Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 229

Chapter 229: Forbidden Spell! The Moon Demon God’s Descent (II)

The Moon Demon God’s descent was accompanied by an incomparably strong aura of power, but the weird thing was that it appeared completely silent.

That massive purple-colored moon retracted at fast speed, and in a little moment, all its splendor vanished. All that remained was nothing more but a wide halo of light.

The moonlight had spread to a diameter of a thousand meters, and within this scope, not a single living enemy remained, be it on the ground or in the sky.

After they underwent this forbidden spell’s bombardment, only about 10,000 demons were left of this enormous army of 50,000. And facing this purple halo, they weren’t able to muster the slightest courage to attack for now.

“Xiaoxiao, drive the carriage. Mages, get in, and close range fighters, follow. It’s time to break out!” Yue Ye’s figure appeared once again on the carriage’s roof. Her face was deathly pale, of an unhealthy white color. She trembled as she hunched forward, and blood was flowing from the seven apertures of her snowy white face. Regardless of how beautiful she originally was, right now, she just appeared unsightly and mournful.

But even at that time, with her body being close to collapse, she still remained clear-headed as she made the necessary arrangements.

Just like Long Haochen guessed, the moment right after the forbidden spell’s completion was the best chance to break out. The great army of demons was in such a terrified state that even though a large quantity of goods had to be abandoned, this was their best opportunity to escape.

Long Haochen gave his teammates a glance and they immediately mounted the carriage without hesitation. This carriage was extremely broad, and would have no problem accommodating twenty people. It wasn’t pulled by ordinary horses either, but Unwavering Manes. This sort of magical beast didn’t have any offensive abilities, but possessed an extremely good endurance, and fit all types of terrains. Even in the desert, they would be a lot more useful than camels; additionally, their imposing build made them at least one third of a meter taller than ordinary fine horses.

Yue Ye’s carriage was pulled by sixteen Unwavering Manes. Although the previous battle was quite severe, the Unwavering Manes were fabulously protected by the mages, which was the absolute order Yue Ye gave them. The Unwavering Manes were after all their ultimate hope for breaking out.

No one contested, and of the Demon Hunt Squads, Luc Xi, Yi Jun, Bai Xiaomo, Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er took the lead to hurriedly enter in the carriage. It could be said that, if not for the exceptional display of the two Demon Hunt Squads, the twenty mages of the caravan wouldn’t have survived this attack. In particular, Long Haochen’s heroic display of self-sacrifice caused these mages to admire him sincerely.

The close-quarters vocations didn’t get on, but surrounded the carriage. Long Haochen spoke to the nearby Li Xin, “Sis, let’s go to the front and rush out from there. The other close-quarters fighters, get on. Defend the carriage!”

All the close quarters fighters currently belonging to the two Demon Hunt Squads immediately complied to Long Haochen’s order.

Haoyue’s six eyes were clearly duller than normal. Before summoning him, Long Haochen had had Haoyue prepare his Essence of the Disorder through their mental connection. Otherwise, how could he attack with such a formidable bursting power in the instant he was summoned?

Due to the fact he used an ability of a higher step than his own, in addition to his previous fusion with Long Haochen, he was naturally exhausted. But although his own consumption was quite big, by chance, Haoyue’s strength grew as a whole since the previous battle, as he evolved to some extent. At the present time, this was what allowed him to maintain a certain fighting strength.

Yue Yu jumped with Leng Xiao’s support on the coachman’s seat. Leng Xiao wasn’t familiar with driving a carriage, but she had a very wild natural temper! As she waved the horsewhip, the Unwavering Manes obediently ran into the direction she directed. In this bloody night, they couldn’t even pay attention to the direction they were heading to, as their very top priority was to escape.

Yue Ye leaned on Leng Xiao and looked at Long Haochen who was riding on Haoyue.

Cai’er didn’t enter the carriage, but stood calmly at Yue Ye’s side. In case Long Haochen was stopped by an enemy, she would undoubtedly be the first one to intervene.

Meanwhile, Luc Xi was leaning out of the carriage’s window, silently waving his staff to send a glinting pure white radiance, enveloping Long Haochen as well as Haoyue.

This was the first time Long Haochen enjoyed the full power of the healing a priest at the fifth step could provide. He didn’t know what ability Luc Xi was currently using, but with Luc Xi’s healing, his previous enormous consumption of internal spiritual energy was being restored at an astonishing speed. Even the aftereffects of the use of the ability Sacrifice were also healed.

Even if Han Yu learned even more healing abilities, he was in the end a Guardian Knight, and not a real priest. The utility of a formidable priest in a team wasn’t something that could be replaced that easily.

Leng Xiao watched the healing magic being cast at her side and wrinkled her brows, asking in a low voice full of loathing, “Are you the one who invited them as guards?”

Yue Ye shook her head, revealing a complex expression.

All the remaining demons were completely terrified by the previous forbidden spell that appeared to them like an apocalypse, but it was after all an army of 10,000, and one that surrounded them from all directions. Considering their numbers, a confrontation would be unavoidable, if Long Haochen’s group wanted to break out.

“Ying’er!” It could be seen that the distance to the frantic army of demons had reduced to only a hundred meters, as Long Haochen suddenly shouted.

“Gotcha.” Chen Ying’er replied in her cute voice. Hearing it, Yue Ye, Leng Xiao as well as the caravan’s mages didn’t find it particularly strange. But the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads were really surprised when they saw this female summoner approach the window.

Starting from the beginning of the battle to now, Chen Ying’er had only been staying by Lin Xin’s side, and even if the battle was so intense, she hadn’t done anything at all.

The 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad somewhat understood the situation, as they knew that this girl was not very reliable as a summoner. They didn’t mind it, but what they didn’t know was that now that she possessed a contracted beast like the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, she wasn’t so weak anymore. Furthermore, her teammates also remembered the instruction Long Haochen gave her before the fight started. Originally they had thought that he wanted her to intervene the least possible and to preserve her magical crystals. But now that they thought about it, it couldn’t be so simple! Otherwise, why would Long Haochen call out to her right at the moment of their sortie?

Chen Ying’er’s move was fast. She fed the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig the magical crystal of a magical beast of the fifth step, and the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig’s body suddenly lit up with a silver-colored radiance.

This silvery light was different from the one spatial attribute mages usually released. Under normal conditions, their magic would emit a pure silver color, but the ripples surrounding Chen Ying’er and her Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig possessed the color of silvery starlight, a quite fantastic color. McDull, formerly lazily nestling against Chen Ying’er’s bosom, ate the magical crystal readily. Then, his spiritual force suddenly metamorphosed. Under the halo of starlight colored magic, his body suddenly floated up from within the carriage.

Chen Ying’er murmured something in a low voice. While the silvery light was released from the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, Chen Ying’er’s eyes brilliantly lit up in the same starlight color. Then, everyone around felt the strong mental fluctuations her body emitted in large numbers. The army of demons was in a frenetic state, but in the end, they were incredibly dominant in number, and the terror they felt gradually weakened with the disappearance of the forbidden spell’s effects. As long as they were aroused by the reeking of blood and the prospect of a new battle, their fighting power would very rapidly recover. Breaking out from the encirclement would clearly not be so easy to be done. Leng Xiao and Yue Ye wrinkled their brows: they had already been sparing no efforts, and at that time, Yue Ye couldn’t use any force. Her substantial consumption of mental power could already cause her to lose consciousness at any time. Luc Xi’s healing wasn’t directed at her, but even if he was willing to heal her, she wouldn’t dare accept! Regardless of whether it was Yue Ye or Leng Xiao, the two of them had darkness as their main attribute. Accepting to be healed by a priest’s sacred magic, wouldn’t it be akin to courting death? As Leng Xiao urged on the draught beasts, her mental capacity was already reaching its limit, and in the carriage, the caravan’s mages tried to call forth the little spiritual energy they had left, making their preparation to release their magical power to attack at any time.

From the looks of it, in the top front, Long Haochen and Li Xin would soon encounter the first demons. But suddenly, a resonant dragon cry resounded, shaking them completely.

In the dim night, an indistinct black silhouette appeared, and the approaching dragon roar coming along didn’t miss to attract all the demons’ attention.

Thick scales, immense horns spiralling above its head, a pair of terrible wings that almost seemed able to cover the entire sky, and a frightful aura released from its eyes. That roaring creature was impressively a dark dragon. And its immense wings were suddenly flapped as it dove down as imposingly as a mountain towards the demon army. For every demon, it was the rule that the strongest dominated the weak ones, this was the cruel reality of the food chain system. And the one on the top of this chain was without a doubt the Demon God Emperor.

The Demon God Emperor had his own clan that shared his bloodline, which was called the Devil Dragon Clan. This was also the reason why he was called Devil Dragon Emperor, as devil dragons was the name given to the ones belonging to his tribe. The name humans gave them was a bit different. They simply called them ‘Black Dragons’.

The fact that the Demon God Emperor was able to rule the entire demon race in a such a stable manner wasn’t only due to his own strength, but it was also related to his own clan’s extremely important status.

The devil dragons weren’t numerous; even at their flourishing age, they didn’t exceed 2,000. But even a newly born Black Dragon would be innately a powerhouse of the seventh step. A grown-up one would reach the terrible eighth step, without need for specific efforts. As for the ones that would reach the ninth step, they were the direct subordinates of the Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu, the so called Black Dragon Forces.

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        Just a feeling man, considering everything that has been said about hao yue past life, it seems like the demon emperor is just an ant so it doesn’t really make sense for hao chen and hao yue to fight the demon emperor in the end. Hao chen could probably fight him 1 on 1 and hao yue won’t event need to move a finger to kill him.

        • Zalmor

          Well every thing excluding the last part is right!!

    • termt

      That’s going to be a bit hard, with the blood contract and all. Also, it seems like Hao Yue hates demons and they hate him, so he’d at most form a third faction.

      • OmegaGoodJob!

        Right..aside from the blood contract the demons want Hao Yue dead knowing the temperament of LHC he would stand side with Hao Yue, and their relationship can be considered as father and son.

    • Jhay Belandres

      Sorry guys but I am right. I read the end of the raws and Hao Yue is the final boss 🙂

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    • dont worry this was not a spoiler but some bullshit. I deleted it though, since it was misleading

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          Binge read until the misleading bullshit is proven to be misleading bullshit.

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