Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Killing the Demons (II)

In Shengmo Dalu, challenging powerhouses of higher rank was an extremely challenging feat, because a qualitative gap existed between every step. However, this was already not the first time Long Haochen challenged an opponent of higher step, and he had many assets ordinary people wouldn’t have.

In normal circumstances, defeating this cavalry wouldn’t be an easy feat. Without Haoyue’s assistance, they were bound to have a hard battle, and even if they won, it would be in a miserable state.

However, the Fiend Commander had just suffered the effects of the attack from Essence of Disorder. He was at the sixth step of cultivation, but still far from the peak of the sixth step. Thus, he had to bear the effects of the spell, and the elemental power on his body was greatly depleted by it, as his body suffered serious damage. Challenging him was doable only because he had already been greatly weakened.

More importantly, Long Haochen was now acting as a Retribution Knight, expert in instant burst attacks.

The powerful backlash caused Long Haochen to be sent flying in the air, but in the next instant, his body was already spinning at great speed.

Condemning Revolving Sword!

The Light Elemental Fairy Yating flew to a fairly distant place from him, chanting her incantation without pause. When Long Haochen’s first strike collided against the Fiend Commander’s spear, a strong explosion of holy light occurred, and with his full strength blocking, a large dent appeared in his spear. Below, the Nightmare Devil Horse’s four limbs were already stiff, having left deep marks on the ground.

Holy Sword! Yating gave Long Haochen’s first blow the formidable power of Holy Sword.

But at this moment, the Nightmare Devil Horses’ fighting strength was displayed at its fullest.

A faint black radiance rush forth from its body, entering the Fiend Commander’s body. At the same time, the latter opened up his mouth, seemingly wanting to spit some words. For quite a long time, he kept whining aloud, surrounded by black fog and showing quite an unsightly appearance…

Grand Fiends’ specialty was close quarters combat, but Nightmare Devil Horses were more inclined to use elemental abilities. They could run at an extreme speed, and were experts at using darkness magical attacks.

For this precise reason, their losses were even greater than the Grand Fiends’ when suffering the effects of the Essence of Disorder. As for this Nightmare Devil Horse of the fifth step, whose elemental power had been already greatly depleted, it only managed to barely provide some assistance to the Fiend Commander, but was unable to use darkness offensive magic directly against Long Haochen.


The thirteenth blow of the Condemning Revolving Sword carried once again the terrifying power of Holy Sword, causing the spear in the Fiend Commander’s hand to snap.

Nonetheless, this Fiend Commander was indeed tough. Unceasingly wielding his pair of large claws, he unexpectedly relied on his tough body to block Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Swords. Every time his claw entered in contact with the Condemning Revolving Swords, black smoke would be unleashed: it was the corroding effect light had against darkness. But the most astonishing was that only marks were left on his claws.

Unfortunately, using this method to block the Revolving Condemning Sword, which had a power that increased over time, was easier said than done.

The Fiend Commander was finally unable to keep going.

Plop. The middle phalanx of his right claw was cut off, and the Fiend Commander finally let out a miserable scream. At the same time, he thought of withdrawing from the right side.

In fact, it hadn’t been cut down accidentally, but he was the one that took the initiative of letting it be cut down.

The Condemning Revolving Sword naturally followed along, but at the time the Fiend Commander seemed to be about to fall to the ground, he pulled the Nightmare Devil Horse, instantly leaning to the side and going as far as to use it to block the blows aimed at him.

The Nightmare Devil Horse previously spared no effort to assist him, but its strength wasn’t sufficient, to say nothing of the fact that it had been weakened by the previous Essence of Disorder. When being forcefully used as a shield with the betrayal of its master, how could it possibly stand a chance against Long Haochen’s blow?

With an ear-splitting shattering sound, this enormous Nightmare Devil Horse was instantly lacerated by the Condemning Revolving Swords, and its flesh and blood was spread around.

The Fiend Commander didn’t take advantage of this chance to attack Long Haochen, but instead, he quickly escaped to the opposite direction. Using his pair of wide paws to run at great speed, he was already over ten meters away with a few steps.

Long Haochen took a deep breath and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light shone brightly. A blue and golden dual-colored radiance formed a dazzling rainbow in the air, chasing after the Fiend Commander. It was the Thrusting Hibiscus attack.

The penetrative attack formed of overwhelming rays of light was launched.

Obviously feeling the danger at his back, the Fiend Commander suddenly turned around, using his claws to block, intense black instantly going forth from his chest and turning into a black brilliant lump.


The Fiend Commander’s enormous body was struck by the Thrusting Hibiscus’ terrible offensive power and pierced, his two arms shattering into pieces. However, the most astonishing was that he still didn’t die, unexpectedly getting up once again and running away madly after falling to the ground, attempting to escape. Meanwhile, a black radiance rocketed from above his body.

What a strong vitality! Long Haochen was astonished. He didn’t think that even his Thrusting Hibiscus of Rain and Light would still not be enough to end his opponent’s life. At this moment, his consumption was already tremendous, and even with Yating’s assistance, he wouldn’t be able to chase after the opponent.

At this precise moment, a red brilliance formed a red cloud in the air, intercepting the black ray launched against them. At the same time, a red figure crashed like a meteor, smashing fiercely the Fiend Commander that had lost both of his arms.

Burning fiercely, a five meters long massive flame blade struck the Fiend Commander’s crippled body.

With a miserable scream, this Fiend Commander finally fell to the ground, unable to even crawl any longer.

The flames vanished, and Li Xin’s figure appeared, riding the Rose Unicorn and giving Long Haochen an apologetic glance.

Demon Hunt Squads’ contribution points were obtained when killing the demons. That was to say that the contribution points for this Fiend Commander’s death were ripped by Li Xin.

Long Haochen surveyed the battlefield: the battle had already been thoroughly finished. Under the great assistance of Haoyue’s Essence of Disorder, this battle concluded even more easily than expected.

The assault of Grand Fiends was truly threatening in the battlefield, and when matching with the Nightmare Devil Horses, they even held the upper hands against the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment, who could just barely contend against them. Of course, this was on the premise that the number of Grand Fiends on the other side was at least three times the number of Angel Knights.

Unfortunately, the opponent they met today was too crafty. With a sudden sneak attack, matched with the terror of the Essence of Disorder, the lives of these Grand Fiends and their Nightmare had come to an end.

Having suffered the attack of the Essence of Disorder, the Nightmare Devil Horses had even lost the power to stand against the enemy. That was to say nothing of the two Demon Hunt Squads’ sudden bursting attacks: be it in terms of offensive power or in restrictive ability, they were extremely tough. The remaining Grand Fiends tried to escape with their mounts, but were finished by Cai’er’s attacks.

Li Xin dragged the Fiend Commander’s corpse in front of Long Haochen, apologetically declaring to him, “I’m sorry Haochen. It wasn’t on purpose that I snatched your contribution points. I’ll give you back some of the contribution points for this Fiend Commander’s death later.”

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, “Sis, when have you started to treat me like an outsider? More importantly, it was precisely because of your intervention that we prevented this fiend from spreading the information of our presence. You deserved these contribution points, you know!”

“But…” Li Xin seemed to want to add something else before being softly held by Long Haochen’s arms, “Sis, regardless of my strength or anything, I am your little brother for life. In my heart, you will be my dear elder sister forever.”

He had felt some recent changes on Li Xin’s state of mind, because Long Haochen’s strength was just becoming greater and greater, and his brilliance was increasingly dazzling. Li Xin felt like she was becoming more and more distant with this non blood-related little brother of hers, and could even feel heroic vibes from the younger Long Haochen. Because of their new relationship, she started to speak to Long Haochen a lot lesser, for fear of affecting him badly or being a disturbance to him.

At this very moment, Long Haochen’s hug and words caused Li Xin to be unable to contain her dear feelings of brothership, tightly hugging him and sobbing soundly.

Cai’er came to Long Haochen side, silently staying there, blinking repeatedly at this scene, though no feeling of jealousy arose in her.

As the owner of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, her senses were even above Long Haochen’s, and she could clearly feel that the feelings Li Xin held towards Long Haochen were entirely different from the ones she had towards him.

But contrarily to expectations, when Li Xin saw Cai’er, she hastened to let go of Long Haochen’s embrace, immediately explaining, “Cai’er, don’t misunderstand this! I…”

Cai’er unexpectedly revealed a rare smile, “Why would I misunderstand this?”

Long Haochen grabbed Cai’er’s small hand and looked at her face to face. Feeling the complete trust existing between the two of them, he couldn’t help but feel comfortably warm.

“Sis, now is not the time to talk, we should clean the battlefield at once, before leaving.”

Everyone was obviously busy sweeping through the battlefield, and as a matter of fact, the busiest one among them was a certain scrooge among the group.

Lin Xin’s conduct was indeed something no one could help but smile upon watching. This guy’s spatial ring was already heavily loaded and completely filled up. Nonetheless, he had his own other methods: the corpses of a bunch of Berserk Demons and Birdy Demons were tossed out, and some of the Grand Fiend and Nightmare Devil Horses’ corpses were instead taken in. On his face, he had now an expression of pain and helplessness.

The members of the 4th Demon Hunt Squads also imitated him, and took some of the corpses in their own spatial rings. Nonetheless, these Grand Fiends and Nightmare Devil Horses’ corpses took up too much space, and none of them had a spatial ring with the same monstrous capacity as Lin Xin’s. In the end, they only managed to transport about the half of these spoils of war.

Li Xin received the contribution points for this Fiend Commander, and resolutely renounced to the other spoils of war coming from this Fiend Commander’s corpse, including his magical crystal. Of course, Lin Xin wouldn’t let go off such a high ranked corpse, and even recovered the massive and fragmented corpse of that Nightmare Devil Horse of the fifth step.

Li Xin couldn’t help but say in a low voice to Long Haochen, “This guy doesn’t have fighting ability, but isn’t he quite insatiable!”

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