Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 209

Chapter 209: Demon God Slayers (I)

“I can still not confirm that he was actually not looking for Haoyue.”

Hearing Long Haochen say these words, his companions’ expressions became grotesque.

Chen Ying’er asked with a curious smile, “Don’t you agree that we should expect a lot from Haoyue, then? If he’s a magical beast even the Demon God Emperor would look personally for, what kind of level could he possible reach in the future!? Hehe.”

Wang Yuanyuan nodded, declaring, “It’s a pity, but if Haoyue really had been what he was looking for, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have managed to escape the Demon God Emperor’s mental probing. So I reckon that it’s not the case.”

Long Haochen didn’t tell them about the changes that happened with his own body, because this was Haoyue’s secret.

Rapidly, they arrived back at their living quarters. The instant after they pushed the door open, the others didn’t have any reaction, but Long Haochen and Cai’er were immediately shaken, unconsciously taking a few steps back, and not entering directly.

It wasn’t because they detected any changes in the living quarters at all, but because they felt a sudden chill from their subconscious mind, as if the living quarters before their eyes had turned into an abyss that could engulf everything.

The others’ reactions weren’t slow, and with Long Haochen and Cai’er’s sudden alerts, they stepped back, entering their battle formation.

“Enter, all of you.” Sheng Yue’s downcast voice rang out from inside, letting Long Haochen loosen his breath. As it turned out, this uncorporeal sense of danger was coming from his great-grandfather. Only, why did he suddenly come to their living quarters?

With some hesitation, everyone walked up in a line.

Long Haochen’s look immediately fell on Haoyue, who was sleeping in a corner.

As before, Haoyue was lying there as if nothing happened, still deep asleep. Inside of the living quarters were two people, Sheng Yue, and another middle-aged man in his thirties.

At that moment, that middle-aged man was standing at Haoyue’s side, looking at him and revealing a faint smile.

But the most astonishing was that Sheng Yue bent down at his side, extremely respectful.

“Great-grandfather.” Seeing Sheng Yue, Long Haochen hurried to give his salutations. The others who followed him also paid respects to this head of the Assassin Temple.

Sheng Yue waved his hand to them, hinting them to wait a moment.

That middle-aged man slowly turned around, directly looking at Long Haochen.

Confronting him, the first thing Long Haochen noticed was his pair of boundless eyes. That’s right, the impression this middle-aged man’s eyes gave could only be described as boundless. They were of a dark blue color, giving the same kind of boundless feeling as the vast sea.

This middle-aged man’s appearance didn’t stand out at all, and was even kind of ordinary. But he merely stood there, treating the Master of the Assassin Temple, the Heroic Assassin of the ninth step Sheng Yue, as if he was a mere attendant. And more importantly, this middle-aged man didn’t emit any particularly imposing aura, looking just like an ordinary adult.

This odd scene made the seven youths from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad feel dull, in particular Long Haochen and Cai’er who had better perceptions. Long Haochen was startled, and Cai’er wrinkled her brows. She was blind, but even with her other senses, she was completely unable to grasp this man. Just like the wind or the light, he gave off a kind of pure feeling.

“Hello, young people from the 1st soldier grade squad.” As this middle-aged man only said a few things, the expressions of Long Haochen’s group of seven immediately changed.

It was because they had heard this voice before. It was precisely the aged voice of the Demon God Slayer knight, clad in an orange armor.

For a moment, Long Haochen’s group of seven was completely stupefied. No matter what, they just couldn’t think of any reason why this great character would come to their living quarters.

The middle-aged man revealed a faint smile, “Didn’t expect me to come? Actually, this time, it was for two reasons that I came. The first one was the Demon God Emperor’s move, and you are the second one.”

Everyone felt fuzzy-headed. This legendary and almighty hero came… for them?

Long Haochen couldn’t help but ask, “Senior, so you are…”

The middle aged man revealed a smile, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Chen Zidian, leader of the Demon God Slayers Demon Hunt Squad, and Guardian Knight.”

The name Chen Zidian felt unfamiliar to Long Haochen’s group, but the words Demon God Slayers added to Demon Hunt Squad caused Long Haochen’s group of seven to open their eyes wide.

Those six almighty characters that appeared just now, were actually a Demon Hunt Squad?

Although they had known for a long time now that the Demon Hunt Squads were of extreme importance to the Alliance, they didn’t really know that a Demon Hunt Squad could actually reach such a terrifying level. The Demon God Slayers, this was clearly the title of a special Demon Hunt Squad, one only given to the highest ranked Titled Demon Hunt Squads. And naturally only a Demon Hunt Squad of such high grade could actually make the Demon God Emperor feel some apprehension. This was how glorious, how strong they were.

Because at that time, those almighty legends confronted the Demon God Emperor, whose power was enough to totally discourage everyone, unconsciously, their eyes momentarily glinted brilliantly. So as it turns out, Demon Hunt Squads can display such power!

Seeing the changes in these children’s expression, Chen Zidian declared, “312 years ago, before the Demon God Slayers’ birth, we were just like you, possessing the title of 1st soldier grade squad. I can still remember it clearly: at that time, I was 17 years-old, as I became the captain of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad. And since then, a very long time passed! Today, I am 329 years-old, and can already not be called young anymore.

But I am not willing to be buried before taking care of my responsibilities.”

“Human life will lengthen together with the increase of one’s spiritual energy. With a spiritual energy at the 10,000th level one can live for a hundred years under normal circumstances. In case he reaches the 9th step, his spiritual energy breaking through the 100,000, he will be able to live for two hundred years. But we have already lived for more than 300 years, and humans’ lifespans can in the end not last for as long as those demon gods. We already reached the last years of our lives. At most, we can live for roughly five more years.”

The youths belonging to the 1st Demon Hunt Squad listened to this legendary powerhouses’ talk. He spoke pretty naturally, as if he was talking about the most trivial things. But including Cai’er, Long Haochen’s seven were full of respect.

A Demon Hunt Squad with a career of 312 years, this implied that these Demon God Slayers resisted the demons for a total of 312 years. This kind of accomplishment, what kind of investment did it imply? They simply devoted their whole life to humanity.

Chen Zidian declared, “These years, we have always been watching the later generations’ growth. It’s a pity, but from beginning to end we have been unable to find people that have the ability to take over our duty. Since three hundred years ago, genius had not been lacking, but we have yet to find a sufficiently outstanding team. You’re Long Haochen?”

Chen Ziding’s look fell on Long Haochen.

“Yes, senior.” Long Haochen bowed respectfully.

Chen Zidian nodded and said, “At that time, your father was a good candidate. But unfortunately, he had some flaws in his disposition. He was excessively dogmatic, and didn’t have enough foresight, putting all his energy in improving his own capability. Even though his strength was formidable enough, he couldn’t be called an outstanding team leader. ”

Within the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, few would speak of their own families. Only Cai’er and Han Yu knew of Long Haochen’s background, but at the same time they didn’t really know about their other teammates’ backgrounds. Still even, among the two of them, only Cai’er was knowledgeable about Long Haochen’s past, whereas Han Yu only knew some bits of it.

At this moment, hearing an almighty hero like Chen Zidian mention the strength of Long Haochen’s father, describing him as formidable enough, every other member of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad was impressed.

In fact, since Long Haochen was only a little more than 10 years-old, how old could his father be? For him to have been called formidable by this almighty elder, perhaps he was a powerhouse of the ninth step! And as for the powerhouses of the ninth step of the Knight Temple…

These youths, all members of a Demon Hunt Squad, weren’t ordinary people. With a few simple words from Chen Zidian, they had some guesses about the identity of Long Haochen’s father. For a moment, they could only look at each other in dismay, as some fire started to burn in them.

Being his own man, Long Haochen would naturally not go comment things pertaining to his own father, only listening to Chen Zidian’s talk. Anyway, he wouldn’t refute him; this legendary figure of the Alliance having already lived for more than 300 years, how could his evaluation be impertinent?

Chen Zidian’s deep glance suddenly became more intense, his pure and limpid eyes giving him shivers, in the depths of his soul.

“Heroes are born from the hands of fate, everything going accordingly to the Will of Heavens. Many years ago, I met Xingyu, who told me about you. For this reason, I recently paid attention to your Demon Hunt Squad’s performance. You did pretty well, all of you are outstanding youngsters. And all of you have a glorious heritage. All of the youths who came out this year are pretty good. But without doubt, you are the ones who possess the greatest potential. I hope that one day, you will be able to lead your team to take over our position.”

As Chen Zixuan said these words, his tone was extremely sincere. As for these seven members of the 1st Demon Hunt Squads, they felt as if they had just been ignited by violent surges of light and flame. Even Cai’er’s face looked a bit excited.

“A genuine team is bound to have members that trust each other completely, without the least estrangement. And for this, you have to understand each other completely, first of all. This is absolutely not about showing off, but about letting your companions know your real strength and potential. This is the most straightforward path for a team to develop”

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