Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Carriage’s Roof! Long Haochen’s Stage (II)

While Long Haochen’s side was fighting an intense battle, the situation was even fiercer on Yue Ye’s side.

The commanders of the demon army were no fools, and by now, all of them had guessed what sort of big move Yue Ye planned to pull off, that she was planning to use an incredibly powerful spell. Thus, both the Dual Headed Eagles and the Birdy Demons aimed mainly at her.

Leng Xiao was calmly standing there, lifting the magical staff in her hand high into the air. Several blood-colored radiances continuously flashed from the embedded gem.

Each time a bloody red radiance touched a Birdy Demon, it would immediately obliterate the demon in the air, before returning on Leng Xiao’s face to form a faint reddish trace.

From the carriage, a soft red mist arose defending them from the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles’ magical attacks. This was also the reason why Yue Ye stayed close to this carriage, it was in itself a formidable piece of equipment.

The merchant group’s mages had already gathered around the carriage, using their own magic to assist Leng Xiao in the best way possible. Their aim was to resist the attacks at least for a short period of time.

At this very moment, a dozen of violent cries resounded, and immediately afterwards, dozens of blue bright specters fell from the sky like meteors.

Standing on the carriage, Leng Xiao’s expression changed. From the staff in her hand, several dozens of fireballs went up.

But those blue silhouettes that appeared suddenly were clearly not as easily handled as ordinary Birdy Demons. They shifted from the ground to the air, occasionally breaking out with gaudy blue rays, surprisingly dissolving Leng Xiao’s attack.

At this time, Long Haochen’s group was already only roughly ten meters away from them, and could clearly see the silhouettes attacking from above.

Those were also Birdy Demons, but enormous ones. Each of them was over 2.5 meters tall, having a majestic build and impressive muscles. Their whole bodies were covered with blue ripples producing an effect like lightning. The long spears in their hands were a lot longer than the ordinary Birdy Demons’, and their targets were precisely Leng Xiao and Yue Ye.

Compared to ordinary Birdy Demons, there was a single word of difference in their name: they were the so called Grand Birdy Demons. But their fighting capabilities already reached the standards of the sixth step. Within the Kuli Clan, their position was the same as that of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons compared to the regular Dual Bladed Demons of the Zelin Clan. They were simply the true elites of their race. Furthermore, the Grand Birdy Demons were even fewer in quantity, possessing the ability of controlling lightning.

Seeing that 12 Grand Birdy Demons at the sixth step of cultivation attacked the carriage together, it was no wonder that Leng Xiao’s expression changed so greatly. In fact, her true cultivation level was only at the peak of the fifth step: she had yet to reach the sixth step. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have managed to pass the Temple Alliance’s inspection.

“Do you dare act against me?” Leng Xiao shouted furiously and suddenly, black wings sprouted and extended from her back, accompanied by an incomparable burst of aura. Even the sky above her head turned blood red. Her two pink eyes released a crimson flash of light, as she held the staff firmly in her hand, and unexpectedly flew up, welcoming those twelve Grand Birdy Demons in the air.

Incantations were chanted in fast succession from her mouth, as the staff in her hand transformed into blood red globes. Six immense blood red globes instantly shot out, erupting with intense crimson light.


“Forbidden Sky!”

In the sky, a violent explosion resounded, and an enormous bloody red ring expanded with Leng Xiao as its center.

Everywhere this crimson light passed, regardless whether it was Grand Birdy Demons or regular Birdy Demons, all their wings lost their utility. Each and every creature this bloody light touched, all lost the ability of flight, crashing down like stones.

Even Leng Xiao didn’t escape the effect of her terrifying ‘Forbidden Sky’ technique, also falling down on the carriage’s roof.

The ordinary Birdy Demons directly crashed. They either received severe damage or died directly. But the Grand Birdy Demons of the sixth step were originally quite close to the ground. As they struggled in the air, they controlled their bodies’ trajectory with flickers of brilliant rays of thunder and lightning. This method helped them to land safely on the ground, though their plans of aerial attacks obviously ended in failure.

The Grand Birdy Demons stared at Leng Xiao with absolutely terrified faces, but in the instant they touched the ground, they shot out, relying on their astounding jumping capability to reach the carriage’s roof.

At this time, Long Haochen’s group finally reached the side of the carriage. Long Haochen looked at his comrades, “Cai’er, follow me. The others, keep yourselves as safe as possible.” As he said so, his feet tapped on the ground, leaping with full strength and rising to the carriage’s roof as well.

Although the carriage’s roof was wide, Leng Xiao and Yue Ye were already standing on it, and there was simply not enough space for Long Haochen’s whole team. Otherwise, they would only impede each other’s’ fighting strength.

Having just fallen back on the roof, Leng Xiao saw this youth suddenly leap up from below, and waved her staff with almost no hesitation, aiming a crimson radiance at Long Haochen.

“I came to help you.” Just as Long Haochen shouted this loudly, his Holy Spirit Sword emitted golden light, and an intense sacred power blossomed from it. A sun-like luster flashed in the air, forcibly reducing the bloody spheric projectile to shreds. It was a Shining Sunlight Strike.

Seeing Leng Xiao’s attack being aimed at him, although Long Haochen didn’t know what this blood-red-colored projectile of light was, he didn’t dare to be careless.

Having declared this to Leng Xiao, Long Haochen turned on the tips of his toes. Swinging his two swords at full power, he aimed Light Thorns at two Grand Birdy Demons. He was using his actions to make the relationships between her enemies and himself clear.

As the Shining Sunlight Strike glinted, Leng Xiao couldn’t help but wrinkle her brows. To her, this light attribute aura inspired loathing, but she acknowledged at this moment Long Haochen’s status as an ally. Light attribute was the greatest taboo to demons, and no demon could use abilities of the light attribute. Therefore, this youth was clearly not the other side.

And how handsome was he! At the split second Long Haochen turned around, Leng Xiao couldn’t fight this thought.

An illusory-looking black silhouette suddenly appeared behind Long Haochen’s back, her eyes happening to meet Leng Xiao’s. Even with her formidable bloodline, in the second this ice-cold gaze met hers, Leng Xiao couldn’t help but feel a cold shiver running down her spine.

The two targeted Grand Birdy Demons brandished their lances and sent two lightning bolts in Long Haochen’s direction. They pounced with great violence and aimed directly at Long Haochen.

The effects of the Forbidden Sky technique seemed to have already dissipated. Unfolding their wings, they displayed once again their aerial superiority.

“Dang, Dang.” Two exploding sounds rang out. On the carriage’s roof, Long Haochen didn’t move in the slightest, surprisingly blocking these two Grand Birdy Demons’ charges. Furthermore, they were instantly pushed back, and an intense Bright Vengeance was activated on Long Haochen’s body.

A sphere of golden light shot out from Long Haochen’s chest and unfolded four tiny wings. It performed a flipping motion backwards, until it floated above Long Haochen’s shoulder. The four wings were flapping softly, keeping the figure floating, and melodious chants resounded at great speed.

Light Fairy, Yating.

Hovering above Long Haochen’s shoulder, Yating’s noble and sacred eyes were filled with deep and soft golden fluctuations. Her presence added a layer of golden hue to Long Haochen’s body.

In fact, Yating wasn’t the same as Huang Yi’s elemental fairy that had yet to evolve. In the process of her fusion with Long Haochen, that Light Elemental Fairy had already evolved twice.

Every time an elemental fairy evolved, it would gain important benefits. She wasn’t merely capable of providing support outside of battle, but her assisting power during battles was also extremely great. In terms of the spiritual stove classification, she was considered to be a pure support-type spiritual stove.

Thus, in the split second Yating floated above Long Haochen’s shoulder, he immediately felt the recovery of his spiritual energy increase by at least twofold. Additionally, all the skills he used would automatically have a great level of endorsement. On the surface of his body, an indistinct holy fire rose, raising his offensive and defensive strength substantially. The abilities he would use had their preparation time cut by at least a third.

This was the first time Long Haochen cooperated with Yating in battle, so he still felt quite unfamiliar with her power. But he didn’t expect the help Yating would give him to be so great. Nonetheless, as the Scion of Light and someone surpassing most people in terms of mental capacity, his body adapted to this change at lightning speed.

Just after the two Grand Birdy Demons were blocked consecutively by Long Haochen’s linked Divine Obstructions, he immediately followed up with an Instant Blast Crosscut, supplemented by Bright Vengeance as well as the Light Elemental Fairy Yating’s momentary amplification. This blow was filled with astonishing power, unexpectedly pushing the two Grand Birdy Demons over ten meters back.

At this moment, Long Haochen didn’t need to think about his comrades’ protection, so his fighting strength was completely focused on attack. Two white glows emerged from his chest, pulling two Grand Birdy Demons aiming at Yue Ye towards him. It was the Saint Spiritual Stove’s power of attraction. Subsequently, his Holy Spirit Sword abruptly turned blazing white as he prepared a Holy Sword.

Even with Yating’s assistance, he was still unable to use a formidable offensive ability such as Holy Sword without preparation. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that Long Haochen still possessed his new secret skill originating from the Assassin Temple: Raise Flowers Into Trees.

The Holy Sword was released, combined with another Light Thorn.

Just at the split second Long Haochen completed this Light Thorn, Yating’s first incantation had been completed. The Light Thorn erupting from his Holy Spirit Sword was of a pure and holy white color, tinted in gold. And the Holy Spirit Sword was immediately filled with a rich gold-red glint, corresponding precisely to her Sunlight Fire.

In the past, Long Haochen could already use this sort of ability, but it would come with a huge consumption of spiritual energy as well as a long preparation time. Therefore, it needed to be used with a perfect timing. But by now, not only did his strength rise, but he also had Yating’s help, making him unexpectedly able to launch such powerful attacks quite effortlessly.

Bang, Bang–

In front of such a strong holy aura, even though the two Grand Birdy Demons’ cultivation level was quite great, they were still unable to avoid the damage from its direct hit. Furthermore, compared to their comrades, these two were quite more miserable. Their bodies were pushed twenty meters back and infected by Sunlight Fire. Crying out mournfully, they crazily tried to extinguish the flames, and were temporarily no longer a threat for Long Haochen and the others.

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