Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Desperate Straits! Forbidden Spell! (II)

Yue Ye took a deep breath, “I have a bad feeling. I’m afraid we are in deep trouble right now. In the past, even when tribes dared to come out and confront us, they would still try some negotiating, sometimes giving us room for concessions. But today, they directly launched their attack, dispatching an army of ten thousand. In the whole Nareiks Province, only three great tribes are capable of giving such orders. But since they dispatched such an army to handle us, they clearly made a firm resolution. We were able to handle the first wave of attack, but I’m afraid that we won’t be able to handle the second one.”

Leng Xiao reacted with some anxiety, “What should we do then? Since these bastards have the impertinence to execute such attacks, when we are back, we will make sure to certainly not spare them.”

Yue Ye didn’t pay attention to Len Xiao’s indignation, saying in a serious tone, “Now, we can only take the initiative to attack before the three great tribes react. After disposing of the enemies in front of our eyes, and collecting the magical arrays, we will equip them once again. Then we shall immediately return to the Temple Alliance, and only set out again after handling the matter with those three great tribes.”

She had a firm nature; as she spoke, she already signaled with the flag in her hand. The caravans’ guards rapidly reacted, quickly changing formation and facing the pressure of the remaining demons in front of them.

Long Haochen felt quite curious regarding the Yue Ye Caravan’s initiative. What was this caravan planning to do? But in the next instant, Cai’er’s and his faces immediately changed expressions. Looking at each other face to face, their eyes filled with horror.

“Everyone, change your gear! Get ready to break through this.” Long Haochen ordered in a low voice, immediately throwing the longsword in his hand away. Under the attentive watch of the carriage’s driver, he removed his cotton-padded clothes, and started to put his lightly glowing Holy Spirit Armor on.

Filled with great indignation, Dian Yan’s reaction was immediate, “Long Haochen, what are you doing? This will expose us.”

Long Haochen threw a cold look at him, “If you want to die here, feel free to act as you please.” As he said so, he waved his hand to his own squad.

Naturally, everyone of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad had not the slightest opposition regarding Long Haochen’s order; all of them rapidly changed into their own equipment while keeping a solid battle formation.

Li Xin looked at Dian Yan, but still felt hesitant. She was after all not the real leader of this 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. Therefore, she turned back, giving Luc Xi an inquiring look.

At this time, Luc Xi came to a final understanding, unexpectedly shouting out, “What are you still waiting for? Haven’t you heard Captain Long’s order to shift gear?”

At this time, the fleet had already advanced several hundred meters, entering the scope where the sniped corpses were scattered. Following the order transmitted through the flag signal, they rapidly collected the magical arrows lying on the ground. After simply being wiped clean, they were used to rearm the carriages. This was enough to cause their fighting strength to increase sharply.

But even Yue Ye was astonished to see that when the guards advanced towards them, the remaining demons seemed to fall back, maintaining the distance. But they didn’t show any intent to attack.

And just at this instant, some change finally appeared on Yue Ye’s face. “It’s a trap.”

Suddenly, dozens of mournful howling sounds broke through the sky. Sharp yells rang out from the left, the right, as well as the rear, and ear-splitting noises sounded almost at the same time from these three directions, like explosions. The enemy was madly charging at them, and this time, it was at least an army of 30,000.

Leng Xiao stood by Yue Ye’s side, staring blankly at her sister Yue whose face was completely devoid of color, “They… They unexpectedly dispatched that many troops. They are planning to…”

“To kill everyone to prevent any leaking of information.” These words seemed to be sneaked out from the small gap between Yue Ye’s gritted teeth. She knew that since the three great tribes of the Nareiks Province dispatched that many troops, they were already prepared to silence them thoroughly. Not a single living soul would be spared. Aside from these three incoming battalions, another army of 10,000 appeared at their front. The enemy wasn’t advancing with any urge, only watching coldly as the Yue Ye’s caravan got surrounded.

A caravan formed of a little more than 2,000 people was confronting a demon army of over 40,000 soldiers. This disproportion was as obvious as one could imagine it.

It would even be fortunate if intact corpses were left after the battle.

But instead of panicking, Leng Xiao became extremely cold-headed, “Sis Yue, I will let them know about my identity. I don’t believe they will dare act against me.”

Yue Ye smiled bitterly, shaking her head, and replying, “It’s useless. I know these lower demon tribes a lot better than you. None of them will believe you, and they will not even give you the opportunity to speak. And what if they really believe it? In case this plot comes to light, they are bound to die anyway. And since they are going to die either way, they’d rather get rid of us, to erase any evidence. Since they premeditated their attack that thoroughly, they should even know clearly what we are transporting.”

The flag in her hand didn’t stop at all, and was instead waved even more quickly as she spoke. Their fleet stopped its advance once again, the magical arrows were gathered at fast speed and used to refill the launchers. But it was obvious to them that with its fighting strength, their caravan was completely unable to compare anyway.

To cope with their caravan of a few thousands, these demons actually dispatched an army of 50,000. This was how high they valued the caravan’s goods. Although their casualties weren’t small, now that they managed to surround them successfully, even with wings, the Yue Ye Caravan wouldn’t manage to escape from this predicament.

Dian Yan stood silently by Luc Xi’s side, currently in a terrible mood. It wasn’t only because of Long Haochen’s previous anticipation, but more importantly because of the impasse they were in. It was his suggestion to accompany these freelance merchants. But the scene that happened before his eyes was undeniable proof that his suggestion was a mistake.

Luc Xi patted Dian Yan’s shoulder, “This cannot be blamed on you.” As he said so, he joined Long Haochen’s side, and asked earnestly, “Captain Long, what should we do now? We’ll obey each of your commands.”

Long Haochen slightly bowed to him, replying, “After the fight begins, we will break out to the front. Captain Luc, please focus on group healing. Our team will be in the front, have your team follow us.

Remember, don’t act too rashly, and don’t make our immediate goal too visible. This will very likely become a war of attrition, so everyone has to economize his spiritual energy to the utmost.”

“Yes.” Luc Xi gave a straightforward reply, entering formation with his own teammates.

At this moment, Long Haochen’s complexion was not that good. They had just entered the demon territory, but already ran into such a situation. This was the complete opposite result of their original plans. Their route to the Desolate Whistling Cavern was still long, and let alone completing the mission, the main objective in such a situation was to survive.

Watching Luc Xi who was drawing back to join up with his comrades’ formation, Long Haochen gave Li Xin a glance before telling his teammates in a low voice, “Don’t use the Spiritual Bursting Pills unless it is absolutely necessary. Do your utmost to disperse the least possible. Ying’er, we will have to depend on you to get out of the calamity that will break out in a moment.”

As he said so, Long Haochen came close to Chen Ying’er’s side, whispering some words in her ear.

Chen Ying’er nodded repeatedly, “No problem.” At this moment, her finger pointed into the emptiness, and with a flash of light, her little pig McDull already appeared at her bosom.

“Get ready for battle.” Long Haochen did a low-pitched shout.

As before, Han Yu was still staying at his back. Clearly, Long Haochen didn’t believe he could entrust his back to the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad at all. In that team, the only one he had confidence in was Li Xin, and no one else.

On the roof of the luxurious carriage, after waving her hand a last few times, Yue Ye had already arranged the general battle formation. Her face had calmed down, and she put the pair of flags down.

“Leng Xiao, I know that you have a way to escape from here. This cannot be delayed, just go. Hand this ring over to His Majesty, and ask him to seek justice for us.” As she made this declaration, she took off the ruby ring, placing it on Leng Xiao’s finger.

Leng Xiao gave this ring a glance, suddenly lifting her right hand and wiping the upwelling tears from her eyes. Then she took off the ring from her own hand and pulled Yue Ye’s hand to return it to her.

“Sis Ye, I will do as if I didn’t hear your previous statement. But please don’t insult the dignity of the Devil Dragons’ lineage ever again.”

Yue Ye felt her body shaking, filled with complete excitement. But quickly, she calmed down. It was obviously not the time for words of appreciation.

Taking a deep breath, she put her ring on once again, declaring, “Okay, then it is time for our last desperate struggle.”

As she said so, with a flip of her hand, an exquisite box appeared on her palm.

This box was half a meter long, entirely black and made of wood. Along with black-gold-colored ornamentation, five gems of red, yellow, blue, white and gold were placed accordingly to this specific order, forming a particular formation. Just this box in itself was already a fine piece of work. It was imbued with magic, though it appeared for the moment to be of unknown use.

Yue Ye pressed hidden mechanisms at both sides of the case, and it opened with a ‘click’ sound, revealing a deep purple-colored scroll.

During the split second the box took to open, Leng Xiao’s red eyes immediately shrank.

Yue Ye spoke, indifferently, “Since they want to kill me, they shouldn’t mind it if I give them a great gift in return. Xiaoxiao, I need the time of half a stick of incense, during which I cannot be disturbed in any way. You heard me?”

Leng Xiao nodded emphatically, “Leave it to me.”

Yue Ye lowered her head, handing the command flags to Leng Xiao and sitting cross-legged on the roof of the carriage.

She didn’t directly take the scroll out, but instead placed the wooden box on her leg, while taking off her magical eyes. In the next instant, a deep purple glow was released from her touching eyes, and immediately, another purple glow emanated from her chest.

It appeared like a deep purplish-black hole, producing a strange scene in the middle of the night. With a glint spreading around, a deep purple cauldron with one meter length floated out, amplifying this splendid luster.

This cauldron was circular, and in the instant it appeared, a purple moon was condensed from it. At Yue Ye’s back, the bent silvery white moon still shone brilliantly, and intense magical power ascended from her body.

A silver bracelet on Yue Ye’s right wrist sparkled and a fist-sized silvery white gem appeared in her hand. In the instant this gem appeared, the magical fluctuations surrounding the whole carriage unexpectedly strengthened, twisting around the two silhouettes.

With a movement of Yue Ye’s finger, the bizarre white gem floated in the air, accurately falling into the purple cauldron that came out of her body. Immediately, that cauldron’s purple glow enlarged, turning into a purple light pillar soaring up to the sky. Above Yue Ye’s head, a purple full moon immediately formed and glistened, illuminating the entire formation of carriages.

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