Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Desperate Straits! Forbidden Spell! (III)

Yue Ye started to chant in a low voice, and the scroll within the wooden box slowly began to float in the air. Now bathed in the purple moonlight coming from the sky, she no longer seemed pure and holy, but was instead brimming with bewitching charm. Her originally black hair immediately turned into a luminescent purple color, and every component of her recitation was extremely slow, yet firm and strong. Her words were chanted in a unique sort of rhythm, and all the magical elements in the air began to fluctuate wildly. It even seemed as though the blood of the people in the cart formation who were part of Yue Ye’s Chamber of Commerce had been ignited.

“What is she doing?” Long Haochen threw a glance at Lin Xin who stood behind him.

Lin Xin’s face was full of shock, “It seems that she’s trying to arouse this scroll’s power. I believe that her cultivation level should be a lot higher than ours. But how can she possibly make use of such a powerful scroll? This cauldron should be her spiritual stove. And it seems that a rather high ranked magical crystal has been inserted in it. Could it be that she’s trying to borrow this magical crystal’s power to arouse the scroll? She’s really going all out!”

Chen Ying’er also opened her own eyes wide, “Could this scroll be… Could it be the trigger to a forbidden spell…?!”

In Shengmo Dalu, all magic spells of the ninth step were collectively known as forbidden spells, forming taboo and destructive existences. In the battlefield, the mages would forever hold the greatest destructive power, because they were able to make use of the essence of heaven and earth to display incomparable might. But this was always under the premise that they managed to complete their spell.

Lin Xin muttered, “If that’s a forbidden spell, then I’m afraid that the magical crystal she previously took out must come from a magical beast of the tenth step! These two things are simply priceless. What a madwoman!”

The army forces surrounding them on all four sides clearly saw that purple moon. Their previous oppressing movement abruptly changed, as she rapidly soared up into the air. They were now cautiously approaching them.

After quickly muttering to himself, Long Haochen suddenly lifted his head, “How long should that girl from the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce need to activate her scroll? I don’t know about its power, but if she really completes this spell, this is absolutely not something we can possibly block. Let’s have a little change of plans: After the battle starts, we will have to get as close as possible to that girl, providing protection to enable her to to complete this spell. At the same time, her position should be the safest. Getting close to her will be our top priority.”

The demon army surrounding them on all sides had already closed in up to a distance of 500 meters. The previous buzzing sounds resounded once again, and although this time, the carriages didn’t have their complete erupting power, those fierce magic arrows reeking of blood were shot once again, portraying formidable killing power like the last time. In particular, these larger magical bursts seemed to be able to penetrate the bodies of dozens of the Dual Bladed Demons in the front..

A bloody mist filled the air, making the army of demons feel somewhat sluggish.

Meanwhile, a dense magical radiance started to illuminate the barricade of carriages. The sky suddenly turned red, and immediately, strong fluctuations of the fire element burst forth. A bombardment of fireballs covered a wide area, smashing the demons coming from all directions.

Long Haochen saw that the ones who launched this magic were a group of mages inside the barricade. They weren’t many, only 30 mages, approximately of the fifth step, with a spiritual energy level close to Lin Xin’s. But these mages were using magic above their own cultivation levell.

Rain of Flaming Meteors, a spell of the sixth step. They relied on scrolls to execute this magic. 30 Falling Meteors scrolls, this was closer to burning money than to using fire magic. Magic scrolls of this level would at least cost 10,000 gold coins each, with a demand surpassing the offer by far.

Lin Xin looked dumbstruck, “So wealthy, they are just so wealthy. And here I haven’t even 30,000 gold coins left…”

Their consumption of money was great, but the results were similarly incredible.

The 30 Rains of Flaming Meteors were of incredible scale. In an instant, the earth turned into a blazing inferno, violent explosions resounded everywhere, and spread an unpleasant smell of burned flesh over the whole battlefield. One fierce demon after another was smashed by the effects of these Rains of Flaming Meteors. These 30 scrolls were indeed not a waste of money, seemingly turning all the approaching Dual Bladed Demons into cannon fodder, wiping the ground clean. Even the demons at the 4th and 5th step received severe wounds. The advance of those demon armies was being completely halted.

The Dual Bladed Demons were rather weak, but they were extremely numerous. They formed more than a third of this army of 40,000. The wide bombardment of Rains of Flaming Meteors left the low ranked demons completely unable to survive.

But the 30 mages didn’t stop at that. At the same time as they launched this chain of Rain of Flaming Meteors, all of them took another scroll of golden color out, and started to chant at rapid speed. Soon, one golden luster after another shone in the dim sky and the group of these mages fell to the ground, entering a state of meditation.

The fact that the activation of a single scroll came with such a high consumption only testified for one thing: these scrolls were at least of the seventh step. Only a scroll surpassing the user’s cultivation by two steps could possibly cause such a massive consumption of spiritual energy.

Golden marks appeared in the sky, and immediately descended on the whole caravan. They took the shape of a gigantic golden mantle covering the entire barricade of waggons inside. Only the purple light emerging from the top of Yue Ye’s head, connecting her with the purple moon, could pass through it. Yue Ye’s chant kept going on, not suffering the slightest influence from the surrounding changes.

Long Haochen’s pupils shrank immediately. He wasn’t a mage, and was unable to use fire magic, but he watched the previous scene closely. The activated scrolls should be that of a light system spell of the seventh step, Holy Light Spiritual Formation. 30 Holy Light Spiritual Formations formed a massive defensive area, while in contrast to that, Yue Ye’s spell was filled with darkness aura. She was clearly using a magic scroll of the darkness element. But since the darkness magic originating from the combination of box and scroll suffer any impediment from the light magic, this was clearly the complete suppression coming along with a distinct difference of step. It looks like Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er were right, I’m afraid this is the magic scroll of a forbidden spell!

The demon troops didn’t shrink back just because of the Rains of Flaming Meteors, but became instead even more unyielding. Thousands of purple radiances hit the golden mantle, causing several ripples to appear. This was the attack issued by the Magical Eye Soldiers. The real forces of their armies finally came forth. The Demon Eye Soldiers launched long-range attacks while some human shaped demons rushed to the front. Their height was roughly 1,8 meters, and at first glance, they looked similar to humans, but they had long and narrow faces with eyes of a glinting green color. Their hands were not like humans’ either, consisting of sharp cones extending over half a meter. Advancing with leaps, these human shaped demons surpassed the Dual Bladed Demons with ease, be it in terms of agility or strength. And their fighting methods weren’t the same either.

Those were Berzerk Demons, the main infantry force of the demons’ big armies. With fighting strength surpassing the Dual Bladed Demons by far, and unyielding and tough bodies capable of frenetic attacks, they could be compared with warriors of the third step. Their pair of sharp, stinger-like hands possessed a formidable penetrative power, making them the nemesis of human infantry.

But those Berzerk Demons weren’t as numerous as the Dual Bladed Demons. In times of war, they would rarely be dispatched to the immediate offensive force, this was how precious they were esteemed to be.

At this time, the Berzerk Demons that appeared on the battlefield numbered above the 5,000. The reason for this was simple, the Nubo Clan attached to the Berzerk Demons was precisely one of the three great tribes leading the Nareiks Province.

The Divine Light Spiritual Formation was a massive defensive area ability, with an extremely powerful defensive strength. As the several thousands Berzerk Demons approached from all sides, they were entirely repelled by the magical defense. All they could do was only to attack the Divine Light Spiritual Formation with all their might, trying to consume the spell’s power.

Under the attacks of that many Berzerk Demons and Magical Eye Soldiers, the Divine Light Spiritual Formation was weakening at lightning speed. In midair, a great quantity of Dual Headed Demon Eagles were circling, occasionally probing the Divine Light Spiritual Formation with darkness bullets.

In the sky, aside from the Dual Headed Demon Eagles, another type of human-shaped demons with the ability of flight was present in large numbers. They carried a pitch-black pike in their hands, while flapping a pair of huge wings at their backs. Their deep blue colored bodies were covered with extraordinarily fancy glints, and although they flew in the air, they had a melee style of battle. At the moment they were simply waiting for the Divine Light Spiritual Formation to break.

They were the Birdy Demons of the Kuli Clan. Their fighting strength was approximately at the fourth step, and their speciality was to kill enemies on the ground with their sudden raid attacks from the air. The Kuli Clan was another one of the leading clans in the Province of Nareiks. Together with the Nubo Demons and the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles, affiliated to the Xichang Clan, they were the joint rulers of that province.

Within the Yue Ye Caravan, everyone picked up their weapons, regardless whether they were guards, drivers, or were assigned to other duties. Despite the fact that the 2,000 of them already succeeded in killing many demons and portrayed a terrible might, the demon forces of the Province of Nareiks were still completely surrounding them. In case the Divine Light Spiritual Formation was broken, it would be hard to say for how long the caravan members would be able to defend themselves.

Long Haochen swept his eyes over his comrades who were already clad in their armor, “Operation start.”

Although, the Divine Light Spiritual Formation still barely managed to resist the constant attacks, everyone was still focused on the incoming demon forces, and no one paid attention to the changes within the barricade. They just treated the thirteen youths the same as ordinary guards. Long Haochen led the other twelve, taking advantage of the general distraction to get closer to the carriage on which Yue Ye and Leng Xiao were standing.

On the carriage, Leng Xiao had already thrown away the flags and replaced them with a long staff, which she held in her right hand. This staff was entirely pitch-black, and embedded with a scarlet-colored gem, releasing a feeling of pulsing blood. Her devilish figure was still as exciting, but one could vaguely see that the skin of her right hand seemed to be covered with black veins.

Finally, a crack appeared in the golden brilliance after a duration of five minutes. After a few more attacks the Divine Light Spiritual Formation finally shattered, turning into countless dots of lights scattering into the night sky. The whole demon army moved as one entity, frantically attacking the now exposed carriages. Then, the moment everyone feared was there. The demon armies reached the barricade and with the reeking of blood spreading to them, a dense killing intent finally enveloped the whole caravan.

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