Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Carriage’s Roof! Long Haochen’s Stage (III)

Long Haochen clearly understood his own position: his current goal wasn’t to kill the enemies, but rather to prevent them from disturbing Yue Ye, giving her the time to complete her spell. Thus, after repelling those two Grand Birdy Demons, he didn’t pursue them with further attacks, but immediately directed the pull of his Saint Spiritual Stove in another direction, attracting two different Grand Birdy Demons jumping at Leng Xiao’s direction.

Although this series of events sounds as if it happened slowly, it was almost completed in the time of a single breath. Although Long Haochen was only at the fifth step, he had forcibly stopped six Grand Birdy Demons by relying on his own power. Although they were mostly repelled by Long Haochen’s attacks, their strength was limited by the fact that they didn’t have the same kind of equipment as the humans. However, they were still six authentic Grand Birdy Demons of the sixth step! The fact that Long Haochen accomplished this feat while being at the fifth step left everyone shocked.

And exactly due to Long Haochen’s outstanding performance, the pressure on Leng Xiao was significantly lowered. Ball after ball of bright blood colored light stopped the remaining Grand Birdy Demons, barely stopping their offense.

Even though their situation was temporarily stable, the whole caravan was facing an extremely perilous situation.

Under the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles’ barrage, the raiding great army had already succeeded in getting a foothold inside of the barricade, and attacked jointly with the Berzerk Demons. Confronted with this situation, the caravan’s guards were immediately unable to contend.

The night was filled with successive screams as the caravan’s resistance was quickly weakening.

The demons’ cruelty, that led them to slaughter whenever they had the chance, manifested in this situation. None of the human corpses were left intact, but the most shocking was that the Berserk and Birdy Demons didn’t stop after massacring the enemy. They defiled the corpses by devouring them. Even the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles descended at great speed to take their share of human flesh. For them, the human corpses were nothing more than food.

The members of the two Demon Hunt Squads turned gradually more pale by the minute. Although they used to participate in battles, this was their first time seeing such a massacre. This was already beyond cruel, and although their faces appeared pale, their eyes gradually turned raging red. Their rage made it almost unbearable to control the strength they preserved, which caused an overall increase of their fighting strength.

On the carriage’s roof, it was becoming harder and harder for Long Haochen to resist. The twelve Grand Birdy Demons were after all twelve powerhouses of the sixth step. After being stopped in succession, these twelve Grand Birdy Demons flocked together and launched group attacks.

Their whole bodies were covered in strong bluish purple. The glow of lightning shone through their skins and illuminated their sinister facial features. The twelve Grand Birdy Demons aimed their lances at the carriage’s roof and launched a joint charge.

Accompanied by ear-splitting hissing sounds, the carriage’s roof was already completely covered in bluish purple light. At that moment, the Birdy Demons madly charged with their lightning type spiritual energy towards the Yue Yu’s carriage.

Nevertheless, Long Haochen didn’t feel the slightest bit of panic. Instead, he stayed clear headed as he took a few steps back and shouted to Leng Xiao, who was standing nearby, “Leave it to me.”

A purple radiance flashed from his forehead, and along with the twinkle of nine purple rays of light, an enormous silhouette appeared on top of the carriage.

With its appearance, the carriage’s surface, that could usually be described as spacious, immediately appeared quite crowded. But clearly, Long Haochen calculated the space he would need, so that it wouldn’t affect Leng Xiao as well as Yue Ye who was still in the middle of her chant.

Four exotic purple radiances burst out at the same time, falling separately on Long Haochen, Cai’er, Leng Xiao, and Yue Ye.

Long Haochen and Cai’er didn’t have any excessive reaction, but Leng Xiao and Yue Ye shivered lightly. They were startled to the point that Yue Ye’s incantation was slightly interrupted.

In the next split second, a miraculous scene took place.


An astonishing hissing sound resounded on the carriage’s roof, and immediately, a huge light pillar combining red, gold and green light erupted.

The three colored light pillar rose with fabulous timing, exactly at this moment the twelve Grand Birdy Demons were about to clash with the carriage.

With a flash, Long Haochen’s figure was already in front of Yue Ye to block the attack. Crossing his two swords, he used Divine Obstruction and blocked the charge of three Grand Birdy Demons at once.

The Light Fairy Yating kept chanting without stopping. Long Haochen’s body was covered by at least seven layers of golden light. Due to this support, in his current state, even three Grand Birdy Demons couldn’t possibly break through his Divine Obstruction.

Mournful screams echoed instantly from the twelve Grand Birdy Demons’ mouths.

Without a doubt, the enormous silhouette that appeared on the roof of the carriage was exactly Haoyue.

And this tricolored light pillar was the Essence of Disorder he had released right after his summon.

Grand Birdy Demons also possessed magical attribute, and furthermore, they were only at the sixth step, and didn’t have the same tyrannical power as the Bloodthirsty Beta’s. At that time, even the Bloodthirsty Beta had been heavily wounded by that move, so now those Grand Birdy Demons, whose power was still inferior to the Essence of Disorder itself, stood no chance.

In the blink of an eye, cracks of different degrees perforated the twelve Grand Birdy Demons’ skins. Their whole bodies broke apart while spasming violently.

But these Grand Birdy Demons were after all at the sixth step. Even in a situation where they suffered life threatening injuries, they still did their utmost to escape the light pillar’s range.

But, at the time Haoyue used that ability in the wide terrain of the Exorcist Mountain, it had covered a diameter of 50 meters. But on such a narrow roof, the ability’s effect had at least doubled. These Grand Birdy Demons originally had defensive powers that couldn’t compare with that of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons. After being hit by the even more violent second activation of this spell, even if they wanted to escape, they weren’t able to.

Cai’er, who gradually emerged from Long Haochen’s shadow, finally made a move.

An indistinct figure turned into a black flash, soaring up to the sky. The Grand Birdy Demons were of the human-type and shared their physique. Therefore, during the crucial moments they would have the same reactions as a human enemy.

After the shadow passed them in a flash, bloody holes appeared between three of the Grand Birdy Demons’ eyes.

Long Haochen and Leng Xiao would naturally not let such a good opportunity slip by. In the blink of an eye, Long Haochen put Yating’s support to full use, with a combination of the Holy Spirit Sword and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, along with the blossoming Holy Sword. He rushed forward like a lightning bolt, and with a resounding dragon cry, Ascending Dragon Strike immediately hit two Grand Birdy Demons, cutting their throats with one blow.

At the next moment, the Pull ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove was launched, forcibly stopping two other Grand Birdy Demons from escaping. Ascending Dragon Strike was immediately followed by Condemning Revolving Sword, leading to a complete bloodbath in the sky.

Leng Xiao, who had so far only used magical attacks, now displayed her other abilities. She flapped the wings at her back, and her body turned into an illusory red blur. She didn’t even use her staff but instead attacked physically.

Every punch and kick was accompanied by a sonic boom, and with only three strikes three Grand Birdy Demons were directly killed in succession. Faced with this monstrous strength they had no chance to resist.

After Cai’er eliminated three more Grand Birdy Demons, she turned into a ghostly blur before sweeping past the back of another Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, which she immediately decapitated. Dark blue-colored blood still surged from its neck after she already left.

The last Grand Birdy Demon seemed to have successfully escaped the scope of Essence of Disorder, but suddenly three different-pitched bellows resounded from within the middle of the light pillar and aimed fiercely at its back. Immediately piercing its body, Haoyue finally annihilated this last Birdy Demon.

Compared to the last time he used Essence of Disorder, Haoyue’s situation was much better. Although the expression on his three heads was as before a bit exhausted, the chaotic fluctuations surrounding his body were a lot weaker. This was one of the benefits that came with his recent development.

Leng Xiao gave Haoyue an astonished look, before again staring at Long Haochen. She really didn’t expect that they could completely annihilate the Grand Birdy Demons in such a short time.

At this very moment, a burning ring of fire rose from below, enveloping all the bodies of the fallen Grand Birdy Demons, instantly causing them to disappear. Naturally this was Lin Xin’s doing.

Even the other members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad didn’t know how large the capacity of his magical storage device was. He hadn’t only recovered the bodies of the Grand Birdy Demons, but he also took the corpses of quite a few ordinary Birdy Demons.

Chen Ying’er smiled discretely, “Has-drugs-bro, you’re really mad about money, aren’t you!”

Lin Xin snorted unhappily, “Which manager wouldn’t make profits when he can, those are all good materials. Just like those demons had no scruples to eat us humans, why wouldn’t we exploit their crappy parts?”

The battle on the carriage’s rooffinally came to a halt, and Yating, loyal to her duty till the end, released a Spiritual Gathering Halo to help Long Haochen recover his spiritual energy at a higher speed.

Her Spiritual Gathering Halo even surpassed Long Haochen’s own in efficacy because it directly borrowed power from the light essence comprised among the magical elements concentrated in the air. Long Haochen felt that this was feasible because his liquid spiritual energy was unceasingly circulating in the Saint Spiritual Stove, compensating for his previous large consumption.

Unfortunately, the halo’s effect wasn’t shared with Haoyue. Light Elemental Fairies were haughty creatures, and thus, her supportive magic would only be used for Long Haochen alone.

“How much time does her spell still need before it will be completed?” Despite the temporary reprieve, Long Haochen was still carefully observing the surroundings. He couldn’t help but let out a long breath: right now, a practically inexhaustible army of demons was crazily attacking their side.

Leng Xiao was startled by Long Haochen’s sudden question, but replied without any hesitation, “It will still take about five minutes.”

“Then, I shall leave the carriage’s roof to you.” Long Haochen declared in a low voice, and leaped to the ground, followed by Cai’er. Only Haoyue remained on the carriage’s roof, and it wasn’t clear whether the previous words were directed at Leng Xiao or Haoyue.

“Economize your spiritual energy!” Long Haochen loudly commanded, and with a glint of golden light, he released his own Spiritual Gathering Halo to support the thirteen members of the two Demon Hunt Squads.

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