Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Princess Yue Ye (I)

When confronting the enemies, Long Haochen had faced the most powerful of them. As a commander, he planned everything far ahead, causing the whole team to get out from a situation of certain death, without a single casualty. Be it in terms of strength, decision-making, intelligence or leadership, he already appeared in Luc Xi’s eyes like a true leader.

Under Long Haochen’s guidance, the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad’s fighting strength was brought out to the fullest, and they managed to save strength effectively. But how much contribution did their 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad bring back? Long Haochen alone was enough to match their whole team.

At the same time, Luc Xi also realized how challenging it would be for a priest like himself to command a team. Although priests had a certain fighting strength, their most important role was to be devoted wholeheartedly to healing. They were far from comparable with a knight in the front lines to make decisions.

The reason as for why the knight was called a Demon Hunt Squad’s cornerstone was that he could effect the whole battlefield with his abilities.

Seeing Luc Xi’s sincerity, Long Haochen revealed a faint smile, declaring, “Brother Luc, you shouldn’t undervalue yourself either. There won’t be any change on anything we decided together. Everything we already promised will be done. Since we are going to receive the 70% of the reward, it is natural that we have to do more.”

“Captain Long…” Luc Xi still wanted to say something, but was stopped by Long Haochen’s hand.

Long Haochen’s expression became extremely serious, “Now is not the time to discuss these matters. I have only two things to say. First, I want to insist on this: in the battlefield, everyone must strictly comply with orders, because the mistake of a single person is likely to cause the annihilation of the whole team. It’s true that demons are our mortal enemies, and that we all have to do our utmost to kill demons. But on a long-term consideration, acting impetuously is just suicidal. If we want to kill even more demons to avenge our kin, the first thing we have to do is to keep ourselves alive. If anyone has a problem with my command, you may object it outside of the battlefield, and then, we’ll talk of it together. If I am not capable enough to lead the whole team, I will be sure to abdicate to let the worthy lead. But when we will get in battle again, I wish that the previous situation won’t ever happen again. If anyone causes trouble in times of battle, affecting the whole team’s survival, don’t blame me for expelling you of the team without qualms.”

“Yes!” The twelve agreed loudly, including the extremely grieved Dian Yan.

Long Haochen went on, “The second thing is about our following move.

As we have previously been hurrying to get away, I have been adjusting our path of return. We have already no way back, because the core part Nareiks Demon Province is right behind us. Since the demons from there dared robbing the entirety of the Yue Ye caravan’s goods, they will obviously want to silence everyone. Which is why we can only keep going forward, and now we have already entered over 200 km deep in the demon territory. Although the Nareiks Province’s territory is long and narrow, the area it covers is not so wide. After only three more hours, we will be able to reach this province’s frontier. But as long as we are inside of the demon territory, we will never be in complete safety; please be alert, everyone. Now, I will ask for everyone’s opinions. Should we keep aiming for the mission, or should we rather take a detour to return to the Alliance?

Having gone through the previous battle, Long Haochen had acquired without a doubt the unanimous approval. However, he couldn’t get ahead of himself and decide for the team’s future direction by himself. He had to let everyone give their own views. This bit caused Luc Xi to admire Long Haochen even more. He realized that under the same circumstances, he wouldn’t have thought of this point.

“Let’s keep advancing then. There is a very low probability to encounter something like the siege of a demon army, and as long as we don’t run into any demon exceeding the seventh step, there shouldn’t be any problem. Since we are only a dozen, it won’t be so easy to spot us. Although the demon territory is dangerous, risk and chance are the two sides of a single coin. A Demon Hunt Squad needs to go through hunting demons to grow.” Luc Xi voiced his own opinion.

His words had gotten the great majority’s approval.

Despite the terror they had from their previous battle in the Nareiks Province, these Demon Hunters belonged to the elite of their generation, and all went through the Alliance’s strict inspection, making sure of their fidelity to the Alliance as well as their determination in fighting against the demon threat and their resolution. More importantly, since under Long Haochen’s command, they managed to preserve their fighting strength, how could they shrink back at such a moment.

Seeing that everyone shared the same opinion, Long Haochen nodded, “All right. Since everything has just been decided, let’s immediately think of a solution to get out of our current predicament.” As he said, he swept a glance past the carriage at his side.

After these two hours rest, Yue Ye already regained consciousness. Though her face was still pale, her eyes were filled with some curiosity. After taking a few pills, she sat beside Leng Xiao on the vehicle, telling her something.

The hour of rest passed rapidly, and the Demon Hunters from the two Demon Hunt Squads as well as the few mages got into the car, but Leng Xiao and Yue Ye were still seated in front of the horses, outside of the carriage.

Li Xin didn’t keep following Long Haochen forward, and got into the carriage. Long Haochen, only leading Cai’er, moved towards Yue Ye and Leng Xiao.

Seeing the two of them come over, Yue Ye revealed an indifferent smile, “I guess that you want to discuss with me right? But before this, may I ask for your name? Let me introduce first, my name is Yue Ye, and I am the current president of the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce and she is Leng Xiao, my close friend.”

Long Haochen revealed a surprised look, but quickly came back to his senses, “Greetings, President Yue Ye. My name is Long Haochen.”

“Long Haochen.” Yue Ye seemed to mull over this name, and looking at Long Haochen’s handsome face, she asked with a smile, “I really want to know how old you are, would it be okay?”

Long Haochen shook his head, and replied, “Apologies, but I am afraid that I cannot reveal that information.”

Yue Ye sighed lightly before going on, “If my chamber of commerce had such an outstanding young powerhouse as you, we wouldn’t have such bad times. It’s a pity that you don’t belong to our chamber of commerce. In our chamber’s records, I don’t remember of the name Long Haochen at all, and I know we don’t have any knight possessing a Saint Spiritual Stove. Is there anything you would like to receive for the help you gave us?”

With a sigh, Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, “It will be quite hard to choose, President Yue Ye.” At this very moment, his eyes were filled with an indescriptible glint, carrying an ounce of killing intent.

“What are you planning to do?” Leng Xiao put herself in front of Yue Ye, protecting her from Long Haochen’s glance. After an hour’s rest, her body had already recovered for the most part.

Cai’er slowly took a step forward, instantly locking her murderous intent on Leng Xiao.

Just at this moment, an unthinkable scene happened before Long Haochen’s eyes.


A white palm was swept at Leng Xiao’s back, and with a shiver, she glanced at Yue Ye with an uncomprehending look, before falling into her arms.

Yue Ye carried Leng Xiao’s body, letting her lean against the carriage, before raising her head to look at Long Haochen and Cai’er indifferently, “I think that now, it will be possible for us to have a good talk.”

Long Haochen held Cai’er’s hand, hinting her not to act impetuously, and revealed a calm smile, “You surely guessed what I would like to do, President Yue Ye, right?”

Yue Ye replied with a sigh, “The same as those bastards from the Nareiks Province: to silence everyone, right? Sir young Demon Hunt Squad captain.”

Long Haochen’s pupils shrank faintly, “President Yue Ye is indeed a smart person.”

Yue Ye smiled bitterly, “If I was really smart enough, I wouldn’t have caused the caravan to encounter such danger this time. Although I have only taken over the chamber of commerce recently, I have already taken this path dozens of times. Seeing young powerhouses such as you, I can only think of the Temple Alliance’s Demon Hunt Squads. If I guessed right, with a single signal from your side, all my subordinate in the carriage will be killed in an instant. What a shame, although I guessed right about your identity, I didn’t think that you would act so fast. Considering your two Demon Hunt Squads’ group strength, we are nowhere close to be a threat to you right?”

Long Haochen faintly smiled, and replied, “I see that you are smart enough to keep your trump cards hidden. If I didn’t guess wrong, President Yue Ye should have a military backing. And this military power of yours is quite formidable. ”

Yue Ye stared foolishly, but didn’t try to mask it at all, only giving a curious reply, “How did you guess it?”

Long Haochen replied, “President Yue Ye, although your personal strength is not so great in itself, to be able to take out the scroll of a forbidden spell of the ninth step causing the Moon Demon God’s descent, you should have quite a high position within the Moon Demon Clan. Considering the Moon Demon God’s status as the second most formidable existence among the seventy-two demon gods, since the demons from the Nareiks Province dared to offend you, I don’t believe you will leave it at that. Considering your position, the Yue Demon Clan’s powerhouses should arrive soon, am I right? And these powerhouses from the Yue Demon Clan shouldn’t be anything little Demon Hunt Squads like us are capable of contending against. Thus, to keep our identity secret, I have no choice but to act against you. Even if my guess was wrong, I cannot take the risk to let my comrades to encounter such danger.”

Yue Ye calmly looked at Long Haochen, and suddenly revealed a smile. It couldn’t be denied that she had an extremely beautiful appearance, a whole level above Cai’er’s, and her pair of purple eyes were filled with great charm and nobility, “You are the most outstanding knight I have ever met, and I have met a lot of knights. If I was an influential demon, and learned the existence of an outstanding and young knight such as you, I would definitely not spare any cost to kill you while I can still do it.

Otherwise, your future self will be likely to become an immense threat to demonkind.”

Long Haochen looked at her with some surprise, “Don’t tell me that you aren’t a demon? The color of your eyes has already betrayed you, young lady of the Moon Demon Clan.”

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