Shen Yin Wang Zuo, Chapter 208

Chapter 208: Demon God Emperor (III)

Living quarters.

At some point, Haoyue had opened his six eyes, his aura restrained to the limit. Little Flame’s and Little Green’s two heads were still lying down, while Little Light had lifted his head. His eyes glimmered with golden color. If someone was looking carefully at this scene, he would notice that the holy aura surrounding him was exactly the same as Long Haochen’s.

Not only that, but the scales on Haoyue’s body were covered with golden light, just as if his whole body changed color.

If Long Haochen was there, he would surely guess that the current Haoyue was borrowing the light energy coming from inside of Long Haochen’s body to mask his own aura.

He was in fact an existence coming from another world, and at the time he crossed over, he passed through a baptism with the holy aura contained in Long Haochen’s blood, therefore, the blood of the Scion of Light had already become a part of him. And just now, he was cleverly using this part of his blood vessels to arouse this power, temporarily making it his own to mask his own aura completely. The Demon God Emperor was still quietly flying in midair, and gradually, his eyes flashed in different colors, sweeping over the direction of the Exorcist City.

Half an hour already passed, and for both the human and the demon side, this half hour was far from being a time of pleasure. One side was ready to attack at any time, while the other one was prepared for the start of a bloody battle. They were just waiting calmly for the result to appear.

In the end, the black color covering the sky withdrew gradually, and the Demon God Emperor waved his hands, “It looks like my information was false.”

The six humans standing at his opposite discovered astonishingly that the demon god’s eyes, showed traces of relief. These six couldn’t help but feel secretly stunned: what kind of important thing was this Demon God Emperor looking for? For an existence such as him to be nervous about it, not only coming personally, but furthermore not sparing any cost to seize it.

The knight clad in the orange armor suit declared indifferently, “Since it is like this, please respect your previous promise, Your Highness.” The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu nodded slightly, and suddenly smiled, a faint smile appearing on his extremely pale-colored face, as he carried a particularly demonic expression.

“In reality, I really want to know for how long you six will stay alive, for how long you will keep hindering me. Whether your world ends sooner or later will depend on us. But in fact, you don’t have to worry; with regards to humans, we don’t feel so inclined to perform a total slaughter. After all, there are many things humans possess that we demons, need. For instance, knowledge.”

Because the knight’s face was hidden behind his helmet, his expression could not be seen distinctly, “We will keep Your Majesty’s words in mind. Only, His Majesty should be careful to never give us the opportunity to retaliate. We, Demon God Slayers, have already taken the lives of 39 of the demon gods within our 300 years of existence. Being able to take a fortieth would undoubtedly make it a perfect end, wouldn’t it?”

The Demon God Emperor suddenly revealed a brazen smile, “Actually, I don’t really want you to die. In this world, if we don’t have a worthy enemy, wouldn’t life be dull? This emperor might tell you that as well, but in fact, you have only 5% odds to take me down by yourselves. This is because, among Demon God Emperors, this emperor is the third one to have broken through the 1,000,000th spiritual energy level, and the youngest one to have reached this level. Is the realm of the 1,000,000th level something you are possibly able to contend against? Then, farewell.” The Demon God Emperor revealed a tranquil smile, his demonic smile staying in everyone’s minds. Next, the black-gown-clad emperor suddenly turned around and left, disappearing in this dark golden brilliance.

The darkness in the sky faded away like ice and snow, and the concealed demon army appeared once again, successively withdrawing. They stayed meticulously arranged, completely unruffled. Even at this time, the six almighty humans stayed in mid-air, not moving an inch and gazing at the dark color dissipating gradually.

This time, the demons disappeared for real. Following the Demon God Emperor, the main demon force departed like an enormous wave. Obviously, they planned either to execute an all-out attack, or to withdraw like that.

Following the retreating demon force with their eyes, many of the people in the city felt like collapsing.

Even if they had faced a bloody battle, they wouldn’t necessarily be in such a state. but as an endless hour passed, the pressure this Demon God Emperor brought them was just too intense.

“Six elders, the demons finally retreated. Please have a rest in our Exorcist City.” Sheng Yue respectfully paid his salutations to the six almighty elders, that turned around but didn’t plan on heading to the city.

These six were clearly led by the knight, who gave him an indifferent reply, “No need. We still have to follow the Demon God Emperor’s movements, so as to ensure he doesn’t use some tricks. I heard that the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads train in the Exorcist City right now?”

“Yes.” Sheng Yue hurried to reply. He was a powerhouse of the ninth step as well, but he still acted extremely respectfully towards those almighty people, following the etiquette of a devoted disciple.

“Sheng Yue, so you… ” The aged knight’s voice could suddenly not be heard anymore, as Sheng Yue nodded, confronting him face to face.

A moment later, the six silhouettes turned into six rays of light, soaring to the skies and immediately disappearing from his line of sight.

Still in front of the city gate tower, Sheng Yue unexpectedly kneeled down, declaring loudly, “Respects to you, Demon God Slayers.”

Without any need to instruct them to do so, all the officers and soldiers in the city kneeled down as well, declaring in loud voices, “Respects to you, Demon God Slayers.” They were clear about the fact that if not for these six almighty humans’ appearance, they would probably not have made it back safely.

Demons’ side.

Fengxiu floated calmly in midair. At that moment, the massive demon god pillar wasn’t at his back, and his appearance really resembled a human’s.

Allocer, Zagan, and Seere bowed before him. These three great demon gods’ bodies were somewhat shivering, and it was obvious that they were quite nervous, even afraid.

“Your Majesty, I… We really felt his aura. And that’s why… Please give me your punishment, Your Majesty.” Allocer was after all the highest ranked demon god out of those three, so he summoned up the entirety of his courage to declare this.

Xiufeng asked indifferently, “How is it that you had such absolute assurance?”

“I…” Allocer didn’t dare reply. Even if he really had this assurance, how could he declare it so brazenly now? More importantly, he only had a little sensation at that time, and nothing more.

“These six annoying guys didn’t obstruct my scouting, and I have already encompassed every inch of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Still, I didn’t find any trace of Austin Griffin’s aura.”

Being glared at by Fengxiu’s indifferent glance, the three demon gods immediately kneeled down, totally helpless. Squatting down, they didn’t dare try to defend themselves.

“Let it be. You did well. If it was really his aura, even if there was only 1% odds for it to be true, you should still have notified me immediately. Although this trip was fruitless, we can at least be at ease.” With a wave of Fengxiu’s hand, an incorporeal surge of energy raised Allocer’s group up.

With a dull smile appearing on Fengxiu’s face and his black hair fluttering, he gave off a sort of dazzling feeling, making it hard to distinguish his gender.

“Truly interesting. Although this time, I didn’t find him, I found another interesting little guy. It looks like there may be a candidate to be my second successor.”

Hearing his words, the three demon gods felt at a loss, and didn’t dare argue. Among demons, the difference of rank was extremely distinct.

Even among the demon gods, the differences in ranking would also imply extreme differences in terms of strength. If Fengxiu wanted to kill those three, it wouldn’t be harder than to trample a few ants. More importantly, the Demon God Emperor was the symbol of the demons that could be considered to personate their whole race. His words were for demons absolute rules.

“We shall go. A few years later, let’s look for this interesting guy. This time, those six annoying guys have been a hindrance once again, but their vital forces turned out to grow weaker and weaker. For how long will they be able to persevere? Five years, or ten? Then, humans will finally become dust below my feet.”

Treading on the emptiness, the sky suddenly dulled, and in the air, an earth-shattering enormous dragon twinkled. In the next instant, the Demon God Emperor was gone.

The 1st soldier ranked Demon Hunt Squad and all the others returned to their respective living quarters.

As he walked, Lin Xin patted his own chest, “I’ve really been scared to death, just now. That was the Demon God Emperor! So frightening! Is it really a level humans can reach? Have you heard about the 1,000,000 levels of spiritual energy?! He said he already reached the 1,000,000th spiritual energy level! What kind of concept is that? From what I heard, at the ninth step, the most frightening thing is not only the total amount of spiritual energy, but the fact that each attack will directly reach the power of this upper bound. And after a single blow, the user’s spiritual energy will immediately return to its peak, so the next attacks will also possess the power of their full spiritual energy. Doesn’t this mean that each of the blows of the Demon God Emperor, who reached the 1,000,000 spiritual energy, will in terms of power reach these 1,000,000?”

“Okay, okay, stop speaking about it. If you keep going on, you are going to destroy all our confidence.” Sima Xian unhappily told him.

He was originally extremely satisfied, having just broken through to the fifth step. But just now, he experienced what real almighty power was, immediately feeling as though there was no difference between an ant and himself.

Wang Yuanyuan muttered, “I’m glad that the Demon God Emperor wasn’t looking for Haoyue. A three headed demon, I just thought…”

Hearing hear say this, except from Cai’er, the others immediately looked at Long Haochen. Ever since coming back from the battlefield, Long Haochen didn’t mutter a single word. They knew clearly that if the Demon God Emperor’s goal had been Haoyue, considering Long Haochen’s temper, even with the difference existing between an enemy like the Demon God Emperor and himself, he would still have fought him, staking his life.

Feeling his companions’ attentive watch, Long Haochen admitted with a sigh, “I can still not confirm that he was actually not looking for Haoyue.”

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