (6th step human) since they mentioned that this is the level people can materialize wings and that Demon Commander they met outside the cave had some.

            I don’t think there is a forced limit on the amount of elements for Order of Dissonance. From what their guardian knight mentor said about it was that it was exceedingly hard to pull off since you needed different mages of almost equal power working in concert with each other. So I don’t believe the elements limit it but the amount of castors able to combine together with that level of understanding is the thing that most likely limits it for others. Thankfully Hao Yue doesn’t have that problem. 😀

          • Robin

            Well, at least the Demon God Emperor won’t find a three-headed magical beast anylonger after Haoyue evolved. But since we don’t know if there even are other multi-headed magical beasts aside from Austin Griffon, we don’t know if that makes it harder or easier to identify.

            I doubt that the additional elements will hinder his Essence of Disorder, it will only make it stronger when more elements combine. But I guess that the consumption will also be equivalently large.
            You are right! Only Li Xin and Cai’er know about the evolution and the change in the numbers of the heads. It will definitely be funny since all DHSs know about his three-headed mount after the DGE brought his whole army simply to search for it. ^-^

          • Jonathan Hurd

            To be fair they did mention that while rare I think there do exist other multi headed magical beasts as well as multiple attributed beasts. Though they also mentioned that these qualities would appear only in much higher magical beasts than Hao Yue is. Not sure if there is going to be another with 5 like Hao yue will have but maybe.

            Funny thing is Cai’er never saw the two headed Hao Yue since he was away evolving when LHC met reunited with her so the only one who knows how amazing the changes are when Hao Yue evolves are LHC, Asura Yi, and Li Xin. Can’t wait for the evolution have to admit been waiting for that since he evolved and we found out he could be 5 headed O.O.

          • Robin

            Multiple attributes were mentioned, yes, but I am not sure about them with multiple heads. Even during the search of the DGE no other three-headed came to mind. If they exist they surely are not your run off the mill mounts. But with five heads he should finally be unable to squeeze into living rooms or carriages. ^^°

            Yes, she never saw it. I kind of remember Li Xin telling her about the change, although I am not completely sure. But Cai’er never payed too much attention to Haoyue. For her he is simply a mount and not something as important as for Haochen. I remember that I found it strange that she didn’t seem interested in the special bond they share and the special importance Haoyue poses for her beloved.

          • Jonathan Hurd

            To be fair from Hao Yue’s and Cai’er’s first meeting they seem more like rivals for Hao Chen’s attention, lol. As far as multi-headed things in Chinese lore goes I’m pretty sure there is at least one myth about that, but I might just be confusing that with something from Japan or Korea…

          • Luke Confidential

            I know Japan has the Yamata no Orochi.

            Though like I said earlier, there’s more than enough western influences in this story for Austin Griffin to use Hydra as a coverstory.

          • Luke Confidential


            While this is obviously a chinese story there are tons of western elements in it.

            There’s not a doubt in my mind that hydra exist in this world.

            That is Austin Griffon’s cover story [except I suspect he can’t regrow lost heads lol]

          • Rhiannon Sturtevant

            Essence of Disorder

          • Ken Dragon

            You really can’t say what the next heads are or really even guess since little green kinda popped out of nowhere knowing wind style magic and there was no hint if wind in anything before that but it definitely would be cool if we go water/ice

  • Majk

    I would guess that at the top is a wounded creature or the hissing is a sort of security mechanism for a treasure that has a stone powerful enough to make Hao Yue evolve like the one Hao Chen got at the auction house.

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