Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Forbidden Spell! The Moon Demon God’s Descent (III)

The Devil Dragon Clan had an incredibly slow reproducing speed. They would be able to give birth only once every hundred years, and there would only be a single descendant every. Maybe it was because of their status as demons, but these Black Dragons’ method for giving birth was entirely different from the other dragons’. They weren’t born as eggs, but as a fetus, and this was the first reason why the Devil Dragons would be so powerful upon birth. Every time they gave birth, a single Devil Dragon would be born. Twins would only appear once every 1,000 years.

These Black Dragons’ strength could be judged simply by looking at their size. The ones whose length was below 20 meters were at the so-called young stage. Between twenty meters and fifty meters, they would be at the adult generation, corresponding to the eighth step. And above the 50 meters of length, they were the Devil Dragon Emperor’s direct subordinates. Among them, the Devil God Emperor Feng Xiu had twenty Devil Dragon Kings as his subordinate, whose size was above 80 meters, which would reportedly correspond to a spiritual energy over the 30,000. From this, the strength of the Devil Dragons could be clearly seen.

If not for the Demon God Slayers’ formidable equipment, they wouldn’t even be a threat for the Demon God Emperor.

And at this very moment, from the massive silhouette of a size over 50 meters that launched the dragon cry a moment earlier, a faint dim purple glint shone.

It didn’t have any overbearing aura, but at the moment this massive figure arrived above the carriage’s roof and unfolded its wings, the demon army’s formation was completely broken.

It was clearly a Black Dragon, direct soldier of the Demon God Emperor, that they were facing. Upon realization, his army of the Nareiks Province immediately scattered in panic, in all direction.

In these demons’ thoughts, perhaps even the most powerful human powerhouse wouldn’t be so terrifying. A confrontation with the highest existence in their own race’s food chain could only leave them in total panic.

They were totally unable to suppress this fear, coming from the depths of their own body, causing everyone aside from Leng Xiao, Yue Ye, as well as Long Haochen and Chen Ying’er to stare blankly. Just like that, this unpierceable natural fortress disappeared.

“Speed up!” Long Haochen shouted out loudly, and below, Haoyue accelerated suddenly, arriving to the top front together with Li Xin’s Rose Unicorn.

Leng Xiao unconsciously urged the Unyielding Manes with her whole might. They hurriedly followed Long Haochen’s lead, pulling the floating carriage.

This enormous Black Dragon that appeared in the sky was truly domineering. Just as it appeared, the army of demon was completely routed, and none of the demons had the courage to launch an attack.

Yue Ye whispered to Leng Xiao by her side, “Your guardian?”

Leng Xiao shook her head with a helpless smile, “I’ve sneaked out to come for this operation, how could there be a guardian for me? That… That seems to be a fake one, he doesn’t have my clansmen’s aura on his body.”

“A fake?” Yue Ye stared blankly, but with her intelligence, she immediately associated this occurrence with Long Haochen’s previous shout to Chen Ying’er. Looking at this young knight seated on a three-headed beast’s back, she was at a complete loss. Who in the end is he? Is he really as young as he looks to be?

Rushing out at mad speed, they managed to run for a distance close to five kilometers in only ten minutes.

Now that the army of demons had already been thrown off far behind, at this time, even if that army wanted to go after them, they wouldn’t catch up.

In the sky, the intimidating and unequalled Black Dragon disappeared without any omen, and at the same time, a silvery speck of light shone in Chen Ying’er’s eyes.

The Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig appeared on Chen Ying’er’s bosom with a lazy appearance, seemingly totally tired. He shut his two eyes and starting to snore loudly, and on his soft skin, faint traces of silvery light scattered around, causing a change to appear in his aura.

The Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig’s method of advancement was completely different from the other magical beasts’. His magical crystal in itself was unable to evolve; it only able to accumulate energy in its body. Only when going through the use of its imitating and causing the enemies’ terror could he make some advancement regarding to the nature of this energy. This evolution process was extremely complex, but clearly, what he experienced just now was a boosting force to his evolution process. As for how long it would take for a complete evolution, it was hard to say.

Chen Ying’er clearly looked exhausted too, directly sitting on the carriage’s floor in a cross-legged position.

After they had personally witnessed at the condensation of this harmless-looking pig into such a terrifying dragon, everyone started to look at her with different eyes.

This female summoner that the 4th Demon Hunt Squad’s members had originally taken as being a useless person had unexpectedly already become so powerful. This simple fact made their last feeling of superiority vanish completely.

The Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig was capable of imitating any of the magical beast they encountered previously, in exchange for the consumption of his own spiritual energy. Just now, he had used the Imitation ability, and not the Mirror Image Copy. And in this situation, he actually had a big weakness: he didn’t have the aura of a Black Dragon on its body at all. This Black Dragon that he imitated was the one that appeared together with the Demon God Emperor in front of the doors of Exorcist City.

But the demon army of the Nareiks Province had already been frightened by the previous forbidden spell. Having experienced this, how could their defensive line not collapse when running into the peak existence of their food chain’s appearance? How could they possibly still be able to keep their calm and pay attention to this Black Dragon’s aura? And they didn’t have anyone that was able to detect a Black Dragon’s real aura among them.

Nonetheless, even if it was only the external appearance of a Black Dragon that had been imitated, this still came with a massive consumption of spiritual energy. To supplement the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig’s energy, A magical crystal of the fifth step just had to be consumed. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to produce such an immense illusion. That was the overbearing appearance of a Black Dragon of the ninth step!

Some looked up upon Chen Ying’er’s contracted beast, which actually held such a formidable power, but a few admired instead Long Haochen for his foresight, the incredible advance he had in his preparations.

Prior to this, as they were defending the carriage, he hadn’t let Chen Ying’er intervene at all, even in the biggest times of danger. If the Black Dragon had appeared in that timing, they would definitely have won over an important amount of time. Even if they were seen though, they would still have had a far easier time to defend the carriage.

But if Chen Ying’er had chosen that moment to act, how would they have broken out of the siege without complications? An illusory ability would often only have great effects during its first uses, when it wouldn’t easily be seen through, but when used multiple times against the same opponent, it could only appear like a joke and nothing more.

Giving Long Haochen a last deep glance, Yue Ye finally collapsed in Leng Xiao’s bosom, sinking into an unconscious state.

Hurrying in their journey, they didn’t stop for a whole duration of two hours. The danger was still present, and even under Long Haochen’s lead, they could only run away in a set direction. Even with the Unyielding Manes’ endurance, after running with such rush for an entire duration of two hours, their speed clearly decreased.

Inside of the carriage, everyone seized the moment to grab some rest, as they didn’t know how distant the danger was.

Luc Xi occasionally released magic on Long Haochen and Li Xin, as well as their mounts. Now was clearly not the time for rest.

After looking at a wide forest, Long Haochen finally let Haoyue drop his speed, making his way into the carriage.

After Haoyue stopped over, the exhausted Unyielding Manes behind him did the same. Although Leng Xiao’s body wasn’t wounded, after having gone through such a battle and escape, she was extremely tired too, leaning on the carriage behind her back and gasping for breath.

“Let’s rest there. After a hour, we will proceed with our journey. Get something to eat everyone.” After Yue Ye lost consciousness, it was as if he had become the commander here.

Without need for Long Haochen’s instruction, the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads had already sat in succession, gathering together in front of Long Haochen.

Sweeping his glance through them, he asked, “Has everyone already recovered to some extent?”

Everyone nodded in succession. Although the insides of the carriage were crowded, it was still smooth enough for everyone to have ample rest during the escape of two hour. During the previous battle, they hadn’t confronted any of the most powerful enemies, and had only minor injuries. With Luc Xi and Han Yu’s healing, they had already recovered quite importantly.

Long Haochen looked at Dian Yan, appearing full of grief, declaring in low voice, “My grief.”

As the chief guard of the caravan, Dian Yan’s uncle Dian Xuan had certainly been submerged by the demon army. In this time of intensive siege, no one had the ability to save him.

Dian Yan didn’t utter a word, only lowering his head, his eyes filled with clear feelings of hatred.

Sima Xian stood at his side, lifting up his big hand to pat his shoulder. At this time, strong bursts of hatred instantly came out from many of the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads. Among them, too many had lost relatives in the demons’ hands.

“Captain Long, are you okay? In the previous battle, your consumption was really too massive. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to recover in a short time enough.” Luc Xi asked Long Haochen with some worry.

Long Haochen nodded with a smile, “I can still keep going on, thanks a lot for your healing, Captain Luc.”

Luc Xi shook his head lightly, “There’s no need to call me captain. Starting from now, we should only have a single captain. We hope to act as your 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad’s subordinates. I already talked over this with my mates just now. We decided to abandon all our rewards as well as the contribution points we lent you.”

Long Haochen looked distracted, “Captain Luc, you…”

Luc Xi forced a smile, “If you keep calling me captain, we won’t have any face left for ourselves. It was our idea to follow the freelance merchants to enter the demon territory, causing the whole team to be exposed to such danger. We cannot avoid this responsibility. In fact, we have all seen your commanding ability as well as your strength as individual, Captain Long. With all the experience we will gain from the participation to this mission by your side, how could we dare keep making such extravagant demands?”

This great battle already left a profound impression in Luc Xi as well as the members of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. Perhaps could they compare with the other members of this ex-1st Demon Hunt Squad to some extent, but they already held their captain Long Haochen in incomparable esteem.

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