Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Demon God Slayers (II)

At this point, Chen Zidian almost seemed to be in an excited mood, “Children, you now have boundless opportunities. But the process of growing up is essential, and during this process, you will only be able to rely on yourselves. Only by relying on your own efforts will you obtain real strength.”

“I wish that one day, you will be able to inherit the title of Demon God Slayers, take over our position, and even do better than us.”

“Haochen, is it your magical beast companion that the Demon God Emperor searched for?” Chen Zidian’s look shifted to the other side, in the direction of the deeply sleeping Haoyue.

Long Haochen didn’t dare hide it, unfolding the situation, “It is highly possible, but I don’t dare to be sure of it.”

Chen Zidian’s eyes flashed, “I also reckon it as highly possible. From my investigation, you completed a blood contract with him at the time you went to the Knights’ Saint Mountain. Since this is the case, until you two are powerful enough, don’t let him appear in places where the Demon God Emperor could learn of his existence. He just managed to conceal himself from the Demon God Emperor, so he should be able to keep doing so in the future. Humans need a hero like the Scion of Samsara of that time.

I came today to encourage you, but also to tell you about a story behind-the-scenes.

Since 6000 years ago, we humans spared no efforts to develop, trying to contend against the demon powerhouses. But even now, we are still unable to genuinely contend against the demons. The main reason for this are the 72 demon gods. It is precisely because of their strength that we have no choice but to rely on our natural barriers to resist them. And this is only under the premise that the six of us are keeping the Demon God Emperor in check. In case we die, if the Demon God Emperor directly comes to attack us humans, the natural defenses will not be of use anymore.

Since 300 years ago, we have already killed 39 demon gods, one after another. Among them, the highest ranked was the 4th demon god. But some new ones filled the gaps without any delay, and even now, they still have 72 demon gods. And do you know why this count doesn’t go down?”

Long Haochen’s group had learned about these matters before, and Han Yu, who had a good understanding of the situation, blurted out almost unconsciously, “It is because of the demon god pillars.

Chen Zidian nodded in response, “Correct, it is precisely because of the demon god pillars. To the demon race, demon gods pillars are divine artifacts. The 72 demon gods, possess 72 of these divine artifacts. As long as the demon god pillars exist, even if a demon god dies, their lineage can still be carried on as before.

Thus, there is only one way to truly kill the demon gods, which is to destroy their demon god pillars at the same time they are killed.

However, as demons’ divine artifacts, how could they be so easy to destroy? After we learned of this secret, we went through countless attempts that have in the end never been successful. But we managed to draw a conclusion from this. To destroy a demon god pillar, the first premise is to have enough power to destroy these formidable weapons, and the second to act before half an hour passes after the demon god’s death, for it to be possible. We formerly almost succeeded once, but ten demon gods suddenly attacked us at the last minute. Since then, demons are paying increased attention to the defense of their demon god pillars, and they are less likely to take their demon god pillar with them as they act.”

Long Haochen asked, “Senior, since demon god pillars are the demon gods’ divine artifacts, what level does a piece of equipment need to reach to destroy it? Does it need to be another divine artifact?”

Chen Zidian shook his head and replied, “The 72 divine god pillars are collectively known as demonic divine artifacts. Their ranking is the same as that of the demon gods, so differences of power exist between them. And even to destroy the weakest demon god pillar, you will need at the very least a piece of epic tier equipment. As a result, the road you have to walk is still long. Otherwise, we could have already destroyed some of the demon god pillars. And there is another thing I have to warn you about. If one day, your cultivation level reaches the ninth step, and you go to get a divine throne’s acknowledgement, you have to act carefully, following the divine thrones’ directions. Because when I had the gotten the approval of four of the divine thrones, I still insisted on striving for the Eternal Divine Throne. I ended up empty-handed and will never ever be able to acquire a divine throne. Your talent is a lot greater than mine at your age, but no matter what, you cannot act as persistently as I did. The help any of the divine thrones will bring you is, after all, bound to be incomparable.”

“Yes! Thank you, senior.”

Chen Zidian took a deep breath, his gaze growing distant, as he declared in disappointment and frustration,”The 72 demon god pillars are the demons’ vital source of power. For each one they lose, the demons’ strength will decrease as a whole, and the heritage they obtain as well. I am afraid this is something we are unable to do anymore, but I hope that during your life, you will be able to destroy a few demon god pillars. The Scion of Light and the Saint Daughter of Samsara’s joint appearance gave humanity a chance for counterattack in the end. I look forward to the day you will succeed.”

“Senior.” Long Haochen suddenly called out.

“Mh?” Chen Zidian gave him a warm look.

Long Haochen declared, “Senior, if one day we can really become a Titled Demon Hunt Squad, will we be able to choose a name for ourselves?”

“Haochen!” At the side, Sheng Yue couldn’t help but shout at him. What kind of honor did the Demon God Slayers hold, for the whole of humanity? And he actually declined such an honor being passed to him? Everyone in the 1st Demon Hunt Squad also felt stunned.

Chen Zidian waved his hands to Sheng Yue, “Then, which title would you wish for your Demon Hunt Squad to possess in the future?”

After muttering to himself irresolutely, Long Haochen raised his head, persistence and resolution appearing in his eyes, “I hope that our Demon Hunt Squad can be called Bright Rays of Sunlight.”

Chen Zidian looked a bit distracted, but he rapidly recovered his usual expression, and replied with a laugh, “Okay, okay, okay. Then call yourselves Bright Rays of Sunlight. Very well, you will not have to aim at succeeding us, but at surpassing us.”

Bright Rays of Sunlight!

These four words resounded in the mind of the seven members of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad. In this instant, everyone seemed to understand what Long Haochen meant by that, and couldn’t help but clench their own fists.

“I cannot help you to grow up, which would spoil things for you by going to excessive lengths for little result. As long as you understand it, your talent will really make you reach the peak, and my objective will be accomplished. But since today, this old man came, he wants to give you a little gift. You are quite lucky, this gift happens to be something the seven of you can share.”

In the next instant, the whole living quarter was filled with holy aura, and seven enormous golden symbols rose like living beings, entering the chests of the seven members of Long Haochen’s group. Everyone felt a short but sharp pain in their bodies, and then they felt a close relation forming between their own blood and flesh and their companions’.

A faint golden fog ascended on everyone’s bodies, a profound exuberant and fantastic feeling flowing through them.

Chen Zidian smiled faintly, and explained, “This is a type of equipment that was created during the early phase of the splendid era, and is an advanced inheritance from the elven’s imperial family. This item’s utility is formidable and can be completely shared between the seven of you. Every time one of you is wounded, the seven of you will share the pain. Its name is Soul Linking Chains. Of course, at anytime, each of you can break the links of the Soul Linking Chains by your own initiative. If you do so, you won’t be affected by the Soul Linking Chains, until you take the initiative to activate it again.”

This simple explanation left Long Haochen’s group of seven pleasantly surprised. An epic tier equipment, this was an epic tier equipment with a peaked level of assistance! Seven people sharing everything, this implied that the seven of them would get to act as a single entity. In a time of danger, their group’s survival rate would increase substantially. At the same time, when they acted separately, every time one of them was attacked, the others would be alerted. This piece of equipment was of boundless utility for their future.

“Do your best then, children. Maybe I won’t see that day, but even in the afterlife, I will pray for the Bright Rays of Sunlight to surpass the Demon God Slayers.”

Bathed in gusts of golden light, Chen Zidian’s silhouette disappeared soundlessly, just as if it turned completely into light.

Without anyone instructing them, the seven of them kneeled down on the ground, paying respects to where he disappeared.

Seeing this scene, Sheng Yue felt completely gratified and full of pride, pride for these children. He didn’t say anything else, simply stepping out, and also disappearing into emptiness.

Some time later, the seven youths forming the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad got up. Long Haochen turned around, looking at his companions, “Senior Chen is right, we are companions, and should not conceal our backgrounds from each other. I am Long Haochen, have an innate spiritual energy of 97 and the physique of the Scion of Light. My father is the owner of the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter of the Knight Temple, Divine Knight of Adjudication Long Xingyu.” He still didn’t know that due to the Light Elemental Fairy, his innate internal spiritual energy had risen to 99.

Even though at that time, everyone already guessed who Long Haochen’s father was, hearing about his innate spiritual energy of 97 left Wang Yuanyuan, Lin Xin, Sima Xian and Chen Ying’er shocked.

Han Yu and Cai’er already knew of this secret, and their reactions weren’t as exaggerated as the others’.

An innate spiritual energy of 97, physique of the Scion of Light… It’s no wonder that he already has such accomplishments at such a young age, that he could directly make the Light Elemental Fairy evolve, and that he is so kindhearted.

Just at that time, while everyone was still completely astonished, Cai’er muttered at Long Haochen’s side, “My whole name is Sheng Cai’er, Heroic Senior Sheng Yue is my great-grandfather. My innate internal spiritual energy is 93, but after acquiring the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, it rose to 100.”

Except from Long Haochen, none of the other five knew of this secret. An innate internal spiritual energy of 97 already left them shocked to the extreme, but with this Scion of Samsara’s inheritance, everyone couldn’t help but tremble for a moment.

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