Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Desperate Straits! Forbidden Spell! (I)

“From which side are there enemies coming?” Hearing Long Haochen’s orders, everyone from the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad couldn’t help but feel doubtful. As for the other six members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad, they already made their preparations according to Long Haochen’s command.

Long Haochen, Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian were at the front, Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er at the center, Han Yu was at the back of the formation, and Cai’er just disappeared into the darkness.

“Simply follow Haochen’s orders!” Li Xin shouted before unsheathing the longsword she received from the merchants. Everyone had been provided with ordinary swords made of fine iron.

Just at that moment, a white glow flashed up in front of the caravan, instantly spreading through the air. It burnt the night forming a bright scene.

As the appearance of this white glow left the whole caravan alarmed, the drivers immediately reacted.

These drivers clearly went through specific training, operating rapidly. A short time later, over 200 carriages formed an enormous circular barricade of waggons.

Over 500 guards clad in armor surrounded the barricade, but the astonishing detail was that their armaments gave off magical fluctuations. They were at least at the magical tier.

Without a doubt, Long Haochen’s orders had already been followed, and his mates were all hiding inside of the carriage.

The earth started shaking. A faint tremor at first, continuously increasing until it soon erupted into the ear-splitting noise of explosions. The sky was still pitch black, but in the sparse light coming from the moon and the carriages’ torches, one could faintly see numerous shadows closing in very rapidly.

Yue Ye calmly stood on the roof of her carriage, showing a very cold expression. Above the vehicle, her white skirt glowed white against the dark sky.

With a wave of her hand, a white light rocketed to the sky, but this time, it reached a higher altitude before exploding, forming the shape of a bent white moon.

But far across, the nearing shadows didn’t react to this signal launched to the Yue Ye chamber of commerce, maintaining their charging speed without slowing down in the slightest.

“Demons, it’s demons.” Wang Yuanyuan cried out in a low voice.

Long Haochen gave her a glance, and ordered, “Don’t act blindly everyone. Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t intervene rashly.”

The distant demon troops were already drawing closer, and the caravan’s guards immediately couldn’t suppress a change of their expressions. Just from a visual assessment, these demon troops were at least 10,000 strong. At their front were about 5,000 Dual Bladed Demons, led by a dozen Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons madly rushing forward. At their back were a large amount of Slinkers from the Luke Clan that posed without doubt the greatest threat to their caravan. In case these enemies managed to attack from underground, the damage they would cause obviously would be tremendous.

But an even more fearful thing was that aside from these two races, an enormous quantity of other demon types was following at their rear. They were accompanied by an air force of hundreds, but it was too dark to see them clearly yet.

These demon troops clearly didn’t have any intention to negotiate, only barging in and immediately slaughtering their way through. The surroundings were filled with intense killing intent.

Long Haochen was continuously observing the lady clad in the white skirt. As she looked at these demonic forces closing in, two banners suddenly appeared in the hand of this girl. Without hesitation, she brandished the white and red colored banners with lightning speed.

The 500 guards that had rushed out to defend the caravan immediately returned to their posts, and Long Haochen heard a series of repeated machinery sounds. Each of the carriages’ drivers was working with the utmost hurry.

At a side of the carriages, a board was lifted open, exposing artillery firing salvos of slightly glowing missiles. Everyone in Long Haochen’s group had sharp senses, so their pupils immediately shrank in succession. This was because they discovered that these arrows were faintly imbued with magical power. They were unexpectedly magical arrows.

In fact, even the most average magical arrows would cost more than 2,000 gold coins each. Furthermore, they were one use items, and with so many carriages, just one volley of arrows would consume above 10,000 gold coins. This was a demonstration of extremely high money consumption.

Yue Ye was standing calmly on top of the carriage, her cute face portraying a mixture of pure holy and demonic aura. Currently filled with desolation, her purple eyes twinkled coldly. Together with the white banner, she held the red one high, calmly gazing at the approaching demon forces.

Being one of the biggest unions of freelance merchants, the Yue Ye Merchant Group naturally had their own ways of self-defense. Their biggest disadvantage lied in the fact they couldn’t hire powerhouses of the sixth step or above, but they could still rely on other means like, for instance, their equipment.

Hush. At the moment the red flag in her hand was pointed forward, an astonishing scene immediately took place.

Along with a chain of machinery sounds and the buzz of the released arrows, thousands of brilliant rays shot up. These radiances were of various colors. Eleven of these arrows were released from each of the carriages: ten smaller ones and a bigger one. But instantly after they were launched, Long Haochen felt that not only the arrows were magical; even the crossbows shooting them were supplemented with magic. Furthermore, these magical arrows were actually not the kind of one-time-use objects, and the magical fluctuations they released were powerful, comparable to magical attacks of the second or the third step! Above all, the bigger ones exceeded one meter in diameter. As they were launched, they were surrounded by spiralling magic.

If one looked at this scene from above, he would sense that this Yue Ye Merchant Group’s barricade of waggons felt just like a bee’s nest: even if the demons’ troops were still more than 500 meters away, a large quantity of magic arrows was already launched at them.

The resulting scene was absolutely spectacular: the demon army’s vanguard had surprisingly been completely annihilated.

Regardless of whether they were ordinary or dark green Dual Bladed Demons, such an intensive bombardment of arrows just made them look like children. The magic pierced the demons’ limbs and blew them to pieces. This combination of metal and magic was absolutely deadly, and a symbol of the terrible power money could have. Even a powerhouse of the seventh step could only retire with a grudge, when facing so many magical arrays.

The entirety of the carriages shook from the extreme backlash, nevertheless, immediately launching another fusillade of magical arrows.

This sort of battlefield was just too spectacular. Although Long Haochen’s group could only follow the attack from the carriage they were seated in, everyone could feel a chill running down their spines.

After a single round of arrows, these demon troops of more than ten thousands were left without a single Dual Bladed Demon alive. And the following Luke Demons showed fast response, immediately sinking into the ground and narrowly escaping the second attack. But the distant flying demons, as well as the other species in the rear, received strong damage. But their carnage didn’t weaken at all, the dense bloody atmosphere spread around, causing everyone to feel sick.

Among the barricade, the only motionless carriage was the one Yue Ye was standing on. Just as before, her hand was brandishing the banners nonstop. As the distant demons were continuously being slaughtered, she didn’t seem to show any concern. At some point, she had already made use of her magical eyes, which now had recovered their usual black color. But in the middle of the deep night, who would pay attention to such little details?

As the flag fell down, the carriages stopped shaking, and Long Haochen discovered through attentive observation that their supply of magical arrows was far from being unlimited: each device only had the ability to launch two rounds. But the several hundred of carriages were loaded with several hundreds of these formidable magic weapons, so even if there were only two rounds each, the penetrative power of these arrows was enough to turn the majority of the demon troops into corpses.

Just at that time, Yue Ye, still standing on the carriage, raised her right hand, enrolling a white scroll. The scroll extended, releasing a white glow that immediately rocketed through the sky and illuminated the entirety of the carriages. Soon, it enveloped the whole barricade, and in an instant, the ground beneath their feet turned white.

With a swift movement Yue Ye inserted the red banner into the ground in front of the carriage. Long Haochen immediately heard the cart driver at their side shout, “Thrust your weapons into the ground, to wound those Slinkers from the Luke Clan.”

Long Haochen had long since sensed that the Slinkers coming from below were getting closer. That girl clad in white, seemingly responsible for the leadership, reacted calmly, and although her white scroll emitted luminous white light, it was not of the light element. Nevertheless, its defensive power and scope of effect were extremely astonishing. The Slinkers from the Luke Clan could only try out to emerge from the ground, but they had no way to break through the obstruction of the white brilliance. On the other hand, the longswords Long Haochen’s group stabbed into the ground weren’t affected at all.

The two Demon Hunt Squads would naturally not let such a good opportunity slip away. Their perception was much better than that of ordinary people. They sensed the whereabouts of the Slinkers and uninterruptedly pierced them while using their internal energy to provide those fine iron swords with an excellent destroying power. Quickly, the attacking Luke clansmen were all obliterated.

After these attacks, the approaching demon troops were already reduced to less than a third of their former size, while only half of their aerial troops remained. Their assault paused temporarily, showing hesitation. Clearly, they didn’t expect the Yue Ye Merchant Group’s response to be so fierce.

Demons were also living creatures, and seeing their own kin being killed so miserably, they felt somewhat gutless. But the remaining demons didn’t escape, instead they calmly stopped in a distance of more than a kilometer, just outside of the magical arrays’ range.

Standing on the carriage, Yue Ye furrowed her brows. She was after all a merchant, not a soldier. The caravans’ power had already been openly displayed, and they already used up most of their magical arrows. If the remaining demons had insisted on attacking, the caravan would surely have suffered some losses. Not only a monetary loss, but also a loss of human lives.

A red silhouette quietly mounted on the roof, joining up with Yue Ye. “Sis Ye, what’s going on? Why aren’t these bastards going away?”

Just like Yue Ye, Leng Xiao possessed eyes that were able to change colors.

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