Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Bloody Battle! Real Core of the Team (II)

“Houu–” Leng Xiao suddenly looked up, letting out a mournful dragon cry. A domineering red glint immediately erupted from her body.

It was quite baffling, that after this formidable Golden Birdy Demon saw that layer of red, he immediately stopped in midair and stared at it, bewildered.

Leng Xiao also became different. Her fiery figure grew larger, and immediately, black scales emerged from her skin, soon covering her entire body. From these scales, a formidable and hard to describe aura was unleashed. That aura didn’t originate from her own personal strength, but was the aura coming along with her bloodline.

“Lowly Birdy Demon, for you to dare act against me, you must be tired of living.” Leng Xiao shouted intrepidly. The Golden Birdy Demon aside, none of the other Birdy Demons dared to launch further attacks at her.

The Golden Birdy Demon’s eyes flashed, before he suddenly let out human words with his sharp voice, “Despicable human that dares to pass yourself off as a descendant of the Devil Dragon race, just go to hell!”

As he said this, he accelerated even further, charging straight at Leng Xiao.

Leng Xiao knew that Yue Ye was absolutely right: since these three tribes of the Nareiks Province had the courage to act in such ways, they would not have any scruples until the very end. They clearly didn’t plan to keep a single witness alive, regardless of their status or identity. Her demonstration of power had already no effect on them at all.

“Sis Yue, you have to finish it faster!”

Leng Xiao secretly called out. She directed all her power into her legs and charged forward to face that Golden Birdy Demon.

It could be clearly seen that, at that moment, Leng Xiao’s whole body was covered with deep black scales, and on her shoulders, her knees, her back as well as her arms, sharp and pointy thorns extended. Accompanying her dashing figure was a blood colored layer of light, covering her entire body. With the courage of the desperate, she faced the Golden Birdy Demon whose power caused a pressure far surpassing her own.

At the same time Leng Xiao faced those troubles, below, Long Haochen also encountered a powerful enemy. A peculiar Berserk Demon, completely covered in scarlet scales, rushed to his front, launching frantic attacks.

This Berserk Demon had an imposing build, along with a height of over three meters. He stood as straight as a mountain. His sharp arms, more than 1.5 meters in length, swept with terrifying penetrating power at Long Haochen.

“Dang – Dang – Dang.” After blocking three consecutive blows, Long Haochen was pushed three steps back. Each of these steps left a deep mark on the ground, and the demon’s terrifying strength left three deep dents on his Holy Spirit Shield. Only by relying on Divine Obstruction’s power three times in a row, further adding the Light Elemental Fairy’s and Han Yu’s supportive abilities, was he barely able to resist these attacks.

Lin Xin reacted fast. He stopped releasing the Resisting Ring of Fire, and instead cast an elemental shield to reinforce Long Haochen’s defense. Luc Xi’s Sacred Light Shield was also triggered at the same time, covering Long Haochen during the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s fourth strike.

What impressed the others the most was that when facing such a powerful enemy, Long Haochen actually triggered his Saint Spiritual Stove with no hesitation at all. With a white glow, this Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon was linked to him.

The Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon before their eyes was the same as the Golden Birdy Demon that suddenly appeared in front of Leng Xiao: one of the real commanders of the attacking army. For his attack to be that hard to counter with Long Haochen’s Divine Obstruction, the strength of this Berserk Demon was clearly already at the seventh step. By chance, this enemy was only at the first stage of the seventh step, with a spiritual energy roughly at the 10,000th level.

The reason for the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons’ name was not the color of their blood. In fact, among demons, none had pure-red-colored blood. But when Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons attacked, their whole body would be covered with an intense bloody red glow, and their pair of sharp edged forelimbs would turn scarlet red as well, which led to this name.

The penetrative power of his attacks was extremely strong, and even with the supplementary effect of the Holy Spirit Protection, Long Haochen’s shield received serious damage.

Long Haochen felt deeply sorry for his own shield, but he had no other choice than to block wholeheartedly. Other than him, none of the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads had the ability to stop this demon of the seventh step.

No matter what, he couldn’t budge. He could only try to block it with all his strength.

Confronting this powerful enemy, Long Haochen’s strength emerged completely. In regard to his abilities, he only combined the Holy Filter Shield with Divine Obstruction. However, how could his display of strength be summarized with only those two abilities?

As his illusory steps became firmer, every step he took left a deep footprint on the ground.
The Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons’ speed and strength surpassed his by far, but Long Haochen blocked him simply by relying on Divine Obstruction, reducing his crazy advancing speed and hindering him from advancing to the side. Under the influence of the Saint Spiritual Stove, this powerful demon of the seventh step wasn’t able to harm the others before defeating Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s footwork had been passed on to him by Long Xingyu. That means that although he was at that moment demonstrating the epitome of a Guardian Knight’s utility, he still prefered using a Retribution Knight’s footwork.

This footwork had been self-created by Long Xingyu, and Long Haochen added slight variations to it after honing this skill for a few years. It was called Nine Long Footworks.

The so-called Nine Long Footworks consisted of nine kinds of steps, suiting different types of battles. For instance, at the time Long Haochen was confronting the joint attacks of a great number of enemies, he used the nimblest of the nine steps, the Mild Long Footwork, suited for crowd battles. And now that he was facing a single powerful enemy, he used the steadiest of the Nine Long Footworks, the sturdy Suppressing Long Footwork.

Never look down on the difference in footwork. Good footwork is of crucial importance during battle: it does not only strengthen the own stance, but also weakens the enemy’s attacks, and permits the user to control the pace of the battle.

If the only engaging enemy was this Scarlet Blooded Berserk, the other members of the Demon Hunt Squad would have already encircled him after Long Haochen blocked him. This way, they may have prevailed over this Berserk Demon by themselves.

But unfortunately, they were now facing an enormous army of demons, and although Long Haochen was holding the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon in check, he was also forced to focus on him, while the ordinary Berserk Demons and Birdy Demons rushed in without stop.

Dian Yan was also a Shield Warrior, and the shield in his hand was a lot larger than Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Shield. Nevertheless, the gap between Long Haochen and himself was too distinct.

Before the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon appeared, Long Haochen confronted and stopped all the surrounding enemies on an area of a length over ten meters by himself, but Dian Yan was currently only able to stop them on an area of three meters, despite being a warrior at the fifth step as well.

To stop these attacks, he already needed all his strength. But the area that he covered was clearly not wide enough to stop the enemies from attacking his comrades.

Within the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, Han Yu reacted immediately to the changing situation. At the moment Long Haochen went to face the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon, Han Yu charged forward sweeping his heavy shield, to cover the front’s defense. They were after all fighting with their backs facing the carriage, and thus didn’t have to worry about their rear defense.

A light emerged from Han Yu’s forehead, spread around and caused the dozen of Berserk Demons to temporarily enter a sluggish state. Sweeping the heavy sword in his right hand horizontally, he produced a glinting Light Thorn that immediately cut the Berserk Demons’ throats. They died but their bodies didn’t immediately fall to the ground, still blocking the path of the next wave of incoming Berserk Demon fighters.

The Demonic Eye appeared above Han Yu, shaped like an enormous hovering eyeball. The ability it used couldn’t be considered incredibly powerful, as it was nothing more than a mental shock. But against those simple-minded Berserk Demons, that only possessed well pronounced muscles but almost no intelligence, it had great effect. The support-focused Han Yu was steadily guarding his side of the frontline. During the first attack of the demon army, Han Yu had been the only one among the two squads to have followed Long Haochen’s orders. He hadn’t attacked the enemy with his full strength, and furthermore remained at his position at the back.

In the past, because of Long Haochen’s excellence and great strength, in addition to his positioning as the rear guard, Han Yu rarely had the opportunity to face the enemies at the front. Now, his battle strength as a Guardian Knight fully emerged, and the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad discovered for the first time how formidable Han Yu’s strength really was. Maybe he was still inferior to Long Haochen, but their gap wasn’t that wide. That was a knight of the fifth step! They couldn’t help but feel puzzled: why didn’t such a formidable knight at the fifth step enter the top sixty of the Demon Hunt Squad Competition? And why did he choose to become Long Haochen’s retainer instead.

Bang– —

Leng Xiao’s body abruptly fell from the sky, violently striking the carriage’s roof. But this carriage was indeed tough, and was unexpectedly not damaged at all from such an impact. Only Yue Ye’s body was shaken as the purple light covering it trembled.

Yue Ye was clearly reaching the most crucial part of the spell. The intense purple glow on her body had already disappeared, and the colored scroll filled with mysteries kept unfolding, and was about to reach its end.

It looked close to being successful!

Leng Xiao’s strength was indeed great; even when confronting powerhouses of the sixth step, she still managed to resist thanks to her formidable bloodline’s strength, as well as the fighting strength of her tough body.

It was a pity that she was now facing a powerhouse at the seventh step. And it was furthermore a Golden Birdy Demon, at the peak of the seventh step and possessing the ability to fly. Although the aura she released could restrict her opponent partially, the gap in strength was still too wide.

After pushing Leng Xiao back, the Golden Birdy Demon didn’t pursue to finish her off, but held the golden lance tightly in his hand, preparing to launch a direct attack against Yue Ye.

With an ear shrieking sound, that golden lance unexpectedly created two ripples in the air, twisting it completely and bursting out with a thunder-like exploding sound.

Even for this Golden Birdy Demon, this was already an all-out attack. Seeing that Yue Ye was about to complete the spell being a powerhouse at the peak of the seventh step, he naturally sensed how terrifying its power would be. If not for this reason, he would never even have intervened personally. It was true that Leng Xiao was also a threat that he had to dispose of, but his immediately most important priority was to interrupt Yue Ye’s spell. As long as he succeeded, this battle was bound to end soon after.

Leng Xiao’s face looked pale and her body was already numb from the impact after that Golden Birdy Demon’s attack. Regardless of how many moves she had left to use, she would never make it in time to save Yue Ye anymore. A flash of despair already appeared in her blood-colored eyes.

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